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Crowd-sourcing the Celtics: What to do with Jason Terry

A lot of people read us to get our opinions about the Celtics.  But sometimes, it’s good to open things up to the group.  So we’ve come up with a new feature called “Crowd-sourcing the Celtics”… where we ask questions over social media on a certain topic, and post a few of the suggestions here (with our own opinions added).

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Then when we ask a question, answer it and it maybe be featured here.

Our first question:  What do we do to get Jason Terry going?  This question was asked before he shot 4-6 last night, but one good game doesn’t mean much at this point.  The Celtics need to get Terry active and contributing to the offense.  So here are some of your thoughts.  Answers here are representative of many similar answers that conveyed similar thoughts.

Terry’s first basket last night was a transition 3.  We spent years watching Ray Allen trail on the break and get wide open looks from long-range.  It’s definitely something I like as part of the solution.   I’ve said it a lot, the second unit’s offense especially will have to come from its defense, which will allow it to get into transition and get not only Terry, but everyone better looks at the basket.

We got a lot of responses calling for pick and rolls.  And while picks freed Terry up last night, the rest of his baskets were of the catch-and-shoot variety.  Still, the point is valid.  I’m not sure Green is the guy to run those with… some suggested putting Kevin Garnett in that role, which would work a little better.  But getting Terry some looks on more pick-and-rolls might work.  

The Celtics did do this a little, but we need to understand that JET’s game isn’t like Ray’s.  You will, however, see the Celtics run Terry off a bunch of screens from time to time.  I’ve yet to see it work effectively.

This, to me, is a big one.  The Celtics lack of a back up point guard is hurting Terry the most.  He needs a guy to set him up in the right spots.  So what’s the answer here?  Perhaps a tweaking of rotations where Rondo’s distribution is changed a little to match up more with Terry on the court.  I’d take Lee running some of the back up point more than Terry.  Terry’s a shooter, he needs to find ways to shoot, not run the offense.

That’s a classic basketball psychological move.  If the jumper isn’t working, try to get to the line and almost “reset” your shooting stroke by making a few free throws.  It’s a confidence thing.  JET is definitely trying to shoot himself out of the slump, maybe he needs to “score” his way out of the slump… by putting up good scoring numbers any way he can, and then the jumpers might start falling.

This opens up a big debate with Terry.  Do you use him less because he’s struggling…. or is he struggling because he’s being used less? Aside from his first season in Dallas, his usage rate there was always in the 20’s.  And in the last 4 years, it never went below 23%.  Right now, he’s only finishing about 17% of the Celtics plays, his lowest usage rate of his career.  His true shooting percentage and his effective field goal percentage are both almost equal to his advanced shooting numbers from the Mavericks championship season. So the question here is…. do you use Terry less… or more… to get him going?

Shooters gotta shoot.

All in all, I think there’s a combination of things here that will help Terry.  The Celtics probably need to involve him more, but with different personnel on the floor around him.  Get him some open looks, either with screens or pick-and-rolls, and above all else, get him to keep shooting and get into a rhythm.

The Celtics have a serious problem on offense, and JET was brought here to fix that.  You can argue trades all you want (and I got plenty of those responses to the question too), but Terry is here now.  So you can’t do nothing with the guy.  The Celtics have to find a way to get JET flying again, and these suggestions might help do that.

Thanks for the responses everyone.  Looking forward to doing this again.

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  • Willow Green

    start green, jet and sull when wilcox comes back

    • i like starting green…but pierce would pout if he didnt start

      • eddysamson

        Doc said it last week “who starts the game doesnt matter, its who finishes the game”

  • Lebron James

    I think the problem is that jet doesn’t get many shots off because when he comes with the bench the others don’t play aggressively. Put Barbosa in with him. Barbosa drives and opens up shots for others. Also he just needs to shoot more. Has the team thought about bringing fan melo in? I think he can get a block or two and create transition baskets for 2nd unit.

  • romeo

    Rondo hold on to the ball too much let someone else create some offence my goodness.

