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Your Morning Dump… Where Danny Ainge is too reactionary

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 “That doesn’t make a lot of sense to radically change the team when you’re trying to compete to win it all,” Ainge told Dickerson. “We have been and will continue to look to upgrade our team, but I think it’s always more unlikely that that happens than likely.”

But what if the C’s hadn’t gone on this winning streak? What if they continued to lose in the fashion they were? Would Ainge feel as good about the team’s future?

“No, absolutely not,” he said. “You have to produce. It’s my job to look at the bigger picture. We have to live in the moment and try to win and help our team have success, but at the same time if it;s not happening on the court than there has to be changes made, absolutely.”

CSNNE: Preview of CSNNE’s exclusive interview with Danny Ainge

The proof is in the pudding right there in that quote. Danny Ainge is a very reactionary GM. The Celtics fanbase have long been frustrated with some of the moves that Ainge has made. Since the Garnett/Allen deals, many have questioned the moves that Ainge has made since, and questioned just how good of a GM he really is. Mikki Moore, Nate Robinson, Stephon Marbury, Patrick O’Bryant, Rasheed Wallace were all guys that were sold to us that would play an important role on the team. Each vastly underachieved. Jeff Green right now is a “To Be Determined” but he needs a good season to wash himself of that image by next season. But whats more frustrating is taking a look back to see what the Celtics gave up to bring these guys in, further solidifying how reactionary Ainge truly is.

Exhibit A: Nate Robinson.  For the majority of the 2009-2010 season, the fan base had been clamoring that the Celtics needed a “true” backup point guard to give Rondo a break. At the time, the Celtics really only had Eddie House (who had been coming off the best season of his career) as their only backup guard for a young guard in his early 20’s. Take a look around the league at Rose, Westbrook, Jennings, and Irving. Do they have starting quality backups to give them rest? No! They are young and able to take bigger minutes.  Ainge went ahead and made the deal landing Robinson and sending House as well as the Celtics best prospect at the time Bill Walker and JR Giddens to the Knicks. Losing Giddens was no big deal but Walker was projected to be a key role player in the future. For a team that was looking to rebuild in the near future, getting rid of young talent for a rent-a-player that  fans were begging for….reactionary?

Exhibit B: Jeff Green.  Anyone that knows me knows that I am a supporter of the deal that landed the Celtics Jeff Green, though I am NOT a fan of when it happened. Had this deal been done in the offseason prior, that is a whole different ballgame but the fact that it was done mid-season on a team that had been up and down all season is a dagger. There was a wide belief that when Marquis Daniels went down with his spine injury that the Celtics now needed to land a backup 3 to give Pierce a blow once in a while, many just assumed the Celtics would land a scrub that would eat minutes but nobody expected Ainge to shake up the entire roster and their playoff chances to get a backup 3.

Exhibit C: Tony Allen. This may have been the move that Ainge dropped the ball the most on. Ainge, troubled by Allens knees refused to pony up to keep Tony Allen in the 2010 offseason. Instead, Ainge opted to bring in Jermaine O’Neal, Shaquille O’Neal and Delonte West all of whom missed a significant if not majority of the season due to injury whereas Tony Allen had a career year landing himself on the All Defensive Second Team.  Allen had played a major role as a “Lebron / Kobe stopper in the playoffs for the Celtics and losing him was a major blow in the long run. Allen has since thrived in Memphis improving drastically in his level of play, all while remaining healthy…..

Does this interview with Ainge spark any confidence in you that the GM of the Boston Celtics will make a move that has been well thought out, analyzed, and talked about in depth? Does the answer that Ainge gave to those two specific questions lead you to believe that Ainge handles this team at times like we do when we play NBA 2k13? Let us not forget the mess that Ainge created of this team prior to landing KG and Ray Allen. If not for Garnett landing on his lap, Ainge would have been a soup kitchen clerk by now. Many of the moves that screwed this team up initially were reactionary and poorly thought out.

With a nice  bundle of young talent at their disposal lets just hope that the Celtics stay true to a rebuild on the fly philosophy rather than to throw away all their young talent in yet another reactionary move. Just remember early in the season when fans wanted a backup center here, fans were ready to give up Jared Sullinger and Avery Bradley for Marcin Gortat….be careful what you wish for.

