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KG will only leave if Boston trades Paul Pierce

John - Red's Army (@RedsArmy_John) February 4, 2013 Celtics News 39 Comments on KG will only leave if Boston trades Paul Pierce

All the speculation of the past couple of days has been about the Clippers’ interest in Kevin Garnett.  We’ve seen countless stories about it, many of which either gloss over the fact that KG has a no-trade clause, or don’t mention it at all.

Not only does he have a no-trade, he’s got a very specific one, according to Shaun Powell (via PBT)

While that might make some people think there’s some credence to the Clippers’ interest, there’s the little matter of Paul Pierce’s status in Boston.  And as I’ve said from the beginning, the value of a guy like Pierce is higher to Boston than it is to other teams.  Sure, they have interest in a guy who’s playing like Pierce is playing right now, but they know they’re only getting him for a year or two… so they’ll be reluctant to give up a package worthy of the wrath Danny Ainge faces if he trades Pierce away.

With the Celtics playing well lately, and the wide open East, it still looks most likely that the Celtics will stand pat.  But we all know Danny… he’ll answer the phone.  If someone gives him enough incentive to push the button on the nuclear option… he’ll do it.  But he knows it will have to not just be the perfect deal, it will have to be a series of perfect deals.

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  • JimmyG

    Personally, I don’t want to see either of these things happen. I know it’s sentimental but I just love watching these two play. Having said that, I would almost feel better about Pierce getting traded if they traded KG as well. I don’t think you could hold onto one vet and get rid of the other one. If you’re going to blow the team up, go all the way with it.

    • Frank A

      Right on Jimmy, I’ve always said the celtics were different because of Red. He made great trades but would never trade a Russell or Bird, or a KG or Paul Pierce. Those are Celtics, our guys!

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    The KG trade would be nice IF we can trade Pierce for a big man (Cousins?), but Paul doesn’t want to go to SacTown/Seattle. KG for Bledsoe and Jordan maybe, and keep Pierce? Basically, KG cannot go unless we somehow get a big man.

    • Celticsfanatic

      Did you not just read the article?

      • kobe

        clearly that guy is a moron just ignore him please

      • I bleed green in L.A.

        yeah, I read the article, your point?

        • Chris

          If the Celtics keep Pierce, Garnett won’t waive his no trade clause. So we can’t trade KG and keep Pierce.

          I believe THAT is his point.

  • stephanie

    I’ll be glad when the deadline is over. All these speculations just make your head hurt.

    • JimmyG

      Fully agreed.

  • sergio

    Trade KG por Deandre jordan + bledsoe es bueno para BOSTON sin duda…NO obstante SEGUN KG …PIERCE tendria que ser negociado por un hombre grande o un anotador fiable o alguien con joven con futuro como HARRISON BARNES.. Si se consigue eso BOSTON con RONDO SANO …TENDRA UN EQUIPO TEMIBLE PARA EL FUTURO INMEDIATO.

    • Hfgjj

      No able espanual
      Translation plz?

      • Lol! He said: trade KG for Deandre Jordan & Bledsoe & Pierce for a big or a scorer like Barnes. He says if Boston does that they’d have a scary team in the near future.

    • RedsLoveChild

      I agree 100% with Sergio.

  • TNCeltic

    Don’t trade either one. They are the heart and soul. Can you imagine watching if these two key players are traded? Remember how rough it was when Perk left in February? Makes me sick to think about it! Let them play, let them go softly into that good night ( retirement or the end of the bench) but don’t trade them!

    • WinstonSalems

      KG and Pierce have about 1-2 more years left in them. If Danny can get a few 1st rounders and/or younger players, by dealing PP and KG, he would have to pull the trigger. Can’t get emotional with these guys. Ray’s gone, Rondo’s out for a year, Sullinger is out for a year…The C’s can play with as much pride as they want, at the end of the day, they currently do not have what it takes to win a championship. Case closed. If KG and PP were bench veterans and had no trade value left in them, then i would agree, let them retire as a Celtic. But that’s not the case. The C’s won’t get Dwight Howard for PP, but they can still get a late 1st rounder from a contender. Nowadays, the NBA is a business more than anything. Loyalty goes so far. PP and KG can always come back a year after they retire and get their jerseys hung in the rafters. I’m sure 5 years from now, both those guys wouldn’t be upset that they got traded, especially if Danny got value in return and it made the team better for the future.

