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Your Morning Dump… Where Brandon Bass is a little bitter

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“Yeah, man. There were times [I wasn’t getting the ball],” Bass said. “You watched the games. There were times where I didn’t get it. But I didn’t want to let that dictate my game.”

[…] Bass feels that the ball won’t stick to any one player (*cough* Rondo! *cough*) anymore, which will help.

“But now, I just think that being that everybody is moving the ball, everybody will get an opportunity to be in rhythm,” he said

[…] “I mean, of course you feel better by the ball touching your hands and going through your hands, whatever. But, yeah, it feels good,” Bass said, before the big… “But at the same time we still miss Rondo.”

CSNNE:  Bass hopes opportunities arise without Rondo

Rondo didn’t seem to a problem last year, Brandon, when he… ahem… assisted in you earning a lot of money.

I get that Bass is frustrated.  His shooting percentage from his money spots are down.  He’s shooting just over 44% from 10-23 feet… down from 47% last year.  He’s not getting as many shots as he was last year, but he’s also seeing Jared Sullinger eat up a lot of his minutes.

Why is that?

I’d venture to guess that if Bass was a better rebounder, he’d be on the floor more, and he’d have more of the opportunities he’s lo0king for.  There’s a reason he’s losing minutes to Sullinger.  Sullinger does one thing exceptionally well.  And it’s something the Celtics need desperately.

Bass has been in a funk all season long, so to hear him take not-so-thinly-veiled shots at Rondo to blame him for it is a little off-putting to me.   There’s never been a game where Rondo hasn’t given Bass the ball when he’s been open in his spot.  And even with Bass’ shooting percentages down, Rondo continues to find him at the same exact pace as he did last year.  Rondo assisted on 31.6% of Brandon Bass’ field goals this season.  Last year… Rondo assisted on 31.6% of Bass’ field goals. The number is literally exactly the same.

But Bass has seen fit to scapegoat Rondo, which fits nicely into what’s happening a lot around Boston.  People are frustrated over the Celtics lack of success this year, and they’re finding themselves an easy target with Rondo out of the line up.

The Celtics are averaging 80 shots a game.  They took 161 in the 2 games without Rondo… or about 80 shots a game.   The Celtics are floating around .500.  They’re a little below .500 with him, they’re a little above .500 without him… but people are pretending like they’re 20-5 without Rondo and the Bobcats with him.

And all this is doing is distracting from the real issues with this team.  Yes, Rondo plays a significant role in this team’s fortunes, good and bad.  But suddenly people seem to forget that Pierce has struggled, Bass has struggled, Lee has struggled, Green has struggled, Terry has struggled….

… everyone has had a hand in this.  Now, without one of their stars, the Celtics have no choice but to step up and make up for it.  It’s unfortunate that some of these guys needed the loss of Rondo to kick them in the ass… but they did.  How this team will do the rest of the season without him is yet to be determined.  But the pot-shots and overly exaggerated arguments are ridiculous… as is Bass’ insinuation that he’s now going to be better off.

People have short memories sometimes.

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  • Cam

    I think it’s a little of both.

    Bass hasn’t been hitting his shots but Rondo has done a poor job thisnyear at getting him his shots.

    He used to get a lot of wide open looks last year maybe from Rondo attacking more? This year it feels like less shots and more contested jumpers.

    If Bass starts to hit his stride now you’ll have to factor that in a bit.

    • I was very high on Bass after the Big Baby trade. I thought he had a lot of potential for growth.

      Unfortunately, we’ve seen almost no growth from Bass. Out of Orlando where he came off the bench he became a starter for the Celtics, but hasn’t increased his production to match. He still can really only score with his “sweet spot” jumper, his defense is still sub-par, and DUDE CAN’T REBOUND. That’s what the man in his position is supposed to do, and he’s not doing it.

      Rondo isn’t blameless of course, he’s got plenty to answer for with how he’s been running of the offense this season. But this is on Bass.

      (maybe he’s too preoccupied with his rap career)

      • eddysamson

        You forgot to mention Bass’s butter hands and his tendency to drive to the hoop and go down with the ball before coming up and getting stripped our blocked.

        • Sheila Kuehl

          Bass has to toughen up, become a lot more assertive shooting and finish his shots, he also needs to rebound offensively as well as defensively more consistantly! Tonight they fed him the ball non stop he should easily had at least 10 – 15 more points the way they fed him! Bass get tough, we need you.

  • Noori

    BBBB…Brandon Big Baby Bass

    • LAF

      I’m going to call him Ubuntu Bass from now on.