The Rest

ESPN Boston: Practice Notes: C’s find their rhythm- Greg Payne ,  ESPN Boston: Playbook: Terry dishes on teammates , CSNNE: Wilcox (Thumb) could return Wednesday vs. Hornets – A. Sherrod Blakely , CSNNE: Family affair: Rivers clan to clash

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  • Art

    ” but the fact that it was done mid-season on a team that had been up and down all season is a dagger. ”
    Not so Nick. The Celtics had the best record or near the best and were one of the favorites to win it all. And have not been the powerhouse that they were since that trade (until maybe this season). I agree with the mid-season criticism. I hope Danny learned a lesson with that one and doesn’t do a deal like that again mid-season. No more talk about a Paul Pierce deal please.

    • Larry Legend

      This article really sucks. I mean it’s bad. Every GM has some moves they’d like back but I think Ainge has been solid. Jury still out on the Green deal, but perk was and still is completely overrated around here. Regardless this article is poorly timed and not well written at all. Makes very little sense to be honest. What a shit sandwich

    • RedsLoveChild

      Up & Down season?

      Celtics were 41-14 {3-0 vs. Miami} when Perk was traded. The only “down” part came after Perkins was traded!

      The immediate thinking, at the time of the trade, was that Ainge had another one lined up to acquire a solid center…not to pin all our hopes on Krystic and a fragile Shaq.

      • WinstonSalems

        we were losing Perk after the year anyways. Jeff Green is still the best player in that trade. besides, Perk wasn’t the reason why the C’s lost to Miami in the playoffs. Rondo playing with one arm was the reason.

  • Art

    This was regarding the Green-Perkins trade.

  • Celticsfanatic

    I’m confused…

  • Celticsfanatic

    The definition of reactionary is the opposite of the way you’re using it. Also, wouldn’t this quote show he’s a patient GM? Of course he’d have made a trade if we were still sucking. We’re used to winning and he invested a lot in this team, he’s not just going to wait around. Also for your first example… Westbrook has had serviceable backups in the past, as has Rose. And besides, Rondo is a different player. He isn’t the horse like they are. That doesn’t mean he isn’t as good but we’ve seen his play significantly drop off when he’s tired.

    • Hondo

      Agree. Harden was Westbrooks backup. Harden would sub for Westbrook and when Westbrook came back into the game Harden would take on the ball handling duties. Rose had Hinrich early in his career.

  • Danno

    This article is pretty terrible, because it’s full of half truths and opinions being passed off as fact. The only way to really measure a GM’s performance is with the team’s overall success. Since Danny has be running the team, they’ve won a championship, gone to the finals twice, gone to the ECF 3 times, and only missed the ECF twice due to major injuries to key starters.

    The only major trade that’s happened since the Garnett deal has been the Green Perkins deal, and although the rabid “what have you done for me lately” fanbase seems to have determined that was a bad deal – I would submit that it’s those fans who are reactionary, not the GM.

    Reactionary would be to panic and trade away Sullinger and Bradley for some thug steakhead center because if a measley 4 game losing skid. That’s the definition of reactionary.

    • Andy

      Well put

    • Frank5

      Today’s edition of the morning dump is a bunch of rambling nonsense. Sports fans (most of them) are too reactionary and always will be. Ainge is better than most at keeping those fan reactions in check.

  • Cam

    Really confusing.

    Btw eddie house was coming off if his best 3 point shooting percentage of his career -better not the best year of his career. Is this Ray Allens best season of his career?

    House was awful and what was he out of the league 2 years later?

  • Dale

    Respected Ainge as a player. Don’t think too highly of Ainge as Celtics GM. Just don’t. Since the Garnett era, Ainge has never maxmized the potiental around Garnett, Pierce, Allen or Rondo. Ainge has made questionable signings and trades the past 6 seasons.

    Ainge best and only best move was trading for Garnett and Allen. That’s it. Celtics fans need to be honest. The Celtics should have 2 or 3 more banners hanging in TD Garden. Though injuries have plagued the Celtics since ’09 which prevented from repeating; I’ll take the 2x Finals appearence, 3x ECF and 5x Atlantic Division titles within 5yrs.

