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Your Morning Dump… Where Doc puts everyone on notice

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“I think this team wants everything easy. They want the easy way out. They want to win easy. And I told them the only way you’re going to win easy is your going to have to play hard. The harder you play, the easier the games become. We’re taking the wrong approach. I gotta either find the right combination, the right guys, or we’re going to get some guys out of here. It’s the bottom line. Because this group right now, they are not playing right. It’s in them to play right. But right now they haven’t been — either because I’m not getting to them, or they are not getting to each other. But at the end of the day, either we gotta do that, or we gotta make changes.”

ESPN Boston: Doc’s take: “We’re playing awful”

There it is.  Laid out for everyone to see.  Doc Rivers has had enough.

I didn’t watch last night’s game.  I was watching another local team crap itself and when I came home to turn on the DVR, I was practically begged not to watch it by people on Twitter concerned for my safety.  So I’m blissfully unaware of the extent of last night’s mess.

Regardless, I’ve seen this kind of game before with this team.  I’m guessing it went something like:  (a) Come out soft against a team you should destroy (b) make a big comeback (c) feel good about the comeback and relax (d) other team runs away with it at the end.

The problem this year is that the Celtics are just not in any kind of position to keep doing it.  They missed golden opportunities to climb into the top half of the playoff seeding, and now they’re back down to being .500 and an 8th seed.  We can point to last year all we want, but this year’s different.  There are a lot of new guys on this year’s team.  And maybe that’s a bigger problem than we thought

“For me, it’s too laxed; our locker room is too laxed,” Rondo said. “Even though a lot of guy’s personalities are laid back. But we all got to this level by competing. And right now, the talent we have, the record is embarrassing. Until guys get sick and fed with it, I don’t know if things are going to change. We still have to go out there and play the game.”

I’m not sure of more guys flipping tables after losses is the answer either.  People are who they are, and laid back guys aren’t going to suddenly become more intense.

No, the answer lies within the threat, and the Celtics willingness to carry it out.  Because once you make it, y0u’d better be ready to do it.

That’s how it is with any kind of threat.  And Doc may just back pedal a bit today off his heat-of-the-moment comments… but the facts are what they are:

  • The Celtics, especially after the contracts given to Kevin Garnett and Jason Terry, are in “win now” mode.
  • The Celtics are vastly under-achieving and they rely on one player (Avery Bradley) too much.
  • Doc Rivers is not going anywhere.

What happens when a win-now team greatly under-achieves  and there’s no chance of firing the coach?  You move players.  Doc know it.  Danny knows it.  And now the team knows that it’s on the minds of the men who can make it happen.

Now, the players can strip away the bullshit fans want to hear… the “fans expect more” or the “we have to live up to the tradition of the Celtics” or any of that…

Players on this team are now playing for their jobs and reputations.  If you’re a Celtic and you’re listening to what Doc said and you take it to heart, understand that you now have one goal in mind: and that’s to keep your job.  If you go out every night and play like your job depends on it, then maybe the fans will get the very fortunate by-product of that…. wins.

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  • Noori

    We all wanted young guys to run with Rondo but didn’t realize young guys have a shitty work ethic and are a product of a league where everyone is friends with everyone, and no one really has competitive fire anymore.

    • eddysamson

      If thats the case whats up with OKC?

      • Kricky

        Who are these lazy young guys you are talking about?

        The guys who are underachieving (Terry, Lee and Green) are all vets. I don’t consider them particularly young.

        The real young guys on this team (Sully, Bradely) are working their asses off.

  • Matt W

    Agreed. I’d hate to see this team blown up, but if we look like this in mid-February, there’s really no choice.

  • Me

    Doc Rivers Is Really Frustrated On His Team, At Some Point, Doc Rivers As A Coach Had Some Mistakes Too

    Like Not Putting Darko Milicic
    Using Collins
    Not Giving A Chance Of Jarvis Varnando And Kris Joseph

    Not Giving Minutes On Barbosa

    And Not Trying A Quick Line-Up


    And Danny Ainge Has A Second Thought If This Team He Puts Up Are Contenders Or Not, And The Breaking Of Chemistry Issues

    I Know Doc Will Be Happy If He Saw A Big Man Grabbing Rebounds Box Out Hustle Put Backs (Specially Offensive Rebounds)

    For Me The Players Must Be Traded Are:

    Since Leandro Barbosa Asked For Released Its Still 50/50 If He Will Be Traded Or Not

