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Ainge expects Rajon Rondo to be ready for training camp

The moment we got news about Rajon Rondo’s torn ACL, all the armchair doctors on the planet offered up time-tables for his return. I heard anywhere from 8 to 16 months.

Here’s what Danny Ainge told the Herald’s Mark Murphy:

Though the recovery from reconstructive knee surgery can vary, depending on the player, Ainge said he expects Rondo to be ready for the start of training camp next season.

Ainge said Rondo should undergo surgery in the next “10 to 14 days.”

Training camp generally starts the last week of September or first week of October. A training camp target date gives Rondo about 8-9 months to recover and rehab.

I recall reading/hearing one report that stated Rondo is holding off on having surgery immediately so he can get a second opinion.

As for the search for Rondo’s replacement, Ainge had this to say:

“We weren’t going to trade Rondo,” Ainge said flatly. “But I’m not going to bring someone in now who is just going to sit on the bench. We could sign a couple of players to minimum contracts, but that’s all we can do right now.  We have to see whether someone becomes available through trade or free agency who can actually crack our rotation.

“Right now I’m looking to give the guys we have a chance to play,” he said. “Then we’ll see what happens in the next few weeks.”

There’s two weeks until the trade deadline. That’s plenty of time to see if the guys on the roster can handle the load.

If not, Ainge will pull the trigger on a deal.

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  • Derek

    I’d like to see us pick up Delonte West, its too bad Dallas signed Mike James. We are going to see what Babrosa can do with extended time….

    • LA Flake

      While Delonte sounds good, we already have enough combo guards as it is. And bringing in someone like Kyle Lowry via trade won’t do us any good because we’ll have to rebuild the team chemistry and guys will have to relearn their roles and it’s just not worth it at this point. Not with less than 40 games to go.

      I am with Ainge for sticking with the current roster. I like the AB-CL backcourt A LOT from a defensive standpoint. And opposing Ds won’t sag off of AB or CL either, so that’s good. And you have to figure Paul’s offensive game will come around sooner than later even if he’s 86 years old. With Sully’s emergence and Lee, Barbosa and Green’s roles all set to increase due to Rondo’s absence, this team could finally reach its potential. And Brandon Bass didn’t look as bad coming off the bench last night. Once Terry catches fire, look out. Teams are NOT gonna wanna face us in the playoffs.

  • Jason

    Why not give jonny Flynn a chance?

  • zippittyay

    and unlike Dwight Howard, Ricardo can make a free throw.

    • LA Flake


  • Brian

    West can play D in the system but he isn’t a point guard and doesn’t have the handle you want at the PG spot. This guy is on the red claws now and we can call him up for pretty much nothing.

    He has a great handle and is a pass first guard but he also shoots 80% from the free throw line so we won’t hurt you. He’s a little small but he isn’t going to play big mins, just enough so that teams can’t trap the whole time.

    Another guy we should take a look at is Chris Wright. He was a pretty good player in college and can hit the nba 3 at a 38% clip. He is averaging 7+ dimes a game and teams won’t drop blow the free throw line on pics. You have to guard him because he can hit the wide open J at about 48% like some guy who played point for us this year.He is has 30 pounds on Barrett and is a better defender.

    The last name to look at and maybe the guy with the most upside is jonny Flynn. He was a beast in college and came on strong his rookie year but a bad hip and a long recovery really held him back. He’s 100% now and we can have him for shot money like the others mentioned.

    All of these guys have risk’s but I think they are all traditional point guards which is what we need instead of a combo guard which west is. I loved having west here. As long as he is on his meds he is a great role player for any team.

    My main point is we don’t have to do something dumb like risk our future, ( trade sully and bradley and a pick for kyle lowry). The east is wide open until you reach the heat. It’s amazing what the bulls have done with out Rose I wish we could bottle that and spread that on our team.

  • JasonG

    If you think this year is going to amount to anything at all, you are a supportive, optimistic fan (and that’s putting it nicely). If you think they have no chance at contending seriously (they were .500 with Rondo after all), congratulations, you are being realistic.

