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Your Morning Dump… Where Rondo is a tough SOB (and more)

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

A review of the game film from Friday’s double-overtime loss to the Atlanta Hawks shows that Rondo appeared to tweak his right knee on a drive to the basket late in the fourth quarter. Encountering traffic near the hoop, a leaping Rondo kicked the ball out to Kevin Garnett, but landed awkwardly and could be seen hobbling back out toward the 3-point arc as Boston retained possession.

Celtics coach Doc Rivers admitted he was unsure of the exact play in which the injury occurred, but said he believed it to be in the fourth quarter against the Hawks. Here’s the crazy part: Rondo presumably played the next 12 minutes of that contest with a torn ACL. Then he showed up on Sunday at TD Garden ready to fight through what he believed was simply some lingering soreness in his right hamstring to suit up against the Miami Heat.

[…] “It means he’s pretty tough,” said Celtics coach Doc Rivers, who endured an ACL injury during his playing days with the Knicks. “I know when I tore mine, I was crying on the floor like a little baby.”

ESPN Boston: Rondo played 12 minutes on torn ACL

Say what you want about this kid’s play, but Rondo is one of the toughest sons of bitches you’re going to find on a basketball court.  We’ve seen him try to play with one arm thanks to Dwyane Wade.  And now he played 12 minutes on a season-ending injury.

If the Celtics had only put Atlanta away, Rondo would have been on the bench with two minutes to go in the 4th… rather than trying to save the game.  We always knew the coasting would cost this team (and to be fair, Rondo is at fault for that too)… we just didn’t know it would cost us not only our All Star point guard…. it also cost us at a position at which we had no real back up.

So now the Celtics need to find someone.  But who?  Let’s take a look…  First up, a name that got thrown at me on Twitter almost immediately:

Although it’s too soon to tell what level of interest there is now, the Celtics are likely to look into adding former Celtic Delonte West.

A league source told earlier this season that the only way the C’s would even consider bringing West back for a third stint in Boston, would be if one of the guards currently on the roster suffered a long-term injury.

Delonte is currently preparing to join the D-League Texas Legends, so he’s available.  There are reasons why the Celtics didn’t bring him back, though.  There may be some trepidation here on the team’s part.

Keyon Dooling is willing to return

He said he has entertained thoughts of a return to the court, and the Celtics now have a need for a veteran point guard.

“I’m not in shape, but I would [consider it],” he told the Globe after the Celtics’ 100-98 double-overtime win over the Heat Sunday at TD Garden.

The positives would be the return of a guy who’s still been around the team.  Hell, Rondo was at Keyon’s house after the Atlanta game talking about what he thought was a hamstring injury. So these guys know him.  The negative is that you’d have to let him back into NBA shape… and who knows how long that will take.

Beyond that, the free agent pickings get REALLY slim.  The C’s had some interest in Mike James, but he’s staying in Dallas.    The Celtics may explore a trade to get themselves a point guard, but I don’t care to speculate as to who or where that might take the C’s.

I will say this, though… to the folks who are screaming “blow it up”… you have to consider the full repercussions of such at maneuver.  It’s not as simple as tearing it down and building it from the bottom.  Woj sums it up very nicely.

Here’s the reality: No one in the NBA is waiting with a fistful of talented young players and draft picks for Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett. No one mortgages franchise futures for aging thirty-something stars. Yes, “let’s blow it up and start over” sounds noble in theory, but mostly leaves franchises in a hazy state of disarray for years to come.

[…] This is a different day, a different era, a different financial landscape in the NBA. No one gives up packages of good young players and draft picks for All-Stars in the advanced stages of careers now. Those days are gone. In a quiet corner of the TD Garden on Sunday, Ainge understood it was impossible – never mind futile – to make a sweeping declaration about his intentions.

“In our situation, you can’t just philosophically say, ‘We’re going to do this,’ ” Ainge told Yahoo! Sports. “You have to tell me what it is. You have to tell me what opportunities we have.”

“Here’s the thing: If I wanted to say, ‘Hey, let’s play for the future,’ that’s hard to do. And if I play only for the ‘here and now,’ that’s hard to do.”

