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Your Morning Dump… Where the Celtics WILL add two bodies (eventually)

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

“We have two open roster spots, which we will use when it’s all said and done,” said Ainge. “So three weeks from now, we will have 13 contracts. But we’re not in a rush yet. We have trade possibilities, and we’ll be keeping an eye on the free agents that might be able to help us.

“By the trade deadline date, we will have a full roster one way or another.”


“It (Sullinger’s injury) might have some affect on what we do now,” admitted Danny Ainge, Boston’s president of basketball operations. “But it’s not going to have an affect on what we do long term.”

In other words, teams looking to give up talent attached with a toxic (read: long and bloated) contract are not realistic options under consideration by the Celtics.

One free agent option that remains available is Kenyon Martin. However, league sources indicated on Friday that the C’s have not expressed any interest in adding the former all-star recently and even with Sullinger’s injury, it appears that’s not going to change.


I don’t think anyone, including Danny Ainge, has a clue how the Celtics roster will look in two weeks. While the odds of making a deep playoff run took a major  hit with the injuries to Rondo and Sullinger, the Celtics still have a decent bench (Terry, Barbosa, Green and Wilcox).  This team is still better than an 8th seed.

If they can make a run over the next 10 days, look for Ainge to add guys who can contribute this year. If not, look for Ainge to make moves to dump salary. Ken Berger of CBS Sports:

With injuries mounting, teams have begun inquiring whether Boston is willing to trade Jason Terry to get under luxury tax, sources say.

The Celtics are $1.5M over the tax line and need to make some decisions before the Feb. 21 trade deadline.

I still don’t see the “blow-it-up” option as a viable move. Blow-it-up for what? There are no obvious deals out there. ESPN’s Marc Stein speculates on trading Paul Pierce for the Clippers’ Eric Bledsoe, but do we really need another promising guard (see Rondo, Bradley)?

As for Jared Sullinger, team doctors decided having surgery now was the best option:

After undergoing tests on Thursday, the decision was made to fix the problem rather than attempt to manage the pain the rest of the season.

“We knew this could happen. We knew it a month before the draft that this could happen and at some point it probably would happen,” Celtics coach Doc Rivers said. “We were hoping it would be a summer thing, rather than the middle of the season, but it happened now. He was playing great and the good news is we know he can play. We know he’ll be a very good player and, in the long run, this will make him healthier.”

This is the smart move. You don’t want a promising young rookie risking further damage by playing through pain for half a season.

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  • KGino

    Enough with JJ redick and Bledsoe and such… We need bigs not more guards!

    • KWAPT

      I agree. I’m also very curious to know why Kenyon has been available since the summer and no GM/team is touching him with a 10-foot pole. That’s gotta say something…or is just that no one wants to take a risk on an aging vet who’s prob out of shape and has had some “attitude issues”…? As far as bigs go, Tony Battie is unemployed as well..??

      • KGino

        It’s gotta be something to do with him off the court.. I feel like he’s better than bird man at this point and even he got a contract.. not too sure Kwapt.

        Tony Battie… now THAT would be something. What’s Mark Blount up to? Let’s get the old band back together.. LOL. Looking back now.. boy am I glad to be removed from those years.. haha.

        I still love the Bat man, once a celtic always a celtic. I’d welcome him back with open arms.

        • Larry Legend

          Is Gortat totally undoable? I would love to get him for Bass/draft pick. Not sure how realistic that is, but it would be huge move for the C’s

          • kg215

            I wish we could do that trade too. If we had a shot at a top 5 pick (ie awful record) the Suns would probably do it, but at that point you definitely blow it up and don’t need Gortat.

        • LAF

          Blount? Isn’t he already starting for us right now?

          • KGino

            depends how you look at it LAF… the guy in our starting 5 that resembles Blount used to actually be Mark Blount.. But then everyone started pronouncing it Mark Blunt and he wasn’t getting credit under his real name anymore. He got a face lift and changed his name to Bass.

        • frickenWaaaltaaah

          You must have missed the very public and very ugly and long feud with his coach Vinny Del Negro in his last stop.

          I’d say more, but I’m hoping the Knicks sign him.

      • I’d heard earlier in the year that K Mart was holding out for something better than minimum contract.

        If Pierce gets shipped to the Clips, it better be for Jordan, not another guard.

        • Eric

          funny you mentioned that. In 2k13 I traded Pierce to the Clippers for Deandre Jordan. Realistically speaking, I highly doubt the Clippers would want to move him or anyone on their squad. They have a good chance at going deep into the playoffs and possibly winning it.

          • LAF

            them paper clips ain’t winning shit. be lucky to get out of second round.

        • LAF

          PP ain’t going anywhere, bruh. Unless we’re throwing in the towel. But we’re playing our best ball of the season so it ain’t happening. He’s just too valuable. For us.

