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Recap: Celtics offense disintegrates in awful loss to Hornets

The 6 game winning streak was fun while it lasted. Tonight the Celtics treated us to one of those mind-numbing, head-shaking, go-through-the-motion performances we’ve come to hate, yet accept. The result: a 90-78 loss to the Hornets.

The Celtics managed just 78 points vs one of the league’s worst defenses. I don’t have a shot chart, but they took A LOT of jumpers. Here’s how Doc described the offense, “We had an electric fence around the paint tonight. We settled.”

The Celtics shot 46% from the field, but only 22% from 3 and 37% from the line.  That free throw percentage is the worst in 18 years. Tommy Heinsohn kept chirping about the Celts low number of FGAs (74), but that number is just 5 below their season average.

The Good: Jason Terry has a pulse. He scored 12 points on 5-10 shooting. Brandon Bass also showed signs of life with 9 points and 7 rebounds.

The Gross: Ugh. Where to begin. Paul Pierce’s offense (5-16 FG, 1-7 3 FG) was hideous. Except for Terry, the bench was lifeless. Jared Sullinger had 2 rebounds, while Jeff Green and Courtney Lee combined for 8 points. On the defensive end, New Orleans generated 48 points in the paint.

Greenlights: Rondo’s reverse lay-up

Rondo’s one handed jam

The Grid:

  • Kevin Garnett was a -26
  • NO out-rebounded Boston 48-33
  • Austin Rivers had 8 points on 3-6 shooting

Box score

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  • Round mound of sullinger

    They are still going to lay eggs every once in a while.. Move on to the bulls game.. Nothing more than a bad night

    • Yep, you’re right, shake it off and move on.

      I like your handle, I’ve also been making “brown mound” references to Sulligner lately.

    • PlayaPlease!

      Offense disappeared like Lennay Kekua.

  • Alex

    It was bound to happen.

    Celtics have been playing great in the previous games and this game was just an unfortunate stinker.

    Move on, fellas.

    I bet they are more mentally prepped for Chicago than they were for the NO Hornets.

    • stephanie

      In the interview Doc actually said they let their guard down starting in practice and he didn’t do anything about it.

      • Saw that Doc quote myself. Just not going to win games where you miss FT’s, turn ball over and get killed on glass/in the paint. Glad this is over although I’d have preferred a win. I never want to hear Austin Rivers’ name again. It was just everywhere in Boston media last 2 days. On to the Bulls…

        • stephanie

          Way too much father/son publicity for this game..which I expected. I swear that game was so ugly to watch…but they better be shooting F/T until their eyes and fingers bleed in practice.

          • LOL!! Indeed…bleeding! That made my night-thx.

  • stephanie

    I swear if I see someone say blow it up..I hope they melt as soon as they type it…lol.

    • TradeRondo

      We need to trade Rondo.

      • stephanie


    • Jayfox

      We need to make a serious attempt at getting a rebounded and a back up point. that’s our major problems.

  • Chris

    Too many FTs missed and WAY too many jumpers taken… I don’t understand why they can’t just take it into the paint, go for the lay-up, draw a foul, SOMETHING. Just standing there, trying to create space, running off of screens, and shooting a jumper that hasn’t been falling all night IS NOT going to help you win a game…

    • stephanie


    • Curt

      While I agree, that isn’t exactly ground breaking idealogy…that was their problem the entire month of November and into December.

      Tommy goes on about EVERY FREAKING GAME.

      Why isn’t Tommy a consultant for Doc? What happened to Hondo being at practice? Can’t the old guard say something about that crap?

  • eddysamson

    The Hornets D cant always play like that…what was up?? They completely shut the paint down for the last 3 quarters. Celtics couldnt get through it and werent getting fouls when they tried to get through the arms. A game like that you either make your 3s or lose….

    didnt help we had no D to set up offense really…

    • stephanie

      Some of that clogging of the paint was the lack of 3 sec calls on the Hornets, but C’s were plain awful with their shooting tonight.