    I feel at times Ainge doesn’t put the right role players around the core 3. Both 2007-2008, 2010-2011 were his best 2 seasons, because he signed quality players. But then he makes weird signings like Marbury, Moore. Hollins, Finley or O’ Bryant. Bad trades like Perk, Erden, Nate, Davis or not re-signing D.West.

    Winning streak or not Ainge will trade or acquire someone. He can’t help it. Ainge has been trading or signing during mid-season for years.

    • Brick James

      And by being an active General Manager, he turned the Celtics from one of the worst teams in the league to a perennial ECF threat.

    • ShawnCVD

      Marbury, Hollins, Finley were late season low rent acquisitions. I think More too. These are players that for one reason or another are released by other teams mid-season then can be signed for cheap. You think a released player will be a stud? Who do you really think Ainge could acquire?

      Davis…as in Big Baby? The dood had worn out his welcome here.

      Ainge has drafted well , signed Rondo for a bargain, and has kept the Cs relevent for six seasons now. Every GM has short comings.

  • Andy

    Try again man. Next time run your theories past a few folks before investing however much time it takes you to compile so many words of nonsense.
    Strategic…patient…proven….definitely not reactionary.

  • Jay

    “With a nice bundle of young talent at their disposal lets just hope that the Celtics stay true to a rebuild on the fly philosophy rather than to throw away all their young talent in yet another reactionary move.”

    Question: Who acquired this “nice bundle of young talent?”

    Question 2: What moves, at each time, would you have preferred instead, given their salary situation/rules with the CBA?

    • Larry Legend

      Great points ^

    • Nathan


  • AJ

    Danny tried to resign Tony Allen

  • Brick James

    I have to agree with the poster that calls this a bunch of “half truths”.

    Tony Allen was and still is a bonehead. Forget his off the court stuff, this is a guy that once tried to dunk well after a whistle and tore his ACL. Why would you want to re sign that type of player?

    Also, lumping in Rasheed with POB, Mikki Moore, Starbury and NateRob is ridiculous and disrespectful. Sheed had a pretty good year and did what we needed him to do. He was the only reliable player throughout the entire playoffs, especially the Finals where he played hurt and carried us a good deal.

  • Chuck – Red’s Army

    Sure, Ainge has missed on a lot of fringe moves (Mikki Moore, Patrick O’Bryant, etc) but so do most GMs. Those are low risk.

    We all know his boldest move was the Perkins/Green deal. I’m still not sure what to make of that trade.

    Like Danno said, judge Ainge by the team’s success over the past 5 years. They’ve been pretty damn good.

    And to say KG fell into his lap is completely unfair.

    • Danno

      As to the requisite effect of the Perkins trade – one only has to look at the numbers.

      Perk has been in a steady decline in every measurable category since his career peak in the 09-10 season. That was 4 years ago. He’s only gotten decidedly worse every year in every statistic.

      What I think so many Celtics Fans miss is that Perk kinda sucks, and always did. Jeff Green’s potential upside in 2013 is IMMEASURABLY better than witnessing Perk’s frustrating decline.

      • Art

        Gee. Perk just played in another NBA finals and his current team is 30-8. I guess he has nothing to do wlth that. Screw the numbers.

        • Danno

          If you honestly think Perk’s appearance in the Finals has more to do with his playing than it does the fact that OKC saddled themselves with an awful contract for him, you’re kidding yourself. He averaged 5 pts and 6 rebounds last year when they went to the Finals. By every imaginable NBA statistical metric among playoff-appearing teams, he is by far the worst starting player.

  • Eddie Allen Powe

    Rumor: B. Bass for T. Mozgov and A. Randolph… or J. Terry instead of Bass if the tattoo removal procedure is included

    • Celticsfanatic

      Is this really a rumor? If so, that move would be unbelievable for us.

      • Me


        This Trade Seems Good For

        Brandon Bass For 2 Big Man? Hell Yeah!

        We Have A Rotation At 4 and 5

        And Rotation At SG

        I Like That Trade

        If You Don’t Agree Watched Tomofey Mozgov On Youtube Playing In Denver Nuggets Playing Againt’s Miami Heat

  • RedsLoveChild

    Criticizing Ainge for the “fringe/no risk” moves is unfair…Moore, Marbury, Hollins, O`Bryant, etc.

