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Report: Sullinger out for season with back injury

After months of mocking the red flags that caused Jared Sullinger to drop to the Celtics in the NBA draft, it appears fears over Jared Sullinger’s back were legitimate.

Sullinger, who pulled up lame after four minutes of play against the Kings, was originally diagnosed with back spasms.  Since then, Doc Rivers and Danny Ainge had said they knew Sullinger’s back would occasionally be an issue, but they didn’t seem to make a big deal of this particular injury.

Let’s flash back to the days after the draft. Here’s what Danny Ainge had to say about Sully’s back:

“There are some issues there,” said Ainge. “Our medical staff thinks that short-term and long-term there may be some maintenance issues with the back. Doc Rivers played with a herniated disk for 13 years. It may need surgery at some point, it may not.”

We can now remove the “it may not” from that quote.

I don’t know if this issue is directly related to what caused the red flags in the first place, nor do I know what the actual injury is. We’ll update you as more news develops.

Meanwhile, Brandon Bass will likely return to the starting line up with Chris Wilcox getting more minutes off the bench.  What the Celtics will do to replace Sullinger is up in the air.

Slowly… the season starts to slip away….

UPDATE:  Sullinger already had his surgery.

Get well soon, Sully.

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  • JonyIsai

    Just wow.

  • Dion

    what the fffff…..what else can happen this season

  • Jester00


  • Larry Legend

    Like I said the morning after the game…back spasms are for real. Crushing news for the celts and Sullinger. Hope he can recover…celts have to do something to help front court. They have to. And Wilcox needs to get his ass healthy. And stay healthy. Goddamn I didn’t need that news today

  • Brick James

    What?? Noooooo

  • Mike

    f**#*#^@& b*$#%%^!^&

  • Are you kidding me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well when it rains it really pours. I think Boston is about to blow up!

  • Quest

    I’d say kiss the season good bye. This team is jinxed!!

  • KGino

    somebody please beat the heat

  • Sethy138

    Facepalms in sadness

  • eddysamson

    wow this is awful AWFUL news.

    I’ve read so much back and forth over Sully since Wednesday I never saw this coming, though =/

    I was always cringing when he took charges because I thought it would be aggravating his back but told myself he never showed it…I guess I was wrong?

  • KGino

    The Boston Sports injury plague continues…

    Seriously, how many more rings would the Celts/Pats have if their best players weren’t injured every season? SO sick of it.

    Gronk, KG, Brady, Perk, Welker, Talib, Rondo…

    Not saying they would have won this year, but damn..

    On the bright side, at least we’re in contention every year. I’m just a spoiled Boston fan who wants it ALL.

    • eddysamson

      I’m a Texans fan and I hate when my Pats fan friends get legitimately pissed off when the Pats lose big games…its like dude you guys have dominated for the last decade, its not THAT big of a deal!

    • jt

      Don’t forget Lackey!

  • KGino

    Can we at least go Tanya Harding on Lebron’s legs to make the season fair?

    • zippittyay


  • cedd311

    Should have traded him when we had the chance and stock was high.

    Now 2 of our 3 trading chips (the only players and contracts ANYONE would want) Sullinger and Rondo are damaged goods.

    This is going to get ugly.

    • Kash

      I completely agree with what you just said. Shoulda traded sully when we had the chance, but at the time I was in the “don’t trade sully” club.

      We gotta trade pierce at this point right? What else can we do but build for the future???

      Oh and sign Kmart

      • Quest

        What would you get in return for trading Pierce you know if he gets traded Pierce will just ask to waive his contract and retire early as a celtic.

      • frickenWaaaltaaah

        Trade Pierce? HEYELL NO.

        Seriously, look at all the contracts and when they end. Danny already seems to have a carefully laid plan for ending this era and it involves Pierce and KG just coming off the books by retiring.

        Unless there’s a move that has multiple banners written all over it, there’s no reason at all to chase quick fixes which mess up that longer term plan by adding a bunch of salary. Only then would the toughest call have to be made.

        Also Kmart is probably going to sign with the Knicks if anybody…

    • frickenWaaaltaaah

      Eh as far as trade stocks go, the upside to this is that Sully was taking a lot of minutes from Bass, and that more than anything has killed Bass’s trade value.

      And for those who like Sully in green, this might not be such a bad thing for the long run. He gets the surgery, does the rehab and hopefully comes out a healthier player for the long haul. Meanwhile, he’s all but untradeable; i.e. they (probably) can’t ship him out this year chasing a quick fix.

  • Roy

    I dont know how this team will respond after this

  • misel

    got stomach cramps just from reading the title… gawwwdddd nooooo!!! >.<

  • Kash

    I guess we get to see how Melos comin along. God damn.

  • eddysamson

    Is it possible to get Varnado back?

    • Danno

      No. He’s with Miami for the rest of the year.

    • RedsLoveChild

      Is it possible to acquire Greg Oden?

  • david


  • BradinFL

    Look Gang, im not the doom & goom guy but lets be honest. This whole season was predicated on everybody staying healthy…Cutting back on minutes of Garnett & Pierce & the new pieces jelling together…They new guys didnt jell. G&P are still playing crazy minutes. Our best player & one of best rookies are out for the year. We are dreaming as fans. This team is going nowhere..Even if they get the 8th seed. They will lose in opening round….If somebody is dumb enough to give something good up for Pierce and or Garnett…For the good of the franchise you HAVE to take it.


  • Mark

    Time to take a look at Kenyon Martin yet?