  • Quest

    I expected the Celtics, a veteran team, to come out blockbusters to win this game for their coach Doc Rivers. The stakes …the youngest team in the league … and playing against their coach Doc’s ROOKIE son. The Celtics lost….The Hornets playing the back to back.
    There are some deep serious problems with the Celtics. The Celtics go where Rondo goes… where did Rondo go tonight…the inconsistencies ….where has PP shot gone for the last # games….KG looked 36 tonight…These are the vet leaders.
    I have vehemently fought against any trade of the Big 3 but after tonight ……This is more than a blip or one of those eggs once in awhile….

    • stephanie

      So of all the games they lost tonight’s the one that makes you want a trade? Give me a break. Were there deep serious problems when they were winning? They have problems that need to be addressed just like every team other team that’s playing right now, but I knew the instant they lost people would be flip flopping like they never went on a streak.

      • Quest

        Com’on lady….they lost to the youngest and most inexperienced team in the league after having how many days rest. They played with no energy and aggression.. ..they couldn’t get it up enough for Doc not to be embarrassed to losing to his rookie son and his team… What They finally won 6 consequentive games almost half way thru the season over middle of the road teams…. realistically they still have not proven to be in the elite NBA categorywith their play and believe me lady I have rooted for this team thru the low times but there comes a time when its about winning

        • Jayfox

          ^^ completely agree. Celtics need to make real moves.

        • stephanie

          They may be the youngest blah, blah, blah team, but have had some impressive wins against better teams..SA, HOU, Clippers, to name a few. I’m not excusing the C’s at all because they played without any type of effort. I want to see what they do against the Bulls, but my point is that people will get on here like the world is about to end after losing after a 6 game streak that wasn’t against some roody poo teams might I add.

          • Quest

            its not about losing after a 6 game winning streak its about how they lost.

          • Quest

            roody poo Teams??

          • Jayfox

            You have to realize this as much as you think you like how the team played these last 6 games, the truth is this Celtic team will not win a championship. We are 2 games above .500 and third in our division. We wouldn’t beat any of the top 5 east teams in a 7 game playoff series. Now the east is way weaker than the west so even if the Celtics make it to the finals we would get blown out by the top teams in the west. This last game proves we still have major problems we need to fix.

        • Frank A

          The heat lost to the wizards should they trade d wade for more rebounds? It’s the nba man, anyone can beat anyone. This starting line up is 6-2 and Bradley still doesn’t have his legs under him , Celtic will go into the all star break 17 and 5 with Bradley

          • Quest

            What..since when do u evaluate a player on one gme. I think the Heat have won a few more games than the celtic to date. How many games have the Heat played with complaints of poor energy or aggression?

          • stephanie

            Quest: The most recent lost to Portland, Lebron complained about how his team lacked intensity and effort. The Heat is not our measuring stick. They’ve been having their own internal issues with lack or size, rebounding,etc. They only have a slight advantage in wins over the C’s.

        • The Knicks, Hawks, and Pacers are not “middle of the road” teams. They were 3 of the top 4 seeds in the East. Open your eyes

      • SF Celts fan

        As much as I want to hang on to the hope that they will pull it together, I’ve come to terms with the realization that this team will not be winning a championship. Its frustrating and sad, but I’d rather realize it now than in april. I blame danny ainge’s inability to make quality trades for the team’s downfall. Sorry for the somber attitude, but until moves are made, I’m not going to be happy.

        • Quest


        • stephanie

          Boo Hoo

          • SF Celts fan

            My love for the team hasn’t changed. At this point, I just need to be realistic.

        • Me

          Timofey Mozgov For Brandon Bass + Anthony Randolph

          Now We Have A Rotation On Center And PF

          Next Year We Can Released Jason Collins

          AGREE WITH ME

  • KY Celts fan

    Both teams had 21 fouls, yet NO shot twice as many FTs. How does this happen?


    C’s stopped going to the rack. In the 1st & part of 2nd quarter, behind Avery & Rajon, they attacked the hoop. Rest of the game was pretty much jumper after jumper.

  • Jayfox

    This is the reason Danny should think about making some moves.

  • Brick James


    Seriously, I kind of 5% watched the game at a bar. We lost by 12. We’re 6-2 in our last 8 since AB0 has returned. This isn’t the end of the world folks.

