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Folks, I’m not even going to insult your intelligence and try to break this all down in a recap. This one will be talked about for a while. I am as disgusted, saddened and frustrated as most every C’s fan is right now. I bleed green and love this organization with my heart and soul. But tonight was just an awful night to be a Celtics fan. We watched Boston build-up a 20+ point lead in the 1st half, only to let the Hawks go on a 19-0 run to start the 3rd. This game was over the minute Boston left the locker room after halftime. You just knew that once the Hawks tied it up, Boston was done. Sure, they forced double OT and even got back in the lead a few times, but you just knew they were going to lose. That’s been the major issue this year-this squad cannot give a full 48 minutes. Celts drop 6th game in a row, 123-111 to the Hawks in 2OT. Tip of the hat to Kyle Korver. Guy torched Boston in the 3rd & 4th Q’s for a record 8 three’s. His 27 points led all scorers. I’m at a loss for words right now so this will be a short recap. Would rather say nothing then go on an idiotic rant like I really want to. Still a C’s fan, but a very perplexed one at this point…

The Green:

  • Celtics went 20 of 20 from the FT line
  • Every Celtic that scored was in double-figures. KG led them with 24, Green had 17, Lee & Rondo had 16 each
  • Jet had his best game in a long time. 12 pts and 3 of 4 from downtown

The Gross:

  • Celtics let Hawks go on a 19-0 run, which gave them all the confidence they needed, to start 3rd quarter.
  • Bass & Sully were both scoreless in a combined 43 mins. against Atlanta’s big front line

The Grid:

  • Celtics 12 point loss in OT was worst overtime defeat (by margin) in franchise history
  • Rajon netted his 27th career triple-double and 2nd in 2 nights: 16 pts, 11 asts & 10 boards.

Boxscore|ESPN Recap


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  • celtics33

    Where is that guy who said the Celtics would easily win the next 3 games by at least 7 points? Ahhh nevermind.

    Well tonight the Celtics managed to set a record. They allowed the Hawks to overcome their biggest homecourt deficit EVER to win tonight!! Now this pathetic team will be in the record books at least.

    Tonight was a switch as Boston actually came out with energy and built a 27 point lead. They managed to play well for over a full quarter before imploding! After the collapse they put together a 10 point 4th quarter lead and blew that too!

    One thing that didn’t change tonight was Paul Pierce. He has aged 20 years in the last 2 weeks as his dead legs make him a complete liability. His offense was putrid, his defense was awful, he committed key turnovers, missed open teammates and couldn’t even box out for rebounds.

    Yet OF COURSE Doc Rivers goes to the awful Paul Pierce ISO at the end of OT! It was almost unbelievable to see Doc call that play for Pierce given his horrid play. Of course it missed and the Celtics ran out of gas in double OT.

    One of the worst regular season losses in recent Celtic’s history.

    What else is there left to do but blow the team up???

    • NorthernGreen

      I could see this coming from a mile away. When the game went to overtime and was down to the end, I knew Pierce was going to take that shot. Doc shows no imagination and Pierce has such an inflated ego that there was no other way in Doc’s mind that this was the way to go. But as seen too many times, this is the way that Doc sees it going but with a winning outcome. And Doc doesn’t have the gumption to tell Paul that he won’t be the one to take the last shot. The Hawks could see this coming as did the whole NBA! It has happened too many times. I place the blame squarely on Doc’s shoulders!!!

  • KY Celts fan

    BAG OF DICKS!!!!

  • Alex

    Paul Pierce is seriously ruining this team during this loss streak.

    I am not going to watch the Celtics vs Heat game. No way in hell am I going to watch it. I think I’m going to dedicate my hours of life on this planet in doing something productive rather than watch the Celtics take a huge dump on my face almost every night.

    Good night, everyone.

    *goes to the bathroom to clean off the blood pouring out of my eyes*

  • Ira Barrows

    OK Let me count the ways. First of all somehow there is free NBATV for some reason so I had to watch the game. When they stabilized at end of the half, I feared a letdown but hoped it wouldn’t come. After giving up a 19-0 run by letting a one dimensional guy do the only thing that keeps him in the lead, C’s got a 10 point lead with 4:43 left then proceeded to shoot themselves in the foot over and over.
    C’s best player is just so flawed that even in his good games he finds a way to cost. The lobs into traffic were just terrible.
    Pierce keeps going back to the iso so often that it makes me ill to watch. A half court heave would be a better option than driving into traffic.
    I’d say the C’s have hit bottom but it could get even worse. They’ve nipped the Wiz twice, lost to the Sixers when they couldn’t get off the winning shot, got blown out in Detroit twice, given away games to Cleveland and New York twice in a week and generally found creative ways to lose. Oh I forgot the big comeback against the Bulls that went South when Pierce got tied up and then the wrong Bull got to jump etc.
    I don’t know if we overestimated the talent or they just underachieve. I point fingers at everyone even including Doc but Bass and Terry really stand out as non-contributors.
    I’m coming to Boston next week for two games against meatball teams but am hardly sanguine about the outcome. Whatever, they are still my team and my life is good otherwise. I just wish I had waited to buy tickets as they probably will be really cheap next week.