Those kinds of trades are hard to do, Ainge meant.

You can try to hit the button to nuke this team if you want… but it takes two to make a trade go right, and finding that partner out there that will help isn’t there.  Danny can shop and take calls all he wants, but if teams aren’t going to give him what he wants or needs to justify a major trade, then he’s just not going to pull the trigger.

Besides, Doc and the guys don’t believe they’re dead yet. 

“We still like our chances in the Eastern Conference,” Pierce said. “We found we can play anybody with the team we put out there. Even without Rondo. I mean new guys are going to get an opportunity now. I know guys have taken the lesser road because of the way our team is built and now they may have to take on a bigger role. You know we have guys that are more than capable who are stepping up. You know there’s Courtney Lee, or there’s Leandro Barbosa. You know these guys can play. You know with the system we have, with Rondo being our primary playmaker, a 40 minute guy. These guys haven’t had a chance to really showcase what they can do. And now they will have that opportunity.”

Who knows, maybe this team can rally in the absence of Rondo.  It’s possible that facing the impossible task of making a playoff run without Rondo is the kick in the ass some of these guys needed.  I understand how F’d up that is to hear, but you never know with some people.  Knowing they have a renewed opportunity for minutes could jar some of these guys awake.  Or maybe it’s the possibility of being traded as part of the solution that will make them suddenly play well.  Regardless, it wouldn’t be terribly surprising to see some guys play well now.

Which brings me to Doc.

Call him defiant in the face of impending doom.  Call it the denial stage of dealing with grief.  Or call it a rallying cry for his boys in the locker room.  Doc Rivers laid it all out on the line for his guys after they’d all been devastated by Rondo’s news. 

“Well, you can write the obituary. I’m not,” Rivers said. “You can go ahead. But I’m not. We won tonight, and so the way I look at it is: we’re going to stay in there. In my opinion, we’re going nowhere.”

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  • I don’t think it’s that bad of a tear. You literally can’t move on a proper ACL tear, he played 2OT quarters and warmed up against Miami. Part of me hopes he could return for the second round or something, but realistically it likely mean’s he’ll just be 100% for season start instead of 75% like he would on a full tear. Also gives this team a huge motivation to win (the one thing it looks like they’ve lacked this year) if they are all here come the start of next season as that truly will be the final go at it.

    • dk

      Agreed. No one is stating the degree of the tear. As we all know from our Sports MDs, that there are different degrees of ligament tears, as we saw with RGIII, the guy played in a playoff game (3/4 of it anyway) with a partial tear.

    • JB

      I don’t agree with this it couldn’t be a complete tear stuff. Everyone has different pain threshholds. Personally I played two seasons of football on a full tear, long story short my trainer was an idiot and kept telling me I hyper-extended it. I believed her and never went to doctor. After my senior year with pain still lingering I went to a doctor who informed me I’m insane. But this just proves he could have torn it completely but he is always wearing the wraps on his knees which keep them tight. He certaintly could have a complete tear. Me I was a mediocre high school athlete no one really cared as long as I was on the field. This guys makes a living playing sports no one will let him play on any sort of tear. And this I could be wrong on, but with my surgery they stretched a muscle from my hamstring down through my knee and screwed it into my shin. Then that muscle essentialy turned into my acl. What I’m getting at is I do not believe a partial tear wouldnt require surgery, once again not a doctor but, ligiments don’t regenerate like muscles do. So any tear would require it to be removed out and replaced. If we see Rondo again it’s because of his toughness not because it’s fixed.

  • eddysamson

    Is there a guaranteed amount of time you have to be out that is longer than the season (and post season) even with a minor tear?

    Like the other guy said its gotta be minor. And a guy like Rondo will get back out there ASAP, I mean hes got 4 months til May!

    • Curt

      Eddy, I had shoulder surgery in November. I disclose my recent medical history to try to explain some of what I have learned. The truth is that my surgery was in November, and I played my first pick up basketball game last night. I experienced no pain whatsoever (other than my lungs), and I even hit one game winner from downtown.

      The point is, I realize that it wasn’t my knee, but it WAS a complete tear of cartilage and partial tendon tears of the cuff. I’m an out of shape 28 year old, and I healed in about 2 months.

