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Could the Celtics target Raptors point guard Kyle Lowry?

We’re less than 24 hours from the “Rajon Rondo has a torn ACL” announcement and I’m already drowning in columns, opinions and anal leakage about how the Celtics could, should and might move forward this season.

One thing is certain – the Celtics lack a true point guard. There are multiple reports stating the Raptors are prepared to move Kyle Lowry.

ESPN’s Marc Stein:

Celts, meantime, have shown exploratory interest in Gay but they’re $1.3M over tax line. Adding long-term money at this juncture? Unlikely

Sense I get is it’s far likelier Celts pursue Kyle Lowry and his cap-friendly contract. But do Celts have assets to land Raps PG? We’ll see

Danny Ainge seen as a try-anything dice roller but trading legends like Pierce & KG way harder than shopping Rondo. Skeptical Danny’s ready

CBS Sports Ken Berger:

Conversely, could the Celtics find a way to shed a couple of spare parts for a viable point guard to replace Rondo and stitch their core group back together for one more run? The Raptors are almost certain to trade either Jose Calderon ($10.6 million expiring contract) or Kyle Lowry (only $1 million guaranteed next season). Either one would give Boston a chance to ride it out with their current group and deal with the tough decisions around the draft or in July.

Hardwood Paroxysm’s Noam Schiller:

The line between “Boston doesn’t have the assets to get Lowry” and “Bryan Colangelo really loves Courtney Lee!” is a thin one.

I’m not here to advocate for or against a trade for Kyle Lowry, in part because I don’t know much about him. Here’s the ESPN Insider scouting report on the 26 year old point guard:

+ Tough, aggressive guard who pressures the ball and defends. Loves taking charges.
+ Likes to push the tempo but can get out of control. Improved outside shooter.
+ Good athlete who draws fouls. On the short side. Excellent rebounder for size.

Lowry had a career year in Kevin McHale’s point guard-friendly system, but he clashed with the coach anyway — partly because his previously ferocious defense slackened noticeably last season. Normally among the best defensive point guards in basketball, Lowry’s defensive metrics were pretty ho-hum last season. Synergy rated him below average, and opposing point guards had a 15.7 PER against him, although the Rockets still gave up fewer points with him on the court.

The one positive at that end was how much he helped on the glass — Lowry’s rebound rate (8.2) led all point guards. Nonetheless, one suspects that in Dwyane Casey’s system, he’ll be asked to defend more and freelance on offense less.

Sounds like a guy that Doc Rivers could work with. So why would Toronto want to move such a talent:

Lowry has had an up-and-down season in his first year in Toronto after being traded from the Houston Rockets. The 26-year-old has been effective coming off the bench, averaging 13.5 points, 5.8 assists and 4.5 rebounds to go along with a stellar PER of 21.31. However, he has also battled some injuries and reportedly has not made many friends in his new digs.

Lowry is an attractive piece because of his cap-friendly deal. He’s set to earn $5.75 million this year, but according to ShamSports, is only guaranteed $1 million next season if waived on or before July 15.

A couple things to keep in mind; he’s played for three teams (Memphis, Houston and Toronto) in his 6 years and he’s never averaged more than 6.7 assists per season.

What would it take to get Lowry from Toronto? So far, Courtney Lee is the only name popping up in rumors.

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  • Shane

    The Raptors already have DeRozan, Ross, Fields and Pietrus. Why would they trade a low-cost, effective point guard for another shooting guard who is guaranteed more money and more years on his contract? Doesn’t seem to make much sense to me, but then again we are dealing with the Raptors here…

  • W2.

    I always heard Rondo er Lowry was kind of a pain in the $%#$%.

  • diddybop

    Would love him in Green, but don’t know if Boston has attractive assets for Toronto. They have a crowded frontcourt with Big V, Ed Davis and Amir Johnson, so they don’t want Bass or Sully (who I wouldn’t move in this trade anyway), and they just gave their 2-guard, Derozan, a $40 million extension so they don’t need Lee or AB (who I also wouldn’t trade). Besides offering a 1st, Fab I don’t know how Boston can get it done unless a third team gets involved.

    I love Lowry’s game. They don’t need a PG who will get them 10 assists a night. The offense will not rely on a single playmaker anymore, now that Rondo is hurt. They just need someone who can bring the ball up, play smart, hard, good defense and run the sets on offense.

    • Curt


      • White_Crow

        Man, talking about Barbosa. Have another brazilian player, a true PG than could be a better option than Lowry.
        It’s Marcelinho Huertas, play in the ABC spanish league for Barcelona. Barbosa could give the tip to Rivers about it

  • Jed

    We know Memphis wants shooters and cap flexibility, Toronto wants Rudy Gay, and we now want a PG.

    Throw in some players and picks if you want, but it’s a decent base.

    • Vhjh

      Nice I like it
      Memphis gets what they want but they won’t get a go to scorer for a title run they need a superstar

    • Curt

      Sometimes the numbers don’t add up. The Raptors would LOSE more games with Rudy Gay? That’s stupid.

  • KGino

    Lowry would be a good fit. A poor mans Jrue Holiday.

  • likeabozz

    Terry , melo and a first rounder for lowry

    • Curt

      No. I expect Terry to thrive without Rondo being suited up.



      It isn’t ideal, but it’s the easiest and would be at least as good as the Cavs when Lebron was there.

      • Jeff

        West? What is this about a “West?”

  • KGino

    He’s not worth giving up Sully or Bradley.

    • Curt


      I’d love to have Calderon, but he’d probably not help our guys out any more than Rondo.

      The younguns we have just don’t seem to benefit from someone who assists them all night.

    • Curt

      Assists them all night, aka gives it up all night.

      • KGino

        Lowry’s a little better scorer than Calderon so i’d prefer him. He’s also better on defense.

  • thetitleisours
    • Chris

      I live in Melbourne and watch the Tigers pretty regularly.

      Jonny Flynn has been good. Know who was better? Patty Mills, who played here in his home country during the lockout. He struggles for minutes in San Antonio. Though he would likely get decent minutes on a run-of-the-mill team, we don’t want to be run of the mill. I’d rather see Barbosa on the floor.


    Not this again, WEVE ALREADY GOT ENOUGH GUARDS. Get 2 or 3 decent bigs and we are ready for a deep drive into the postseason.

    • keith777

      I agree we have enough guards . we need defensive presence to spell Garnett when he is n o t in there . find out if fab can do it . Celts can replace maybe even improve on rondos defense . he gambles too much anyway . I think we can replace the 13 points a game that he scores . I think the ball needs to move for the team to score . many times Ron do dribbles too much . I have been big Ron do fan .I fell in love with his creativity and court vision . I have tired of his punk attitude …why does he kick it out to a player who is covered when he is wide open…and he has even taken to holding the ball for the last shot when there are other better shooters on the floor with . and why can’t he stay in front of his man on defense . we put up with this because of the 11.1assists per . I don’t care about that . the Celts can go out and get there 25 assists per as a team without Ron do . i now am realizing he is overrated . a bit . and I am going to be proved right . Celts will start winning barring any more significant injuries and their effort will be more consistent

  • coachaj

    Well now Raps made deal to play DeRozan with Gay by dealing Calderon and Davis away. And with Ross and Fields off the bench to spell them, plus the impending dump of Bargnani salary and useless game for them, looks like they elevate Lowry to starter and run a whole lot more. We are gonna have to worry about the Raps for awhile now. Division just got harder.