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Recap: Celtics let one slip away, literally


The Celtics clawed their way back from a 10-point deficit in the 4th quarter only to fumble the ball out of bounds on two critical possessions late in the game. It was those  mental mistakes, courtesy Jason Terry and Paul Pierce, that cost them a chance at victory over the Knicks. The final score: NY 89 Bos 86.

The reason behind tonight’s loss was the shooting. The Celtics missed a TON of open jumpers. I won’t fault them for taking too many jumpers, because they were getting wide open looks from reasonable distances. They just couldn’t make shots. Cue Doc Rivers and the “it’s a make or miss league” quote.

I’m at a loss for words. When the Celtics need to score, they can’t. And when they need to buckle down on defense, they don’t.

The Green: Rajon Rondo was a spark plug all night long. He finished with his 27th career triple double: 23 points, 11 assists and 10 rebounds. Pierce had 22 points on 6-15 shooting, but most of his damage came in the first half.

Props to Kevin Garnett and Carmelo Anthony for playing a clean game. The two players greeted each other before the tip, and kept it civil.

The Gross:

The Celtics shooting:  31-76, 40% FG and 3-18, 17% 3 FG

Jason Terry had 2 points on 1-6 shooting. He’s invisible and on track to be the biggest bust in Boston since Ochocinco, Carl Crawford and [insert name here].

Amar’e Stoudemire (15 points, 9 rebounds, 2 blocks) worked over Jared Sullinger (7 points, 3 rebounds). Stoudemire is too athletic for Sullinger.

The Garden management deserves criticism and ridicule for its decision to remove all signs and t-shirts referencing Honey Nut Cheerios. What a silly overreaction.

The Greenlights:

KG stuffs Melo

Garnett feeds Pierce for dunk

The Grid:

  • Carmelo Anthony shot 11-28
  • Courtney Lee was a game high -17

Box score

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    The scoring droughts, 3 of 18 from downtown and seven missed FT’s just killed us. They have these spans, 2 huge ones tonight, where nobody can hit a shot. Nobody. Very winnable game tonight… Let me stop as I could go on for hours about how frustrating this is, as I’m sure all of us can.

  • Noori

    Despite Pierce’s mistake, we know he can still bring it and score. Trading him is a dumb notion.

    KG, Rondo and Pierce are still boss as far as I’m concerned.

    Terry and Bass are just non-factors and EXTREMELY disappointing

    • Noori

      Also Pierce has been killing the Knicks for years, I think he was due for one of these

      • Curt

        that, my celtics fan friend, is called the gambler’s fallacy

  • After the last couple, I was anxious to see what kind of effort the C’s would bring, and if they would sustain it. For the most part I thought they played OK, and if not for some of their usual problems like giving the knicks 2nd chances, they could have easily won this one. Forget the last two possessions, they’ve been very careless with the ball lately. Courtney Lee needs all of Terry’s minutes, all of em.

  • Quest

    Scoring droughts ongoing problem since 2008 Their defence up to now has compensated for it.
    Thank you Jackie Mac…Jeff Green playing like 1 st or 2 nd year guy. In 6th yr what you see is what you get not much changing.
    Celtics starting to equal “phantom” potential.
    Dark days ahead.
    Well I guess Rajon may end up celebrating all his triple doubles while watching the playoffs at home on his big screen TV.

  • Jaybahs

    This BLOWS … Enough said

  • celtics33

    Where is the who ripped me for daring to criticize the team and predicted the C’s would easily win the next 3 games by at least 7 points??? Yeah right that’s what I thought!

    Another dreadful offensive game highlighted by a complete failure to even get shots off in crunch time.

    Pierce had a great 2nd quarter then disappeared in the 2nd half. Seems like after one great quarter he was exhausted and couldn’t keep up the energy. The turnover on the last possession was bad enough but what about what he did right before?

    Pierce had a WIDE OPEN 17 foot jumper to tie the game from one of his all time favorite spots. Instead of taking the shot he passed to Avery Bradley who was ice cold for a 3 pointer! Bradley obviously was shocked to get that pass and put up an absolute brick.

    When Paul Pierce doesn’t even the confidence to take that shot it shows how rapidly his game is sinking. Hard to recall hardly ever in his career where the Captain gives up that shot.