  • Will

    Trade Pierce and KG to the Clippers for Jordan, Odom’s contract, Butler, Bledsoe. Flip Bledsoe and Butler to another team for something that fits better.

    • LAF

      Shaking my f***ing head…

      • Will

        Why wouldnt you do that? They’re walking away after this year anyways and teams will want Bledsoe.

        • Andrew

          hey keep this is mind pierce and kg will still be in the team next year

          keep that in mind
          what a pathetic fans

          • Will

            People who don’t think what’s best for the team are pathetic. I will be completely surprised if they don’t retire after this joke of a season. You’re crazy if you think Ainge hasn’t been looking at things like this because he doesn’t want to wait another 20 years to be good.

  • Quest

    Betting They will both retire this year. It’s clears the books and Danny will have full access to deal with free agents in the summer and a lot more available talent. This team was just put together for one last run at the Banner.

    • I bleed green in L.A.

      I do hope Pierce retires a Celtics, but I’m thinking he stays one more year. Maybe help transition any young guns to the squad. KG brought us a banner after a 20 year drought, so I’ve got mad love for him, but if he’d go to a contender (Clippers for some pieces or OKC for Perk and a couple of their 1st round picks), and we free up some money and get younger, now’s the time.

      • LAF

        yah, like, why bother competing this season? that’s so cray cray! we could like, totally get younger, and like, we could like totally play the lottery again! that’s so exciting, y’all!

        • I bleed green in L.A.

          I don’t think it will be exciting, but refreshing to watch a rebuild instead of a retool. I’m tired of rooting for old guys, and old names (let’s get Barbosa and Terry and we’ll win a ring again). I saw this happen in the early 90’s, and then mediocrity for a long time.

          I’m all for making the Celtics better at all costs, that’s a true fan. I’m not a bandwagon fan that just likes them when they win a ring. I will still root for them 100% and they will still compete, just don’t want to langer in 2nd round purgatory. Basically, either be the best or the worst, if you stay in the middle you wont go anywhere.

          Comprede bra? Is that to cray cray for you melon? Like I could totally bring it down a level if your minds blown!

          • Andrew

            bleed green is not a celtics fans
            if he is, we will not say trade pierce and kg

          • Andrew

            lets trade paul pierce for luke walton
            how is that?

  • john

    Butler is darn near as old as Kg and Pierce, injury prone, and not nearly the player they are.All D Jordan can do is dunk .Guys like him are a dime a dozen.Bledsoe is a nice player.Some of you guys are like children playing fantasy GM.The suggested trades are crap.How about appreciating the two best players on the Celtics instead of indulging in childish fantasies?

  • KGino

    no no no no no.

    The Truth and The Ticket go no where.

    • Caterpillar from Italy

      Agree 100%.

      Even if when I get mad at this team I scream “blow it up!”, I don’t want these guys to go somewhere else than the TD Garden.

      I already know I’ll be jealous just watching KG working for some front office in 5 years, imagine watching him play for some other team.

      Different story for Rondo: I always believed (and I still believe) he’s way overrated. But let’s wait for him to get back in shape and we’ll see. So far, just my best wishes for him to stay completely healthy the sooner possible.

    • dolly33

      AMEN!! They are so much more than bball players. They are the heart & soul of this team. They brought us a long awaited banner. True Celtic fans are LOYAL!

  • Justin

    Agreed. The captain always last one off the ship.if this baby goes down, he’s riding it out. Allllll the way to bottom. Go green

  • kobe

    Here’s a trade that will let the Cs competitive and complete
    KG and Pierce for Jamison, Blake, Meeks.

    you got a rebounder in Jamison, a Point guard in Blake and a shooter in Meeks.

  • CoachAJ

    Really would love to see next season PP come off the bench, but still finish games. But Jet(if here), Lee(if here), PP, Sully and a back up center(Melo/Oden) could be really impressive. And the starters of RR(if healthy), AB, JG, KG, and Melo/Oden could be rather solid too. I know that is a lot of IFs but it is for next year.

    • kobe

      if you can only place the brain of Oden to Melo’s body

  • Frank A

    If Danny Trades them hopefully hell trade them both to one of the LA teams, maybe to the lakers for Dwight Howard then I could become a huge Lakers fan and or both to the clippers and we can become clipper fans and watch them in the finsls

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