    • Quest

      Yeah I bet tickets can be bought for bargain basement prices but then who wants to watch the Celtics be blown out by the Championship team.

  • Quest

    Thanks, hearing a break down of this game is too brutal This team does not have it to get to the next level. Those triple doubles of Rondo’s only positive is its raises his stock for trade bait because C’s sure lacking in assests. Man Sunday’s game is going to be hell. If the Celtics felt fatigued tonight wait till the Heat come. Ray’s walk to the other dark side may turn out to be a silver lining.

  • Aingelives

    Tough to watch in Ainge I trust.

    • kdb

      In 2010 – 2011 season Ainge built the team specifically to beat the lakers. How’d that work? Didn’t. In 2012-2013 he specifically built the team to beat the heat. ‘Nuff said!

      • Ghhkj

        Would’ve worked in 10-11 but when we traded perk it all went south

  • JJy

    I like reading this and the comments because it makes me realize I’m not alone in the deep, dark hole I feel like I’m in right now.

    • KWAPT

      We’re right there with ya’.

      • Who lives in Boston???

        Cheer up, at least you have great weater out east….,oh wait.

  • Curt

    Where are the guys from earlier??? How can we win if Rondo keeps getting triple doubles???

    • LAF

      don’t be stupid. rondo’s getting his points when he should be getting others involved. rondo’s control of the ball is also taking guys out of their rhythm.

      what is a PG’s job? to make his mates better, right? well, who on our team is playing better thanks to rondo? NOBODY.

  • Pete

    The goggles they do nothing!

  • NineSevenEight

    Softest team in the league….BY FAR! And I say that as a Celtics fan.

    This team has the most defiant disposition about them you’d think they were the top seed!

    Is there a team in the league that needs more coddling and pushing and prodding to do their jobs? “Play” 48 minutes a day 3 to 5 times a week and you’ll even get a break. Where do the rest of us sign up?

    It’s the most ununified team I’ve seen in a while. Just a bunch of individuals looking to create their own highlight reels. Whether it’s doing as little as physically possible while standing on the perimeter and bricking three after three to shake YOUR shooting woes or throwing up impossible passes into traffic to record YOUR assist or continuing to draw up the same ISO plays with the game on the line for a guy who can’t get his feet 3 inches off the floor…the list goes on. Forget trying to actually win a game, the supposed leaders on this team are doing the exact opposite of “giving the game what it needs”. Forget the oohs and ahhhs..forget silencing a crowd on the road with a back breaking three..maintain a damn lead and we’ll talk. The only guys with the same passion game in and game out are the same usual suspects.

    Pierce has been downright embarrassing. He looks like a vet who is not ready to adjust to a game that’s gotten younger and faster.

    Brandon Bass and Jeff Green keep tossing the award for biggest underacheiver back and forth like a hot potato. At least green can muster up the strength to show up every three to four games though.

    It’s time to stop talking and start doing. Continuing to draw up Iso plays for a player well past his prime and who’s been in a hellacious funk in no way exemplifies a coach and a team ready to turn over the keys to the young guys.

    Doc points the finger at himself but hasnt done anything. Try having pierce come off the bench for starters. Quit talking about changes and make them happen! Team’s a bunch of talkers from Doc on down.

    Sadly, this loss didnt surprise me and I cant even get angry anymore.

  • wil333

    breaking it up now may give the celtics more time with new team mates and spare us a horrendous start next season.

    I believe KG cant do it by himself in the front court anymore.

    Paul pierce heroics should be removed from the last second plays.

    Celtics is just a bad team. they could get better. But the pressure on KG to contest any inside shots is too much. lets hope Chris wilcox return’ will help


    man ive been a diehard fan for years and i cant even defend this years team its so sad when we’re up 27 points and i STILL have the gut feeling the celtics will lose..i love watching rondo play but watching these celtics play has been terrible i just about punched a hole through my futon when the hawks went on the 19-0 run….such a terrible couple of weeks for Boston fans


    i wish we could pick up josh smith

  • KY Celts fan

    I spent an hour so this afternoon defending Rondo, and I still stand by everything I said. But there is no defense for this team as a whole. Top to bottom, this team blows. Screw em all. Bunch of dicks.