    • Curt

      He wishes he could be like Big Baby. Glen may have lost his jump shot after 2009 and gotten blocked more times than anyone ever, but the Man can defend any center in the league.

      Don’t put him on KG or Dirk, but Shaq, Perk, Dwight…he’s good.

      Bass doesn’t even know the defensive rotations.

      Calling him Big Baby would be an undeserved compliment.

  • john

    noori hit it on the head.

  • KY Celts fan

    Oy. I like the article and agree with most everything in it. But now this is just gonna invite Danno and LA Flake to write more essays on why Rondo sucks. I’m tired of it being the only topic as of late. So I’ll see you guys on Monday!

    I will say though that Bass is probably one of those guys Doc was talking about that needed to get with the program and get out of the way. paraphrasing obviously.

    • KY Celts fan

      *OR get out of the way.

    • Danno

      I love you too. Have a nice weekend. I’m going to the Clipper game on Sunday. You?

  • Tim

    Starting to sound like Big Baby. Can we trade this joke of a player already?

    • LAF

      come on, y’all. stop bashing ubuntu bass already or y’all goin’ give John Redsarmy an aneurysm!

      • LA Flake

        I wrote the post above on my phone and didn’t know who the author of this article was. Now, seeing that it was written by none other than John-Redsarmy, all I can say is,

        Welcome to the UBUNTU BASS IS A DUMBASS club, John!

  • Danno

    “to a man, everybody in that locker room loves Rondo.”

    Or, maybe not.

  • I like Brandon, but come on Brandon is being a baby. It was Rondo who really lit a fire under Brandon’s game last year, and he played very well, better than he did in orlando. I still saw how Rondo fed him the ball this year as well, but dont blame Rondo when your shots aren’t falling, or when you are being out worked by a Rookie, (im just being honest). People lets just get past trying to see if this team is going to be better without Rondo, and just play, its going to be times when things are going to be better and there are going to be times when things are worse without Rondo. Look at Chicago they are still a threat without Derrick, so does that mean they dont need Derrick, I dont care what nobody, media or otherwise has to say, I like my chances going to the playoffs with Rondo vs without.

    • CoachAJ

      Yours is a great response to this article. IF Bass played better D and boarded better his minutes would still be up, even IF he weren’t hitting his shots. AND for all trying to wish RR away to the cornfield like lil Anthony, that’s just not Celtic at all.

  • ay

    Rondo gets his assists because guys make the baskets, if u aren’t hitting, you won’t get the ball, just ask rayray. Bass make your shots, all of the guys, make the buckets, and let’s try to enjoy the rest of the season without whining, please.

  • Jon L

    bass seeming like this year’s version of ray allen,

    can’t blame him for being unhappy with his play, but don’t blame others and don’t get mad you’re getting less minutes because there’s someone who’s doing better at their role than you in the rotation. it’s not always about points, it’s about your role in the team’s strategy.

    i like bass a lot but shut your mouth and speak with your game

  • zippittyay

    This from “No-Pass Bass”??

    • Dave

      HA – I was just typing that.

  • Dave

    This confirms it. Bass should be trade option # 1. The guy is a ball stopper, terrible rebounder, and now, a sore sport. I say send No-Pass-Bass on his way.

  • RedsLoveChild

    Bass is the “softest” PF ever to be seen. He`s a totally worthless POS, who will never know the feeling of grabbing a rebound in traffic.

    If it weren`t for Jeff Green, Bass would be the most overpaid/underproductive player in the NBA.

    The Celtics are a small team that plays slow…which is to be expected when two of their starters are 35 and 36 years old.

    Rondo is not the reason for Boston`s problems. Their ridiculous lack of size, strength, and aggressiveness in the paint is the root of all their woes {Sully excluded}.

    • Dave

      I’d like to beat a dead horse and remind everyone that this is why we miss Perk. He anchored the D with KG and set solid screens, committed some dumb fouls, but all in all was a perfect fit and never complained about touches because it wasn’t his game!

      • RedsLoveChild

        We desperately need “blue-collar” workers with size.

        Sleek or soft is NOT the answer, especially down low.

        • Curt

          Give this a shot:

          List all of the bigs in the league who would fit your description…regardless of whether we could acquire them.

          I bet it doesn’t take you long.

          • KGino

            Too bad David West didn’t just sign with us

          • RedsLoveChild

            I won`t even bother with the super obvious choice of Dwight Howard, Tyson Chandler, or even Perk, Joakim Noah, etc.

            I like the the way Memphis thinks…Zach Randolpf, Marc Gasol. They are a serious title threat, even after trading Gay, because they punish teams in the paint.

