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Yahoo’s Adrian Wojnarowski tweeted this just after midnight yesterday:

So it looks like Ainge and the Celtics will stand pat with what they have. Expect to see a lot of  “The Blur” in the coming games:

Mark Murphy-Boston Herald: Danny Ainge Resists Adding To C’s Roster

“We’re not bringing anybody in yet — we’re not rushing into anything,” said Ainge. “We like the guys that we have now. (Leandro) Barbosa has only played for the last couple of games, and we have to see more of him. If there’s another injury, then we may need to go get someone.

“I don’t think there are any (players) we can get who are better than what we have now,” he said. “We’re not doing anything unless we have another injury. I don’t think we have to do anything. We’ll look into all possibilities as we always do, but anything we can do is going to have an effect on the hard (salary) cap.”

Even before Rondo went down, as the C’s began to struggle over the last few weeks, some fans have called for Danny to “blow it up” and others are preaching patience. It’s clear that Ainge is in favor of the latter-for now anyways.

One of the names that’s been thrown around post and pre Rondo injury is Delonte West. And after the Heat game on Sunday, Keyon Dooling was also tossed into the discussion. He was even asked point blank if a return to the C’s roster was a possibility. But Ainge has his story and he’s sticking to it:

We don’t have anything on the trade cooker. We weren’t going to trade Rondo,” Ainge said flatly. “But I’m not going to bring someone in now who is just going to sit on the bench. We could sign a couple of players to minimum contracts, but that’s all we can do right now. We have to see whether someone becomes available through trade or free agency who can actually crack our rotation.

“Right now, I’m looking to give the guys we have a chance to play,” he said. “Then we’ll see what happens in the next few weeks.”

Delonte West, for example, remains an unlikely addition. The two-time former Celtic, cut loose by Dallas prior to the season due to West’s well-chronicled emotional struggles, is currently playing for the Texas Legends of the NBADL. He has all of the qualities — defensive toughness, above-average playmaking, shooting — a team could want in an emergency point guard replacement. And though the Celtics eventually could make a call, there is no current plan to do so.

Though player liaison Keyon Dooling would consider coming out of retirement, Ainge said yesterday that the former Celtics guard is not an option.

Instead, he wants to see what a rotation devoid of Rondo’s ballhandling can do. Though it’s been suggested Rondo’s domination of the ball has caused teammates to stop moving, Ainge wants to see now if those same players are forced into better movement without the ball.

It’s obvious that this will be an argument Celtics fans will have throughout the season. Some will say Pierce & Garnett are aging vets-we should “get what we can for them now”. Others though, including myself agree with Danny. There’s no point in blowing things up if it’s not going to make the team any better. Besides, there are also financial issues/limitations involved:

Though Ainge has heard all of those suggestions about blowing up the team, the chance of trading Pierce or Kevin Garnett is unlikely. Garnett has a no-trade clause. Although only $5 million of the $15 million Pierce can make for next season is guaranteed, a potential trade partner would have to make a decision on keeping Pierce by June 30.

“You can’t just say, ‘Tear the whole team apart,’ ” said Ainge. “My approach doesn’t change. It’s a matter of what is available, and what can help us. This isn’t baseball. It isn’t like you can just go out there and get a second baseman or a center fielder. I want good players.”

And as Ainge sees it, the greatest available help, for now, is already on the roster.

“We just need the guards we have now to play different,” said Ainge. “We need all of them to share in the point-guard duties, and share them with Paul. That has been effective without Rondo in short spurts.”

We’ll certainly get a good look at how this will all work soon. After two games at home that you would think the C’s should win against Sacramento and Orlando, they enter a tough stretch. A three week span that features games against the Clippers, the Lakers (twice), three back-to-backs and the season’s final visit to the west coast. Thankfully the all-star break is sandwiched in between.

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  • Larry Legend

    No reason to blow it up. Makes no sense. Not even realistic really. Maybe a small move here or there I can see. But short of that I don’t see huge moves this season. Summer maybe.

  • SSJ6Celts

    Here’s a loony idea! What about Iverson? Clearly the man has been humbled since being out of the league for a while and desperate to play. Since blowing it up makes no sense, why not try him. He’s definitely a better ball handler than anyone the roster now and probably still a better shooter too. And a I’d prefer him over dooling despite Dooling being a excellent locker room guy. He could be our Jason Kidd. What do the celts have to lose at this point.

    • eddysamson

      Based on the quotes from Ainge here, theres no way in hell thats going to happen haha. They’d take West over AI and they aren’t going to take West.

      I suppose there is some possibility to it, but the problem with the last few years of AI’s career was that he refused to be a bench guy and knowing who he is I feel he would still have an issue with that even now.