    Jason Collins
    Brandon Bass

    Jason Terry Can Be Sign In Trade Next-Years Season

    Chris Wilcox Is A Good Quick Center 6’10 For A Quick Line-Up


    Bass For Samuel Dalembert (Straight)


    Bass For Timofey Mozgov And Anthony Randolph

    Giving Us 2 Big Man

    (If Ever Denver Nuggets Really Needs A Back-Up PF Floor Spacer)

    And Trading Bass Does Not Mean Chemistry Will Be Broken Up

    Even Trading Jason Collins

    So Those 2 Players Can Go

    • Shawn

      Again Bass has little to no value at this point in time. While denver could use a floor spacer at pf he would be a backup and makes too much as well as not being as valuable as mosgov.

      • Me



        while mozgov is 0 minutes or 24 seconds because of mcgee and koufos

        also anthony randolph

        so i’ll take those 2 anytime anyday just up to danny ainge maybe add some picks too

        • kg

          What’s with the title format?lol

        • sev

          if he can score and rebound, why are we trading him. I think the prob is not everybody has bought into winning which requires players to sacrifice min and when doing that your production obviously takes a big dip….some of these guys might not be happy when they look at their numbers, and for a lot of players they need to be productive in order to be focused and give it their all. It’s easier to bust your ass when your scoring and making plays, plus some of these guys(green) might need more min to get comfortable which helps them produce. Not everybody is happy sacrificing their old roles to do the dirty work and score when needed.

          • Me

            the problem is size

            no box out

            he can get 7 rebounds below

            only 10 points below

            in denver he may somehow help them

            as a back up for farried

            bass is better than those 2 but, giving us 2 bigman i’d take it

            we have a roation of PF and C

            and next season released COLLINS and maybe sign in trade others

    • Matt W

      This post reads like the title of a Fiona Apple record.

      • Me

        lol we have no choice unless you want al jeff giving some bench for utah or marcin gortat or varejao, as i’ve said up to danny but the trades for dalembert or mozgov can really happen, it’s really up to danny who will he give up, and as i’ve said again without any hesitation brandon bass goodbye, maybe you fit in other teams

        • Curt

          Well Varejao isn’t an option now.

          • Me

            maybe next season we need him, even we put him on PF, a dou of KG and mozgov, sully and varejao, and or melo or wilxoc or rotation, i don’t know if randolph is with us, but i know melo will still be in d-league developing

    • Willow Green

      Darko was injured at the time. Ans before the C’s could give him time he opt out to gotake care of his mom. its not docs fault.

      Playing Collins is always an option.Unless you want KG to play 40 a game.

      Doc Rivers did the right thing not playing barbosa. Jet is a much needed jumpshooter, Lee is the defense. Doc shouldve played him when the team struggles to score.

      but still, if the c’s want to get a grip of thing chemistry must be made and that is why the rotation is getting shortened.

      and we dont need a quick line up, we need them to play better. Celtics line up is always quick, hence the lack of size

      • Me

        i understand what you are saying,

        but doc rivers like to play small

        i don’t think kg and pierce should be in it,

        they can cope up with our young players

        we have that now, the only problem now is going big, but it’s not really easy just trade someone, but if have to choose bass can go somewhere else,

        big baby is doing his thing in orlando
        i think in some point we shouldn’t have traded him or trade him for a center

        • Me

          i mean they can’t cope up, to slow and too tired, if we really have a good bench like spurs so that kg and pierce can rest 2 or 3 days

  • Double P

    I really question the ability of critical thinking with some people. Does anyone consider the other team when throwing trade ideas around? Who the hell wants Jason Collins? I think doc is speaking about jet, Courtney lee, bass, and Jeff green… Which oddly enough is all the offseason acquisitions. These guys got paid and are just along for the ride of being a Celtic not committed to being a great team

    • stephanie

      I wouldn’t exactly put Lee in that category. When he’s out there he’s hustling and trying to make plays. Jet hasn’t gelled with team yet.

  • Gil305

    If you would’ve told me 3 months ago this team would be 20 – 20 I would’ve laughed. SMH
    Changes do need to be made but I don’t see a way of “trading up”. Really, like how who’s gonna take Bass and give up a better PF???