      Rondo is dealing with a partial tear of connective tissue as well. His is simply more serious. HAVE HOPE.

      • eddysamson

        I’m an optimist so I’d like to think he could pull off a healing miracle but who knows. As a Texan fan I had the same hopes for Brian Cushing to come back come playoff time since his injury was relatively minor as well, but that didnt work out =/

        • Curt

          Jason Terry came back from a broken eye socket in 14 days.

          • Larry Legend

            Going down a slippery slope people when discussing injuries and their severity. It’s a useless, and somewhat self gratifying exercise. Please stop

  • Nathan

    i feel like i heard someone say yesterday minimum 6 months… if i had to guess id say itll take him about 8 months

  • I dont even know where to begin, you talk about heart break, I feell like i have been kicked in the stomach. These guys should really step up in his absents. They should still get him a ring. I wont somebody to tell me how the media found out about his injury before he did, that is a hippa violation, and a direct invasion of privacy, I would sue the pants off of the New England Hospital, and i wouldnt have my surgery there either,(if I were Rondo). Prayers going up for Rondo, I have already started counting the days until your return.

  • Celticskid

    If they are in the market for a PG, the Celtics should explore the idea of trading for Eric Bledsoe. He could be a solid replacement until Rondo Gets back.

    • KY Celts fan

      Bledsoe is pretty darn good, but the Clippers are really high on him. The Clippers won’t trade him, but some other team is gonna offer him big money that they won’t want to match when he hits RFA.

  • Danno

    All this chatter about blowing it up and trading Pierce – good lord, people.

    Trading Pierce for Rudy Gay is like trading Tom Brady for Mark Sanchez. Stop it with that nonsense. 5 Rudy Gays aren’t worth one Paul Pierce.

    • Curt

      Amen…BUT we DID trade 7 guys for KG…

      I think we’re going to see the Celtics improve short term but get worse long term.

      I expected the other guys to step up without Rondo there. Now we have more of a streetball game on offense, which is what these guys need for a bit in order to truly learn one another.

      We will now see if the arguments about Rondo hurting the team are valid.

      • Danno

        In the last two seasons, Rondo has missed 18 games.

        They’re 11-7 without him. Most of those were without Terry, Lee, Barbosa and Bradley.

        • KY Celts fan

          A game here and there is a lot different than 40 games straight.

        • Curt

          I’m not disputing that fact. Go read my “2 cents” post below.

        • Danno

          18 games is a pretty good sampling. It’s nearly a 1/4 of a full NBA season.

          • KY Celts fan

            yes, but it wasn’t 18 games in a row. It was one game here, two games there. It was one or two players picking up the slack for an absent teammate. This is an entire half season without a key player. It’s not comparable.

          • Curt

            That was in the past without this lineup. Lee, Sullinger, Green, Barbosa…they aren’t a significant part of that sampling.

            And if you know anything about samples and statistics, you know that 30 is the minimum for a decent sample size.

    • KWAPT


      • Curt


  • Ty

    I don’t see the point in breaking up the team unless they markedly improve, and that seems unlikely. Dooling and West are both low risk signings. They both have familiarity with the team, they’re both gritty and play hard. It would be cool if that worked out. Granted, I don’t know if it makes sense to bring them both in. Pretty backcourt heavy roster.

  • Noori

    Why not trade Pierce to the Clippers for Bledsoe, I love Pierce and he’s my favorite Celtic but this way he gets to play on a champion contender and his home town of LA. I’m not sure if thats a fair trade or not or what the salary differences are etc. Just a thought.

    Although I am sure if we gave KG or Paul the option of leaving its unlikely they would, they seem like a go down with the sinking ship kind of guys.

    • Curt

      Pierce is too expensive for that.

      Clips would have to give up Billups, Crawford, Bledsoe, and Grant Hill to match salaries…

    • Curt

      And trading KG is ludicrous.

      • eddysamson

        Its not just ludicrous, its impossible. He has a no trade clause.

