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Recap: Close but no cigar

KWAPT (@KWAPT) January 18, 2013 Gametime, Recaps 43 Comments on Recap: Close but no cigar

Questionable calls and shooting woes doom Boston as they lose their 2nd game in a row at home 100-99 to the Bulls. A very bad call + a Joakim Noah won jump ball late in the 4th led to a Kirk Heinrich 15-footer at the 0.02 mark which tied the game at 88. KG then missed a three-pointer (even though the game was tied) at the buzzer and we were headed to OT. The Celtics could only muster 1 field goal in the final 1:04 of the overtime, an missed yet another three-pointer that wasn’t needed as time expired to fall 100-99. Paul Pierce and KG both struggled to find an offensive rhythm, combining for a 10 of 33 night from the field. You’d have thought Boston would’ve tried to get something at the rim on both of their final possessions on a night were 60 FT’s were taken by the two teams. Sixty. But then again Marc Davis was the head of the officiating crew tonight. Here’s some background on his history with us thanks to Jay’s hard work.

The Green:

  • Celtics hung with the Bulls on the glass all night. C’s had 42 rebounds to Chicago’s 43
  • Jared Sullinger was once again a force in the paint, grabbing 15 of those rebounds for Boston
  • Rajon Rondo finished with a game-high 30 points before fouling-out late in the OT
  • Boston limited Chicago to 2 fastbreak points for the entire game

The Gross:

  • Celtics went 20 of 28 from the line and missed crucial FT’s in the 4th quarter
  • Jeff Green was M.I.A. tonight, going 1 of 4 from the field for 2 points in 19 minutes
  • C’s were an atrocious 3 of 14 from downtown

The Greenlights:

The Grid: (quick stats)

  • Luol Deng reinjured his hamstring late in the 3rd quarter and had to leave the game
  • Boston has now played 6 overtime games and is 3-3
  • Paul Pierce passed Robert Parish tonight for 20th on the NBA’s all-time scoring list

Celtics now head to their personal House of Horrors aka Detroit for a meeting with the Pistons on Sunday. Tip-off is at 7:30pm

Boxscore|ESPN’s recap

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  • Tim

    Not a single mention about the ridiculous call that cost us the win?

    And I normally like Redsarmy…………..

    • classless

      It wasn’t a jump ball. Atrocious call. Four point swing. That was the game.

    • stephanie

      Yeah that should be in the Gross column.

      • Larry Legend

        KG 3 free throws in 4th qtr should be in gross column as well. Refs were bad and usually I don’t blame refs cuz all NBA officials stink anyways. They hurt the celtics tonight tho

    • Reggie35RIP

      Meh, was probably a foul, but wasn’t. And Pierce probably could’ve pivoted around a bit to get more contact to get the call. But shit happens. Missed freethrows down the stretch were the real killers.

  • KY Celts fan

    absolutely horrible call.

  • AlexLuo

    It was a jump ball ,not a steal. But I thought it should be Bulter for the jump not Noah if anyone grabbed the ball at all. Great game nevertheless, the C’s didn’t take advantage of all the Bulls’ turnovers. Doc and Thibs are two excellent coaches, whatever they drew up in The 4th and overtime worked. Bulls are unbelievable , 12-5 on the road, sth like 14 straight Friday night road wins and doing it without DRose. The refs are horrible as usual, bailed out the Bulls quite a few times.

    • stephanie

      It wasn’t even a jump was a foul.

      • AlexLuo

        I’m just saying what it was called.


    I agree folks-point taken and I actually edited my post. Be mad at the refs though, I’m on your side remember.

    • stephanie

      I just think we’re all going through post-traumatic game syndrome right now..LOL.

      • KWAPT

        Yep. My other post title was going to be “Kicked in the balls by the refs & the Bulls”, but that’s too long.

        • Brick James

          How about “Kicked in the Bulls?”

          • KWAPT

            THAT was my other choice Brick! But I decided to be boring and take the conservative approach. o_O

  • Chulinho

    While the officiating was egregious tonight, this game was lost at the free throw line. I don’t expect Rondo to make every FTA, but Pierce and KG are different cases.

  • Celticsfanatic

    I was at the game. Yeah a few calls sucked (handful of phantom calls on Cs before that jump ball, too) but overall the game just felt weird, different. Something is missing from this Celtics team. They just don’t have fire in their belly. Right now they’re reminding me a lot of the 2010 team but with less of a ceiling. They’re using Avery’s injuries as an excuse to not play nearly as hard as they could and it’s showing. Something just isn’t there right now.

