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Perk & Rondo: BFF’s 4-Eva!

John - Red's Army (@RedsArmy_John) February 6, 2013 Celtics News, Injuries, Kendrick Perkins, Rajon Rondo 27 Comments on Perk & Rondo: BFF’s 4-Eva!

Everyone who’s been following this team for the past few years knows Kendrick Perkins and Rajon Rondo developed a very close friendship over their first few years with the team.  Rondo’s post-Perk trade funk has widely been blamed on him sulking over the team sending away his best buddy.

But a change in uniform doesn’t mean there’s a change in their friendship.  And when his best bud went down with a torn ACL, Kendrick Perkins sprung into action… because that’s what Perk does.

“When you hear stuff like that, especially with a close friend, it’s always disturbing,” said Perkins. “So I just wanted to call and make sure that he was all right as far as mentally and just getting ready. Because it takes a focus to go through that process of surgery and the recovery of it.

“So I just wanted to give him some advice on his health and second opinions and how to go about his rehab and just let him know that I’m here for him.”

Rondo was selected as an All-Star starter but told Perkins he won’t be attending All-Star Weekend.

“So I’m going to go down there [to Rondo’s home in Kentucky] for a day or two and just go hang out with him,” said Perkins. “Because he probably might have the surgery before then. So just go down there and give him a little comfort.

“We talk every day, so it wasn’t nothing unusual. But when I heard about it, we played that night and then I called him right after the game.”

This is the kind of stuff that makes people miss Perk.  No one is ever going to pretend he’s an All Star, but he worked in the C’s system, and more importantly, he worked with the guys in the locker room.

I don’t mean to dredge up the memories of that day, and I certainly understand the motivation behind that trade, but there’s no denying that Perk is one loyal dude, and he’ll be there for his friends and teammates.

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  • Justin

    I just got sad all over again remembering the good ol days. Go Green!

  • G4L

    The Thunder need to amnesty him already. Come back PERK.. COME BACKK!!!!

  • Matt W

    Man, those throwback jerseys are awesome.


      I was thinking the same thing they look awesome

  • KGino

    Perk <3

    I'm dreaming of the day Big Al and Perk come back to Boston. Love them guys.

    • LA Flake

      That would be something. Big Al, Perk, Green, Sully and Melo. That’s a pretty solid front court.

  • Saturday

    Miss Perk.

  • paul

    Do you really understand the motivation of that trade? Oh, I don’t think so. I don’t think it has been confessed publicly, though it has been hinted at. The Celtics blew off a championship chance when they traded their center on the verge of the playoffs. There’s no way to talk around that. So why? Why did they do it? What is the REAL reason?

    Or, yunno, we can always just be tools like always and drink up whatever rationalizations they choose to feed us…

    • Danno

      Dude, you need some therapy or something. Why do you persist in being miserable hating everything this team does?

    • KGino

      It all started when we didn’t re-sign Tony Allen. Marquis Daniels became our backup for pierce and then had that scary moment on the court where he jammed his neck.

      Danny panicked that he didn’t have a true backup for pierce to play Lebron, and with Perk’s contract expiring anyways, he traded it for his man crush Jeff Green.

      Something like that.

      • Eddie Allen Powe

        Agreed. I think signing Sasha to replace Daniels would have been enough to relieve Pierce on guarding Lebron. I think that KG and Perk defending with paint would have made Sasha look like a better defender than JG or Daniels

        • Eddie Allen Powe

          I remember hearing how Houston wanted to trade Battier for big baby back then.

    • Insults aside, Marquis Daniels went down with a career-threatening injury which left the Celtics without a back up for Paul Pierce. The asset he had was Kendrick Perkins, whom he wasn’t going to pay in the offseason. He contacted the Thunder because they needed a center to contend with the Lakers’ Andrew Bynum. He tried to get James Harden, but Sam Presti refused, so Ainge settled on Jeff Green.

      Ainge overestimated how much Shaq would give the team, and underestimated the emotional impact on the locker room. But he desperately needed someone to back Paul Pierce up, and that was the option he took.

    • Celticsfanatic

      Yeah because we were totally winning a championship with no backup for Pierce… Lay off.

    • RedsLoveChild


      If you`re a Baseball fan…look at the trade this way :

      You are the GM of a first place team, you`re 3-0 against your chief rival in the regular season, and the playoffs are just two months away.

      You have a solid, dependable, hard working, everyday catcher in Perkins. However, Perkins wants $32.5M over the next 4 years.

      What do you do that situation?

      Naturally, you trade the catcher for a back-up, second baseman…then, after the team collapses and the new reserve second baseball has a major health scare, you reward him with a $36M contract over 4 years!

  • CoachBo

    I’m really beginning to wonder if some of these alleged Celtics blogs shouldn’t just rename themselves the “Rondo and Perk Circle Jerk.”

    The redundancy of these Perkins stories, and the daily castor oil-like dose of “Rondo is gone. All is lost” is tiresome.

    • You really need to have a drink.. maybe take a prozac or something. It’s just a nice little story about Perk reaching out to his buddy Rondo. Some of us still like those guys.

      • LA Flake

        You really need to lay off these fluff pieces and post pictures of half naked chicks more often.

        Oh, wait…Wrong guy. Where the hell is Chuck?

    • Celticsfanatic

      Where did it say all is lost? How many times does he have to say he doesn’t wanna trade KG or Pierce?

  • JimmyG

    Those throwbacks are indeed incredible. I miss Perk as both an enforcer and a chemistry guy. I don’t want to talk about his Offense or lack thereof but he brought a lot of grit to this team. How do we get him back?

    • LA Flake

      Patiently wait for OKC to amnesty him and then get KG to do heavy recruiting. But I’m afraid Perk may not be Ainge’s preferred type of player. Danny always puts raw talent above heart and determination. While I’d never ever question Perk’s heart, he is a limited (offensive) player. Still, he’d fit right in if he came to us today and we won’t miss a beat.

  • Paul

    I just got a bit emotional reading this. No lie

  • dk
    • Celticsfanatic

      Hahahaha “the baby monitor showed Glen was crying”

  • Skeld

    Bring back Perkins!

  • JJy

    Haha I love this headline! It makes me think of the two of them making friendship bracelets together or playing hopscotch. Is that what the kids do nowadays?

  • Chris H

    I felt sad, until Jeff Green dunked it away.

    When I see his stat line, I think it’s for the best for everyone. We can all be friends and sing kumbaya off the court.