            Same with Indiana {Hibbert, West}. Even without Granger all year, Pacers will win about 50 games, largely due to what they have down low.

            I`d love to see the Celtics somehow get Milwaukee`s Larry Sanders…young, athletic, fearless shot-blocking machine!

  • Stephanie

    I’ve watched many games where Rondo tries to get him involved, but it seemed like

    1.) He wasn’t ready for a pass, therefore fumbling the ball, especially on fastbreaks. I don’t know how many times I screamed “Damnit Bass!”

    2.)Hesitated to shoot

    3.) Miss the wide open shot

    That’s the main reason I don’t buy the crap he’s trying to sell right now. The same goes for Jet. He spent a lot of time this month with the 2nd unit (when Rondo is on the bench) and still couldn’t make his shots. Just fight through the scapegoats allowed!

    • OMG, you just said a mouth full, I agree 200%!

    • andy

      Really? Did no one watch the kings game. Bass looked awesome. I didnt know there were so many rondo apologists on this site. Get ready for bass to start playing awesome and it is directly related to no rondo. Mark my words. Go c`s.

      • Stephanie

        And I hope he does better, but the Kings game doesn’t matter..He played for 37 mins (the most he’s played all season) so that could be the correlation ya think. The only reason he played that long is because Sully was out.

        You can’t deny him missing OPEN SHOTS, or turning the ball over..that’s not Rondo’s fault.

        • eddysamson

          Bass has terrible hands and thats exactly why he cant rebound. I will say, however, that knowing this Rondo still turned it over many times on fast breaks when he gave up his open layup to an unsuspecting Bass. I think the fault there can at least be split between the two of them.

          • Stephanie

            Definitely on that fast break part…that’s why I would be so pissed at Rondo saying “Of all people you choose Bass?!”

          • Jim

            Well he should start putting in some work on the deficits in his game. I don’t care how old you are you can always learn.

      • Well If Bass starts playing well then good for him, but it will not be because of Rondo. Bass had a solid year last yeat with Rondo, so how is Rondo the problem now? Bass has been out worked by Sully, Is it because of Rondo that Bass doesnt rebound, its it because of Rondo that Bass doesnt commit to defense, is it Rondo’s fault that Bass cant hold on to a pass? Rondo rebounds are up because the bigs on this team does not rebound, so whos fault is that? Rondo should NEVER have more rebounds than Bass, but he does.

        • LA Flake

          Well, not to beat a dead horse but…

          In the past, KG, Perk and even Big Baby were able to erase Rondo’s mistakes on D. But Bass is pretty dumb and doesn’t really know how to do anything other than shoot that midrange J. So when Rondo needless gambles and allows his man to get to the paint, Bass just watches like a spectator. Kind of like…hmmm…Mark Blount!

          • Dk

            +1 I constantly scream at the television how dumb Bass plays. Always lost, losing ball, in wrong place, or just simply being a spectator on the court.

  • JG

    Rondo has assisted on hundreds of FG for pierce and Garnett this year, arguably the only two other guys who can create a shot. The 3rd highest beneficiary of rondos assists? 50 FG. Now, some of that has to do with poor shooting (I guess), but keep in mind the celtics have one of the highest shooting percentages in the league, so I’m not sure how much you can put on the shooters…

    • eddysamson

      We’ve certainly had losses this season that could be attributed almost fully to terrible shooting nights. And a lot of games we’ve lost this season we could have won it in the 4th or OT but people kept missing shots!

      • Stephanie

        Yep! How many times did PP jack up a 3 right away in the clock? For instance, the NY game @ home we really could’ve won but they content with jacking up shots as soon as they got the ball. That’s whats really been killing us.

  • JG

    That’s not wrong, but also doesn’t address what I said…also, why are all of their shots long jumpers? Why can’t Rondo create anything other than that? I have a reasonable explanation, but I want to see what the supporters think.

  • Shane T.

    The stats listed in the article are a little misleading. Although Rondo assisted Bass on the same percentage of his shots this year, Bass has been taking less shots per game. So, while Rondo has maintained the ability to find Bass a certain amount of the time, for a certain amount of shots, the number (of shots) itself has decreased, thus lending credence to the fact that Brandon’s role has diminished this year, in addition to making credible his argument about getting the ball less.

    Personally, I don’t think he should complain. The guy’s entire success last year was based on the foundation that Rondo laid with his ability to find Bass for the “open look” or the “sweet spot” jumper. From that success came Bass’s new contract. For a guy to make noise about 1) a teammate and 2) the person (partially) responsible for the millions of dollars going his way, seems ridiculous, and a bit immature. I like Bass and think that he has quite a bit to offer this team, but now is not the time to be bitching and moaning about touches.

