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Your Morning Dump… Where Wyc says “there’s a likelihood of moves”

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

“There’s a likelihood of moves,” said Grousbeck. “Doc hinted at thinking about it. Danny’s phone rings all day long. I think February will be a busy month, but can’t predict yet.”


To be fair, these comments were made before last night’s soul crushing defeat in Atlanta. But the words are strong. Wyc doesn’t screw around.

Brian Scalabrine and Donny Marshall are also flummoxed:

That prompted Tanguay to ask Donny Marshall and Brian Scalabrine ‘how would you coach the Celtics?’

Donnie Marshall laughed and didn’t even want to touch the question, instead deferring to Scal.

Scalabrine put it point-blank:

“I think they need to get different personnel.”

Marshall added that the chemistry isn’t working.

“The mix of guys right now just isn’t a good thing,” said Marshall. “I don’t know what else Rivers can do to motivate these guys.”

Right now, Doc is still accepting blame:

So where does he go from here? How does he turn around a team that just completed one of the worst collapses in recent memory?

“I keep saying it, I gotta keep pushing,” said Rivers. “It’s me. I’ve got to figure out a way to figure out the buttons with each individual. Right now we’re trying to coach a group. Maybe we’ve got to coach each individual. We’re just going to keep searching.”

We can’t point the finger at one thing. It’s more than effort. It’s more than focus. It’s more than bench scoring. It’s more than Paul Pierce’s shooting percentage. It’s more than rebounding.

It’s all of the above and then some.

And, despite Wyc’s words, a mega-deal is unlikely. Ainge may move 1-2 players with the hopes the new mix adds a jolt to the core. But that’s all it is. Hope.

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  • Me

    Finally A Trade Is Coming

    • LAF

      Package Rondo with trash (Bass and Terry) and send them packing!

  • GreenBirdCro

    Does this shake Danny’s and Doc’s cages, at least a little bit…
    It should

    • Start the bench With garnett and that it. Tired Pierce Brandon Blount must sit.

  • Reggie35RIP

    Somehow I don’t think Reddick will be the solution to our problems…

    If they are going to make a trade, for the love of god get a rebounder/shot blocker, not yet another shooting guard.

    If they do end up making a trade you can bet Bass is gone.

  • Reggie35RIP

    If we did end up going after Reddick. I’d like to see them try and get Vucevic as well.

    Although there’s no way Orlando would go for this. They downgrade both their players.

  • Robert

    It’s the wrong mix of players because the new guys don’t recognize any of the vets on this team. They all talk the talk but it’s time to walk the walk. Pierce for Gasol. Anyone?

    • CPUFC

      No fking way. I couldn´t care if Pierce played like a bum for the rest of his career. He will forever be the heart and soul of this generations Celtics. He put a banner up there and helped make the C´s relevant in this new era. The writing is on the wall.

      • Mike C

        I agree 100%, Pierce has earned the right to retire as a Celtic. Without him and KG, we would of had several seasons like the one we’re having this year. Jason Terry needs to go, he adds nothing to this team right now.

        • Ash

          Does anyone remember how the last Big 3 Era finished up? Pierce is untradeable beause of his salary not his legacy..

  • Sheets

    I would trade pierce for just about anyone right now even draft pics. I think Danny blew when he could have gotten Rudy Gay a month ago for pierce’s expiring contract, not anymore.

  • Quest

    I like the fact Grousbeck came right out and said it that there will be moves none of Ainge’s double talk. Unfortunately have lost trust In Ainge’s ability to make the right decisions for this organiation anymore. Too many yrs past of bad Bench roster and now this mess. Maybe its time for Wyc to evaluate the GM’s performance.
    Whats the rating scale for the GMs in this league?

    • Alex

      What the hell are you talking about? Ainge did a decent job with the team. I’m pretty sure MOST of us were very hyped with the new look Celtics. Unfortunately, they just aren’t performing like we expected them to do.

      Is it Ainge’s fault that Terry has been useless?

      Didn’t Ainge bring in Sullinger to the team while other GMs passed on him?

      God, stupid commenters all over the damn place on this site.

      • WinstonSalems

        Agreed. Ainge has nothing to do with this. People are still losing sleep over the Perk deal. Get over it. The 1st person Doc called last summer was JET. He wanted him more than Ray. C Lee was hoop dreams all summer until Danny pulled a rabbit out of his hat. We lose Danny and Doc, this team will be in the abyss of bobcats, wizards, hornets and kings. By no means will it be any fairy tale.