    Wallace was a mistake and all parties involved knew it…the same people {KG/PP/Doc} who boarded the plane with Ainge to recruit him, made no effort to get Sheed to reconsider his surprised retirement after Year 1. They never spoke a word!

    Ainge deserves no criticisms over Tony Allen. He made a reasonable effort to re-sign a guy who spent most of his time either in rehab or before a judge! TA had his pluses, but losing him is certainly survivable and nobody misses his crunch time air-balls or turnovers.

  • diddybop

    Is this really the kind of content RedsArmy is putting out now? Did the author really just say Bill Walker was projected to be a key role player for the future? Are you f**king serious? Bill Walker? He must be a key role player for the Knicks now…oh wait they released him.

    I’m not a big Ainge fan, but when you fault him for bringing in waiver wire guys like POB, Marbury, Moore etc…what is your point? That he can’t find star talent with guys making the vet minimum?

    And your point on Tony Allen is so poorly researched. TA wanted to go somewhere to start and felt he was being held back in Boston. Go find the quotes. And if you want to blame Ainge for the TA situation blame him for not getting a sign and trade out of it.

    Honestly, I come here to get Celtics news and read up on whats going on with the team, but this might be the most poorly put together piece I’ve ever seen on the site.

  • Matt W

    I don’t really agree. Nate Robinson was still better than Eddie House in that season, and it’s not like we gave up anything for Sheed.

    Letting Tony Allen walk was an easy mistake, and while I didn’t like the Perk trade, Green still has time to prove his worth.

  • PakkAttackk

    It’s easy to criticize Danny Ainge now that the results are in for these players like Tony Allen & JO. Hardly nobody complained when we signed or didn’t sign them but now the results are in & all of a sudden you say you saw it all coming? Yeah, OK.

  • kricky

    What about the move to send Erden to Cleveland for a 2nd round pick? Just baffling. I’m not saying he was an all star, but Semi gave us really good minutes while Perk and Shaq were out.

  • Nick Sannicandro

    YES Bill Walker was projected to be a key role I remember vividly fans clammoring that he would be the future 3!

    Nate over Eddie? Really???

    And to those who say the Celts gave up nothing for the small signings..they did give up money that couldve been used on more useful say..Jamal Crawford who the Celtics ignored in free agency. Just because everyone had this idea that the Celtics needed all this depth at the 5 spot. Some of these signings are what gave the Celtics a tight purse when it came to resigning TA need I mention DA’s love affair with Marquis?

    • Bill Walker isn’t even in the league anymore

    • diddybop

      “I remember vividly fans clammoring that he would be the future 3!” Because fans clamored about it, then DA was wrong for dealing him? Wow. Damn Danny Ainge for not listening to the fans!

      You must be one of the people who thought Michael Bishop was the future for the Patriots, aren’t you?

      Funny how you bring up Crawford now, since he’s having such a strong year, but I don’t remember you saying anything during the off-season about it. C’s looked at him right before Jet agreed to sign. Hindsight is 20/20.

      Marquis Daniels? Yet again you criticize Ainge for a vet minimum guy. Quis had absolutely nothing to do with TA leaving. HE SIGNED FOR THE MINIMUM TWICE, TO FILL OUT THE ROSTER. What alternate universe do you live in?

      Also, last I checked Nate is still in the league. Where is Eddie House? Oh right, playing pick-up ball with that the key role player, Bill Walker. I never liked Nate, but House had one skill: shoot. No defense, no dribbling, no passing, nothing else. But go ahead and get worked up over it.

      Seriously, why is this guy even writing for RedsArmy. What a joke.

    • MJ

      Okay what Celtics fans thought Bill Walker was the future 3?! Is this the same Bill Walker that’s not in the league anymore? The guy only played when the game was over and his role was keeping asses in the seats in garbage time with his dunks. That was ALL he did. The times where he played in actual minutes were when the Celtics had no other options. I thought at most he would be a role player, not a major piece of the future. And if Walker was as good as you say he is, he’d, you know, BE ON A BASKETBALL TEAM.

      Ainge traded Eddie because Eddie was having a horrible year for him. His 3pt FG% went down 6% from 44 to 38. That’s not bad, but if you look closely at the game log from 2010, you’ll see that for several games before he was traded, he’d shoot 0 for 5 or 0 for 4. His jumpshot, which was the main reason why the Celtics played him, went from consistent to streaky. They needed a better scoring punch. Nate Robinson, who was younger and better at creating his own shot, was available. And Nate actually played a huge role in the 2010 finals run. We basically traded Eddie and spare parts for Nate.

