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Fab Melo activated for tonight’s game vs Magic

Sounds like Fab Melo will be insurance for Jared Sullinger’s back.

Expect Chris Wilcox (17 min, 6 points vs Sac) to get the extra time.

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  • Sullinger & Rondo … the type of combo that could have brought back a D. COUSINS or A. JEFFERSON (albeit w/ a bad contract for salary cap purposes) just took a fall in trade value : (

    It’s a volatile trade market … I do not mind seeing Ainge give this group a shot but I would live to see Jeff Green get 38 minutes a night even if it means Pierce is traded … needs to happen at some point

    • LA Flake

      I’d like to see JG get 38 mpg, too, but it has nothing to do with Pierce IMO and more to do with Doc’s infatuation with Ubuntu Bass. I love Doc but what can Bass do that JG cannot? I’m absolutely baffled by this. Bradley-Lee-PP-JG-KG, now that’s a pretty awesome lineup but Doc has refused to roll it out thus far. Hell, Wilcox is a better player than Bass but he’s been riding the pine until Sully’s injury forced Doc’s hand.

      Come on, Doc. Wake up!

      • MikeABQ

        Bass gives Doc a bit more size and bulk than Green does. Also,its been well documented that JG is better suited at the 3 than the 4. I would love to see them go with this lineup more often but against teams with traditional power forwards, Green struggles. Ideally he should be able to expose mismatches on the offensive end and balance it out, but he has to work on that. Thats why Doc got pissed with him wednesday

        • KGino

          they call it POWER forward.. jeff green lacks the power necessary to start at this position every game.

          Against MIami though, I like JG starting over bass. Keep him on Bron Bron and let Pierce go to work on offense.


    I’d say Melo is an absolute last resort. His quad injury is still bothering him if I’m not mistaken.

  • LA Flake

    So I guess this means we’ll be seeing Ubuntu Bass log 40 minutes tonight?

    God help us all.

  • Kash

    When it rains it pours. I didn’t want to trade Sully but with this back issue rearing its ugly head it may be wise to unload him before this becomes a bigger issue. I haven’t been this sad about the C’s since Vin Baker was on the team.

  • Chris H

    Let’s all remember: this is the MAGIC we are talking about. Without Glen Davis.

    Who cares what Bass gets tonight, as long as we win.

    Let the wins keep rolling in, that’s all I care.