        • Shawn

          I wish we still had moore to tell you the truth. But we cared more about having a veteran (Terry/Lee) then a good ypung player

  • Double P

    From the quotes of the owner, gm, and coach it seems like they know this team is not winning the championship and they will be shipping people out if the trades are there. I, for one, don’t see why Bradley is so untouchable? Great defender but not much else. Only player that is probably untouchable is sullinger

    • Quest

      Thinking they will make one last stab at the roster for one last run at the Banner with the Vets because you don’t rebuild on the Feb trades. After this year its definitely rebuid for 2-3 yrs. Would be really surprised if KG and Paul don’t retire.

  • Quest

    Yes Paul Pierce sucks big time but willing to give him another chance with a roster change to the end of the season. Paul playing too many min and is missing Ray Allen. Ray created space for him whereby the opposing team always had to have a guy or 2 chasing Ray around the court and protecting the corner.
    Terry has not become that 3 pt threat to replace Ray.

    • robadona

      remember last season when Pierce was total crap to start the season? people wondered if he was done, I, in my heart felt the magic was gone, but it wasn’t. DONT TRADE PIERCE before the all-star break, we are built for the playoffs, get a big or get rid of Lee/Bass and get a piece that fits…rebuild in off season

      • frickenWaaaltaaah

        People said Pierce was done in 06-07 for crying out loud.

        He’s still having a nice year overall but he has had to work pretty hard for it and here in late January, it’s showing.

  • Brick James

    Wyc is not firing Danny Ainge. Forbes just ranked the C’s franchise the #4 most valuable in the NBA at 900M – up 51% from last year.

  • Jester00

    Any one drinking yet?

    • Quest

      Only when the game is on…it kills the pain of watching the team self destruct

  • Andrew

    wow, I understand the frustration, but some of you must not watch the games. Pierce and KG will not be traded. Our best bet is to get rid of Bass and Lee without any other damage, but we will likely have to get rid of green also.

    I have thought that Green should be our starting 4. He needs 30 plus minutes a game to be effective. Bass is not doing anything…..he is a ball stopper and does not rebound at all for his position. he also has not been knocking down the open jumper like he was last year.

    • Willow Green

      first of all, Lee is playing great. you can get rid of bass but why lee?

      and if you start Green who will back up paul pierce?

      • robadona

        sell high

  • Mcshane

    Trades… just make me sad b/c anything big (PP, Rondo) means KG retires at season end and we’re back to 2006. Lots of youth lots of losses and no hope for a banner in sight. Who really thinks Danny pulls off a second Big 3 deal to save us?? Wish this thing could have stretched out to another ECF w/ Miami. I hate the idea of trades, anyone who thinks it’ll help, it’ll just make them worse. Rebuilding sucks.

  • Willow Green

    1.) No More pierce iso! its way past that.

    2.) might as well try to bench Pierce since were stuck with him. Point forward like he has been doing before.

    3.) We need to move bass for a real big man who can rebound box out and set picks

    4.) should try to move jason terry to the starting position too. He needs more touches. defense wise, if they bring energy, it should be good enough.

    5.) Start sully once Wilcox comes back.



    if that doesnt work, try putting Lee in starting instead of Terry. Either way, Terry will get more touches.

    This is one way of shaking things up

  • Larry Legend

    Dagger inserted just waiting for the last breath to be drawn. Perhaps tomorrow Vs. Miami. Sad.

  • Quest

    Feb trades just teams trading each other’s bad unwanted players, beating the luxury tax or filling holes in roster. But the Celtics they have pretty much a whole team that needs fixing with min assets…what do you do with that.

  • Quest

    Doc’s chatter of its on him, he likes the locker room, they are individual good players, they have it to win HE just has to figure it out etc…. good sales pitch leading up to the Trade Deadline….


    Don´t trade Pierce, Terry, Rondo, KG, Sullinger. The rest I would put up for trade.

  • thekid

    Get rid of terry and bass and keep lee, lee is still decently young and is a excellent 7th or 8th man. He always plays hard. Atleast if we move terry and bass, even if we get 50 cents on the dollar then atleast it opens up room to get barbosa and wilcox ( whe n hes healthy) more playing time.

  • Frank

    They’ll figure it out but I stopped watching till the playoffs

  • TommyPoints


  • Mike in DC

    Which side doesn’t do this trade…