    • Mohas

      What is with this team? Can’t they win without ab? We need a another consistent scorer, don’t get me wrong but Aimee should pull the trigger and trade pp or jg

      • Me


  • celtics33

    Sure the jump ball call was bad but the execution by the Celtics was terrible also. Why was the ball passed to Pierce in the first place? Making a sideline pass there invites the double team, while Terry was wide open in the middle of the floor.

    Pierce was awful most of the night anyways, looked like he was running in cement. Couldn’t even take advantage of Kirk Hinrich late in regulation.

    Jeff Green was a complete non factor for the 2nd straight game which is concerning since he had recently looked to be turning the corner.

    Worst of all is what in the world was DOC doing with Jason Terry in the game for a last defensive possession? Sure Bellinelli hit a lucky shot but that isn’t the point. Terry is much smaller than him and wasn’t brought to Boston for his late game defense.

    Meanwhile Jeff Green who is bigger and is supposed to be in late game defensive possessions against bigger wing players was on the bench. Even Bass was a better option there than the smaller Terry.

    Can’t even beat the Bulls at home when they are missing Rose and Deng was also out for the 4th qtr and OT.

    Slipping right back down close to .500 again…

    • KWAPT

      Agree so much on the Pierce thing. It’s so obvious he can still be very effective, but at his age with the wear & tear on his body, just not every game anymore. But if you can’t rely on Green to be consistent, how can Doc comfortably rest Pierce. Tough situation.

      • frickenWaaaltaaah

        Paul’s averages are fine. He had an off night. It happens.

        When it happens, other guys are supposed to step up. They are supposed to be excited for the opportunity.

        What is going on with Jeff Green?!?!

        When he had heart surgery, did they put his heart back in?

  • Brick James

    I’m upset with the jump ball call at the end of regulation, but Pierce should not have been in that situation. Whether you want to say it was a bad pass to get him there or a bad move to get trapped on the base line, call it what you will. You should not even be there up 2 when all you gotta do is get fouled. Horrendous.

    On the bright side, Doc’s play call for JET in OT to take the lead was ballsy but hopefully effective. We need the JET to get refueled, hopefully that bucket gave him some added confidence. If it weren’t for a lucky Bellineli shot on a broken play, we’d be calling Terry’s bucket a game winner.

  • Quest

    Jeff Green is getting paid a lot of money to play the invisible man.

  • Ya know…I HATED the Pierce jump-ball/no-foul call, too, but this game was there for the taking. KG and P2 just couldn’t get it going for most of the game and when it was time to get stops, we didn’t. True, referees can really crush the spirit with constant and consistent bad calls (and there were a lot of those), but there were several key moments in this game where the C’s settled for the jumper once again instead of taking it to the rack. Add to this the fact that the C’s had to fight back from a deficit (again!) and the fact that we lost on a church-shot should be as close to a moral victory as one can get without actually having to call it that. Barbosa provided no spark and Green had a regression game. Jason Terry, on the other hand, showed that he still has his clutch ability, almost shooting us to victory like one of our former popular players used to do. Can’t end this reply without praising the superhuman performance put on by one Rajon Rondo. Amazing. Just amazing.

  • KGino

    The fix was in fellas.

    Good loss if there is such a thing. That’s how we want to see rondo play.. Aggressive, effort on D, I loved it.

    • NorthernGreen

      The Bulls team could have all been DNP’s in this game and still won! When PP and KG were having a hard time scoring, I knew that Rondo and Sully were going to foul out. Sully was called for at least two no-see-um fouls and Rondo was pushed into his final foul. Stern must have been manipulating this one!

    • Chris 2.0

      Agreed. Refs saw rondo and sully going bananas and shut them down soon as they had a chance.

  • Shane

    Stern might be abusing the fact that Celtics fan are probably the most loyal fans in all of pro sports, on top of that they are one of the most popular teams in the entire sports world outside of Boston or even North America.

    I say this because look at all the other big market teams with all stars, they might have 1 game like this where the refs favour the refs on their own home floor….but look at the celtics, you lose count of the number of times the refs have done us a disservice on our own court…

    Lots of bad calls this game, esp that jump ball that determined the game…even with Pierce/KG having a terrible shooting night, we fought hard and with Rondo playing well made the comeback…really upsetting

  • Shane

    *refs favour the away team

  • Swissflix

    What worries me the most is the fact that we cannot win without AB. What does this tell us about this team? And while i’m happy with Jeff instead of Perk, i gotta say it is disturbing to see him not being able to dribble with his left hand! At this level!

