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Recap: Celtics spread the wealth, run away from Magic

John - Red's Army (@RedsArmy_John) February 1, 2013 Recaps 41 Comments on Recap: Celtics spread the wealth, run away from Magic

They’re not going to frame this one and hang it in a museum, but the Celtics will take what ended up being a blowout win over the Magic.  Six different Celtics scored in double figures, led by Jeff Green.  Paul Pierce nearly got a triple double.  KG dropped a double-double.  And the Celtics overcame a 3rd quarter lull that saw the lead cut to 3 to win this one 97-84.

The Green:

Three of the double-digit scorers came off the bench.  The second unit really did a great job in this game.  The Celtics started each half cold, but the second unit came in with energy to beat a depleted Magic team.

Paul Pierce’s 11 rebounds gave him 3-straight double-digit rebounding games.  He hadn’t done that since 2005.

The Celtics 30 assists tonight is their second highest assist total of the season.

Fab Melo made his NBA debut.  He was credited for a steal.

The Gross:

The Celtics let Kyle O’Quinn score 11 fourth quarter points as they relaxed with a 20 point lead.

They weren’t very good from 3, only shooting 4-18 (22%).  They were also bad from the line (9-14, 64.3%).

The Greenlights:

Jeff Green goes boom

Avery Bradley with the long pass to Jeff Green… strong finish

Jeff Green dunked a lot tonight

Courtney Lee finds Chris Wilcox for the dunk

The Grid:

  • The Celtics bench outscored Orlando’s 43-31, and it wasn’t really that close as E’Twaun Moore and O’Quinn scored 17 of those point when the game was essentially over.
  • Everyone except Fab and Jason Collins scored.  Everyone except Fab got a rebound.  Everyone except Fab got an assist.
  • 56 of the Celtics the Celtics 97 points came in the paint.
  • Paul Pierce played 28:46.  Kevin Garnett played 22:42.  In fact, besides Courtney Lee (38:58), no one played more than 30 minutes.

Three wins in a row for the Celtics.  Granted, two of them came against very bad teams, but we’ll take it.  Next up, though… the Clippers on Sunday.  I know they got crushed tonight in Toronto, but let’s see how this new “try to be uptempo” style the Celtics have to play works against a team that is all to happy to partake in that kind of game.

Box Score

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  • Noori

    Any chance Jeff is in the Dunk contest? Not that its important or interesting but…

  • Stop picking on Fab =(

  • McShane

    Do C’s have to add a player for 12 man roster minimum? Only have 11 healthy bodies.

    • Rondo and Sully are still on the roster I believe

  • Kash

    How long can we rally? And at what point do we play for the lottery? I love the c’s as much as the next guy but let’s be honest.

    • KWAPT

      If you’re a Boston Celtic, you never “play for the lottery” my friend. That’s part of the famous phrase “Celtic Pride”. If we lose some games, screw it, we lose some games. But you go out fighting..That’s just my opinion anyway and I’m a bit old school so don’t take me too

      • TNCeltic

        Agreed. 🙂

      • sarahluree

        Completely agreed! CELTIC Pride Never Dies!

      • RedsLoveChild

        Some would argue that the Celtics tanked and “played the lottery” in 1997 to get Duncan…and again in 2007 to get Oden/Durant, by sitting down Pierce more than what was necessary to heal his “injured” leg.

      • CoachAJ

        100% agree. We never ever play for the lottery. We push to make playoffs every year. Besides this year’s draft has no studs anyways, so a player taken at 16 might still be good as the one taken at 5. So let’s keep the fans happy and push for postseason, where you never know what could happen.

      • I bleed green in L.A.

        ugh, agreed

      • LA Flake


      • thedonors
        • KWAPT


  • ZabJudah

    Can’t wait for spring Training im done with these celtics.

    • JG

      Solid support bro. Would love to go to war with you.

    • kobe

      Cs win the game and yet you are done?! lol what a band wagon fan! you should change team any team in San Francisco will suit you

    • Caterpillar from Italy

      your nick is a guarantee.


    Back to .500. Sucks that we lost Sully today, but glad we won again. Nice to see Green actually showing some emotion. Also very glad Pierce got to sit the entire 4th Q. And KG? That man is amazing. Diving head-first for loose balls at 36 yrs old in what was basically a blow-out game. Very efficient night for him too. The more I realize that he’s on the tail end of his career, the more grateful I am that I’ve had the privilege to see him play in person quite a bit this past few seasons. I’m not happy about what’s transpired this past 2 weeks, but I’ll be damned if I pack it in..go C’s.