    Jason Terry missed 4 wide open jumpers in the first half and continues to get worse which is hard to believe.

    Overall it’s just another home loss and now it’s 5 straight overall. This team is now a jump shooting team that can’t make jump shots! No one can hit 3 pointers and with no post presence they have no clue how to score consistently.

    If Boston doesn’t win the next 2 games it’s time for Danny to make big moves instead of just talking about it…

    • KY Celts fan

      “Pierce had a WIDE OPEN 17 foot jumper to tie the game from one of his all time favorite spots. Instead of taking the shot he passed to Avery Bradley who was ice cold for a 3 pointer! Bradley obviously was shocked to get that pass and put up an absolute brick.”

      I remember that play, and I remember screaming, “What are you doing? Shoot it!”

  • RedsLoveChild

    Looks like the Celtics of 2013 have finally found their “identity” that we keep hearing about…they suck.

    Another spectacular performance {9-for-24} from PP & KG–our two “ancient relics”. Let`s all keep pretending they are still relevant NBA stars.

    Seriously, build around AB, JS, RR…get rid of the rest.

    • Reggie35RIP

      Broken. Record.

    • Curt

      Build around them? How would they do this between now and the trade deadline? Either come up with something or stop describing problems without offering solutions.

      Who will they trade and for whom?

      What free agents will they sign?

      Otherwise, wait till the off season.

      Ideas? (feasible ones)

      • RedsLoveChild

        Obviously, it involves accepting the fact that they need to rebuild, and banner 18 will not happen immediately.

        It also requires that people finally stop being ultra-delusional, and accept the fact that the current roster couldn`t win a title even if the planes of the top 15 NBA teams were to crash between now and June.

        • Curt

          That’s what I mean…no actual answer. You’re just trying to be the first one bitching so that you can say “I told you so” when the Celtics don’t acheive something that only one team per year can achieve.

          You were probably saying all the same things during the first half last season too. Did you eat crow when they started winning or did you act like you were right all along?

          HOW can they build around the young guys? HOW??? You have no idea, do you?

          • KGino

            He doesn’t know anything about anything, Curt.

          • Curt

            Oooooh, well thanks for finally telling me.

          • RedsLoveChild


            How can you NOT build around young players? Get real!

            Who the hell are you suppose to build around…washed-up 36 year old fossils?!?

            OKC was built around young players. How`s that turning out, pretty good? Same thing with Chicago, Memphis. Possibly even GS and Indiana.

            It becomes way easier to sign top FA`s when they see a young, talented team progressing in building a winner.

          • Curt

            I agree that you have to build around good, young players. The question isn’t whether we should. The question is how?

            How would you go about it? Which of our overpaid/underperforming players do you think we can trade to pick up someone to save the team?

            What you’re offering is a “solution” without a mechanism for achieving said solution.

            It’s like resolving that the way to get over a wall is to fly over it. Fly over it with what? We can’t just grow wings and fly to the NBA championship.

            Danny drafter Bradley, Melo, and Sullinger. That seems like it could be fantastic. There’s a start.

            What does that leave us to use for achieving your “solution”?

          • RedsLoveChild

            That`s a tremendous start…especially if Melo pans out!

            Then it`s up to Ainge to get rid of the dead wood, clear salary space, get some draft picks in return, find young hungry overlooked “bigs” that are being misused/wasted by other teams. This is what DA is getting paid for!

            With a good core like that, a couple of overlooked athletic bigs…it won`t take long before top shelf FA`s agents, who are championship starved, will want to come here.

  • SamR

    Rondo had a monster game. 10-19 from the field, 3 of 4 from the line, 23 points (to lead the team) 11 assists (to lead the team) 10 rebounds (2nd on the team, leading them with 6 in the 2nd half), 3 steals. I don’t know what else he can do. A couple dumb turnovers but still just an awesome game.

    Would Pierce play better if he was under the same type of minute restriction that KG plays under?

  • LJ2

    what the team needs right now is a center like Perk….I think it’s safe to say now that Danny made a mistake with that trade….

  • KGino

    Why is Jeff green even on the floor in the fourth? To just stand there? C’mon doc

    • Green has the length and speed to be quite an effective defender against Melo. If Jeff can keep his defense consistent, everything else should turn out just fine with him I believe.