        • Reggie35RIP

          It’s totally inconceivable, but if we did trade Pierce for Jordan the whole front office should be shot. I know we’re desperate for a big man, but Jordan has been under-performing for the whole season.

  • thetitleisours

    Would like to see Downs or Wright get a shot from Maine as they can both rebound. Would not mind Kris Joseph back either. But they will wait to see who is bought out first for sure

    • LAF

      What’s Leon Powe up to? I’d give him a look.

      • sev

        I wouldn’t mind powe either just to see what he can offer. He was a passionate player so if there was ever a place that could get the most out of him, it would be here. Even if he just joined the celtics in order to rehab and strengthen those knees (assuming his knees aren’t shot) and then we would have him for next year. If he could bring 80% of what he did when he was on the celtics, than I think he would be a steal for the vets min. He just turned 29. I don’t care if he’s undersized because we’ve seen undersized guys that can rebound.

  • thetitleisours

    Ryan Gomes? He was mentioned elsewhere

  • Vitalii

    Third advent of Delonte West ?

  • Vince

    Interesting that in this article there were no comments on how or if Bass is going to step up and fill this void. While we definitely need to add a power forward, we are doomed if Bass doesn´t take advantage of this opportunity to prove himself.

  • Double P

    I don’t see a need for the Celtics to add any more guards to the team. They have good depth and talent at the small positions as well as at the small forward position. We lack size and rebounding. Look for Danny to do something to address that. I don’t see many options out there right now as far as free agents but you can usually count on teams cutting players that we would be interested in. I think that is the most probable route. I did hear that Hamed Haddadi was thought to be waived as part of the Rudy Gay trade. This is the type of move I think people should expect from Danny; nothing major.

    • kg215

      Yup we should not be playing Jason Collins the amount that we are. We need someone to backup KG on defense/rebounding. We got plenty of bench scorers so a post scorer would be nice but defense/rebounding is a much bigger priority. Milicic really could have been that guy if it wasn’t for injuries and Doc going small too much early in the season. Hopefully we can somehow get a serviceable 7 footer.

    • Me

      i don’t think haddadi is good but i’ll pick him

      + trade brandon bass for timofey mozgov + anthony randolph

      sounds good

      who can beat us
      WILCOX 6’10
      MOZGOV 7’1
      HADDADI 7’2
      COLLINS 7’0
      KG 6’11

  • JonyIsai

    Why trade terry? Trade rondo instead. He would bring back a lot of talent. Boston can build around bradley, sully and melo

    • LAF


    • frickenWaaaltaaah

      Guys with serious injuries are seldom traded.

      It can be done, but we’d have to give him away for basically nothing in return so of course we wouldn’t do that.

    • Me

      you know what we suck at rebounding
      without rondo, we really suck at all
      + rondo can SCORE REBOUNDS STEAL ASSIST, where can you find a POINT GUARD THAT CAN REBOUND?

      if you removed steve nash and exchange for rondo, what will be the lakers record now?

      did you ever realized that?
      before saying trade rondo?

  • Justsomeffinguy

    I don’t want K-Mart. He’s not a Celtic….

    • kg215

      +1, always thought he was a dbag. I remember when he first came into the league he was hurting people left and right, not just playing physical. Kmart has really declined lately too, his play his not going to make up for his poor attitude.

  • Simon

    I still have faith in this team, and I sincerely hope we don’t trade Pierce. Being back Delonte and grab a big from somewhere. And get well soon Sully!

    • LAF

      forget delonte. BRING BACK LEON POWE! (if his knee’s ok)

      • frickenWaaaltaaah

        Leon is still wearing his Celtics jersey on his wikipedia page even.

        His agent screwed everything up last time by demanding a multi-year deal when he was injured, iirc.

        There aren’t many guys who have had more work done on their knees than Leon but if they are going to work people out, I hope they give him a call. I mean geez, I hope he’s at least a few spots ahead of Kmart on the list.

  • KGino

    add a 2nd round pick to sweeten the pot for milwaukee.

  • kg21

    Just bring back Darko!

  • frickenWaaaltaaah

    Thanks Redsarmy for the free cardiac checkup.

    Loading up the page and seeing the giant Kmart photo didn’t kill me, I must be at least kind of healthy.

  • Kricky

    Still a couple of weeks left till the trade deadline to see if this team can compete.

    If not its time to dump salary. Moving Terry woldl be a great start. Then Bass and Green, if anyone will take on those awful contracts..

    • LAF

      Green’s contract is turning out to be a bargain IMO.

  • CoachAJ

    As of today Feb 4, Louis Admuson(sp) is going to be freed from the Timberwolves. Just another banger that could help us.