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Your Morning Dump… The Pitbulls wreaked havoc on the Kings backcourt

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

The newly minted front-line guard combination of Avery Bradley and Courtney Lee was unrelenting, pestering Sacramento’s guards and fueling Boston’s offense by pushing the ball the other way. The duo helped the Celtics limit the Kings to 39.2 percent shooting overall and force 19 turnovers (that led to a whopping 27 points).

Lee and Bradley shared the floor for 26 minutes on Wednesday — the team’s most-used two-man combo, according to lineup data — and the Kings shot just 36.6 percent from the field. Boston’s defensive rating (points per 100 possessions) was a glossy 71.5 when the Lee/Bradley combo was on the floor (well below Boston’s defensive rating of 87.6 for the game and 100.1 for the season).

Maybe that’s why the two have taken to the moniker “The Pitbulls.”

ESPN Boston

Hmm… where did I first read about the Bradley/Lee combo’s defensive pressure igniting the offense? I’m really going to enjoy watching these two harass opposing backcourts. Sure, there will be nights a combined 7-19 FG and 20 points will be a detriment, but the Celtics have other offensive weapons.

Everyone is talking about the Celtics offense sans Rondo. All the ball movement and early offense. Memo to everyone: the Kings defense blows. Worst in the league. Any analysis, presumptions or gaseous emissions from blowhard sports talk radio hosts related to the Celtics offense based on last night’s game is a waste of time.

Here’s an update on Jared Sullinger’s back spasms:

“I know Eddie (Lacerte, the trainer) said something a week or two ago that it’s been bothering him, and I think this will be what will happen,” the C’s coach said of the problem. “He’ll have these episodes and we’ve got to get him through it. Hopefully he doesn’t miss games with them, but if he does he does. And then get it right and come back. But I’m not sure if it was before the game or not.”

Spasms aren’t the most serious condition, but there’s always concern when a guy with a history of back trouble starts to flare up. And it’s not like Sullinger can ease up on the court. He’s working his ass off in the trenches.

In trade news, an NBA source tells Gary Washburn the Celtics were never serious contenders for Rudy Gay:

Boston was rumored to be discussing sending franchise cornerstone Paul Pierce to Memphis in exchange for Gay, whom the Grizzlies had been looking to trade for weeks. According to the source, the Celtics didn’t feel Gay was worthy of franchise-player status, or sacrificing Pierce, who has one more year on his contract that is only partially guaranteed.

Gay’s physical tools make him a tempting player, but he doesn’t appear to have the mental make-up to lead a team.

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  • Larry Legend

    As a long time back sufferer to say back spasms aren’t a big deal is misinformed. Now there are varying degrees, but if you ever had legit back spasms it is one of the worst pains you will ever feel in your life. Watching Sully go off it looked like his back locked up which is uncomfortable. Hopefully they caught it quickly enough. Bad news for us tho. Can’t lose Sullinger.

    • LAF

      Can they give Bass’s spine to Sully?
      I really really really hope Doc doen’t turn to Bass as our starting 4 while Sully recovers. Start Wilcox or Green, Doc!

      • GreenBirdCro

        BB has spine?! Woah!

      • GreenBirdCro

        And +10000000000 regarding the “Heartbreak Kids”

  • Quest

    Do the problems ever end for this team!?

  • LA Flake

    It’s funny to read that linked article written by none other than ESPN Boston’s resident Rondo fanboy Forsberg. Usually the first one to defend Rondo and write off the team sans Rondo, that idiot’s finally seeing what many of us have been saying for awhile now. Moron.

  • tim

    THE DEFENSE IS MUCH BETTER WITHOUT RONDO< what a surprise I've been saying it for years rondo gamble miss and have kg pick up the slack defense has been killing this team , the new era is here without rondo and i couldnt be happier

  • CoachAJ

    I know this……Jeff Green just got a whole lot more important, now and in the future. The Atlantic just is loaded with athletic scoring SFs. We going to really need JG8 to play like he has shown he really can on most nights. We are talking Gay, Carmelo, and Turner. Goodness, plus LBJ???

  • Larry Legend

    Really good point AJ. Green’s def on LBJ the other day was very impressive.

    • Curt

      Yeah, and BarbOsa looked solid on Dwyane Wade.

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