      • Quest

        IF…..that’s the problem….Doc out in the middle of the court in a game not practice and timeouts explaining things to JG who is a 6 yr vet.

    • Jester00

      Every time Jeff Green Shoots a 3 God kills a Kitten

      • eddysamson

        JG has been far more consistent with his corner 3 than anyone else on the team. AB will probably get back and get better, but so far he only had one game where that shot was on. JET and CLee rarely make it.

        • Jester00


          Green .325
          Terry .352
          Lee .342
          Laimbeer Lifetime .326


          • eddysamson

            I said corner 3. I meant that shot specifically. He hits it almost every time, but he misses other 3 shots as often as he hits the corner 3. So far Lee has been pretty off on that shot only makes 1 a week it seems like. JET doesnt often shoot it from the corner, but he’s been off on the corner shot when he’s tried. AB always takes that shot and so far isn’t doing that well with it with the exception of that 4-7 game.

    • KY Celts fan

      Knicks went big, we had to match size. It was either JG or Bass. JG is the better choice.

      • KGino

        Sully over green all day for that 4th q stretch. If the Knicks went big, in what world does JG count as a power forward???

    • Curt

      What I want to know is why weren’t the Celtics attacking Chandler/Stoudemire? They both had 5 fouls for the last 3 or 4 minutes? We never drove at them ONCE??? I put this loss on the coaches.

  • Me

    i traded mozgov and wilson chandler for green it works haha

    • Ash

      You really dont give up on that idea hey..

      • Me

        chandler plays better than green for me try it in nba2k13

  • Quest

    Ainge is stuck any worthy trades would have to include Rajon in the package. He doesn’t t have a lot of assets anymore. The plan was never for KG and Pierce to carry this Team this season. Their role was to provide vet experience for the young guys like JG , Lee who were to carry this team for the last run to Banner 18 before a complete rebuild. This team is turning into a bust. Is Larry Bird available. I think Doc and Bird would make an awesome team.

  • Reggie35RIP

    We played okish for three and a half quarters and at least hung with the Knicks despite our terrible shooting from the field. But we came out flat at the start of the forth and couldn’t buy a bucket. At least we managed to mount a comeback in the second half of the forth and we were right there at the end.

    There was some ugly play for sure and you could definitely point fingers, but this game was winnable so not too concerned.

    • RedsLoveChild

      Agree with the “not too concerned” part.

      It`s way too late to be “concerned”!

  • Reggie35RIP

    Sully on Amare was a bit daft. When’s Wilcox coming back? Haven’t heard boo about his situation for a while.

  • NateB

    Danny would likely trade anyone on the roster right now if it would improve the team over the next few years. The Pierce-KG era is effectively over. I would like to see Pierce close out the year here and then retire. Rondo, Green and Terry are the least likely to get traded; Rondo because they’re unlikely to get sufficient value back, and Green and Terry because NO ONE would trade for them with their contracts. It’s time to try to appreciate Pierce and KG as we watch their final season as Celtics.

  • True: Green should be more assertive and more consistent. Untrue: He’s a 6-yr vet? In years only — he skipped last year waiting for the bones in his chest to mend back together after heart surgery.
    Quest is 100% right when he points out that the scoring draughts go back to 2008. The C’s have ALWAYS had this confounding penchant for offensive slumps with the jumpshot. I just can’t completely understand why we don’t see more cuts and drives when these things happen.
    I wish I knew why Terry still seems to be outside of his comfort zone. No clue, but shooters gotta shoot and I’m sure Doc is trying to get him to get into the groove we know he can get in. Don’t forget all of the mind-bending slumps that Ray Allen used to go though over the course of a season. I think JT will find it. And I think the C’s aren’t as bad as their record has indicated over the past 20 games. Could a trade shake things up enough to provide a spark? It could, depending on who is going out and who is coming in. Could it also just blow a hole into the team psyche and end the season early as it did after Perkins/Green? Definitely. I think we’re going to be good. I know I sound crazy, but we’re not the Lakers. Juuuuust wait.

  • Brick James

    Pierce got lazy at the end of the game and he knew it, you could see it on his face. One handed catch attempt and making his move before he had the ball. Ugly and fugly. He’s looked ‘off’ all year.

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