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Avery Bradley suffers rib injury, questionable tomorrow

At one point last night, I asked…

Turns out the answer was yes.

According to coach Doc Rivers, the 6-foot-2 defensive star, has a rib injury that will keep him from practicing today.

“He’s OK; not great,” said Rivers in describing Bradley’s current state physically. “He’s not going to do anything today, for sure.”

His status is day-to-day as the C’s close out their five-game homestand Friday night against the Bulls.

My initial reaction is “ahhh… crap.”

The Celtics are simply a different team without Bradley.  We’ve seen it over the past two weeks. And last night without a healthy Bradley to finish out the game, the C’s struggled again without him (though, to be fair, hardly anyone played well anyway).

The Bulls are a matchup problem for the Celtics, but they’ve got weak ball handlers that could be exploited with Bradley hounding them full court.  It could help erase some of the advantages the Bulls hold over Boston, and turn a tough game into a win for the Celtics.

We’ll see how bad this injury really is tomorrow, I suppose.  He did return to the game last night, which is a good sign.

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  • Curt

    Great timing for Barbosa to request his release…

  • celticpride

    I worry about bradley being injury prone,therefore i predict someday the celtics may trade him,personally i hope not as i really like the way he plays defense and is starting to hit those 3 pointers. but i think if someone offers danny a josh smith ,or demarcus cousins ,or just plain somebody who danny ainge really thinks can help this team more,then danny will make that trade.

    • JoE

      Its not being injury prone. It’s his style of play he goes balls to wall in everything he does (training,practice, games) & he isnt a particularly big guy. Human body can only take so much strain & stress.

      • KGino

        Yes exactly, he is injury prone because he plays such hard defense, not bc he’s someone like Oden who is simply injury prone.

  • celticpride

    I forgot to say i just hope the celtics arent stupid enough to trade avery bradley for austin rivers!!

  • Jaybahs

    The Barbosa thing is coming out to be false and he’s saying he wants to stay with the C’s … He’ll sure get some playing time tomorrow night if Avery’s down

    • Curt


    • Curt

      oh, I see it on Twitter now.

  • Celticsfanatic

    Come ON!! Say what you will about plastic people or whatever, but it’s the middle of January and I’m getting nervous about this team. That doesn’t mean I don’t “believe in them” as some fans will unfairly declare.. It does however mean that I’m thoroughly disappointed today with the Cs. We just ripped off six games of fringe contender basketball. Coming up close was the real test — a game against the Bulls and then soon against a trio of very good teams including the Heat. Now Barbosa wants to be released because of Doc’s numerous substitution mistakes (I think Doc is a top three coach but there’s no doubt rotations are not his strong suit). Now Wilcox and Bradley are making the case that they’re injury prone… Can we catch a break?

    Anyways, I guess my point is that I’m not comfortable calling this team a contender until they have a guy they can feed over and over again to carry the team to victory in situations like this. Pierce is still a great scorer and leader but you’re lying to yourself if you think Paul Pierce is the guy we can lean on every night as a contender. Something has to happen. For one I’d like to see this team play healthy, but even for a team full of LeBrons that’s probably unrealistic. I don’t even know the answer. Deep in my heart I believe I’m just overreacting, Bradley will get healthy and we’ll go deep. But it’s still troubling that my objective brain forced me to write this comment.

    • Curt

      Like John asked…the Knicks, the Pacers, the Rockets don’t count?

      • Celticsfanatic

        I said six games of fringe contender basketball. A championship is not won in two weeks, especially when the rest of the season has been a colossal disappointment.

        • Curt

          Oh, obviously I read to quickly. My bad. You make good point.

          Good thing we didn’t trade AB last year before the All Star break…

          • Celticsfanatic

            Agreed! I think this year though, a trade may be necessary. Not with Bradley, just saying I’d like to see another piece added.

          • Curt

            I’ve expressed the same view all season. I would love to have Gortat or some other rebounder. I’m not willing to get rid of AB, Sullinger, KG, or Rondo.

          • Celticsfanatic

            Or Pierce. I am willing to give up Rondo if it’s a top ten player under 30 in return obviously.

  • Quest

    Man this season has had its ups and downs. When does it all end??