    • CoachAJ

      I dont think the management really want him wearing the Green or we wouldve already signed him. But it is now time for Fab Melo to be brought up and played some garbage minutes to get some real experience.

      • Larry Legend

        Fab Melo ain’t close to being ready. Not close. Very raw, has no idea about man to man defense. He would be lost

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    No bueno. Now it’s time to blow it up. We can probably make the playoffs, but why? Rather have the lottery pick and start making moves for the future. We thought we could lose Ray and pickup some pieces and keep going, but it’s time to end this run. Pierce should stay and maybe retire after next season, but KG, and everyone not named Rondo, should be trade bait this season.

    And this Sully thing is going to be a career long issue, sucks, but he’s young and he already has these issues and did in college too. No bueno.

  • Curt


  • Pauly D

    For real the issues this year make not bringing back RA significantly better. Would’ve been a waste of 2 years $12

  • Mr. Curet

    Wow!… I think now is perfect time for Ainge to pick up the phone & see what Kenyon Martin’s up to.

    • frickenWaaaltaaah

      He doesn’t make any sense for the C’s. If they were seriously going to give Kmart 10-15 a night they should just give that 10-15 to Fab.

      • Actually, I think he does make sense for the Celtics. He’s a very good defender (way better than Bass), he plays tough & he’s NBA proven. Besides, I don’t think there’s a better FA available right now, with Sullinger out the Celtics are going to need another PF. Don’t get me wrong I like Melo but he’s a project & he’s not ready yet, otherwise he’d have been playing already.

  • RedsLoveChild

    Boston Garden…TD Banknorth Garden

    Memo to Celtic brass : Stop playing home games in arenas that were apparently were built on ancient Indian burial grounds!

  • Quest

    Danny trying to upgrade his roster keeps backfiring. The best thing he did was the Big 3 but he could never surround them with good players to win a second ring. This organization needs to also evaluate its front office.

  • IanD

    The writing is on the wall and in our face, blow it up! Draft picks and cap space is the only thing that will help this team long term

  • Brick James

    Since no one has said it yet:

    Get well, Sully. It’s been a pleasure watching you play so far, here’s hoping you have a great career ahead.

  • frickenWaaaltaaah

    So NOW people want to blow it up? Sully was a nice grab in the draft but he isn’t THAT good, people. Not yet anyway.

    Now Doc just has to play Bass more, and if he gets it going then they aren’t much worse (or better) overall.

    • mike

      agreed. Bass will play more and we will also see Green play big minutes. All we need is to add 2 bigs between now and march. Wilcox will be back also.

  • LA Flake

    Jesus Christ…Well, get well soon, Sully. We’ll miss you!

    What are the chances Sully recovers 100% from a surgery like this? Man, this really sucks.

  • LA Flake

    When Melo recovers, Doc needs to throw him out there and see what he can give us. He may surprise.

  • Quest

    Wow another site is posting that Sully back surgery has been successfully completed already and he will
    be available for training camp.

  • illegalblues

    TANK THE SEASON BOSTON. The era is over, time to rebuild. Will absolutely miss Pierce and KG when they exit.

  • Chris H

    Shit happens, all day every day. Kid gave a great effort and got the surgery he needed (I read in a few places he needed it before the season and they managed it).

    Adversity is tough, but no reason to puss out and “blow it up”. The Big Three era was about rings, this “Post Ray” era is about building on the fly and taking a chance to get rings. If it doesn’t work out, we know we have stellar pieces coming back next year in Rondo and Sully. And the new kids get a trial by fire.

    But maybe, just maybe, we go way further than meets the eye. To me, I WANT to know from who is left what they are capable of. This is the only way to truly find out.

    Go C’s…

  • Chris 2.0

    Get well soon Sully. Tough pill to swallow. Curse of the Perkino rears its ugly head again…(enter the haters).
    I cringe at the thought but I wouldn’t be surprised if Danny pulls the trigger on PP for someone young and athletic and KG calls it a career after this season. And can you blame them? Not many options left at this point…..
    So we build around Rondo and Sully and hope JG comes out of his shell more than once every 6 games next year and we can get some quality play out of Lee and Bradley in the 2013 campaign. Melo gets some minutes the rest of this year and at least has some experience next season. Maybe this little roll that JET is on keeps up and next year we get a solid #6 or #7 guy.
    But Unless we get a rebounder in here we are a first round exit. We all know it. I think Doc and Danny know it too. I hoped Pierce could retire here but that’s looking less likely as this season goes on. Move what we got. Get healthy bodies for next year, finish this season as best we can and here’s hoping we see another parade in Boston quicker than 21 years.

  • Lakerhater

    Time for Scally to put the microphone down and come back and save this team. Call him Danny he’s waiting.

  • Wow…..the draft reports were true. Brutal news for such a bad rebounding team. KMart is still looking for work, but I’m sure DA and Doc will look within (Bass, Willcox, & possibly Melo)

  • kobe

    who’s next Danny Ainge with herniated balls.

  • KGino

    too bad for Fab that Rondo went down too… Rondo always makes it easier for bigs to integrate into the system..

    i.e. Krstic, Semi, Wilcox

  • Caterpillar from Italy


    I love this kid.. too bad..

    Season over.

  • NateB

    This doom and gloom is ridiculous – Bass is more than capable of stepping in and playing well. He and Wilcox are ten times the athletes that Sullinger is; this team is finally free to run and gun and play a watchable brand of basketball – I’m excited for the rest of the season.