  • Michael

    Where are all the Ray Allen haters now? The ones who before the season started were saying we are better off with JET??

    The Celtics blew it, and there are two people to blame. Rondo, whose diva approach to the game exceeds his talent, and Pierce, who needed Ray to spread the floor.

    What to do now? Simple, build an offense that allows JET to do what he does. He should be a SG not a PG, and he should start along side RR. Get him going early, and use AB to close games on the defensive end.

    • KGino

      Right here. Mother-F&%$ Ray Allen

    • Shawn

      By looking at terrys game versus rays over the summer, terry played better D (Ha now) didn’t have significant drop shooting [:( ] and could create his own shot. right now he’s one of 3. I’d like to see him create his own shot more though. he’s not a screen person. though i did like the little pin downs the ran at the beggining of the season

    • frickenWaaaltaaah

      Ray isn’t even Ray anymore.

      Ray is too old to be the Ray that ran routes all night and it looks like Terry is too old to be that guy too.

      Doc has got to adapt the offense a bit here because it tired out and wore down Ray and it’s doing the same thing to Terry.

      We haven’t really moved on from Ray yet if we’re asking Jet to “be Ray” in the offense.

      Maybe Doc would have better luck training Courtney Lee to be that guy if he wants one in the offense, because he is a lot younger.

  • bop

    we cannot trade him because he has been sucking really bad, so we should use him where he excells, running him on the pick n roll is a much better option than running him on endless screens ala Ray Allen.

    boy, his contract is really going to get ugly the next 3 yrs.

  • RA_papairish

    What’s funny is in the 1st overtime last night, terry wa wide open for the three to win and pierce didn’t give up the ball. Pierce got killed for giving up the ball to Avery in the corner the night before against the Knicks. I thought Pierce made the wrong play both times, but it’s hard to yell he has to shoot that one night and then say he has to give it up the next.

    Btw I still don’t agree that Green isn’t the guy to use in Dirks role in a high pick and role

    • stephanie

      Difference between both nights is that for the NY game he was more open. Last night PP had Josh Smith on him while trying to do his little fadeaway.


    This is a great concept John-hope to see more of these..

  • T

    With the next few years looking likely that PP and KG will most def have reduced minutes to ensure that the teams starting rotation have great rhythm. Def in favour of reducing PP’s mins at the moment and increasing Green’s, Green needs to start in order to use his true talents, starting Jet is a good move also he shoots well in Q1 always get 6 -10 quick points then goes cold, and thats when we bring in Bradley. Sully needs to quit with the silly fouls he needs to learn that his talents are needed throughout the game not just 20-30 mins. Bass needs to be traded or at least start eating more the the juices he keeps drinking to loss weight so he doesn’t loss concentration during the game??? And Rondo needs to keep doing what he is doing, whilst balancing his aggressiveness with scoring threats from all over the floor

  • KGino

    1. Why you’d ever draw up an ISO for Pierce vs. J Smith to end the game is beyond me. Use pierce as a decoy and let Rondo take the game winner, I’m sure his look would have been much easier.

    2. Why are we interested in JJ Redick.. we should be going after JJ Hickson.

    3. Doc needs to use his guards to press constantly. We have FIVE capable guards who can make an impact. Our press was at its best during the Hawks, Knicks, Pacers wins.. it looks like we stopped doing it as often… WHY??

  • Celticsfanatic

    Not entirely relevant to this thread but whatever:

    Celts need to go JFK and start asking what they can do for their team rather than what their team can do for them. If JET deserves not to be traded, he needs to show that he can get to the line. He needs to show that he can make open shots. He needs to show that the pick and roll works. I have a hard time believing a guy like Doc can’t see that the pick and roll works. How many times has the Celts offense broken down with Terry on the court? How many times have the Celtics, in that case, been successful at using the pick and roll with Terry?

    I’m getting a strong sense that this is a team full of excuses and one that severely lacks a sense of urgency.

    • Shawn

      plus terry looked so lost on D last night

      • LA Flake

        When did Terry ever not look lost on D?