        • Curt

          He can still be traded with his consent. He’s the kind of guy that might be willing to get traded to the Lakers for Pau Gasol…and then retire the next day…just for his team. 🙂

          IF he was going to retire. He looks “ok”, but he isn’t what he once was because most players have learned his game FROM him. He is the new Jordan. He inspired this entire generation of outside PF. Your Noahs and Boshs. Anyway, I don’t think he’s done yet. And asking him to leave would piss me off in a way rivaled by nothing in the NBA.

          Let P2X go, keep KG…if you do anything with either.

  • Eddie Allen Powe

    Chaaaaaunceeeeeey B-b-b-billups !

  • OlSkool1972

    Most of the guys coming off ACL tears from last season are taking 8-10 months. Rubio and Shumpert are already back and Rose is expected back after All Star break.That probably puts Rondo back in December this year. Bill Simmons sounded ridiculous exaggerating Rondo’s injury by saying he wouldn’t be back until after All Star break next season.

    • KY Celts fan

      That’s because Bill Simmon’s is a chicken little. If KG sprains his ankle, in Simmon’s mind he just had his leg amputated.

    • RedsLoveChild

      Nothing in the NBA is more ridiculous than when ESPN puts “nerdy/geek” Bill Simmons in a roundtable discussion with Magic Johnson & Jalen Rose!

      How those two {MJ & JR} are able to keep from bursting out in laughter at the mere sight of this absurdity is commendable.

      • LA Flake

        When you’ve sold millions of books and have millions of dedicated readers/listeners, you’re a legitimate voice.

        • Curt

          LoveChild is just jealous that it’s not him.

          The real absurdity is that Jalen Rose is allowed on TV. He is so stupid it’s laughable. It’s like watching a high school kid on TV.

        • RedsLoveChild

          When Bill Simmons has excelled at playing the game on the absolute highest NBA level—instead of merely watching it on his couch—then I`ll pay close attention to what he has to say.

          Until then, it`s too damn funny to watch!

          • KY Celts fan

            Half of all tv analysts never play ball on a professional level. It’s nothing out of the ordinary.

          • RedsLoveChild

            I`ll listen to what these guys have to say in “breaking down” NBA games and players : Shaq, Kenny Smith, Charles, Magic, Jalen, Greg Anthony, Kerr, Reggie M, etc.

            Not Simmons, not Marv Albert, not Mike Breen

  • Curt

    Here’s my real two cents (which will end up being more like 36 cents, I’m sure):

    This team will quite possibly be better after the all star break without Rondo. I get the feeling that Rondo is “holding back” some of his teammates.

    Rondo isn’t to blame for this. Danny Ainge and Doc Rivers are. Rondo plays a game that helps players like Ray Allen (hate all you want, he’s amazing and I miss him being in green), Shaq, Perk, KG, Avery Bradley, and Wilcox be amazing. Those of the new generation of guys that need the ball in their hands to be effective (Green, Lee, Lin, Harden, Barbosa, etc.) just can’t win with Rondo making the decisions.

    He needs the right people around him in order to win. It wasn’t just that P2, Ray Ray, and KG were wise old vets, it was that they knew how to utilize Rondo’s dishes. Part of that comes with being a wise old vet.

    Danny has not given Doc a team of guys that are ready to let Rondo make decisions from the “top down”. Because of this, many of us perceive that Rondo is ineffective. Going forward, we may actually see more Ws after the all star break. More people will carry the scoring burden, and this could help Paul and Kevin make it to the playoffs without injuries.

    But to think that the team is better off without Rondo, is crazy. The team is better off with guys who can play with Rondo.

    The end.

    • eddysamson

      I agree for the most part except including Jeff Green in that list of people who need the ball. I actually think part of his problem this season has been that they are trying to have him create on his own.

      He could do that a LOT easier with Durant and Westbrook/Harden to draw some defenders away from him. On the Cs who does he have? Everyone is equal on the floor for the most part for the Cs. I would say Green probably gets defended harder than others because of what he is capable of.

      • eddysamson

        He needs plays drawn up for him. Pick and roll, cuts to the basket, etc.

      • Curt

        I can’t disagree with you there. Very good point about him.

    • Stephanie

      Very good point. I was thinking the same thing. Rondo worked with our starting vets so well because they’re the ones that need him the most to help create shots for them. It’s going to be interesting to see how this “new” team plays the remainder of the season.