  • I care

    Doc rivers is to big headed to see that the celtics had al the pieces they needed they had players who knew their role such as pietrus Daniels stesima and the celtics kept bass I’m sorry but in the league today how many players do you see dunk the celtics take way to many 3s they need to pound the paint and become a threat in the hole the player with the most athletic ability on the team is green

    • Me

      you know what i like pietrus, even he does not score he defended well those SF, when pierce needs a rest, pietrus defended lebron well, at least he contain lebron,

      and if ever bradley was playing

      that is the reason we went to winning streak last year

      pietrus + bradley = defense

      steimsma really helps us a lot, better than jason collins

      dooling has the veteran presence that we really needed

      the other ryan hollins and the others was just a bench players….

      even without ray we still managed to win last years

      terry said in interview, me and ray are different, i’m not trying to be him, we don’t have the same height,

      for me terry just need to sit and come off the bench…

      lee is better defensively, he hustles very quick player

      barbosa is not even a PG, he is a real SG

      green just came from heart surgery, i understand that, but maybe we let him play step by step, because he just came from surgery at least give him more time…

      and my other question about green is,
      is he worth 9%million salary?

      if you see a trade perkins to jeff green
      i think it’s really a good trade…

      if we have perkins right now it changes nothing, but if we have perkins and out sf is pietrus, maybe it will sound good

      for now jeff green is better pick-up than perkins

      but the salary is too much for me

      rondo holds the ball too long and it goes to turn-overs

      bradley is a really sick lock down defender like tony allen, but injury problems, we can never tell

      kg is still a good pf to me, rather than a C
      putting KG at C with young big bodies C
      kg will definitely loose, DRUMMOND, BROOK LOPEZ, DWIGHT HOWARD etc etc;

      KG just needs a rest, we need to put him back at PF with sully more minutes to develop, and get a help at Center with a nice substitute CENTER too

      Collins gets 1 or 2 rebounds with 2 or 0 points in 30 or 20 minutes, i don’t know why danny picked him, for the playoffs? brooklyn’s 5 big man? sixers andrew bynum?

      wilcox is too small for a center 6’10
      but good for a quick and small line-up
      and again he is at his age peak limits

      bass is a good floor spacer but no box out too small, 7 rebounds below or sometimes and most of the time 4 rebounds only with 10 or 11 points below…

      he really gives floor spacing to rondo
      but the height kills us

      last years playoffs bass shoots the ball defended by haslem
      bass misses bosh and lebron are on the way to grab that ball for defensive rebound

      and since KG does not really or maybe hates rebounds we have a problem

      for me i think kg has a better rebounding percentage when he is in PF position, but the help is collins with 1 or 2 rebounds only

      sullinger is really a promising player, need more mentoring from kg, he can be like j.j. hickson double double guy

      melo is good, but d-league is different from real NBA game, maybe 3 or 4 years more to develop, or maybe like varejao at the age of 30 he flourished late

      i don’t know if k-mart will help, saw him at l.a. clippers.. hhmm! maybe full of PF there

      we can try in d-league again if we want to
      i have a list here

      From D-League Experts’ List (none of them is under other NBA team contract):
      Jerome Jordan, 7’0’, 26 yrs old
      Arinze Onuaku, 6’9’, 25 yrs old
      Chris Wright (Maine), 6’8’, 24 yrs old
      DaJuan Summers (Maine), 6’8’, 25 yrs old
      Luke Harangody (former Celtic), 6’8’, 25 yrs old
      Tim Ohlbrecht, 6’11’, 24 yrs old
      Chris Johnson (former Celtic), 6’11’, 27 yrs old
      Hassan Whiteside, 7’0’, (soon to be) 24 yrs old
      Henry Sims, 7’0’, (soon to be) 23 yrs old
      Tyler Wilkerson, 6’8’, 25 yrs old
      Vernon Macklin, 6’10″, 26 yrs old
      Rick Jackson, 6’9’, (soon to be) 24 yrs old
      JaJuan Johnson (former Celtic), 6’10’, (soon to be) 24 yrs old
      James Mays, 6’9’, (soon to be) 27 yrs old

      i wish danny ainge pick any of them,

      but leaving us 2 empty roster spot
      i think a trade will come this mid-season

      maybe we trade 1 player and we acquire 2 from them, as i’ve said

      like bass for mozgov and randolph

      REACT NOW ^_^

  • LadyT2g

    I don’t see it falling squarely on Doc. We may want a certain player to get in the floor but if that player hasn’t proved himself in practice, esp when it comes to defense, that player doesn’t and shouldn’t see much time on the floor. There are some expendable guys but this group (as is really) has what it takes. They probably show it in practice and show flashes of it in games but are not consistent. This is where the problem lies with this group. We are used to them bringing it every night. Some of these guys don’t want to. We have been very hard on Lee and Green, but Lee gives his all even if his shot is off. He is our second AB out there and he will only get better. Green is consistent in D, but his offense will get better with more PT. I think we should keep them and part with some version of Bass, Terry/Barbosa, and Collins. We’ll be fine once our vets hold the rest of the team responsible for their effort as well

