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Report: Hawks are talking trade with Josh Smith

It appears the Hawks are engaged in trade talks for their enigmatic forward, Josh Smith:

Multiple rival executives confirmed that the Hawks have participated in trade conversations with several teams regarding Smith, a 27-year-old game-changing defender when engaged.

The Hawks face a dilemma with Smith, whose love-hate relationship with playing his entire NBA career thus far in his hometown of Atlanta will be put to the ultimate test if the Hawks continue to struggle. Smith’s $13.2 million falls off the Hawks’ books after the season, into an already massive abyss of cap space that the team has cleared to revamp the roster after trading high-priced All-Star Joe Johnson to the Nets.

Teams with such room and flexibility — including the likes of the CavaliersMavericksBucksand Jazz — are beginning to examine the potential free-agent options and reconsider their strategies. Unless Ferry were able to land either Paul or Howard this summer — a long shot in both cases, even though Howard, too, is from Atlanta — someone in his position might decide it’s best to parlay assets into players now.

Among the teams that would appeal to Smith are Dallas, Houston and Memphis, a league source told

Forget about it.  He’s not getting traded to Boston.

But that didn’t stop me from messing around with the ESPN Trade Machine.

In case you’re wondering, a Rajon Rondo/Brandon Bass for Josh Smith/Jeff Teague deal works. So does Jeff Green/Brandon Bass/Avery Bradley for Smith.

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  • Curt

    I just want to be the first to say that we should trade KG, P2, Doc Rivers, and Austin Rivers for Josh Smith. heh heh

    • Michael

      En····so Hawks can contend for a title?

      • Curt

        Nice one…lol

  • DD

    We should trade Connor Henry, Scott Wedman, the ghost of Reggie Lewis, KG, Rondo and the usher in section 304. What? It works.

    • KY Celts fan

      “…and the usher in section 304.”

      that made me chuckle.

  • MJ

    Apparently leandro barbosa isn’t happy with the Celtics and had asked them to cut him or trade him. He said we’re all in for a surprise.

    Just translate this link from Portuguese to English.

    • screaming jay

      I’ve never translated a web page before…can you tell me how to do it?

  • juan

    Here is a trade that makes sense for all the teams involved
    it is a three team trade:
    Boston gets Josh Smith and garret from the suns(filler)
    Atlanta gets Marcin Gortat enabling Al Horford to go back to his preferred position (pf)
    Phoenix gets bass, lee, melo and maybe a few picks to sweeten the trade
    let me know what you think

  • josh

    google translation:

    Hastily hired by the Boston Celtics, Leandro Barbosa not living its best moment in the NBA. The Brazilian is averaging just 4.9 points and 10.7 minutes per game – both the lowest marks of his career 9 years in the NBA. In an interview with radio “Bradesco Sports FM,” Barbosa revealed that he even asked to leave the Celtics.

    “I will not lie to you, I tried to get out several times, but Danny Ainge (general manager of the franchise) does not want to let me go. He’s a guy that comes admiring my basketball for many years. I was supposed to have got a good contract with the Boston Celtics, but did not. He will not let me go so no, “said the Brazilian.

    For its features to annotate offensive points and attack the basket, Leandrinho has suffered a bit with the position that has played in Boston. Rather than act as wing-owner, coach Doc Rivers has posed as the owner, reserve Rajon Rondo, the NBA leader in assists.

    Leandro has been acting somewhat by Celtics
    Leandro has been acting somewhat by Celtics
    “The situation is this. I have to swallow and wait my chance comes. I have to be aware that this is what will happen. But coach talks to me normally tells me to always be prepared, anything can happen. It is logical that the wing-guard I feel better. I got used very well in this position after I arrived here in the NBA. But the position of # 1 makes me uncomfortable too. I’m different from a Steve Nash, a Rajon Rondo, but I know my way around. “Said Barbosa.

    “At the time I was elected 6th best NBA player, I played in both positions. In that position he (Doc Rivers) put me here was what made teams were interested in me. I thank Doc I like to play point guard. When I left Brazil I came out as owner, I feel comfortable. Logico that after I got here I started to play more than 2 (wing-guard), “he added.

    Even after the trade requests unserved, Barbosa said some surprise can happen. “I do not know if it’s pump, I can not say anything. A lot will happen. In a little while you will hear a firecracker there. ”

    Back in Brazil?

    The 30-year-old also revealed that she was harassed even by Brazilian clubs. In case Flamengo – he defended during the NBA lockout – and Brasília would be interested. “We always have that crush. Both Flamengo as the Brasilia interested. But today Flamengo is not in good financial condition. We see now that Vagner Love back to Russia because it is late with wages. I do not know when I’m going back to Brazil. When I was playing in New York the owner of Brasilia was there too and we talked. ”

    Corinthians heart, Leandrinho also said that if the club Parque São Jorge had a basketball team, he would come immediately to Brazil. “I’d buy a ticket today and was about to do the negotiation Corinthians. It would be very good for me, would be close to my family, the city where you like. “

  • ZabJudah

    He’s one serious knee injury from being worthless all athleticism no skill

  • PlayaPlease!

    I’m Brick Tamland. People seem to like me because I am polite and I am rarely late. I like to eat ice cream and I really enjoy a nice pair of slacks. Years later, a doctor will tell me that I have an I.Q. of 48 and am what some people call mentally retarded.

  • jt

    Wait why should we forget it? Dallas and Memphis already have terrific power forwards. Josh isn’t an upgrade over Dirk or Z-bo. utah has a plethora of good big men, cleveland has no asset but varejoe who is hurt all the time (they ain’t trading irving that’s for sure) We have Sullinger Melo, Lee, Bradley and Bass and Green. All good young assets in a deal (not sayin we should send any in particular just that we have assets. No reason any ofthose teams should be over us in talks.

  • I’s love to see Smith in Boston and he’s said in the past, he likes Doc. Outside of KG, Rondo, & Bradley- there’s nobody on the roster I wouldn’t part with to get him. It would kill me to trade the Captain but if a guy like Josh Smith or Rudy Gay could be gotten, you’d have to do it. 34 still goes in the rafters someday either way.