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How we see it goin’ down: Celtics vs Kings

Tip: 7:30PM     Court: TD Garden     Watch it: CSN    Hear it: WEEI

Referees: Bennett Salvatore, Violet Palmer and Derek Richardson

Spread: BOS -7.0

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The Matchup

Record: 21-23 Record: 17-29
At home: 14-9 On road: 5-17
Streak: Won 1 Streak: Won 1
Leaders Leaders
Buckets: Pierce (18.7 ppg) Buckets: DeMarcus Cousins (17.4 ppg)
Boards: Garnett (7.3 rpg) Boards: Cousins (10.2 rpg)
Dimes: Rondo (11.1 apg) Dimes: Isaiah Thomas (3.2 apg)
For the Stat Geeks: For the Stat Geeks:
Offensive Rating: 101.7 (28th NBA) Offensive Rating: 104.4 (16th NBA)
Defensive Rating: 103.2 (7th NBA) Defensive Rating: 111.1 (30th NBA)
Pace: 91.1 (19th NBA) Pace: 92.2 (10th NBA)

Last time

I buried the Celtics in a fancy casket following a 118-96 loss last month. It was the first time we hit rock bottom this season. The mediocre Isaish Thomas torched the defenseless Celtics for 27 points and DeMarcus Cousins dropped at triple-double. On the bright side, the Kings have lost 4 straight in Boston.

This time

Get it to: Paul Pierce

I don’t think the Celtics will have much trouble getting the ball to Pierce, because he’s going to have it in his hands a lot. With Rajon Rondo out and no true point guard in the back court, Pierce is going to play point forward. The Kings will counter with John Salmons, a once above-average defender who has lost a few steps in recent years. Pierce generally thrives in this role. Watch out for the triple-double tonight.

Gotta stop:  DeMarcus Cousins

Despite averaging 9.7 points, 4.7 boards and 4.0 turnovers in his last three games, Cousins remains the Kings biggest weapon.  His length and athleticism pose a major problem for the Celtics front line.

The Wild Card:  The new backcourt

Avery Bradley and Courtney Lee will likely start tonight. Sure, we’ll see a lot of over-dribbling when either one is running sets, but the key to their success will be getting easy baskets as a result of suffocating defense and ball pressure. Another plus – the Kings are one of the worst defensive teams in the league. There’s no better team to start a new offense against than Sacramento.

How we see it goin’ down

Here we go… the Celtics officially begin life w/o Rajon Rondo. I’m expecting maximum effort and razor sharp focus.

There is no way the Celtics lose this game. Slap it up, flip it and rub it down.

Celtics 109

Kings 88

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  • eddysamson

    So long as they dont revert to brick/front-rim mode, this should be an easy one.

    • Curt

      That happens when they can’t get themselves off the ground enough for a jump shot. I really miss Ray Allen. For the last two season I have been complaining to my friends and girlfriends who get stuck watching with me that Ray didn’t get the ball enough and P2 got it too much.

      Ever notice how Brandon Bass puts so much effort into his jump shots that he has to land awkwardly? Maybe he’s too big or weak in the legs to be a reliable jump shooter from that range he likes…hmmm.

      Also, Sullinger is amazing.

  • RedsLoveChild

    You can expect Pierce {.419% FG} to be launching more shots than ever, as the Captain will try to play hero-ball the final 38 games.

    The only good thing that came out of this season is that we now know with certainty that Sullinger is a keeper, with a bright NBA future.

    If Rivers were to give Melo the same opportunity {with somewhat similar results}, then the season will be a success…even if they don`t make the playoffs, which is a very real possibility.

    Ainge`s years of neglect in acquiring young, decent “paint players” is the #1 reason for Boston`s current mess.

    Ainge treats the most important aspect of the game {“bigs”} as an afterthought…trading Perk for Green, bringing in “has-beens/stiffs” {JO, Shaq, Sheed, O`Bryant, Moore, Hollins, Collins, Erden}.

    • Curt

      Really hard to objectively disagree with you on any of this.

      On a subjective basis, I disagree with you about the rest of this season. I still think this team will do well over the remainder of this season and playoffs.

      To be honest, I’ve been upset with Pierce for the last couple of seasons, but during the playoffs his performance usually makes me feel better.