    • CPUFC

      I do. He has squandered opportunity after opportunity since 08. Benching Michael Finley in the 2010 Finals while Judas shot 0-13. Using guys as benchwarmers and running a babysitting clinic. Commonly referring to those who he didnt give minutes to as ”he isn’t ready yet”. Letting proven talent like Stiemsma go and signing unproven talent like Jeff Green. If only he had given another couple of mil to GS, we could have secured his talent as part of the new generation of Celtics. Letting Semih Erden go when he was playing good with KG. And my favorite of all the ”we have to keep up with Miami” comment at the beginning of this season. Doc is a failure is he should be the first to go if head should roll.

      • KY Celts fan

        you are so ignorant to how the NBA works, it’s just sad.

      • dk

        you know Doc’s not the GM right? His job does not include signing and trading players. That’s Danny’s job. And Michael Finley was awful in 2010. He would make 1 shot a game and was terrible on D

        • CPUFC

          Really, I didn’t know that. Thank you for enlightening me o wise 1 lol. Yeah because that´s about how long Doc plays guys off his bench. Look at the way he wastes the talent of Barbosa. So you gonna nitpick 1 out of many comments I said…what´s your take on the rest of em. Are you going to consider those or be another Doc Rivers a– kisser. That guys rotations suck and you can’t deny that. He runs the starting five into the ground while leaving guys on the bench because he doesn’t have enough faith in them. He is the coach and has to take responsibility in the fact that his system ain’t working. Sure the GM aint without fault either. A 36 mil contract to Green was a stupid move to say the least.

          • dk

            I agree with your statements about the rotations..and at times his subbing patterns are questionable, like why he didn’t go back to that same small ball lineup more in the second half when it was working earlier. I’m not saying he’s not to blame as well, nor am I a Doc apologist, but you cannot blame the coach for the personnel decisions that the team made and whether certain guys were re-signed or traded. Thats not on Doc.

            I do think Doc rides Pierce too much for no other reason than its “Paul Pierce” I think he should consider either giving him and KG nights off like the Spurs do or putting Pierce on a minute limitation like KG has. KG and Pierce are in the exact same situation as Duncan, Manu, Parker–yet our guys are out there every night playing.

          • Curt

            Except if you give KG a night off, then we’d get beat about 200 to 56.

          • CPUFC

            Agreed, the GM is also accountable for what goes on behind the scenes but Doc is the head guy of this team and nothing goes down on the court without his say so. Both coach and GM would have met before the season and said who do we need on this team? The coach ain´t gonna be kept in the dark about that. I´m just tired of seeing Doc standing on the sidelines with his arms folded and not open to inventive ideas to make this team work better. And the latest headline reads Celtics covet JJ Redick. Oh great, that makes me feel better already, maybe Doc can play him at PF or C. That’s where we need somebody.

          • Jester00

            Doc cost us game 6 2010 dressing stone hands Williams instead of Scally when Perk went down I will never forgive him that god awful mistake He has no Idea what he does

    • mike

      agreed. No one has gotten consistent minutes on this team except rondo, Pierce and KG. Doc needs to pick a rotation and stick with it. ANd he needs to not be afraid to play Pierce less or Terry less when they are not playing well. Give Green and Barbosa some more minutes. This team could use some defensive minded bigs. We have 2 roster spots and players like Mozgov and Dalembert could possible be had for cheap if their teams simply choose to waive them at the trade deadline. Ainge must have that on his mind also.

  • dk

    In watching the game last night and reading the articles, I find it interesting and somehwat hypocritical how Rondo joins in on the quotes disparaging the team like he had nothing to do with it. “our record is embarassing, its too lax.” Last night Rondo again consistently threw the ball away with lazy passes and ole` defense once again. If Rondo’s the “leader” it starts with his example. Friday he was great but he doesn’t bring it every night. This team still hinges on KG and Pierce–and not Rondo.

    I think Doc’s assessment of this team is accurate, its a lack of effort. This game last night was an exact replica of the NO game. Shitty start, couldn’t hit a barn, yet refusing to stop shooting jumpshots and take the ball to the basket, and Rondo looking disinterested and playing shitty defense and throwing the ball away. What’s especially jarring is they were playing a team that just came back from EUROPE!!! Celtics had a gift of a schedule these last days playing most of their games at home every other day. It’s not going to get any better than that.

