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Leandro Barbosa has apparently asked for his release


Leandro Barbosa denies this report:


The original report is below:


Leandro Barbosa was a last-minute signing, joining the team after they already had a full stable of guards.

Predictably, Barbosa has been relegated to mostly a bench role, which, despite the glut of guards on the roster, he didn’t quite see coming and apparently has made him unhappy.

This comes from ESPN Brazil.  For those of you Portuguese speakers, Barbosa says

“Não vou mentir para vocês, tentei sair daqui várias vezes, mas o Danny Ainge (gerente geral da franquia) não quer deixar eu ir embora. Ele é um cara que vem admirando meu basquete há muitos anos. Era para eu ter conseguido um bom contrato com o Boston Celtics, mas não aconteceu. Ele não vai me deixar ir embora assim, não”, revelou o brasileiro.

Run that through Google Translate, and you get the gist of what he’s saying.

“I will not lie to you, I tried to get out several times, but Danny Ainge (general manager of the franchise) does not want to let me go. He’s a guy that comes admiring my basketball for many years. I was supposed to have got a good contract with the Boston Celtics, but did not. He will not let me go so no,” said the Brazilian.

Apparently, Barbosa is being pursued by Brazilian professional teams and may be looking for an out to play professionally back home.

This, of course, comes a night after Doc admittedly should have played him more to give the team a spark when it was clearly flat-lining.  Personally, I’m happy to have Barbosa in our back pocket as insurance against an injury or to use in a “break glass in case of sleepwalking” emergency.

But if he truly wants out to go home, I’ve got to think that at some point Danny might oblige.  We’ll have to wait and see how this plays out.

Thanks to reader MJ who posted the link in the comments

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  • lol

    He really didn’t see this coming? Where did he think minutes were going to come from once Avery came back?

  • Cam

    Man with the way Terry has played this entire season id be pissed too. He’s clearly won the job. Terry making more money tho

  • Curt

    Barbosa should be appeased and given more court time. The end.

    If we can convince him to stay, I believe the cause/effect process will lead to more wins for the Celtics.

  • eddysamson

    I was incredibly pumped for JET to be on the team, but Barbosa has been more consistent…

    I’m kinda pissed at doc, actually. We lost Darko for the same reason (pretty much) and lets be real he’d be more useful than Collins…

    I bet last night Barbosa would have come out and dropped 17 like he did against the Heat.

    • Curt

      Yep…another example of rotation problems…

    • The KG

      I agree. Barbosa is one of the most efficient players in the roster but I just can’t get it why Doc won’t play him. I could only wish and speculate that he’s going to be a dark horse that will throw off opponents defense on the post season.

  • SF Celts Fan

    Our team is dysfunctional. It makes no sense that we’re not using all of our pieces effectively. How many more days until we can trade green? Maybe we can package barbosa and make everyone’s life better.

  • dk

    Agreed. I hope the C’s dont release him. I don’t get how these things work now a days. Management is so quick to acquiesce to a player’s moods or demands because they don’t like something or times are hard etc. so they want to leave. God forbid a player honors their contract or agreement to stay on the team until the year is over.

    You dont like it? Tough, you knew what you were getting into. Be a man and play out the year. You can leave in the off season if you dislike it so much.

    • eddysamson

      You have no idea whats going on in his life. Darko had the same frustrations and left because he would rather be with his family during their tough times.

      Barbosa spent awhile back in Brazil for “personal reasons” around Christmas time. For all we know he’s got some personal/family shit going on back there and whats the point of being away from that to sit on a bench for an organization that doesnt appreciate you?

    • JoE

      What?? he’s not getting the playing time he deserves, he EARNED the backup PG role.He came in for less money so he can help a contender Doc always says players have to earn playing time. Well he did that & still isn’t being used properly he has a right to demand his release.

  • Can’t blame him, he’s barely getting playing time, and when he gets time he only plays 2-3 mpg even on nights when Terry’s struggling (which has been lately). This guy is instant offense & he takes it to the basket unlike most of his teammates who just settle for jumpers. I’m not saying he should get all of Terry’s minutes but at least Doc should split the minutes, especially on the nights that Jet isn’t producing. I mean they have depth for a reason. I don’t understand how Doc can’t see that.

  • mike

    I can see the Celtics trading Lee and Bass for a Big and thus freeing up the back up PG minutes to Barbosa and Terry playing the 2 gaurd. What do you think?

    • Curt

      I agree with Bass, but you’re giving up Defense with Lee…which is most important.

      And remember, Doc and Rondo ASKED him to join the Cs. That can affect a reputation as well.

