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Prepare yourself for the Keyon Dooling comeback

It’s not as sexy as a multi-player deal, but adding Keyon Dooling to the roster makes a lot of sense. He knows the system and will bust his ass on defense.

This is going to sound strange, but the Celtics have a talented group of guards. They just need to play better. 

Dooling told Washburn on Sunday that he would consider coming out of retirement to play this season.

There’s a bunch of other news:

  • Fab Melo has been recalled from Maine
  • Doc Rivers said Courtney Lee and Jared Sullinger will remain in the starting lineup

And Kevin Garnett had this message for the doubters who say the Celtics can’t compete without Rajon Rondo:

(Video courtesy Mike Petraglia)

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  • eddysamson

    I loved Dooling last year, would not mind to see him come back as long as he can get his ass into shape.

    Also why do you think they recalled Melo with Wilcox coming back soon?

    • LA Flake

      Wilcox is back. Doc’s just not playing him for reasons unknown. But he did play for like 2 minutes against the Heat and didn’t look too bad.

      As for Dooling, I like his competitive spirit but I don’t know what he brings to the table that we don’t already have.

      I hope Melo gets some minutes. I’d love to see him eat up all of Mini Blount’s minutes.

      • KGino

        Wilcox needed Rondo to be really effective.. maybe more than any other player on the team.

        • LA Flake

          Agreed. One player Rondo actually knew how to play with. I still think he can bring more to the table than Bass.

  • Roy

    empty roster spot to fill until they decide to make a move. Hope he sees some playing time though

    • JBcelticsFan

      They wouldnt bring him back if he wasnt gonna play. If they sign him it would be to be the point guard off the bench. They just need someone to handle the ball.

  • JBcelticsFan

    YES!! Dooling is the man. I really admired that dude’s hustle. Somebody that knows what it means to be a true CELTIC.

  • KY Celts fan

    I remember Bradley saying that during his rehab, he was watching a lot of game tape learning to be a better point guard. The kid definitely has some good foresight.

    Alright then. Bradley, Lee, Pierce, Sully, and Garnett to start, with Terry, Green, and Bass bringing the bench energy. Let’s do this, Celtics! Get us back in the game!

    • LA Flake

      Bradley, Lee and Sully are ALL very good to excellent defenders. Add KG & PP and we have an EXCELLENT defensive squad.

      I know you’re a Rondo fan but I’m actually loving this opportunity for the team to play without Rondo. The C’s are about to make a lot of people look real stupid. You just know KG and PP are like, What? We can’t win without Rondo? Mother##### PLEASEEE!

      • KGino

        Defense will be BETTER! And that’s SCARY for the rest of the NBA

  • Beantownfanatic2012

    They probably brought back Melo cause he has a strained quad. It’s protocol to have him checked out by the Celtics trainers just like the time he got a concussion. I doubt he plays any minutes, just following the rules.

    • Shawn

      another strained quad? not looking good he needs to learn to stretch better,

  • ay

    Went to a Red Claws game Sunday, Melo didn’t play, but come end of Celtics season, 5 or 6 minutes off the bench helps rest KG big time, couple blocks, points, boards or fouls is fine, don’t need him to put up d12 numbers, just fill in for spurts, same for Dooling. Both would be just fine.

  • Jester00

    awful a chucker who didn’t play well last year unless you all were not watching the Celtic’s play

    we all know the Answer is


    Low cost to acquire him
    He’s a smart veteran, who knows Doc’s system
    Delonte had the best years of his career playing for Doc Rivers, both statistically and not getting arrested-ly
    He plays hard, something this team has lacked at times
    If he has any run-ins with law enforcement, we can just cut him no strings attached
    He brings a different skill set than the rest of the guards currently on the roster
    He knows what it takes to play with Pierce and Garnett
    He gives us something to chant at LeBron if we face the Heat in the playoffs

    nuff said

    • LA Flake

      The only guys who didn’t play hard are Rondo, Bass and Terry. If we’re going to bring in West to replace Terry, I’d be okay with that. But if we’re bringing him in to replace Rondo, I think it just makes our glut at SG/ComboG position problem worse.

      • Jester00

        Dooling really does suck you know this right West is good he is a better point then terry and a better 2 then Lee love to see him and Barbosa on the floor

        • LA Flake

          Dooling didn’t always suck but players tend to scale back their game when they come to Boston due to the presence of PP, KG, RR and Ray Allen before this year.

          I love Delonte but Doc seems to be in love with Jason Terry and is waiting for him to come around, so I don’t know what good it will do to sign Delonte. And I love Delonte but Courtney Lee is a better defender.

          Terry can be lethal but his horrible defense makes me sick to my stomach. Bring in Delonte and ditch Terry. I’m all for that. And keep Lee.

      • frickenWaaaltaaah

        I don’t get how people can’t tell the difference between ‘not playing hard’ and being a bit worn down. Even a worn down Rondo was usually the most active player in the game.

        That said, I don’t know why Doc didn’t play Dooling more, especially instead of Ray and his terrible ankles. They did pretty well in the playoffs when Dooling would come in because he was fresh and because he wasn’t a turnstile on defense.

    • Cal

      +1 jester

  • Andrew LV

    Fabs back because of an injured quad

  • LA Flake

    RedsArmy should start a new feature called, “Stupid Shit Our Stupid Media Says.” Check out this gem from our resident moron, Sherrod Blakely.

    He says shit like, “Look for the C’s to share the ball more, play better defense, play harder, run more,” etc, etc, and then says we may win more games from here on out but we’re going to be worse because we won’t have Rondo in the playoffs.

    Um…Okay. Whatever you say, moron.

    • How does that not make sense? This team will rally big time with Rondo going down should be better through the rest of the season. However, no one in the NBA elevates his game like Rondo can come playoff time. No one.

      • LA Flake

        Okay but we only went as far as the Big Three was able to take us. And Rondo’s ball-hogging ways reduced others’ effectiveness especially this year. If guys like Jeff Green, Lee and Terry can finally find their games now that Rondo is out, we’d become a much more potent squad than Rondo getting a triple double while everybody stands around like a bunch of Steve Blakes.

        • LA Flake

          Steve Novaks I meant.

  • Jester00

    Dooling is bad! this would be bad he stunk for us

    • Pete

      We heard you the first time(s).

      • Jester00

        Well that was for the the ones out there who were not listening the first ten times

  • Rondo To KG

    I agree with him. Rondo has been one of best playoff performers over the last couple years. We may make it through the regular season without him, but his absence is going to hurt us in the playoffs.

  • KGino

    Don’t worry guys, this is just the insurance guard.. the old “break glass in case of emergency” (in the words of RA).. he won’t play meaningful minutes and when he does play, he’ll give 100% which is all you can ask for 6-8min a game.

    Plus, he is a great veteran presence for the young guys. He probably adds more off the court than he does on it..

    • KGino

      Welcome Back REV!!

  • LA Flake

    Please remember, Kobe. No means no, okay?

  • Double P

    People who are arguing that we will be better off without Rondo… I really have to question your bball knowledge. I’ve heard enough of that crap, did it help us when rondo bent his arm in half? Literally ridiculous to argue