      When did the Celtics ignore Jamal Crawford? Ahem.
      If you’re talking about the year before when he signed with the blazers, the Celtics only had the mini-MLE, the Blazers had the full MLE. Not having enough money can hurt your pursuit of players

      What do you mean a tight purse with TA?! They had bird rights on Tony and offered him the same contract as Memphis did. Problem was Tony wanted a bigger role on the team, and that wasn’t going to happen playing behind Ray and Pierce. He even said so when he signed with Memphis.

      Dude. You need research when publishing an article. Always check if statistics and media stories actually back you up. You can look really stupid if you don’t.

      • diddybop


  • mike

    I would have to 2nd… i mean 29th what everyone else said above. Worst post ever on this site.

  • Brent

    Awful article. Must be a slow news day.

  • KGino

    You can complain about Ainge all you want, but I’m grateful as hell for what he’s done. We went from having the worst record in Celts history to Banner 17 in ONE season. You gotta be a pretty damn good GM to pull that off.

    If we won in 09 or 10 (like we easily could have minus injuries), this article probably would not have been written. Not DAs fault KG had some freak injury and Perk goes down game 6.

    Not all of his trades have been winners, but who truly knows what it’s like to be in Ainges shoes and what truly could have been handled differently. As fans, its very easy to say what if in hindsight of everything.

    One thing you can’t fault him for are his draft picks.. Rondo was obtained via draft night trade, Avery Bradley, Jared Sullinger.. And the guy is usually drafting in the 18-22 range. Those are some good pieces at around the 20th pick.

  • The Iron Sheik

    This article sucks.

  • Lakerhater

    So Danny is an asshole because he expects results out of highly paid employees? Wow, guess he’d never make it as the Knicks GM.

  • DD

    What the hell did I just read?

  • DD

    No seriously what the hell did I just read??

  • MJ

    Also, Danny turned this team from a joke to a contender. The reason why the Big 3 era only won one championship was because of untimely injuries to KG in ’09, Perk in ’10, Rondo/Shaq in ’11, and Bradley/Pierce/Ray in ’12.

    I’m 100% confident the Celtics would have won another one had the injury bug not happened in one of those seasons.

  • Larry Legend

    Any answers as to who wrote this article? Any? It’s really bad, like mikki moore/vin baker bad. Seriously this hurts the credibility of this site. Shame on the writer and I hope it’s the last we see of his/her work. Or is that being too reactionary?….

  • Beeker

    Looks like you guys are having a really fun time beating a dead horse.

  • Beeker

    The commenters, not Redsarmy, for clarification

  • screaming jay

    Analysis of this quality really calls into question the quality of the blog itself. Much more of this kinda shit and I’ll stop taking the time to visit. Chuck and John…don’t you guys pay attention to the main articles getting posted on YOUR BLOG?

    • We allow some latitude for contrary opinions.

      • Larry Legend

        I guess that’s one way of saying it. Or you could just be honest and say it’s a really poorly written article that is difficult to follow and waaaay off base. Not to mention ill timed. Your morning dump indeed….

  • Ok folks, we get it, you don’t like the post. What I’m seeing now is some mob mentality going on where everyone who reads the post and doesn’t like it sees all the comments and starts to pile on.

    I’m not going to close comments on this yet… but please… if you’re just going to say the same thing someone else said, keep it to yourself. There’s no point anymore.

  • Celtic Geezer

    I always know one paragraph into an article here when it has been written by Sannicandro. Always half thought out and mostly always completely full of crap. You can’t blame Ainge for losing Tony Allen or Perk. THEY chose to leave by their actions. He reacted the way he had to. Make the best of the situation and move on. He offered Allen and Perk all the money he had and they turned him down. And yes, Nate Allen was better than Eddie House at the point of the trade. Eddie couldn’t play defense and his shot was going downhill. He’s out of the league and Nate is starting and torched us a little in our last encounter. Bill Walker hadn’t lived up to any projections at the time of the trade and never did. The other trades were simply fillers. Oh, and by the way Nick, you don’t know the difference between too quick to react and reactionary. What a waste of space!

