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It’s official: Rajon Rondo’s season is over

John - Red's Army (@RedsArmy_John) January 27, 2013 Celtics News, Injuries 43 Comments on It’s official: Rajon Rondo’s season is over

ESPN/ABC confirmed our worst fears, that Rajon Rondo has, in fact, suffered a torn ACL.  This is an injury that will require surgery, and end Rajon Rondo’s season.

This is a crushing blow to the Celtics and may spell the end of any hopes this team had of making a playoff run.  The Celtics now lack any true point guards, which kills them when they need to try to execute in the half court.

The Celtics started Courtney Lee in the back court today in Rondo’s absence, and I would assume he’ll continue to play that role.  The Celtics defense has looked good, and it’s looking like this team is going to have to adjust its style a bit to move forward.

As for what moves this will lead to….. time will tell.  The Celtics may band together, show signs of life knowing they have to make up for Rondo’s absence, and the C’s could only make some minor moves to help shore up the bench.  The Celtics may fall deeper into their doldrums, leading to more major moves, and the true closing of the Celtics window.

It’s too early to tell.  All I know is Rondo’s season is over.  And that really, really sucks.

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  • Aaron


  • Larry Legend

    Although I don’t particularly love the guy, sorry to hear that about rondo. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

  • Pierce UK

    Although I hate the idea of it I reckon we should tank the season and explore ALL trade possibilities. Except pierce

    • Blow it up

      Except Pierce? You’re an idiot!

      • Pierce Uk

        You need to show the guy respect. He stuck with us in the shit during his prime. We should let him retire a career Celtic all about respect. Plus nobody wants that contract.

        • TNCeltic

          Agreed. The Truth stays no matter what.

          • WinstonSalems

            Pierce for Gasol straight up. Season is over. Too much money invested in this team to be under .500. Without Rondo, this team isn’t making the playoffs. Blow it up and move on. Anyone and everyone should be on the block.

          • Pierce Uk

            lmao Pierce for Gasol, yes lets trade for a guy who’s knee’s are gone, who has a terrible contract and is in extreme decline after playing in too many summer comps, for our heart and soul who is probably a better player than Gasol. thats the most ridiculous start from fresh idea ever. You have an extremely deluded idea of rebuilding.

      • SSJ6Celts

        You’re no celtic fan! Peirce dies in Green and white or somebody really f***ed up!!

  • Sean

    Trading avery bradley or sully would be a dumb move. I say we dump hella salary now.

  • Borna Hlousek

    As I guy who has torn his ACL 2x before the age of 18. This literally kills me.

  • Jaybahs

    Devastating to a team already struggling

  • Jester00

    Delonte West

  • Eddie Allen Powe

    I want to surprise kick LAF or LA Flake in the knee cap tomorrow

    • LA Flake

      i’m very sorry about all this. definitely didn’t wish this on him. at all.

  • CoachBo

    After a few laughs at the suicide watch over at RondoBlog – I mean, CelticsBlog – a few things to note from the Miami game, win or lose: the defense at the 1 has been dramatically better. I would look for Bradley and Lee to elevate Rondo’s declining defensive interest.

    Beyond that, it’ll be fascinating to see what this team does with this – Terry, Barbosa, Bradley, Lee. Some good defenders in there, and some people who can elevate the offense at the 1.

    Kinda intrigued to see what happens. Certainly, one thing is clear: The lifelong debate between the Rondo knob-slobberers and the Rondo critics is going to be resolved.


    • KY Celts fan

      Get back to you tennis game, “coach”

      • CoachBo

        Dry your tears, Nancy. There’s a little more to the Boston Celtics than Rajon Rondo and his matador defense.

        That’s why they call it a “team” game, as illustrated this afternoon when the defending champs were defeated with stifling defense that hasn’t been seen in Boston in years.

        Don’t stain your poster, champ.

    • Pierce Uk

      Love you’re comments there, maybe rondo will sit out and see the importance of comitting to defense from his injury!

      • WinstonSalems

        You guys are crazy. Regardless of how many possessions Rondo gives up on defense, this team starts and stops with him. No one else drives on offense, no one else can create their own shot. Instead of this team making a run in the playoffs, they will struggle to even MAKE the playoffs. Back to back double OT’s is never a good thing, especially when two of your three best players are over 35.