    • Stephanie

      I feel the same way about Jet. He does too much talking. I just want to see the action.

      • LOL, you are so right, I was just thinking the other day that whenever he does an interview he sounds like a boxer trash talking getting ready for an upcoming Don King event!!

      • Curt

        You aren’t wrong, but just wait. You’ll see. Just wait. He’ll get it back in the playoffs just like Pierce. And then you’ll go “I can’t believe it!”

        • LA Flake

          Hope you’re not talking about Ubuntu Bass because he was HORRIBLE in the playoffs last year except for ONE game. Bass was a DISASTER.

          • KGino

            think he meant Jet

    • Eatactly, Even though he was not hitting his shots, Rondo was still giving him the ball. You have to realize how hard of a job Rondo has, to get the ball to everybody, in the spot that they feel most comfortable, set up plays, watch the clock, keep up with his man, his job is not easy, and he is always getting blamed for something,

  • Mike

    Lets set aside the stats. Bass is not complaining about stats. If you all are celtics fans you should easily be able to see that Rondo has been a very different point guard this year. He has been a chemistry killer. When has rondo passed up on lay-ups so much as he did this year, just to try and get an assist. When has rondo NOT pushed the ball to the open man on a fast break JUST so he can hold the ball and end up with the assist? And in both of these scenarios, Rondo has been turning over the ball in many of these situations this year which frustrates the shooters and teammates. Guys toon out when you have a “ball hog” on your team. Of course rondo is no Kobe Bryant in terms of ball hogging but he has been controlling the ball a lot more this year which has contributed to other teammates being out of rhythm because they don’t know if they will get the ball or not when they are open. This messes with a shooters psyche.

    So stats aside, Rondo has been messing with the teams chemistry this year by handling the ball way too much. He has done it in the past, but not nearly as much as this year. Especially when he was on that assists streak! All about himself and maximizing what he can do best, which is pass the ball. He does nothing else considerably well besides rebound when he wants to.

    • You are truly not a celtic fan because EVERYBODY knows that Rondo has the ball because thats what Doc wants. And those fast breaks, Rondo has been a one man fast break because this vet team couldnt keep up with him, now that he has team mates that can run with him, now he has options.

      • Mike

        Of course the scheme is to get the ball into RONDO’s hand as much as possible as mandated by Doc, but one can misuse the power given to him by overstating the scheme. And what do you think will happen if Doc all of a sudden tells Rondo that he doesn’t always need the ball or call for the ball? He would be crushed, he is supposed to be the leader now and to hear that he over does his role would be devastating. Even the biggest Celtic fan in the world has to admit that Rondo is a premadonna. He is very sensitive. Anything besides praise gets to him. He likes to be in control. So you can see how hard this can be to manage. Why do you think there have been so many rumors in the past about coaching rondo? It’s difficult. Doc does a great job.

        All of that said. The team will have much better chemistry from here on out. The ball will move and everyone will be more selfless.

        Also, rondo will help the team for the future as pierce and KG will or should retire after this season or next. When Boston has all that cap room to sign some new big men, rondo will be good for the future all things considered.

        • Lets just see what happens from here on out. Everyboy wants to blame Rondo as long as they are winning, then time they start losing its going to be, we need Rondo. Rondo being difficult is not the subject for a change, everybody knows he is difficult and stubborn, i dont think even he disputes that, but i rather see a stubborn, difficult premadonna, then a silent passive player.

          • Mike

            Which is what I have been saying. He will be great for the team going forward. But for this year, he was hindering the chemistry.

    • Curt

      You’re conclusion isn’t wrong even though you use irrationality to get there.

      He can’t be forcing assists and a ball hog at the same time.

      He IS different this year and he does seem to be causing some comfort issues, but the problem is the team who has been built around him. It’s like he’s trying to force them to play Celtics basketball, but they don’t know how.

      You can’t just blame Rondo. Danny drafts the players, and Doc sets the offense. Use logic here.

      • Mike

        Never said he forces assists….. He holds the ball(ball hog) until he can get a pass for an assist. Even after he passes the ball and he sees that the man isn’t going to shoot, he wants the ball back to make the next assist. So yes, he can hog the ball to make sure(force in your words) he gets the assist.

    • No, he’s right. It’s a chemistry thing.

      How many times have you seen Rondo hold the ball at the top of the key for 10 seconds or more, just trying to set up a one-pass assist? Against any competent defense, team offense requires multiple passes to find an open man.

      • Curt

        How can you say that when you don’t know what plays Doc is calling?