    That said, on paper the Celtics probably should’ve beaten a Gordon-less Hornets team. That’s why you play the games.

  • Jester00

    so tell me have you ever been in a cockpit before?

  • Quest

    Celtics playing down to their opponents again. They were not prepared.

  • stephanie

    Was we in serious trouble during our streak or was we coming up with little cute nicknames for our bench? Did we need a major trade or did we not want Ainge to mess up chemistry? Make up your mind because it doesn’t change like that because of a game. We lost a game that we should have lost. Missing that many F/T’s and uncontested/open shots, they better be in the gym shooting until they see halos.

    With that being said, we can really see if the team has improved by how they respond to this lost and handle the Bulls Friday.

  • Randy West

    When people get old, they don’t recuperate but die. The Celtics are an old team. Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce will be worse in a few months time than they are now. As much as I love him, Rajon Rondo is not the team leader that all Celtics fans want him to be. He does not have that infectious winner’s attitude that Jason Kidd or Chris Paul possess. And … I hate to bring it up again, but Danny Ainge is a terrible GM. He pieced this team together like a fantasy squad. You cannot have two undersized power forwards (i.e., Bass and Sullinger) on the same roster. It places too much pressure on KG to control the paint. And too many of our role players (see Jeff Green) seem to lack the fire in the belly necessary to win a championship. Ainge is like a chess player who focuses only on his adversary’s moves with little regard for his own positioning. The way you beat Miami and similarly constructed teams is with size. You have to pack the paint against them. You cannot beat them at their own game (small ball) unless you have better wing players than LeBron and Wade. I’m sorry, but a slow Paul Pierce (again, love the guy), flaccid Jeff Green, and aged Jason Terry don’t cut it.

  • Shane

    u have a bad shooting night and u got the hornets packing the paint with 3 guys for entire possessions and getting away (shame on those refs)….every team lays an egg, its how u come back the next game that shows a teams character!

  • celtics33

    Losing to a mediocre team missing one of it’s best players is bad enough. Losing to that team at home with the Hornets also being on the 2nd night of a back to back is even worse.

    Putrid offense and being dominated on the boards led to this disappointing loss.

    Celtics don’t have enough cushion in their attempt to climb up the Eastern Conference ladder to lose games like this…

  • Raoul

    I’m tired of seeing how consistently ready Barbosa is, to just end up using him to seal lost games. I have yet to see a bad game from him but they bench him like a Harrangody. The dude is proven. Give him a damn role that involves basketball play. I think on the offensive end, he could have started this streak a long time ago, having the same affect on three offensive end as Bradley has sparking defense.

    7pts in 2mins. Wake the f up Doc. Terry out, Barbosa in.

    • LAF

      Barbosa? Shoot. I wish Doc would play Avery more over JET. Avery’s early defense on Vasquez was nothing short of amazing. Then, Doc pulled him and went with JET.


    • dk

      agreed! I don’t understand why Barbosa doesn’t play and Bradley doesn’t get more minutes in the 2nd half. Why does bradley need to be subbed so early in the game too

      • Stephanie

        I understand Bradley needing to rest…he did just come back from surgery not too long ago, plus he probably expends more energy out there than anyone else. So he’s still getting conditioned for the game.

        Barbosa, I really don’t understand why Doc didn’t play him earlier when the O was stagnant. That was definitely an oversight of coaching.

      • ShawnCVD

        um…Bradley plays at an excruciating level of energy. He’s also playing into game shape. I want 26 minutes of hustle Bradley , not 80% hustle due to getting more PT.

  • Chris

    I expected the elephant picture. What was with the free throws? Too close to the paint?

  • KGino

    Meh.. no big deal. A longer win streak is in store somewhere in this young season

  • brian

    They have a bad shooting night and people jump off the bandwagon. Pierce sinks 3/7 instead of 1/7 you get anything from green/sully and you shoot better then 50% from the free throw line and we win this game easily. The o just wasnt clicking tonight. If we held every team 2 90 points we would be in the top 3 for points against in the league.

