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Your Morning Dump… Where Pierce is like the guy from 300

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

Pierce doesn’t call the shots, but he does have a preference if his bosses make a move.

“Maybe we can use some more depth at the big spot after losing Sullinger,” Pierce said.

He made it clear, though, that Boston doesn’t necessarily need anyone new to come in.

“I like us where we are at right now,” Pierce said. “I’m like the man from ‘300.’ Let’s go to war with what we’ve got.”

Globe:  Paul Pierce:  “We’re not better off without Rondo”

The Celtics are actually averaging a couple more assists per game without Rondo.  Their rebounding numbers are un-changed without Sullinger (they grabbed 48 in their first game without him).  The Celtics are finding ways to make up for things they’ve lost by adjusting their styles of play.

No Rondo?  They’ve got a lot of guard depth and they’re focusing on advancing the ball with the pass more, and shooting earlier in the shot clock so they can avoid having to run set offenses.  No Sully?  The C’s don’t retreat as much off their own shots, giving themselves more opportunities to grab offensive rebounds (they’re averaging 7 a game over the past 3).

I’m with Pierce…. especially when you take the ENTIRE picture into account.  There’s no reason to blow it up, and I don’t think Wyc Grousbeck and company are going to pass up some likely playoff revenue if the same “nuclear” option exists over the summer (should they choose it).  Maybe you can move someone for a big guy… but now you NEED everyone on this roster.  The luxury of an extra guard is gone.

Maybe you can find a free agent big out there somewhere (look folks, NO ONE is going after Kenyon Martin.  No one).  Maybe you can find another guy to help score off the bench or be a ball handler.

So go with what you got.  Rally around one another and fight like Spartans.  Maybe you can learn a few lessons to incorporate into the game plan when Rondo and Sully return next season, and it will make this team that much better.

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  • Matt W

    Just a reminder: King Leonidas’ 300 lose.

    • But they go down with one hell of a fight

      • Matt W

        Fair enough. Awesome to root for, great to watch. But I can see a LeBron James/King Xerxes comparison, and I don’t love it. Especially given that like Xerxes, James marched to the ocean to conquer it (talents to South Beach).

        Okay. Historical analysis of an offhand comment over.

      • KWAPT

        Exactly-they go down with one hell of a fight.

  • Cam

    No one was after Barbosa or Blatche until someone was after them.

    Hopefully Danny has a pulse on what bigs could become available and that’s why he’s holding off or maybe he is maintaining flexibility for a trade.

    Anyway I always think its stupid to not go after someone because no one else is.

    • LAF

      don’t need kmart. we have wilcox rotting on the bench while bass rotts on the floor already.

  • DD

    Well if you listened to WEEI this morning they say that there is no way Ainge, Doc, KG, and PP believe they can win so they should sell off everyone. You can tell what media in this town are just casual basketball ball fans. I actually got in a Twitter argument with the flash guy this morning. Will probably argue with M&M this afternoon.

  • Larry Legend

    They need a rebounding big. Period. If that’s Kenyon Martin then so be it. If they get that Celtics will be a team like ‘300’ under-manned but an all day job to beat. I hope the Celts keep “Sharing their culture on the rest of NBA”…

  • JETson

    Go after KMart. He’ll contribute to the GritNBalls attitude that is more important now than ever. This is what Kmart needs, to rally with the Cs and end his career w a championship

  • Nate

    Trade for Dalembert or Mosgov!

    Or just drop Bass for expiring contract(s)!

    • Me


  • KY Celts fan

    We do need another big. When KG got into foul trouble in the third quarter the other day, I figured the game was done, even though we were up by 15 or so at the time. We just need someone who can rebound, even if they can do nothing else. If Mikki Moore could pull down 8 rebounds a game, I’d gladly take him back on.

    • Larry Legend

      Mikki Moore couldn’t get 8 Rebs a gm on air, never mind in a real game

  • Robby C

    Unfortunately, Mikki Moore can not pull down 8 rebounds a game

    • Me

      mogzogv can get 7?

  • JBcelticsFan

    Thank you Pierce! I’ve been saying it all along. IF we dont make the Finals, hey, theres always next year. I like the team and the players too much to want to see them go for ANYBODY not named Lebron James, Durant.

  • Spike

    Get the duckboats ready! This team is obviously better without Rondo AND Sully. Trade them both asap.
    Most impressive was the win against the East-leading Kings. Also surprised about the Clippers win, since obviously they are better without CP3. Addition by substraction!

    • LA Flake

      The C’s are indeed better without Rondo this year. Our record does not lie. As for Sully, we’re worse without him. The difference between the two is that RONDO HOLDS THE BALL 90% OF THE TIME WHILE WE RUN ZERO PLAYS FOR SULLY.

      So, one player is a PG who failed in every way to make his teammates better this year while the other is a role player who, despite having no plays run for him, maximized every opportunity whether it was there or not.

      As for CP3, yeah, the Clips are worse without him. They’re LOSING games right now, haven’t you noticed?

      • Flake is a douche

        Do you not see how stupid and contradictory that statement is? What makes us better without rondo but worse without sully? He’s been fantastic this year yes but when has he won any games for us? Hes had great games n hit the boards but don’t start acting like he was controlling the paint and making a difference. He was still suspect on defense and still getting in foul trouble. Don’t let your hate for rondo make u biased towards sully

  • thekid

    They need another big just by the sole fact if someone gets in foul trouble they are screwed. A player who can give 10 good minutes is imperative.

  • Jester00

    Scallie, The White Mamba, Veal,