    And as for the double-OT win over the Heat, you might, but GM’s don’t (the good ones at least), make franchise decisions based on one game.

    I wish it wasn’t the case, but this year is effectively over. It’s time for Ainge to do what’s best for the years ahead.

    FWIW, Pierce is my favorite player over the last 20 years, but if I were Ainge, I would have to entertain moving him at this point if it was best for the franchise. It really sucks, but you can’t let sentiment hamstring the franchise’s future.

    • LA Flake

      At least give them 20 games before calling it quits. Jeez. And trading Pierce would be a dumb move because one, you won’t get a fair value in return and two, you won’t even have a puncher’s chance against anybody. The C’s are better off just letting Pierce play out his contract unless Cleveland offers Kyrie Irving for him. Not gonna happen.

      • JasonG

        Hmmm, let’s see. 1) They’ve had 44 games already with him and are 2 games under .500. 20 more games is going to be worse not better. Unless, of course, you think losing the best point guard in the East is actually a helpful turn of events. This falls into the “supportive, optimistic” category I mentioned already. 2) It is impossible to say “trading Pierce is dumb” with any conviction. You have no idea what Ainge might work out. And since you mentioned it, they don’t have a chance with Pierce either. I present their 21-23 record as exhibit A.

        As for one of your earlier posts, if you are banking on Terry as the … never mind, I can’t stop laughing at that assertion. Keep dreaming of Lee, Bradley and Terry leading this team to playoff glory. Sure.

        You might not have very well thought out ideas, but at least you present them with a lot of unwarranted attitude. Thanks for playing. Please don’t reproduce.

        • Dutchgreen

          How is supportive and optimistic a bad thing? Or the opposite of realistic, for that matter? Don’t hurt yourself falling of the bandwagon…

        • LA Flake

          Yeah. Keep counting KG and Pierce out. They want you to.

          Rondo is the best PG in the East? DRose, Irving…Hello?

    • frickenWaaaltaaah

      It depends on how you define ‘amount to anything at all.’

      Miami and New York are still very beatable.

      Then, if you can get to the finals, it’s worth a roll of the dice, even on long odds.

  • ZabJudah

    trade pierce and garnett for dwayne wade

  • Best news I’ve heard all day about Rondo. DWest is a combo guard, we have plenty of those. Besides that, he’s injury prone (and Royce White is more stable). I can’t believe they would bring him (Delonte) back. Name any available guard including Dooling and I’d rather sign him.

  • TropicalgreenVjfitz

    Rondo may be getting a second opinion, but the wait is probably to let the swelling go down. They generally don’t like to do the surgery when there is swelling prior to the operation.

    • Dave


  • Mannie

    Rondo said he’ll be back in 6 months to his teammates. Dude is a freak.

    • Lafonda

      You’re confusing freak with passionate.

  • Dave

    Iverson? Thoughts?

  • JimmyG

    Yesterday the repercussions of this injury hadn’t really sunk in for me. Today, I feel a lot less optimistic. I still stand by our being capable of making it to the second round with this group. I also still don’t think a trade is worthwhile since we’ll get nothing in return and having a stopgap point guard isn’t going to make us a real threat. I think this team has a lot of talent but this is bad. It also makes me scared for the future, because I really have no idea where this team will go from here. I feel sick.

  • Chris H

    Still plenty of reason to be optimistic.

    For all those who want to lay down and die, knock yourself out. They played their asses off last night and beat the frickin’ champs, not the Bobcats. If that is being “optimistic”, so be it. I don’t what other test there is to check yourself against.

    If the team as constituted works hard, the kids get some swagger, things will be moving the right way.

    I’m excited to watch and this trial by fire is only going to make the “future pieces” so much better.

  • RedsLoveChild

    Ainge “expects” Rondo to be ready for training camp?

    Note To Self : Ainge “expected” KG to be ready for the 2009 playoffs.

  • keno

    Its a mess lol.

  • john

    Assclowns call other people names on blogs because they disagree with them.Thanks for identifying yourself.