      • KWAPT

        Exactly. He talked all that good stuff when Memphis signed him and then completely flipped the script.

  • Stephanie

    Although this is the worst injury we can have for the team, some good can come of it.

    1.)We can really see what type of coach we really have. His coaching skills are going to be on full display especially with him now having to call most of the plays.

    2.)We can really see what type of team we have (besides KG and PP). Everybody has to put on their big boy pants and step up. Maybe we can finally see the Jet we’ve been waiting on.

    3.) Rondo already has a high IQ, but he can just take the time and look at the game from a different perspective (when he’s ready) and see what he can improve with himself.

    Have to stay positive with a negative situation.

    • KWAPT

      Amen. Trying to stay positive myself, as hard as it is..

    • Curt

      I agree with all three of those points.

    • I bleed green in L.A.

      And Rondo can work on his shot while he’s rehabbing. His jumper had improved this season, and if he can make it a little more consistently, then he comes back a more rounded All-star.

      • Stephanie

        Especially free throws…I think he’s going to come back more determined than ever.

        • KGino

          I don’t think it’s the worst possible injury for the team.. but it will def be interesting to see the team perform without him!

  • Quest

    Great test to see who to keep for the future rebuild as ECF is a big maybe now as that’s what the team was originally built for before Rajon injury.

  • Lewis35

    Yeah hey lets let the same thing happen that did after the original big three aged and we got nothing for them. Does anybody remember that stretch of awfulness that occurred from the the early 90’s till about seven years ago. We need to sell high and get what we can for our aging vets before it’s too late. Lets be honest we are not getting another championship with this core.

    • Brick James

      We’re also not getting anything of value for our aging vets.

      • Lewis35

        Anything is better than nothing. DraftPicks… I saw some trades ESPN proposed and every single one of them seemed like a win! Adding a player like Pierce or Garnett to a team that is on the fringe of competing for title would be a major advantage to that team. Giving up a young player for a vet that can get them closer to a title seems like an attractive idea to me. Im not being unrealistic think we are going to get a franchise player but lets stop being so loyal to these Vets it’s business and that’s what it comes down to. players do what’s best for them why can’t teams do the same??

        • KGino

          it would have helped if two of our best players in the 90’s didn’t DIE.. let’s not forget that now.

          • Chief

            Sad but true

        • CoachAJ

          But also in that time period we had Bias and Lewis pass away unexpectedly, can’t how huge their losses hit us, not just as a team but a franchise. Then we brought in Pitino and it seemed like he chased away those cagey vets/old timers that dispense valuable lore to our guys. Plus we didn’t draft well during that period. I’m just saying there were a lot of factors that pointed to us just not being run properly, not a reluctance to part with the original big 3. And I also see it as a huge token of loyalty by the organization to let the players dictate whether they want to leave or not when they have reached that vaunted stage. It wasn’t right seeing Chief play for the Bulls.

          • Chief


        • Brick James

          The Celtics themselves are on the fringe of competing. Trading the vets for less than fair value both hurts the team now and the long term reputation of the franchise. I know Danny’s surprised us a ton in the past, but I find it extremely unlikely he trades either of our first ballot HOF at this point. The payout from doing so is highly variable, but the immediate and long term damage both are not.

        • Frank A

          What made the celtics special was the loyalty Red always had towards his players, we can never attract free agents due to weather so maybe loyalty will attract some good free agents down the road. I like keeping the vets that busted their ass to bring us a title. Now that it looks over you want to drop them like dirt, lets rebuild when they retire.

  • dk

    Also don’t see them blowing it up right now for (other) financial reasons. Atleast with the team currently, people might find them more likeable as an underdog–and you still have draw at the gates w/ KG, PP.

    If you get rid of them I don’t see anyone coming to the games anymore. And as ownership stated in that Forbes interview you guys posted (thanks!) they renew season tickets in February. That would definitely be a tough sell for their renewals with the team gutted.

    • Stephanie

      I’ve been saying that before the Rondo injury. People would still come to the games to see Rondo, but no Rondo, KG, or PP..that’s not a game I would pay money to see.

      • LA Flake

        I’d pay money to watch the C’s play regardless of who’s on the roster. But that’s just me.

      • Knob

        Well then Stephanie you’re not a true celtics fan!

        • KGino

          girls tend to be more committed to the players.. and guys seem to be more committed to the team… at least that’s how it is with the girlfriend haha

  • tim

    ive been saying on this website for the past 3 years that this team would be better off without rondo and now its time to see if its true

    • ian

      Can we stop with this “better without rondo” crap? How many games do the Celtics win vs the heat last year with no Rondo? Maybe 1?

