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Courtney Lee denies report he’s unhappy in Boston

Via the Boston Herald:

Courtney Lee said that he’s mystified by a recent report by’s Zach Lowe, who said that, according to a source, the Celtics guard was not happy in Boston, and was upset with Rondo’s tendency to dribble the ball while setting up the offense.

“Not true at all,” Lee said. “And what else did (Lowe) say? That I hated playing with Rondo because he dribbled too much, and this and that? These last two weeks I was the one going in and (relieving) Rondo. I was backing him up. So I don’t know who his source is, or if there even is a source, what he was thinking with that.”

Lee added that he has never been in contact with Lowe.

“I have no idea who that is,” he said. “I got a call from my brother and he said, ‘There’s an article about you bashing Rondo and not wanting to be in Boston.’ I was like, ‘That’s the first I ever heard of something like that.’ So the first thing I wanted to do was tweet it, since everyone gets their information these days by social media, and it spreads rapidly.”

I couldn’t find the article referenced by Lee’s brother. But it’s possible Lowe made the comments during this podcast with Bill Simmons and Sean Grande. I’m unable to listen at this time, but if a reader can confirm, please do so in the comments below.

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  • Adam G

    Yes — This is when he spoke of it… Around the 53-55 minute mark. Said he heard through “back channels”

    • Curt

      back channels is code for “pulled it out of his ass”

      • Danno

        not very convincing code, either.

        • LA Flake

          well, lee’s “denial” isn’t very convincing if you ask me. if anything he sounds upset that it got leaked.

          it’s alright courtney. some of us understand where you’re coming from!

          • john

            you must be doing too much of that flake.maybe you should start watching a sport you know something about.tiddlywinks?

  • CsfaninVT

    It was indeed during the podcast

  • Stephanie

    That’s how animosity can happen in a locker room. When someone makes false accusations and the story travels. Especially when things were probably tense in the locker room after losing so much. That’s why I believe half of what I read on the internet.

  • andy

    Its kinda late for this story considering rondos out for the year and lee is the starting sg.

  • Larry Legend

    That’s the type of irresponsible shit reporters say that is so spineless. Hate the media

  • LA Flake

    Hey, Rudy Gay was traded to Toronto for peanuts. What the hell?

    • john

      who`s peanuts? he`s a 40% shooter. get over it.

  • Here’s the article that set things off based on what Lowe said on bus report

    • Brick James

      And I listened to Bass on CSN say that Rondo being out is “good” because “other players get to touch the ball”. Coming from No Pass Bass it’s kind of funny, but it’s true too. Rondo gets to dominate the ball because he can do things no one else can with the dribble and he has arguably the best vision and pass accuracy in the league. However it comes at the cost of people playing ‘decoy’ during half court sets instead of moving the ball and taking what’s there. Seems like the Little 9 are getting frustrated with it. Bass, Terry, Lee, and Barbosa have all publicly stated concern now.

  • Gfhjg

    If we’re gonna build around rondo then we need to get less ball dominant players because lee terry green barbisa all need the ball in their hands to be successful. I guess we just need ray Allen type shooters so they can come off screens and be content with not having the ball except to shoot. Also after this season if pp retires who is gonna take the last shot? We need a star player who can create for himself off the dribble. Those people won’t work well with rondo cuz he will dominate the ball and they won’t be able to get the touches they need to be successful. Unless rondo can come back and be that guy that can take the last shot i don’t see this team going anywhere after pp retires

  • Jim

    Seems similar to the “Barbosa is unhappy” story coming out of Brazil. Does Grantland originate in Brazil?

    More of the same old, same old, reminiscent of last season. Media trying to find reasons to write off the Celts.

    In a sports-obsessed place like Boston, every little tidbit gets magnified. That’s why I limit most of my Celtics-following to Jackie Mac and a handful of other legit reporters.

    Personally, if Lee’s unhappy and plays like he did the other night, I’d like him to remain blue.