    • Eddie Allen Powe

      I’m just going to appreciate the greatness of KG while I can. Being a Celtic ain’t easy, losing 2 crucial game 7s still hurts. Seeing Rondo dislocate his elbow and wondering if KG would come back in 09 was tough. Its been an amazing run, I’m taking it all in.. and screw Ray Allen

      • KWAPT

        Exactly..well said.

    • Brick James

      It will be a sad day when Kevin Garnett hangs up the sneakers.

      Has anyone ever had their number retired on TWO teams? I’m beginning to believe he’s worthy of being in the Garden rafters, and he certainly is worthy of that honor in the Frozen Tundra of ‘Sota.

      • RedsLoveChild

        It`s happened 7 times in Baseball.

  • Danno

    I love watching usernames I’ve never seen post here before claiming they’re bailing on the team because of a few injuries. You people aren’t Celtics fans. You root for individual stats and Sportscenter highlight reels. Basically, you love everything that is wrong with following professional TEAM sports. Good riddance. Go Celtics!

    • KWAPT


  • Brick James

    “Everyone except Fab and Jason Collins scored. Everyone except Fab got a rebound. Everyone except Fab got an assist.” LOL

    I really like Wilcox’s game. Wish he played more. There’s an unwritten story here, I wonder what it is….?

    • Reggie35RIP

      Yeh I want to see him get more minutes too. I haven’t read any updates on his thumb injury for ages, but I’m guessing it’s still bothering him so he’s been eased back in.

    • GreenBirdCro

      Absolutely! Haven’t we even discussed him as potential starter along KG before the season began? If he is healthy, he should be the mayor rebounding contributor (& not JG)! I’m also baffled as no1 points out his lack of PT and the reasons for that! What’s up Doc?!

  • Justsomeffinguy

    Does it suck that two of our main rotation players have gone down for the rest of the season? Sure. Has the lack of cohesion on our roster been a disappointment? Of course. But this is our team. Win or lose I AM A CELTIC. And I will never give up on our team.

  • Roy

    Jeff Green.. Enough said

  • AussieCeltic

    I’m not saying they are better without rondo, but these last 3 games have been so enjoyable to watch.

  • Reggie35RIP

    Solid win even though they were without Big Baby (can’t believe I just wrote that) and Nelson for most of the game.

    I’m guessing we’re having some success because we’re so much more unpredictable without Rondo. Obviously all the teams do their homework on opposing teams play books. Ours has been thrown out the window to a degree. When Rondo’s running the offense the plays would be a lot easier to spot and react to because the offense is so structured. Now everyone’s moving off the ball, cutting and setting picks, it’s a lot more free flowing. Hopefully we can manage to grind out some more wins.

  • Caterpillar from Italy

    Jeff Green is turning into a beast!

    • GreenBirdCro

      Hello neighbour! Hope you’re right. Cause it’s been f time for him to start becoming one! Hope he stays this course, so much potential… And not only dunks

    • Yes but only against bad teams and open defenses like the red sea.

  • Larry Legend

    The celtics had 30 assists last night! 30! Listen I know everyone says we are better with rondo, but I dunno. These games without him are much more enjoyable than the ones with him. The ball moves. Everyone involved. Defense off the charts better. And to everyone saying blow it up: ain’t happening people. This team is going down fighting. It may be ugly at times but they are gonna grind your ass. Just wish sully was on board. He was a difference maker.

    • kobe

      you are absolutely right

  • Danny

    This team can still fight and there’s no shame in going down swinging. We have arguably one the best if not the best defensive backcourt in the league. We still have pierce and KG who have too much pride to lay down n die. This team isn’t dead. They may not win a championship or even make an especially deep playoff run but I have a feeling true celtics fans will be proud of this team when he year is said and done.

  • Danny

    And for those claiming we should blow it up I counter for what? You’re gonna trade pierce to a contender for may a role player and a mid-late first round pick in what’s considered the weakest draft in years. I’m all set. Everyone else is all but unmovable obviously nobody is taking rondo or sully now and nobody wants bass green or terry. This isn’t nba 2k you can’t just trade your scraps for Kevin durant.

    • KGino

      People who want to blow it up are insane… Taking 5 steps backwards does not mean you will be able the quickly take 6 steps forward. With blowing it up comes the possibility of a decade of irrelevance.

      They don’t realize KG and Pierce $ will be off the books shortly, opening up millions of dollars to sign GREAT players who will be free agents at that time. Names like Kevin Love or Lamarcus Aldridge will become a possibility… Or you can trade pierce for someone like Eric Bledsoe now.. Hmmm which do you choose…

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