  • GreenBirdCro

    Well, how ’bout we put in RR’s shoes yet another RR (Ricky Rubio)??
    & I’ve been sayin this for a long time… Can we trade for Nene??

    P.S.: I was a huge fan of Jet. Delighted to see him become a Celt. Todays… He just ain’t the same man :'(

  • RedsLoveChild

    Pierce is right…just use Lee & Barbosa. They`re being paid a combined $6M this year, so why not?

    RR`s injury changes nothing at all as it pertains to this season, they`re in the exact same position they were in a week ago…they may or may not make the playoffs and, if they do, they`ll be quickly destroyed in Round 1.

    The real concern is RR`s ability to recapture his full effectiveness in the future. As 1 of only 3 valuable assets on the roster, they can`t afford having a “damaged” Rondo.

  • JimmyG

    I really don’t want to see this team get blown. If I’m being honest, I didn’t really see this the team winning the title this year anyway but I thought they had a shot. Now, I think they’re a playoff team who gets eliminated in the second round. I think for the regular season this may actually prove to be a good thing as our team passing might develop more since the team can’t rely on Rondo. I also think that pg’s will have more trouble getting in the lane. I love RR but he gambles too much on defense and I think it creates easy chances. Having said that, Rondo’s game goes up a level in the playoffs in every facet and it provides a lot of spark. I know that’s vague but he does so much when there’s money on the line. Simply put, I think we’ve essentially just turned into the Denver Nuggets: solid and competitive, but not dangerous.

  • Noori

    A D-league team wants Iverson, does that mean he’s in basketball shape? :))))

  • JimmyG

    Haha, having Iverson would be bizarre. We would (again) have an all star team of yesteryear.

  • Curt

    Yes, ZabJudah, that is very odd of him.

  • KGino

    Our defense will be better, offense will be slightly worse, but more contributions from the whole team. Be prepared for some gritty, sloppy, close games… Think celtics vs 76ers series last year. We will work our way up to number 1 Defense in the NBA by years end.

    Here’s hoping Rondo has a speedy recovery and learns how to become a better player while taking notes for 6+ months.

    • Curt

      One advantage my be Rondo functioning as part of the coaching staff.

  • What!!!! Are you kidding me, that just goes to show that this man loves his job, hs fans, his team his organization. He knows what his present mean to this team. Just because you got money doesnt mean you shouldnt have feelings anymore, every body is not like loser Donald Trump. And for a reality check, if they fired everybody that played sports whether its basketball, baseball, football etc that has cried we woulnt even have professional sports, are you kidding me, this is the dumbest ish I have ever heard. I bet you Doc and Danny cried, did you see KG, he couldnt even hold his head up in his post game interview! the comments you made was odd, and who in the heck says that, a millonare, who cries, im broke and im crying for you right now.

    • Sweetheart I AM 100% WOMAN, check YOUR underwear!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Curt

    *may (obviously)

    • Coach Rondo! Like Kobe’s brief coaching stint last year lol

  • Noori

    BIGGER PICTURE! Can we shorten the damn season to something to the tune of 60 games? Way too many season ending injuries happening.

  • Roy

    It puts a lot more pressure on KG and Pierce to score now so maybe KG will be getting in the paint more since Rondo was the only one driving to the basket more consistently. Heck even Pierce will have to drive to the lane now to create for others. It is a huge hole to fill and it’s going to be tough. I do agree that our D will still be nasty because of the pressure Lee and Bradley put on opposing guards. Their work yesterday was sensational against the Heat.

    • Curt

      Nothing has changed. We have had the need for scoring in the paint all season…if we wanted to win. Look at how that worked out so far.

  • Brick James

    “In my opinion, we’re going nowhere.”

    Mine too, Doc, mine too.

  • nyceltic

    This is the best thing that could have happened to the rest of the team. We will see a couple of guys step up now and there will be more playing time to spread around. The C’s will come out of this a better team. Rondo 2014

  • Quest

    When Rajon returns he will more than likely be playing w/out KG and Paul Pierce. That Hawks game was the last game of the Big 3 era. Very sad.