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Bad-ass Melo needs a bodyguard in Boston

Wannabe tough guy Carmelo Anthony is so afraid of what Celtics fans might do to him tonight… he’s brought his bodyguard to Boston:

Carmelo Anthony has become public enemy No. 1 in Celtics Nation, which would explain the Knicks All-Star forward being accompanied by his own personal bodyguard as he ventured into hostile territory for Thursday’s game against Kevin Garnett and the Celtics.

It is not uncommon for superstar players, Kobe Bryant for example, to have their own security detail. The Knicks employ two security guards that are with the team at all times while Anthony’s bodyguard occasionally travels to road games.

I think my Twitter bud CSL Duke had the perfect reaction:

Melo is bringing his own security to Boston and we’re still talking about KG being “fake tough?”

Your pals in West Baltimore are shaking their heads at you Melo.

(h/t Slam)

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  • eddysamson

    Am I the only one that keeps seeing Melo and thinking Fab Melo?

    • High kf


      • KGino

        no… but were definitely the only people in the world who look at the word Melo and think of Fab Melo.. I can tell you that lol

        • eddysamson

          Well thats exactly what I mean haha…I read this article title and for a solid minute I was just like WTF? Why to protect him from hotel doors?

        • John clark

          But I wish it was him were talking about. We need a center who can protect the rim badly.

  • Stephanie

    First, he wants his money back from his suspension because “he didn’t do anything” and now this? Oh and lets not forget the extra monitoring of trash talk to him in NY.

    He needs to grow 2 pairs because obviously they keep dropping.

    • Tank

      U mean retracting. 🙂

    • Eddie Allen Powe

      I never liked him, he hijacked Denver for a trade demand just like Dwight did Orlando. KG sees these clowns and verbally attacks their insecurities.

  • Curt

    Isn’t he bringing security to protect against the fans as opposed to KG? I don’t see how this negates people calling KG “fake tough”. I think KG is faking it. He doesn’t want damage or maim them. He just wants to stir the pot, right?

    He’s my favorite player because he’s a complete player, mental and physical. If he is not faking it, and he actually IS willing to physically assault his opponents doesn’t that make him a criminal?

    “Fake tough” is a misnomer/label meant to insult him. Everyone knows he’s tough. Everyone knows he is running himself ragged because of his toughness. They just think he’s an asshole and want to discredit him.

    Am I wrong here?

    • KWAPT

      I don’t think you’re wrong, but I think the word “tough” is just interpreted differently by different people. The whole premise/meaning of “fake tough guy” or “studio gangster” is a guy who basically acts that way in situations where he knows there will be no circumstances. I.E. The kid who insults you in front of the teacher because he knows you won’t smack the sh*t out of him lest you get suspended from school. Or the guy who runs his mouth when he’s with 10 of his friends and you’re by yourself….things like that. But as far as mentally tough, I agree 100%-KG is. He plays mental chess while most play checkers.

  • Kevin Garnett

    I am gonna get expelled from the NBA forever for throwing elbows around like a wuss. Melo is going to rock our team tonight.

    • Curt

      KG, I usually hate it when you get on RedsArmy and spoil the suspense by telling us what you’re going to do before the game starts.

      Last time the Celtics played the Knicks, you even told us that you were going to make Carmelo look like a 14 year punk who couldn’t handle some trash talk, and then you backed it up. That was really cool.

      If you have to be a wuss tonight and hit people, would PLEASE at least hit Carmelo with your NBA Championship ring?

      • Kevin Garnett

        If I hit melo with with my championship ring what if it gets scratched by one of his olympic gold medals? waahh wahh I need to retire for the good of the sport of basketball :]

  • o2

    Curt – Spot on. Exactly right.

  • Mr. Rationale

    shit like this is why people hate blogs ….. sounds like the blogger wants to fight Melo himself?

    Melo is a hundred-million dollar athlete, ofcourse he’s going to have extra security in a hostile place ….. you think the Celtics didn’t have extra security detail in LA during the finals?

    • Curt

      Go ahead and quote the part where Chuck said/implied that he wants to fight Melo.

      I’ll wait.

      In the meantime, troll, he doesn’t need security because of his paycheck. He needs it because he decided to step into a pile of shit that he shouldn’t have.

    • Jaybahs

      Head of security was … SCAL


    There´s only one other guy who might need his bodyguards in Boston and we play him next week.

  • greenman

    Boston Fan’s are nuts! I would bring security if I was him. Can we really fault him for this? There’s always the chance a drunken fool crosses the line.

  • KGino

    Just look at Carmelo’s pic in this article.. it tells you all you need to know.

    Dude think’s he’s Frank Lucas or