    • Mohas

      What is wrong with this team? It is really getting me aggravated, we to do some trades before it is too late…

  • Mike C

    Sad to say, but the Celtics legacy had to come to an end at some point. All Celtics fans (me included) need to prepare ourselves for some tough seasons for the next 2 or 3 years, while this franchise rebuilds for a future run at a championship.

    • KWAPT

      Yep. Sad but true. Every era has it’s end..

      • Mike C

        @KWAPT: That picture of Nicolas Cage from the movie “8 Millimeter” was absolutely PERFECT. I think that says it all right now. Good post.

        • KWAPT

          Thanks Mike

  • GreenBirdCro

    And it all happens in the year of Dwightmare in LaLaLand
    Trades!!!!!!!!! A lot of ’em, and couple of sacks on the side, please…
    Pain in Croatia
    Wth did I woke up early to see this (went down after halftime)
    Agree, sooooo disgusted as well
    Come Sunday, dunno, just dunno…. How to fill that time, clear my mind, and forget
    Dunno, Dannyboy

  • To quote a very famous pasta sauce salesman who once walked through that door to coach the Celtics: “It sucks…and it stinks!”

  • tboy

    Should’ve never blown the lead but kg’s missed layup attempt with about a minute left could have won the game. He should have dunked it but I guess he saw josh smith in his rearview mirror. Pierce also missed a wide open terry at the end of ot1. That also could have won the game. Could have, would have, should have is this team’s mantra. I’m begining to think the kg era is done. “The truth” (PP) is just a lie now. It was a great run……1title, 2 finals, 3ecf apperances. (Should have been 3 titles but injuries plagued these celtics). Ray’s a traitor but he’s got vision. He saw what we didn’t until now. What started in 07-08 is officialy dead tonight jan 25 13. I’m still going to rock my celtic gear, I’m a celtic 4 LIFE but DANNY BOY…………….BLOW IT UP!!! Did anyone see kg’s expression and body language (and the conversation with himself) on the bench after he fouled out. Kinda like kobe on the bench after he came out of the grizzly game the other night……the losing is driving them crazy.

  • tyler

    I said it before and I will say it again. DA needs to make a major trade ore blow this team up!

    • Me

      minor only no need for a major

  • Mike C

    Since your only on here to antagonise Celtics fans, I’ll bite. I’ve always made it clear, that I wouldn’t care if the Celtics had the 29th worst record in the league, as long as the Lakers had the 30th. Tell me genius, how the Lakers at18 and 25 are doing better than the Celtics at 20 and 23. I’m going to head over to the Lakers blog now and stir up some of your teams fans. That should cheer me up.

    • yher

      Howard should stay…..Gasol should be traded for younger Gasol…Let D. Fish get back to original aquarium…Mike D antoni should quit his post…Let Kurt Rambis be the Head Coach….Go Lakers!!!!

  • Reggie35RIP

    24 minutes to build a 27 point lead. 6 minutes to lose it. Very disappointing.

    Green and Terry were on tonight they should have gotten more shots. And I’m not sure why Bradley wasn’t put on Korver earlier.

  • NateB


  • NateB

    You need to change the coach and get rid of the most selfish player in league history

  • Aingelives

    May you have meta world peace.

  • bop

    Send Pierce on a holiday to Siberia for all I care, His Pierce ISO go to move in the last 5 minutes of the game is sickening to watch.

    I just want to see what this team can do without their captain, No I don’t wish him injury or anything but this team’s overreliance on PP needs to be reviewed thoroughly by doc and his cohorts of useless assistant coaches.

    playing PP and KG for that matter in the entire 4th quarter without any blower whatsoever in the last 2 games which have resulted in both losses is a fault of doc and doc’s alone.

    Rondo is actually right… this team does need Rudy Gay, and yes, im all for PP and Gay trade.

    • yher

      Pierce and Garnett cannot be traded., they will retire as a Celtic….No teams would likely to accept them….Just trade Rondo to stop this stupidity….He’s the one who destroys the Celtics legacy like what had happened to Ray Allen’s departure…& he’s not the Captain…Just think of that…..

  • yher

    Just trade Rondo+Terry+Bass+ Wilcox to acquire J.Smith/ D. Cousins for Center JJ. Reddick/A. Rivers for Point Guards….it can be done..its not too late Doc……Go for it.

    • Me

      keep dreaming it wont happen

  • KG

    Paul Pierce and Barbosa for Gasol is a nice trade:

    • Me

      it’s a lol

      getting gasol don’t makes us contender

      and lakers?
      kobe with back-up of barbosa

      NO WAY!

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