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RedsArmy presents: Fan Friday #39: “Family Affair”

I had the pleasure of meeting Ica, this week’s featured fan, and her family at last Sunday’s Celtics-Heat game. It was Ica’s first ever time to TD Garden and what a game she got to watch! It was somewhat bittersweet for her, as Rajon Rondo, her favorite Celtic, missed the game due to a season-ending ACL injury. But Ica did not let that dampen her spirits-she still enjoyed cheering on the C’s and booing the Heat with over 10,000 other rabid C’s fans:

  Best part of my trip to Boston? I don’t know, it was such an amazing experience overall. I still can’t believe that I was there and watched a Celtics home game. It’s honestly a dream come true. It felt so surreal. I do see them play when they come to Toronto but watching at the garden with all the fans, it felt amazing. I got to celebrate every basket and boo the heat! I was also amazing to finally meet with Celtics fans that I talk to on twitter. Lastly, seeing myself on the jumbotron with my “Marry Me RONDO or KG” sign was hilarious.

 Ica did not make the trip to Boston alone. Her mom and two sisters, whom Ica has no problem admitting she “turned into Celtics fans“, also came to Beantown. I had a chance to meet them all briefly before the game. It’s always so amazing to see the excitement and awe in folks’ eyes the first time they get to watch the C’s take the floor at TD Garden. Very nice people and I’m so glad they got to see such a fantastic (yet stressful) Celtics win.

 So how did this 20-something from Ontario, Canada become a Celtics fan you ask? She explains:

I might have the weirdest story how I started to be a Celtics fan. I watched MJ when I was little, since my brother and my dad watched basketball (but that’s all the basketball I know of; I even remember going to the theatres to watch Space Jam). I started watching the NBA Finals in 2009. I hated Kobe cause he’s cocky so I was cheering for Orlando. The year after, I watched the Celtics play the Lakers in the finals. I had so much hate for Kobe that I started loving the Celtics. I saw how the Celtics play as a team, and do everything as a team. I was heartbroken when we lost in the last few minutes of game 7. My love for the Cs went only developed and I started following every game since then. I call myself a diehard fan now.

As I mentioned earlier, Ica lists Rajon Rondo as her favorite Celtic. If you follow her on Twitter, you know that she is a huge supporter of #9:

My favourite player is Rajon Rondo. Everyone around me and on twitter knows that. I love the way he plays: a pass first point guard. I love watching him play; he’s crafty. His court vision and passing ability is out of this world. He has so much heart and love for the game of basketball that I can’t help myself. I LOVE HIM. He is such a great player and competitor. I can’t even believe how high his tolerance for pain is. Coming back within minutes after dislocating an elbow (I cried, btw)?  WOW! I’m really sad that he’s done for the season but I really hope he can come back stronger.

I want to thank Ica for being a part of “Fan Friday” and of course thank you all for reading. If you know, or know of, a Celtics fan that you’d like to see featured, please get at me on Twitter. UBUNTU.










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    Time to drink fan Friday

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    Wow a Filipina Celtics fan! Go Celtics

  • Richard Ferrer

    Does Ica have a twitter?

    • Yes-the link is in the 3rd to last paragraph I believe

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    I’m a Filipino and I love the Celtics!