        Danny needs to blow this thing up. $70+ million on a team that is 2 games under .500, halfway through the season?? Even with a healthy Rondo, there were changes coming. Now that he’s done, blow this thing up and move on.

        • CoachBo

          You might want to watch this afternoon’s game again, since nothing you say was borne out today.

          This is going to be fun. If Rondo is an indispensable as you say, then this team is going to crater.

          If it doesn’t, a lot of knob-slobberers are going to have to shut up.

  • Kricky

    Downright horrible.We just lost our one star who is sitll in his prime,

    No way we’re making a playoff run. Unless Jet resurrects his old ways and AB develops new dimensions to his game.

    Give it a couple weeks to see how the team reacts. And then seriously consider dumping those contracts and starting form scratch..

  • coachaj

    Sad day again in Beantown. RR will come back and possibly be an even better shooter. But our four guards will now have to come together as a unit, and play much better. LB12 will get his minutes and a chance to play meaningful time. BTW JG8 is ballin right now.

  • Sam

    It’s Barbosa time.

    Which says pretty much all that you need to know.

  • Celtics ny

    Is it completely torn?

  • zippittyay

    This should allow Spoelstra to get Maria Chalmers on his All Star Squad.

  • Who lives in Boston???

    Karma is a bitch, ain’t it?

  • tyler

    This season and next season is now over. Time to hope for some good lottery picks the next two seasons. No way KG and PP waste two more seasons. This may actually be a blessing in disguise and force Danny Ainge to finally blow this old roster up and start rebuilding for the future.

  • zippittyay

    time to take PP out for a breather….

  • Stephanie

    It looks like the C’s play better w/o rondo

  • Celticai

    Paul Pierce stays. Show some loyalty, as he showed us over the years.

  • The Timberwolves always horde point guards. Jason Terry for J.J. Barea straight up works. Wolves could use shooting guards, no Brandon Roy and Shved is hurt.

  • Sean

    KG should stay too.

    You think the defense is bad now guess where it’ll be without him.

  • GreenSreen13

    This season, I say Rondo has been a detriment to the team…watching the game today I saw the entire team swing the ball not just one guy stagnating the offense. Rondo’s defense has taken steps back as well..This team should be better with him sidelined. Just my opinion

    • Brick James

      I kind of agree – not Rondo’s fault necessarily, just they way the team is coached and the sets they run through Rondo. His presence on the floor means the team can do things that they couldn’t otherwise… but yes the ball flows more fluidly with Rondo not there, because it has to. Let’s hope it stays that way and it doesn’t get sticky with Pierce regressing to hero mode.

      • GreenScreen13

        Agree with the comment about Pierce hero ball mode, especially when his shots aren’t falling. If AB wasn’t healthy, this is a lotto team. I love Rondo but he doesn’t know how to play off of the ball. This team is too stacked to not see an ECF berth. It’s time to make Green the “Man”. I don’t thinks he’s soft, I think he’s under-utilized. Give him the same ego-inflating sense of worth the team gave Rajon, and watch him flourish.

  • Fatz

    To be honest, I think it’s a blessing in disguise. Now we come with a starting 5 of PP,AB,JG,Sully,and KG. I like JG defense on Bron today. I still think the potential is still there. Maybe today will give him a boost. Give him starter position. Now the bench rotation can get more mins. Barbosa,Terry,Lee,Bass(he been crying lately about mins anyway) and Melo(who should get called up). I’m still riding with this team. Make it to playoffs. 0-0. We good.

    • robadona

      i like that lineup as well.

  • Danno

    This team will be immeasurably better without Rondo sucking up 40 minutes per game. He is a defensive liability, gambles too much, and still can’t shoot. I feel much better about their chances now.

  • Vince

    Danny, do what you need to do to get us ready for next year. Sorry Paul and Kevin, we need to write this season off.

  • I know one thing the media is something they didn’t even give him a chance to hear the news from his doctors, they told him first which means someone at that hospital leaked his information, I would sue the hell out of that New England hospital, then Doc had already said only he and the staff new his condition then what does Doris do, she gets Paul pierce live on TV and tells him the news, no class at all.i know it’s impossible to see this now but this is going to be a blessing in disguise for Rondo, he is going to be just fine!! Prayers goes up for DOUBLE R#9