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Taking Stock: Celtics – Knicks

John - Red's Army (@RedsArmy_John) January 25, 2013 Taking Stock 4 Comments on Taking Stock: Celtics – Knicks

After every game, we’ll take stock of how each individual performance affects the player’s overall value.


Offense:     Defense:      Overall: 

You get a green arrow for the tripled double, but some of those turnovers late in the game were rough.

 Offense:        Defense:        Overall: 

He’s missing a bunch of shots he normally makes.  We’re just going to have to ride this out.  But defensively, he’s still a beast. The blocked shots were amazing, and he did work on the boards.

Offense:        Defense:         Overall: 

Yeah, I know, the shooting.  I get it.  Pierce actually did do good things in this game.  The problem is he saved his worst mistakes for the very end.

Wait.. here’s my Chuck impression:

Offense:        Defense:       Overall: 

Moving on….

Offense:         Defense:         Overall: 

He attacked the basket, which is nice.  But we need more out of him.  We just need more.

 Offense:         Defense:       Overall: 

Team high +12.



 Offense:         Defense:       Overall: 

He was going good early, and then he could never regain it after leaving the game.

 Offense:       Defense:        Overall: 

To me, more so than Pierce, more so than Green, more so than Rondo’s inconsistency….. THIS is the biggest problem with the Celtics.  This guy was supposed to be a “just add water” scorer.  He’s been nothing but a mirage for most of the season.

Call me crazy, I feel like he’s got a turnaround in him, though.  We’ve got to find out how that will happen.


 Offense:        Defense:        Overall: 

We need more from you too.  A game-low -17 won’t cut it.

 Offense:         Defense:        Overall: 

Tough match up facing Amar’e Stoudemire… and apparently Doc was experimenting with lineups that didn’t include Sully and KG.  Maybe not the right time to do that.


 Offense:         Defense:        Overall: 


 Offense:         Defense:        Overall: 

Barbosa should never be outscored by Collins. Ever.


   Substitutions:       Overall: 

Doc tried some new things, and I’m going to give him credit for that.  But I would have also liked to have seen some things that we know actually work.


Lumped into the rest of this season, this sucked.  On its own, there was enough positive in there to make this not a red arrow.  The effort and defense were there.   They held the Knicks to 38.6% shooting and 89 points.  That should be enough for a win.

But the offense is shit right now, even after all the moves the team made to improve it in the offseason.  We’ll see if they can turn it around in time.

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  • Silurus Glanis

    I only want to disagree with Doc’s rating: he needs to stop making Paul and Rajon play so many minutes. Look at what Popovich does with his stars/vets. Save them so they’re fresh when they are on the court, meanwhile get the other players some much needed burn. Also, pull them when they aren’t playing well. I really have been frustrated with the minutes guys are getting. And this is one the first night of a BtB…

    • eddysamson

      I agree. I feel like Green is the one in the most need of “much needed burn”.

      He needs some plays drawn up for him too, because they try to have him create his own offense like PP, but without the likes of Westbrook, Durant, and Harden around him he doesnt get the slack he needs to create his own offense.

    • KY Celts fan

      I’ll agree with you about Pierce. But Rondo is only 26, almost 27, and without any major leg injuries in his career. He should be able to take it.

  • Danno

    I completely agree about Terry. he’s the 2013 Sheed. good idea that just didn’t pan out.