  • Willow Green

    We shoukd get Josh Smith while ATLs season is in peril with lou williams out. Shake the roster up, its obvious that the C’s wont click. We Are a deep team so we have trade pieces to build for the future

    • Me


      if im atlanta hawks

      i want bradley and sully

      we are clearing some cap salary
      we don’t need huge contracts of green and bass


      i’ll hang up the phone


      and signing j-smoove for max contract 5 years 100$million MY GOD!

      we are stuck at PF, i don’t think we can still sign someone unless KG AND PIERCE AND RONDO inlcuded in the trade to altanta

      and even if this team don’t win finals at least they made it to playoffs

      and trading all our bench players? just for 1 players? is a HELL NO! take your talent somewhere, we don’t want to be like miami heat with the big 3 with huge contracts

      and mid-season chemistry fixing?
      people will just say oh it really sucks
      we didn’t make it to playoffs with smith on us because we traded all our bench players

      and if you are thinking RONDO AND SMITH WILL RUN THIS TEAM AND WIN A RING banner #18 or banner #19?

      KEEP DREAMING it won’t happen
      as i’ve said bradley and sully will be included in the trade with low salary contarct and 2 promising players for a player you think is good and has a high value


      he misses a lot of shots

      he gets 4 or 3 rebounds sometime 10 or 11

      and the problem is since you want green for smith

      lets say pierce is injured who would you put as starter SMITH? who will be our PF KG? (i know atlanta will demand for sully) who will be our center?

      but i wont happen as i’ve said 100$million contract + KG huge contract + pierce + rondo contract? we are stuck at PF SALARY 100$ million


      some says smith and rondo are friends
      and played together before

      is that a good and valid reason?

      rondo passing the ball to smith?

      while RONDO gets 10+ turnovers per game


      BAD IDEA

      if i trade green 100% would help us low post scorer rebounder MARCIN GORTAT AL JEFF OR HICKSON or really take a gamble on mozgov

  • doc rivers

    Y’all right y’know. I need to distribute playing time and let my second unit play.

    Seriously though…if i was doc. I would play all first or all second unit at one time to give them more confidence and keep fresh legs on the court

  • eddysamson

    I feel like JG needs to start or get minutes on par with a starter. In place of PP would be ideal, but I cant see that happening so in place of BB. Either way he needs a more prominent role, force him back to his old OKC mindset and ignite our stagnant offense…

  • Larry Legend

    I’ve said it before and I’m gonna say it again: Rondo being the leader of this team is an issue. He’s a bad attitude guy. He pouts. He bitches. He’s capable of greatness, yet just as capable of killing his team. Rondo as the face of the franchise does not work and it never will. He’s very talented, but he’s very inconsistent as a player and a teammate…can’t build around him.

  • Jaybahs

    I’m just sick and tired of this shit all together … You got this team just losing games left and right with a roster that I thought would be magnificent. You got guys like Jeff Green on twitter saying all this stupid shit about his Louis Vuitton Luggage after losses like this … I can’t take it …

    • dk

      LOL +1

  • Doc Rivers is an idiot. Does he not realize that the first person the Celtics will get rid of is the coach? Actually the Cs should fire danny Ainge for his poor roster moves. I mean signing Garnett to three years and 36$ million? That was just dumb because now the Celtics are now stuck with an untradable contract of a guy who is WAY past his prime.

    • Curt

      That’s all fine and good about KG, but he’s the most valuable player the Celtics have.

      Maybe Sully has a better +/-, but KG is his mentor and when he leaves the court you know the score goes to hell.

    • frickenWaaaltaaah

      You’re probably a fan of some other team and you want Doc.

      If Doc were fired, it would start a feeding frenzy. There are teams that would fire their coach to hire him.

      Doc Rivers 4 life, dude.

      • Me


        DOC RIVERS



  • BleedingGreen

    man Slap Dog … take KG out of the celtics and you take what little heart they are embarrassing trying to show their fans. look around the league 36mil for 3 years for an all-star starter w/his exp is not a bad deal. 4 months ago everyone was nominating DA for an award now it’s his head on a stick …lmfao.

    i only agree w/DOC being an stubborn idiot that the noise is getting louder for his job, he’s throwing down the ‘guantlet’ LoL …he lost back to back to his asst coaches (Both EXCELLENT coaches)

    sink terry on the bench minutes for lee and barbosa. play sulli more (who cares about fouling out) who cares. He is proving to be getting better and contributing to this team.