      Also, how much production are you really getting out of a guy after he askes to be released?


    Doc is hopeless and should be shown the door immediately. Leaving LB on the bench is yet another reason why Doc hasn’t got an idea. It’s all well and good Doc and his little family reunion but before he gets all sentimental he should realize there’s a stadium of fans that went home disappointed last night, not to mention the millions around the world who watch these pathetic losses against sub-par teams. Time and time again you upset us Doc. There is NO excuse for leaving guys to rust on the bench while your starting 5 gets their ass beat.

    • KY Celts fan

      Jesus, man. Put down the bottle and come off the ledge, will ya?

      • eddysamson

        Doc should be held accountable. He is really crazy with divvying up minutes some times. Barbosa has played well more than hes played bad (I can only think of 2 games he played bad, how many is JET on?).

      • Garnett’sGrl

        I’m sorry I’d have to agree with CPUFC why have the pieces if your not going to use them. Barbosa deserves to play most times he makes a difference when he enters the game. I love this team but Doc’s allowed several players to waste away on his bench. How could we not beat the Hornets?????? Makes me wonder.

        • PlayaPlease!

          While I realize its easy for us to second guess from the sidelines; sometimes these calls couldn’t be more obvious. Perhaps it has something to do with outsider perspective; we can objectively observe without viewing the situation with a filter as maybe Doc does, because he’s so deeply ingrained with so much invested & so many external variables at play. I’m sure he realized afterwards he missed an incredible opportunity to kickstart the offense by inserting the Blur. Hopefully, lesson learned & Doc makes use of him in the future.

  • celticpride

    I say lets trade jason terry and bass for anot her big and give more minutes to barbosa ,If worse comes to worse and barbosa leaves then lets sign delonte west.Or maybe trade barbosa to a team tha would give him more minutes ,as long as we got some one we need to help this team in return.

  • Eddie Allen Powe

    I really like doc a lot, but it’s his rotations that make him second best coach in the league behind pop

    • PlayaPlease!

      Good call, right on the mark. Rotations are way too tight. Look at the Spurs bench, Pop trusts that team 9-deep. Come on, I like our 8-10 guys just as much, if not more. Just leave Collins in the bus.

    • Curt

      I don’t think Doc can out coach Thibs…Thibs knows everything about the Cs.

  • eddysamson

    Really, really glad to hear Barbosa denied those quotes.

  • BrazilianAssLover

    Well I’m from Brazil and saw his interview on ESPN Brazil website.

    And by reading it looks like he really wants to leave. He said he tried to leave plenty of times and if Corinthians (famous sports club in Brazil) had a basketball team, he would leave US and sign to them right now, to stay close to his family.

    And he said something could happen, but didn’t say whta.

    Now ESPN Brazil is very credible, they wouldn’t post fake interviews and stuff like that. So to him denying it is weird.

    If he really wants to leave, let him go, let stay only the people who’s willing to help the team 100%.

  • Jester00

    let him go D West Nuff Said

    • Eddie Allen Powe

      I wish Melo gives up that #13

  • PlayaPlease!

    I love Doc as a coach, it’s usually very difficult for me to find any fault with his coaching style….however, the 1 thing I wish he would do more of (especially this year with such a deep team) – expand the rotation & make use of the bench! This team flat lines offensively quite often & the blur is revving the engines waiting to explode & he just sits there!
    I’m all for continuity, but this squad desparetely needs that shot in the arm. The Blur can fill it, let him play!
    10 min a night with Bradley & the Blur – talk about change of pace! Doc needs to try it out, could be amazing.
    Also, I was disappointed Doc never gave Darko a shot to make the rotation. I really believe he would have benefitted this team this year. Darko & KG would have been a very interesting 4-5 combo.

  • thetitleisours

    If he goes I want Kris Joseph back!

  • Mikel O

    This has to be the most dysfunctional Celtics team in the Garnett era. This team has been up and down and badly incosistent on many levels filled with drama. It wouldn’t hurt to give Barbaso playing time, because he’s played better offensively than Terry or Lee.

    Doc’s coaching has been incosistent this season. He’s inconsistent with rotations, and constantly rewarding certain guys with p/t that’s not deserved. This team may have depth, but the pieces don’t mesh. As constructed the Celts are too small at every postion and don’t have an inside presence. But Doc needs recognize talent and utilize it.

  • Michael

    If only for last night, I rather wanted Rondo to be suspended again. Terry is not the guard who play badly last night. Lee and RR are
    Though the trading rumor is fake. It’s a translating error

  • nyceltic

    Hope we can keep him and make him happy. Whatever happened to the role player.

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