  • Astarot

    I agree with all you said here. Ainge is a good GM overall, but he’s too reactonary for sure. During the game with Rocets a heard Tommy Heinsohn said that supposedly Ainge had a chance to take Harden from OKC in Perk trade. I know they were lokkin for backup 3 at that time and I wouldn’t be a fan of that deal if Perk would still be in it but getting Harden would be much closer to get simlar amount of talent in return of Perk, Green still has ups and downs and nobody knows how we’ll he develop and Harden proved himself as a 6th player and we all can see what kind of a playter he is now. Even though in a long-term perspective I think Tony Allen trade hurt them most cuz of what kind of a player Allen was for Cs, what kind of a player he is now and what guys came in return non of them significant reinforcement
    for the team.

    • mike

      Ainge DID NOT have the chance to get Harden. He WANTED harden, but OKC wouldnt give him up so he got Green instead. And TONY ALLEN WAS NOT TRADED! You must be a friend of the original blog poster Nick because you too DO NOT KNOW ANYTHING!

      • Astarot

        Just to be clear I’m not a friend of Nick, and I got mistaken about Allen so I meant he’s loss hurt them most in a long – term. And I don’t criticise Ainge for everything. What I’m saying is, thoes examples are not that bad they are showing where Ainge have made mistakes or where he haven’t done everything he could to e.g. keep a particular player on the team.

  • Mike

    For me the biggest mistake was not signing Andre Blanche or OJ mayo for cheap.

    • Mike


    • Astarot

      Agree about OJ – he was a bargain for Mavs and that was a player they needed to replace Ray Allen I’d take him instead of Terry (not cuz of Terry’s recent performance) reather cuz Oj is better on offense and younger as it turned out cheaper too.

  • Astarot

    Ok maybe “too reactionary” it’a bad expresion and you can adduce all the examples that haven’t been addced in this article. But with those mentioned in the article is hard not to agrre – first Nate impact or lack of on that team, second we all know what happened after Perk trade and third all the injury history that thoese players had before they came to Boston lack of impact on the team and their attitude that even Rivers said later that was a probelm for the team when Robinson, West, JO and Shaq were in the same locker room.

  • SF Celts Fan

    I’m so glad this article was posted on this site. I’ve been completely disappointed with Ainge’s moves. There hasn’t been a single quality trade since KG.

  • BamaCeltic

    Nah ..I’ll take DA anyday ! he has kept us relevant since he got here. Always keeping the Celtics in the hunt. Imagine if you were a Kings , Twolves , Bucks ,etc fan ?? Never even close to the playoffs , year after year. No thanks ! Keep up the good work DA!

  • Double P

    I think this article has been received fairly well…

    Ainge is not a bad gm, honestly name a better GM out there? Might be only a couple guys on his level and I have no complaints with the performance of this team the last six years

  • side show mel

    you can’t judge DA body of work without mentioning his draft picks. that by far is his best feature:
    big al
    big baby

  • Sam

    Is Billy Walker still in the league anyway?

  • jt

    This article has some fair criticisms of Ainge but what is unfair is skipping the success he has had as well. Getting Garnett for Jefferson, Getting Ray Allen for the pick that became Jeff Green. Drafting Rondo late. Drafting Bradley late. Drafting Sullinger late. Drafting Perk late. Signing Lee, Bass for Baby when Baby was already leaving.
    Ainge is to quick on the trigger for my taste but he is a good GM.

  • greenman

    Every GM is reactionary. This article was a waste of two minutes. It’s easy to look back at past trades that didn’t work out and think negatively, you can do that with every GM in the league. However, we have been a very successful team over the last 5 years with Ainge as GM so give him some credit. We’re bitching about Tony Allen? What have the Grizzlies done? Allen’s a great defender, is this team missing one (ehhh heem, Bradley)?

  • Chris

    Thank God Ainge is reactionary. The last thing I want is a team that doesn’t have a sense of urgency because the GM “isn’t one to panic”.

    Ainge has delivered, that’s all the matters. Not every move or the timing of every move has been ideal, but I do believe he has come out on top of the vast majority of deals (Including the Perk deal).

    I won’t bag on you for having a difference of opinion, but the proof is very clearly in the pudding.

  • poop

    This blog continues to decline.