        They have guys that run two man offenses and take advantage of mismatches. PP and KG made their careers doing that. Doc calls these plays.

        Rondo isn’t the damn coach, people.

        • Mike

          Rondo also is not a robot. He does what he wants to do. You can see that every time he has a turnover or dumb play. He hangs his head and knows Doc is mad at him. Rondo will do what rondo wants to do. Just as you do what you want to do no matter what others tell you to do.

          • Curt

            Unless it’s my boss. Then what I want to do is to keep my paychecks showing up each month.

          • Mike

            Agreed, but you have not made millions of dollars as Rondo has already. He does not have much of a problem as to job security as you or I do. But valid point.

          • KGino

            Rondo has stated on several occasions that he only cares about winning. If this is in fact true, Doc should have no problem telling him the ball needs to spread around more for this team to win more.

            Rondo respects Doc and would listen.. I don’t think he would be too upset by it. Did you guys see him after the heat game? Rondo went to doc and put his head on his shoulder like he was his son. Doc needs to step up and change his philosophy once Rondo is healthy.

            Rondo is a GREAT player, a very unique talent. Maybe the most uniquely dominant player in the league since he’s one of many few who don’t dominate w/ scoring.

            I want him on our team because I’ve grown to love him (especially after wade nearly broke his elbow and he still came back and played w one arm). If we ever learn how to maximize his talents and translate them to wins, I believe he actually could be an MVP candidate one day.

        • andy

          Last year was last year and bass was hitting the shots that rondo created for for him. This year he was not. I dont know what the explanation is but I know with bradley at point the ball is moving around a lot more which helps everyone out. Maybe with the further decline of kg and pierce and departure of ray rondo naturally tried to just do more. Not a knock on him ya know. I love rondo as a player and think he is uber talented. But people are afraid to come out and say certain things because, well I dont know why. Even im afraid to knock the guy because I know what hes meant to boston. Lets just play basketball and see what happens.

      • Mike

        Could not agree more. Remember the good times when the celtics were dominating? All the highlights were multiple passes(sometimes finishing in rondo getting the assist) before a great shot.

        • KGino

          Mike & Curt are both right here…

          Doc should get at least half the blame for using Rondo the way he does. But Rondo should be able to watch his game film and make adjustments to his game.. so should Doc.

          When the Celts were dominant, Mike is right it was all because of ball movement and superb defense. The 08 team moved the ball better than any team in the KG era (we also had better shooters on that team).

          I’m looking forward to seeing how far our team can go this year now that our philosophy is predicated on the same things that made us successful in 08.. I have a feeling it’s further than most of you think.

  • Art

    Wow. This post seems to have struck a chord. I would like to say to John that he’s making lots of assumptions and may be off-base by knocking Bass. How do you know Bass wasn’t talking about general team play? How do you know Bass wasn’t talking about Doc Rivers and his coaching (which I have been critical of)? I think it’s a bit of stretch to say that Bass was criticizing Rondo.

  • andy

    Also lets not forget that we had the case of clogged toilet offense the past few years and its stopped us from winning a title.

  • KGino

    lets not get too ahead of ourselves Bass… you had a good game against the KINGS. Everybody is jumping the gun on this Rondo thing, let us get a 10 game stretch in before we declare him cancerous to our success.

    • Stephanie

      I’ll take it a step further..let’s wait until we get to playoffs to really measure the success of the team, because let’s face it that’s when it’s really going to matter.

      We could have the best regular season record, but it doesn’t matter if it doesn’t translate when the lights shine the brightest and end up looking like the Atlanta Falcons of

      • KGino

        You’re right… The playoffs will have a lot more half court sets to run, and we will miss rondos playmaking in the half court.

        But don’t forget we are better defensive unit with Lee in his place.. I’m hoping it all balances out. I’m still thinking were a top 4 team in the Conf. despite our record. I don’t trust either NY team to beat us in a playoff series.. But Miami Chicago (with rose) and Indy i think we’d be underdogs.

  • Quest

    Rondo sure does polarize people. What Rondo did is no longer relevant at this time imo. Its what the existing guys can do on the floor to get to the playoffs this season and what Doc can do to help them get wins.

  • kobe

    the lost are mainly Rondo, Paul, and terrys fault.

  • Me

    brandon bass to denver nuggets

  • Fred Clause

    Brandon Bass is a terrible basketball player, and if Rondo was keeping the ball away from him, time has proven that decision justified.

    – signed, an individual who was maddened by Rondo’s ball-hogging, but is equally infuriated by Brandon Bass’s incredible capability for lackadaisacal suckitude. Bass sucks and doesn’t seem to know it.