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Your Morning Dump… Where Danny Ainge backpedals from Doc’s strong comments

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“Realistically, I don’t see major changes coming,” said Ainge, well aware that market factors and the Rubik’s Cube difficulties of finding a transaction that meets the needs of two teams at the same time conspire against blockbuster trades.

“Of course we’re trying to get better, and any deal that was available that could help us, you obviously do that. But we’re not just trying to make any deal. We’re not selling the team off or anything like that. We’re trying to win with what we have right now. That’s got to be our first objective.”

Herald – Ainge: Too soon for big changes

Doc Rivers was doing his job when he put everyone on notice after the abysmal performance in Detroit.  And now Danny Ainge is doing his job by easing up on the threat to move players who won’t adhere to the game plan. Who expects a GM to get fair trade value when he’s trying to move dysfunctional players?

Ainge says the problem isn’t isolated to one, two or even three guys:

“It’s a different guy each possession sometimes. As you watch the film of the game, it’s a different guy. It’s not like there’s one guy who’s not playing hard. On all these plays, there will be like one guy who’s just not trusting the assignments or who’s taking a shortcut. That’s just not what it takes to win, and our expectations are higher.

“Sometimes we just don’t play like a team where winning is the most important thing.”

So why the change in effort and attitude? Did the new guys not shed their bad habits? Or are they simply following in the footsteps of some of the veterans here?

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  • Me

    i really want to trade everyone but chemistry of the team will make it worst,

    our last option is brandon bass for timofey mozgov, i don’t really know if he is the answer

    but make a way to get anthony randolph too

    mozgov 7’1
    randolph 6’11


    bass 6’8

    • Adam stark

      I would even through in barbosa and even a cople of second round picks. Bigs don’t come cheap, I really think Mozgov could anchor the 2nd unit. Move sully to starting power forward and back him up with Randolph and Wilcox.

    • Alex

      I swear… the people that come up with these trade ideas are idiots. What does the other team get out of this trade? We get TWO good players out of ONE mediocre player?

      Use your head.

      • rjgheu

        The Nuggets don’t play Mozgov or Randolph, so it isn’t like the suggested trade was ridiculous. The Nuggets probably wouldn’t accept that trade though.

  • Me

    and if we want marcin gortat that would help us a lot, we gave talent to get talent

    • Me

      al jefferson is 6’10 chris wilcox is 6’10
      height kills us

  • Quest

    Not playing with a team attitude to winning…. Sounds like there is some serious chemistry problems in the locker room making Rondo’s statement that nothing is going to change a real concern. Not much out there for trade but not liking another season coming up with another new roster. Time to fix this revolving door.

  • Reggie35RIP

    !!! ESSAY ALERT !!!

    Even though Danny might just be paying some lip service to keep his players trade value high and ease the tension in the locker room a bit. I think there’s a lot of sense in what he’s saying.

    I think everyone just needs to stick with it for a while longer and try and figure things out. You can’t just quit the minute things aren’t going right.

    Even though we’re currently a .500 team, this team has only played 40 games together. And in that time players have been in and out through injury or suspension. That’s hardly long enough to build the kind of chemistry you need to survive through the tough times.

    Bradley came back and we looked good for a while, then he went out and we looked bad again. Sully is emerging, Green is inconsistent but getting there and Lee has tossed the headband and things are looking up for him. Terry still needs to figure things out and Wilcox will hopefully be back soon. The talent is there, everyone just needs to get on the same page and play basketball.

    What I find funny is that Doc’s going on about some players attitudes and wanting to “win easy” and wanting to “take the easy way out”. But in the same vein isn’t cutting bait and making a trade taking the easy way out? As opposed to sticking with what you’ve got and making it work? Who’s to say the players you bring in are necessarily going to be that much better than the players you’ve already got? Considering what we’ve got for trade bait I don’t see us getting anyone back that’s going to make a big difference. Also you’ve got to factor in the time it will take for the new pieces to gel – if they do. And we’re apparently already having enough trouble with that as it is.

    Remember only last week when we were playing well and on a six game win streak? Everyone was talking about how finally all our potential had come to fruition. I think that’s what made this three game losing streak that much harder to swallow. We all got a glimpse of how good this team could be. Then it was taken away from us just as quickly. But I think it’s a bit premature to blow things up after a few bad loses. That potential is still there.

    I think that six game win streak – while granted it wasn’t against the best teams in the league – proves that the pieces are there for us to be successful. It’s just a matter of everyone getting their heads in the game, taking some accountability and playing hard.