  • Nate

    Terry cant get much value and I still like him somewhat. Bass, on the other hand, needs to be traded for pennies on the dollar. Lets trade him for 1 or many expiring contracts. (One of which a frontcourt placeholder) When Wilcox is back, Bass is completely expendable.

  • Ty
    Let me start by saying that I don’t consider bleacher report to be a reliable source… But I don’t know about you guys- I know that Paul doesn’t look like “himself” consistently anymore- and maybe I’m being sentimental here- but I still think trading him would be an emotional dagger both to the team and the fan base.

    • eddysamson

      What would we do at the 3 spot? Start Green (which is good for him) yes, but beyond that? We’d still have to trade Bass for someone to fill the 3.

    • frickenWaaaltaaah

      It’s really dumb bleacher report stuff, that’s all.

      Ainge is not going to rip the heart out of Boston and send it to Memphis.

      Some Lakers fan is pretending to themselves they have a way to get Rudy Gay when they really don’t have one.

      Paul needs a few days off. Doc should have rested him against Atlanta and look what happened when he didn’t…he was a step slow the whole night and it really hurt the C’s.

      Now they have the same dilemma, Paul needs a day or two off do you start him or play him, except this time it’s Miami…

      I can only guess that the thinking is that the All-Star break is right around the corner, but this I also think is one thing that shows that Popavich is still a better coach than Doc. Popavich isn’t afraid to make this call and sit a star who is telling him he is fine and wants to play.

    • frickenWaaaltaaah

      I also should have mentioned that Memphis just successfully dumped a couple of guys on Cleveland precisely so that they wouldn’t have to trade Rudy Gay this year to avoid the luxury tax.

  • Shawn
  • Brick James

    Crowdsourcing, huh?

    Let’s say there are 1 million Celtics fans out there. If we each pay $10 dollars, can we buy him out of his contract?

    • LA Flake

      I’ll chip in $1,000 to sent Terry packing. And another $1,000 to get Brandon Blount out of town. Hell, I’ll chip in $5,000 to never see Blount in green again. I mean, Bass.

      • Brick James

        Make all checks payable to LeBrick James, PO Box Not 1, Not 2, Not 3…
        6 HGH Blvd. South Beach, Dade County FL

  • zippittyay

    It has become painfully clear to me at least that pierce is only good for about 25 minutes a game right now. In the latter stages of the game last night he looked like Rocky Balboa losing to Clubber Lang. More minutes to sully and green. Let sully foul out every night if we have to.

  • Walter A

    I would love to start rondo, Bradley, kg, perce, green.. But green does not rebound and we need rebounding. So I would start Sully. I hate to say this but I don’t think we need to move anyone outside of Bass. Doc has done a terrible job. Jet on average takes 5 shots a game. How can any shooter find a rythym with so few shots. Doc also needs to man up and stop with the pierce end of game plays. He’s slow and at times plays hero ball. Het was open at the end last night and pierce wanted to be hero. Doc needs to speed up the first unit and ideally if green rebounded that would be perfect. To have green and Bradley to run with rondo and kg and pierce to make anyone who leaves them open pay. Lee has been stepping up and is great with the second unit. Doc needs to also stop trying to play guys based on who they are and play the guys who are putting forth the best effort. Lee did not play the entire 3 rd qtr last night and he was playing so great. Everyone should earn playing time EVERYONE even pierce or anyone else. Doc is a great coach and I want him here. He just has to stop being nice and reward effort. PERIOD. @WaltBrick

    • LA Flake

      Green coming off the bench is ok with me. But we need to go to him on just about every possession when he enters the game. There is no pecking order on this team and that’s killing us!

  • Walter A

    And play Barbosa more than 3 minutes

  • Sam

    . . . trade him and give Lee most of his minutes, with Barbosa picking up some of them, too.

  • thetitleisours

    Jet just needs to play very limited minutes. Would like to see Lee from the corners more shooting 3’s. Bring in Micah Downs to play when Pierce and Green are slumping

  • BDC

    PP could win a 6th man title. Bring him off the bench….less minutes…fresh legs…unstoppable