    • Jester00

      Lmao you are so right he sucks

  • Art

    Once again, Doc Rivers coaching is questionable. Time out after time out after time out and none left after Chi hits a prayer shot with time left on the clock. Isn’t Nate Robinson a defensive liability that you’re supposed to exploit? I say Doc abandon his starters/reserves strategy and go with the players who are playing the best. Too many shots for PP and KG when they obviously did not show up to play, as usual for Pierce. And how about if Doc calls some nice plays once in a while, instead of jump shot after jump shot which is going to get you nowhere fast.

  • Reggie35RIP

    The Bulls got lucky. The end.

    Foul or not on PP we could have put the nail in the coffin a lot earlier. It was the same problem we had against NO that killed us. Missed freethrows down the stretch from players you want to be taking freethrows. And even that wasn’t the reason we lost, because the Bulls missed a bunch of clutch FTs themselves which kept us in it.

    Refs? Nope. We won the coin flip on a few questionable calls ourselves. Remember the play where the refs called it out-of-bounds off Rondo? They reviewed it to be off Hamilton, our ball. Also I hate complaining about the refs. We had a whole extra five minutes to prove we were the better team.

    No AB? Nope. The Bulls were obviously without Rose and they were without Deng for the 4th and OT.

    Really it all came down to luck in the end. We played great D on that last play, even Jet stayed with Belineli pretty good. He probably could’ve got a hand up in his face on the shot. But in the end Belineli chucked it up and it went in. Disappointing loss, but we had our chances.

    Other things that pissed me off… 😉

    Rondo guarding Hamilton? Didn’t cost us the game, but wtf. Doc’s recent strategy seems to be cross-matching Rondo onto the opponent’s SG on defense. Presumably so Rondo doesn’t need to work so hard on defense and we can put more pressure on the ball. Only problem is that Hamilton doesn’t stop running for the whole game. And you don’t gain a defensive edge by playing Terry on Hinrich. It’s ok most of the time, although in this instance I think Terry would have been better on Hamilton and Rondo better on Hinrich. Considering that Rondo and Terry are pretty much on par in terms of defense it seemed like a useless exercise. Makes a lot more sense when the opposing PG is halfway decent and AB is playing.

    Also wtf was up with KG not getting the ball on numerous possessions when Noah was on the bench? I didn’t like KG’s match up against Noah in the low post, he was better on the perimeter. But when he had Boozer or Gibson on him get him the damn ball.

    Bring on Detroit.

  • Cfo

    My question is, why was Jason Terry even in after he made that shot? Why not substitute Jeff Green in for Terry to play defense on the last possession? If you look at the defensive statistics this year, Jeff Green is actually one of the Celt’s best defenders. I don’t see why Jason Terry, who was getting burned the entire game, was in on the last play.

  • Bop

    as usual…NO AB, NO Victory…uuurggghhh!!!

    Jeff Green….PLEEEAAASE get out of your funk!!!…You are more talented than this. Are you happy because you got your contract or are you going to start playing the way you were paid.

  • NateB

    We continue to hope that this team will flip the switch like like last year’s team, but anyone being honest with themselves will admit their substantial fear that this team will turn out to be a 44-win 7th or 8th seed team, and that this is the year that KG and Pierce have both slipped from elite NBA players to just garden-variety good players.

    • Reggie35RIP

      Out come the schizophrenic fans.

      We win, they all get hyped.

      We lose, and it’s all: we’ll be lucky to make the playoffs, trade everyone, such-and-such player sucks, Danny’s a douche etc. Getting tired of hearing it.

      It’s a long season. We’re just coming off a six game win streak. Lazy loss to NO and now a close winnable game against the Bulls. No biggie.

      • Reggie35RIP

        My other favorite is when PP has a big game everyone’s high on him: “there’s no way you trade him”, “who else is gonna hit clutch shots like that?”

        Then he has an off night: “he’s old”, “trade him” etc.

  • zippittyay

    There should be some analysis of the overall outcomes of games related to the teams playing and the officials working the games.

  • doc rivers

    Terry’s defense in the dying seconds was disgusting. He did not bother to put a hand up to at least alter the shot….eeeeew!

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