    • CoachAJ

      Doesn’t mean we ARE better without a top 3 PG, just means that the direction of the offense, which HE directs will have to come more from Doc and PP, than anyone else. They will have a different perspective than the one he was giving. Actually will be more of a old Celtic style, where Bird dictated the offense.

  • RedsLoveChild

    It`s very obvious that Ainge and the owners have made their decision : They have thrown in the towel for what remains of this season…and will blow the team up during the summer.

    With Bynum coming back next week, Philadelphia will likely bounce Boston from the final playoff berth.

    Dramatic and seismic changes will certainly come this summer…KG and PP will both be gone after this year. That`s a given. Don`t be shocked if Rondo gets moved while in rehab, either.

    • KGino

      You believe in Bynum over the Celtics D.. terrible terrible fan.

      Celts will make the playoffs barring any more injuries.. let’s put $ on it!!

    • Brick James

      I find it far from obvious.

      When has Ainge traded a HOF?

      Antoine? Kendrick Perkins? Please.

      The damage Ainge would do to the franchise by trading Pierce or Garnett would take a decade to repair. If they think it’s hard acquiring Free Agent talent to Boston now, imagine what it would be like if they traded dedicated legends without remorse?

      Ownership would not allow Ainge to do that – unless they’re looking to sell the team in the next 3 years, in which case I suppose it’s a possibility.

      • Brick James

        Rondo being moved is more likely.

      • RedsLoveChild

        A decade to repair what?

        Pierce & KG have been healthy all season long…and the Celtics have a below .500 record to show for it!

        These guys have nothing left, they`re washed up. It`s time to let go and move on.
        I don`t like it anymore than you do.

        Have you seen any top FA talent signing with Boston anytime in recent years, wanting to join KG and PP?

        All we get are aging bums seeking that one last paycheck…Terry, Collins, Shaq, JO, Sheed, Marbury, etc.

        • KGino

          Yea, cuz we had the money for a “top free agent” when we were paying Ray Pierce Rondo and KG… why do you think he traded Perk? (cuz it would have cost them too much to sign them in the following off season).

          When ray left, we STILL didn’t have the money for a top free agent.. it’s not like we didn’t get a good FA because people thought KG & Pierce were too washed up to win.

          I like Brick James’ point about trading legends with no remorse…it doesn’t bode well for the future if you give yourself that type of reputation.

          Also, let’s face it.. people only go to the Lakers over us because its California.

          • KGino

            And while I’m not sure it would take a full decade to repair the team if we blew it up now (no one can say with certainty if it would take less or more than 10 years to make it back to the Conference Finals.. which would be my definition of “repaired”).. it would definitely set the team back AT LEAST a couple years.

            LoveChild, I don’t think you understand we can still be good in 3 years if we don’t have a fire sale for our HOFamers. When KG retires, so does his contract. You think it’s impossible to sign a good big man Free Agent when you free up $11+ Million a year? Or if Pierce retires.. another 15+ Million/year gone…

            ..Or we can get rid of them now and pay the CRAPPY players who are currently on the market (we wouldn’t get anyone great in return), along with betraying over half the fan base. But whatever makes sense to you, you crazy lunatic.

  • Jim

    One positive ,all the Rondo haters have just had their bluff called, one way or another we are going to find out what difference he makes to the Celtics.

    • Chris H

      Ditto the Jeff Green Haters, The Sully and AB wonderers, the Pierce Traders…

  • Mr Curet

    I have to say that Ainge is right. There’s no need to blow up the team, they still have 4 very good guards & I think with Rondo’s absence we’ll finally see the Lee, Terry & Barbosa become the players we knew they were when the C’s signed them, & if they still need a PG they can always bring Dooling back since he’s already familiar with the system & is a big influence in the locker room. They only trade I’d like to see it’d be Bass getting traded for let’s say Dalembert or Mozgov, or a descent center who can rebound & play defense.

  • Cal

    Now no center or PG- jeez

  • KGino

    Time to watch the Celts D creep up slowly from 9th-10th to 1st…

  • Frank A

    I guess I’m an old timer ….the celtics were alway different then other teams because Red made it a family and guys like Pierce and KG don’t get traded unless they ask for a trade.

    • KGino

      yes Frank.. keep as many of Red’s traditions alive as possible!

  • PakkAttackk

    Love the site & all but I love reading KGino school RedsLoveChild every post. Ahhhhhh <333

    • KGino

      lol thanks pakk!! Stay tuned for more verbal beat downs!

  • Me

    I Think This Team Is Fine

  • CHookie

    You guys do understand that you need top talent to win in the nba, right?

    This whole “blow up to make the team better” talk is nonsense.

    There´s no other way around it. It has to get worse before it gets better.