      I do agree with you on him “launching” more shots, but based on the trajectory of his bricks I think they’re more like “fired”. The final 33 minutes that Paul Pierce plays each game just frustrate the hell out of me.

      Why can’t everyone play like Sullinger?

      I haven’t seen Fab Melo show me anything to make me think that he has the IQ to have anywhere NEAR the results of Sullinger.

      I blame Danny for not bringing in anyone to play in the paint. I blame Doc for continuing to allow his team to take jumpers instead of working towards the easy buckets.

      • RedsLoveChild

        Maybe it`s because Ainge & Rivers were both guards, I don`t know what their thinking is?

        They won`t be happy unless the entire roster is between 6`1″ and 6`8″!

        That`s why they are reduced to being the softest, most fragile, least physical, perimeter jump-shooting team ever assembled.

        • Curt

          I appreciate your use of hyperbole as I do it often, but why do often seem so disgusted by the Celtics?

          Is your mood just THAT intertwined with the fate of the Celtics or what?

          I mean, I HATE when they lose. Especially in game 7 of the ECF that they weren’t supposed to be in or the Finals in which they lose by 4 and it just HAPPENS that Joey Crawford is responsible for illegitimately erasing five points scored solely by Kevin Garnett (one of them was a 3-pointer).

          But the softest…perimeter jump shooting team ever? Off the top of my head, the Mavericks had Dirk and Nash AT THE SAME TIME. We’re talking cotton-candy and Stay-Puft-Marshamallow-Man-soft jump shooters.

          • RedsLoveChild

            That`s legit.

            What disgusts me about Celtic management is their near constant refusal to deal with their glaring problems in a decisive and proactive way. Instead, they use the “band-aid” approach, which never works.

            Their inability to compete on the boards is not new. It is a devastating problem for any team with title hopes.

            What do they do to remedy it? They bring in washed-up bums {Collins, Sheed, Shaq, JO}…or life-long NBA losers {Hollins, O`Bryant, Moore, Sean Williams}. That approach never ever works…yet they never stop trying it. No imagination, no hard work, no results.

            Instead, they should be scouring the planet for young, athletic bigs to acquire. If just 1 or 2 out of 1,000 they bring in pans out, it would be well worth it!

          • Curt

            “It is a devastating problem for any team with title hopes.”

            I would like to address this. I hate that the Celtics do not rebound. They’re the worst ever this year. Kills me. But to say that it is devastating is flat out wrong. Do you know who is the second worst in rebounding this year? Miami. I may not like the system, but it isn’t the cause.

            Of course, I still do not disagree with you about the bigs.

          • RedsLoveChild

            Last year {when they won the title}…Miami`s opponents grabbed the fewest number of rebounds.

            This year…Miami`s opponents have grabbed the second fewest number of rebounds.

  • Larry Legend

    I am hoping to see more Lee drives to basket, more slashing Jason Terry. Same with Jeff Green. Barbosa too. No more RR pounding the ball to death. And most importantly I think Celts defense gonna be their calling card the rest of the season. Dig in boys!!

  • Larry Legend

    Instead of getting a point I’d rather see them explore getting a serviceable big to replace bass. Easier said than done I’m sure.

  • KGino

    FYI guys, the season is not over.. so spare me the season wrap up already.. there’s 38 games left, not to mention the playoffs (which I personally guarantee we’ll make barring anymore injuries).

    With Rondo out, every night should be a “bar fight” for this team.. scrappy D, ugly offense… the style of play that favors KG and PP.

    If we can just flip Bass for a big who will help us prevent so many offensive rebounds, we’ll be in good shape (Sullinger settling into a starting role should help as well).

    • Curt

      Bar fights all season will prepare the new guys and the team as a whole for playoff scenarios. #Banner18 (2013)

    • Larry Legend

      Isn’t that what I just said?!

      • Curt

        At least he didn’t argue against it…hehe

        • Larry Legend

          This is true…

          • KGino

            Larry.. i was typing my comment at 2:42pm when you were leaving your comments, so i did not have the chance to read them before posting mine.

            Sounds like we’re on the same page tho!

  • Rondo’s #1 fan

    Gino for rondo!!!!

  • Me

    brandon bass for denver nuggets 2 big man

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