    Stand pat. Play hard.

    • Chris 2.0

      Very nicely put. I agree 100%. We gotta look at the forest through the trees. If all of these guys buy-in and give 100% on both ends of the floor, this team will be winning much more often.
      The talent is there, now comes the hard part…EFFORT.

    • Curt

      You reminded me of a good point too. Rondo needs to start wearing his headband again. If he has to pay a fine to wear it upside down, who cares? We need those wins back.

  • Jester00

    um I blame this all on Danny for signing Jeff Green to a awful awful awful awful awful awful awful awful deal That is all!

    • SF Celts fan

      I agree! Danny Ainge’s is the problem. He’s making excuses for his coach’s inability to motivate, his players inability to trust each other and his own inability to make a deal happen. LAME!!!

  • Stephanie

    This is pretty much lip service from Doc. First he called them soft to get them to play harder now he’s threatening their jobs.

    Has he ever made a public statement like that before?

  • RedsLoveChild

    The Celtics have actually overachieved this season.

    They play without a true center…Pierce & KG are “ancient relics” from a previous era…they are the worst rebounding team in the NBA…their “faux star” PG dreams of the day he will make 65% of his FTA…the bench consists of two recovering heart patients.

    To have a 20-20 record is nothing short of a miracle!

    • Stephanie

      Rondo not making his FTA isn’t new..let’s not put it just on our “faux star”. The entire team, especially KG and PP, is missing FT’s, it’s unreal how bad they’ve been.

      • LAF

        the only guy on the team who consistenly doesn’t play hard is rondo so it’s laughable to watch him call out his teammates. terry’s always been a horrible defender. bass is mark blount 2.0. collins plays hard. pp & kg do all the right things except their shots aren’t falling like they used to but they will. why isn’t wilcox playing over mini mark blount? sully is great. avery rules. green and lee are lost because rondo won’t get them involved. why isn’t the blur playing over terry? but our biggest problem is rondo. he’s not a leader. he’s not even a good PG. a unique talent, sure. but just not a fundamentally sound player nor a winner.


    • Curt

      I finally agree with you, LoveChild. The Celtics are terrible. Paul Pierce is barely a top five scorer in the East, KG really never knew anything about basketball or hustle, Rondo drives the rim too much, and Jeff Green & Wilcox don’t know how to play team basketball. Maybe they should trade everyone for the entire Miami Heat roster. I don’t care what the trade machine says…Danny will find a way.

      • Shawn


  • Nathan

    Lets wait nd see how we look against Miami on sunday

  • Curt

    Terrible move by Danny. You can’t go and contradict your coach kike that. Now it just looks like management is the main problem. Sounds like Doc and Danny don’t communicate though I am sure they do. This is a shot in the foot for effective management.

  • Larry Legend

    Can we put a limit in how long an “essay” people can write on this blog?! My god people…can we keep it toba paragraph or two at most?! Some of these posts make my eyes hurt…almost as much as the Celtics make my head hurt. This team is on life support with defibrillators ready to be used at any moment…I’m giving them a week to show something. If they don’t I’m done. Period point blank.

  • Nathan how can we tweak this trade to make it work? then bring dooling out of retirement and find a way to trade Courtney lee for peaches when he becomes available

    • Curt

      That trade can never work without 6 other players and 2 more teams…Danny paid them too much…

      • Nathan

        It was a joke

        • Curt

          Oh I know. “Danny paid them too much” was really all I wanted to convey. But I do like your creativity. Maybe you’ll come up with something he can use. 🙂

  • Spike

    Red’s Army Comments logic:
    Barbosa and Bass (reluctantly) for Gortat and a draft pick.

    Danny Ainge logic:
    Rondo and AB for 2 random wing players, a 7th round draft pick, and another 2 years for Jeff Green.

    What will actually happen:
    Barbosa and Bass for a couple of wing players.

    • Curt


    • Curt

      For real though…what happened to everyone thinking Danny is a genius for pulling of the trades that got us the last ring?

  • G4L

    Gasol to C’s? It could work. Lakers need to get young & depth. I doubt it would happen but Ainge can do it..

    • KY Celts fan

      I wouldn’t mind Gasol on the team, but no why try to include Royce White? No way we need to take on that headcase. Besides, we already have Sully who plays a similar game to White and has proven himself.

      • G4L

        For two reasons.
        1.Boston needs to make the trade worth while for Houston cuz J. Terry isnt really killing it for the C’s & getting out of White might be enough for them.

