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Report: Celtics covet J.J. Redick

Let me start by saying I like J.J. Redick’s game and would love to see him in a Celtics uniform. He’s a great shooter and gritty defender.

But… the Celtics already have a glut of shooting guards. Who stays and who goes?

I wouldn’t swap Avery Bradley for Redick or any other shooting guard (Kobe, Wade and Harden excluded). Courtney Lee makes the most sense. If that’s the direction Ainge is headed, he’s going to need a third team because the Magic won’t take Lee (3 years and $15+ million remaining on his deal). Redick makes $6 million and is in the final year of his contract.

Redick addressed the trade speculation earlier this month:

“At the (trade) deadline, maybe there’s an offer that (GM) Rob (Hennigan) has to consider. But I don’t get any indication from him that they are actively looking to move me,’’ Redick continued. “So if I’m here past the deadline, that’s the first hurdle.”

I do wonder about Jason Terry. He’s been wildly inconsistent and especially awful on defense. Will Ainge try to cut the cord with him?

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  • mojojojo

    Unless Redick grows 8″, can block, post, and can grab rebounds, NO!

  • classless

    Why would Orlando take Lee or Terry back? Celtics don’t have much to offer.

    • Danno

      They’re trying to clear the books.

  • KGino


  • We’re gonna have a hard time finding anyone interested in paying the Jet 5 mil a year.

    DA has not been successful with the mid-level exception, and I’m being very generous.

  • Jester00

    Terry lee green all 3 can go and I would not be mad hell throw bass in there if you get a center

  • Frank A

    Maybe Orlando wants Bass and Lee back and we take big baby back along with Redick. I would do it although I think Courtney Lees ball pressure picking up for Bradley when he goes on the bench is big for the celtics

  • Frank A

    Don’t you guys ever learn? Every year all the trade rumors are so wrong, they never actually happen and the trades that actually happen were never leaked. We never heard about the Perkins trade and the Eddie House trade was leaked a day prior by every media outlet in Boston .

  • jason plays like ass

    Trade: suns: bass, affalo, melo, 1rounder from celtics. Celtics: gortat, reddick, Nichlson, kendall Marshall
    Magic: terry, Beasley, brown, jared dudley

  • perk