    CAN SOMEONE <> TELLBASS THAT HE IS A CATCH AND SHOOT PLAYER AND STOP TO DRIBBLING, at the same time can someone tell PP please STOP the drunken style ISOs. seriously, he should be tkted with dribble while intoxicated (DWI). Looks like a bad form of Zui Quan basketball reminding me of old kung fu movies (( ))

    SERIOUSLY how many of you are left scratching your head when either goes for an iso –at least PP has a patented awkward fade away …

    ask yourselves -what is Collins adding that MELO can’t learn and do? I am sure Melo can come in and FOUL get 1 rebound and go 0-3 shotting (miss a dunk under the basket or set a pick on a 6’1 guard) -is he so bad we don’t want to showcase him and rather use the surrounding hype for trade bait?

    Also look at the minutes last night if you want to know who Doc is pointing his frustrations towards ….both are under achieving and have no value in any trade …

    Common Gang Green …WTF, you guys are really pathetic and look it … why would I spend money to come and watch you guys play (I HATE SAYING THIS) but if they cant support the own success why should i? I don’t have a 3 year 15mil contract to watch them get humiliated!!

  • GreenCro
    • Shawn

      Throw in a couple draft picks and they might actually do it. They are in desperate need of a veteran backup pg/scorer since lou williams is out indefinitely and harris hasn’t been healthy lately. They’d have to play a little better but if they increase their value a little and we throw in probably next years pick it could work.

      • frickenWaaaltaaah

        That’s really not realistic.

        However, either Jeff + Jet or Jeff + Bass works.

    • Me

      why would atlanta take back collins?

      why would they take an aging terry? while they got korver who can really shoots the ball

      and bass huge contracts?

      and do you think

      we sign any players with josh smith 100$millions dollars contract?

      +34mill on kg

      HELL NO!


      we are stuck on smith 100$ million for sure


      I’ll PASS

      • Me

        if danny can give the 100$ smith will leave for sure houston will offer more than maybe 120$

        think before posting




        i’ll put BOSH BACK AT PF

        we are dead meat

  • Caterpillar from Italy

    I think the first thing to do is getting rid of Jet and Bass, make no mistake about it. Second in the list is Jeff Green. These guys have legs, but no grit and balls.

    And, if someone still didn’t notice, Paul Pierce is done. And KG is almost there. These guys have championship caliber grit and balls, but no legs anymore.

  • We have three valuable trade assets in descending order; Rondo, Bradley, Sullinger

    Rondo gets a starting caliber big man, Bradley gets a solid player who is a salary dump for some team and Sullinger gets thrown into either deal along with draft picks as a wildcard … anyone who thinks we have an ability to get fair value on anyone else is clueless … alternatively Pierce & KG could get draft picks and a bunch of potential guys like Bradley & Sullinger back … at this point, Aige could go either way … Green, Terry & Bass are stuck hear because they are vastly overpaid

    • frickenWaaaltaaah

      NBA GM’s won’t trade tall players for small players most of the time.

      And no one will give us what Rondo is worth so we’re stuck with him. Teams are wary because we have Doc, and the thinking is that nobody is going to be able to handle a guy like Rondo any better than Doc.

      Personally, I like that we’re stuck with him.

      And the upside on Jeff is that while he is a way overpaid backup, if you’re committed to starting him, and he clicks with what your team is doing, his deal is really not so bad.

      For example, Sacramento is paying John Salmons about the same money for about as many years, and he’s 33 already.

      I think Atlanta might really go for Jeff.

      • Me

        i repeat fricken THINK BEFORE YOU POST

        atlanta don’t need a huge contract of green

        they are cleargin some cap space for the rumors that smith might be resigned and d12 coming in,

        if it did not happen at least we have cap space so we can offer for someone, maybe love or gay or someone else

      • Me






        with our stuck salaries

  • Quest

    Guessing PP becomes part of a Trade package due to his contract and KG retires end of this year after all this crap. This team was built to win now but its not happening so time to bust it up and start building for the future. Rajon may or may not be on the trading block depending on if Doc finds someone else he considers better fit for a rebuild team. What a disappointing season…so many blown opportunities. Definiately sad end to an Era of the Big 3. Seattle is trying to get Larry Bird to come back lets compete for Larry Bird to come to Boston instead. He did wonders with the Pacers.

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