        2. The C’s already have 2 open roster spots with out White you have 4 Open spots.

        White might be worth “grooming” if for no other reason than a trade chip if he figures out his issues. Plus White can play the 3 He wouldnt take Sully’s spot.

  • TommyPoints

    Something will happen…Danny is speaking between the lines. He can’t let himself come off as if the C’s are desperate for change because it puts us in a vulnerable position where other teams have an advantage when attempting to make deals with us. If this happens we will get the shortest straw.

    Personally I hope nothing happens because I still believe this team can figure it out and I’m afraid any move made (especially with Danny’s track record) will just destroy team morale. However, I agree it does sound that things are not going well behind closed doors currently. Something needs to change, just not so sure it has to be a move.

    • Curt

      Nothing destroys team morale as much as losing. I don’t even know the players personally, but you can run and tell that.

  • TommyPoints

    Oh, and just for the record if we trade Sully if people thought the Boston Massacre started with a single snow snowball and that was a big deal, I say we camp outside with snowballs by the 100’s and pepper Ainge with everything we’ve got when that fool steps out!

    • Curt

      Somehow, that really makes me want to live in Boston.

    • eddysamson

      I’d be down for that, but hes not going anywhere regardless!

  • eddysamson

    I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if Ainge either does nothing, or does something really small no one saw coming (like get us another backup wing).

    I think Ainge is banking on Melo developing up into something more useful than Collins before the spring-time.

    • Curt

      If all he’s going to do is get another wing why let Kris go? I mean, he was cheap, not too bad and not THAT much else is available. I realize it frees him up to do some sign-and-trade moves or whatever else he may want to attempt, but one would like to think that Varnado and Joseph were waived in order to allow Danny to get players we need instead of something no one saw coming.

      • eddysamson

        Well they signed Varnado and dumped him shortly later. Seems they can change their minds pretty quick.

        My guess is its because of how streaky we’ve been. The losing streak that sparked the waiving of those 2 (and trade talks) was followed by a win streak that squelched all trade talks. But now were back to a losing streak so people are saying trade again…probably depends on how these next 2 weeks go.

        • Curt

          My guess is that DA let KJ go so he would have a chance to play somewhere, much like E’twan Moore. If so, that’s classy.

          • eddysamson

            its too bad he couldnt stay, Paul Pierce was his idol!

  • Verde17

    Send Jeff Green, Brandon Bass, J Terry to Utah for big Al and D Favors!! I don’t think big Al would be back in Utah after this year, so why not get something in return! I know they’re getting a bunch of plastic ppl but is better than nothing!! Yeah I know I’m dreaming!!lol

  • jon

    There isn’t enough time to list the Celtics’ woes. First & foremost they simply do not possess the athleticism needed to compete with the top teams.

    As fans, we see it in our jump-shooting/no-board offense, & the inability to stop the ball in transition or prevent easy shots… and if we see it, you better believe the opposition sees it and knows how to exploit it!

    Pierce & KG simply cannot create their own offense like in 2008. It’s not their fault, or like they aren’t trying… age & injury are simply part of the game. I remember when The Truth could beat anybody off the dribble. We see flashes still. The same with KG. There was a time when his athleticism and terror on the boards was unbelievable… not to mention intimidating! Now, they are spot shooters that don’t play above the rim when they get in the lane.

    Rondo is unbelievable, but he just does not have the frontline weapons that will run the floor with him and can physically battle rim to rim. Here’s where some of the blame has to be put on the coaching and the front office. Rondo has guys like Jeff Green, Chris Wilcox and Avery Bradley who can play above the rim and are very athletic… but they don’t get the time. We drafted a 7 footer because we have a problem inside, yet we ship hi off to Maine. Let him make the mistakes here, and learn from KG like Sullinger is doing!

    Brandon Bass is useless – especially alongside Pierce & KG. That’s 3 jumpshooters in the starting frontline. Are you kidding me?

    At least with Big Baby, Perk, Posey & Toney Allen we had a DEFENSIVE culture where WE dictated the tempo through defense, even against the OKC’s of the league. Those core players are gone, and their replacements don’t buy-in. Ownership got cheap with every one of those former Celtics and let them get away. Also, they have traded away picks and turned-over the bench nearly every year! Ownership needs to spend some money.

    I would start Jeff Green and play Pierce as the 6th man. Fab Melo has to be given a chance, same with Chris Wilcox! Get Brandon Bass out of here. He is a disgrace to the uniform. When we read that “not everybody buys-in”… it’s pretty easy to tell who they are talking about (Bass, Terry, Barbosa, etc.).

    Make a deal Danny