  • JR99

    Look, I HATED this damn game as much as anybody, believe me. But it’s still ONE game. It doesn’t mean anything that it was the Hornets, for many reasons, two of which are:

    – Any NBA team can beat any other NBA team on a given night. They’re all world-class players. They’re all capable of screwing up from time to time, just like every other human on the planet.

    – The Hornets are much better than their record. They’ve beaten some other ELITE teams this season, and they’ll probably continue to do so.

    Yeah, the game was a disgusting display of suckiness. Not the end of the world, or the season, or anything. We do need at least 1 more big, that hasn’t changed. Now…. moving on.

  • Wow. I did not at all expect one loss after a 6-game win streak to push people right back off the edge. Stephanie, Frank and other positive people…keep the faith. I love how you’re holding it down for the C’s against the knee-jerk reactions from one game (one, people!). Look, KWAPT summed it up best: no free-throw accuracy, no driving and settling for too many jumpers, and not making the extra effort to box out your man will almost always end your night on the negative. And seriously…are we still doing the “it’s an old team” thing? KG Pierce Jet…that’s it…that’s all. 3-13 players does not constitute “old.” I dont think even the worst skeptic walked away from this game thinking, “Boy, those old legs sure did make us miss a ton of free-throws tonight.” I am VERY interested in seeing what will be said if/when the C’s come out and crush the Bulls on Friday.

    • Well said….and the “old team” thing is comical. Those same folks will be back here giving the “old guys” accolades when the team wins again.

    • Stephanie

      Everyone will be back happy and singing Kumbaya..until then people are just clinging to the ledge waiting to

  • NateB

    Just like the last two seasons, realistic Cs fans pretty much knew going into this season that the Cs were not a true title contender; this is the NBA – only 3-5 teams have a realitistc shot at the title going into any given season; and just like the last two seasons, this season is about trying to go deep into the playoffs in the not-so-great Eastern Conference, and grooming a young core that might help the Cs get back to title contender status at some point in the post-Pierce-and-KG era. I’m hoping for 49 wins and a strong ayof performance that includes at least one series win

    • Stephanie

      I agree. I go into each season hoping that they win, but I never bank on it just based on regular season.

  • TheKG

    Bright side, the Brazilian Blur scored 7 points in less than 3 minutes of playing time.

    Pierce stats is awful!

  • Curt

    Why isn’t anyone saying we should trade KG becuase he had a -26 for one game, hmm?

    Your minds are already made up about Rondo and P2, so now you just need fuel for your fire. Go be a fan of some other team.

  • KGino

    Funny how there’s wayyyyyy more comments when they lose than when they win. Relax people.

    Even the Almighty Patriots lose to teams they should beat. We knock down a few more treys and hit a few more free throws and we’d still be on a 7 game win streak. Defense has been great only allowing 90 or under… We’re going to win a lot of games playing this way people.. If it takes this poor of a shooting/free throw performance to beat us, I feel scared for the other teams. We couldn’t throw it in the ocean last night.

    • Curt


      However (I can’t help myself, KGino.), Rondo was quoted as saying, “I think we had a good night last night. We just didn’t make shots.”

      Don’t you think this shows how little he knows in comparison to his “fans”? Shouldn’t he be traded?

      • KGino

        I’d agree with the 2nd half of his statement. I don’t think they had a good night last night, cuz if they had they would have won. If he’s content with their performance, that’s not a good sign.

        The kid has so much potential and its easily the most frustrating part about watching the C’s for me.. he has games where you wouldn’t want to trade him for hardly anyone in the league (see game 2 ECF last year).. then he has games where he is nonexistent.

        I’m certainly not opposed to a Rondo trade, because his value would be high enough to get us someone GREAT in return. I’m talking like a top 20 player in the league.

        The thing about the NBA, is everyone is so damn conscious of offensive stats, and not conscious of defense because there are really no mainstream stats that tell you how great of a defender someone like AB is. So when you hear AB’s name come up in a trade, he is SO undervalued, because no one understands exactly how good he is at D. Everyone is blinded by Rondo’s triple doubles and assists leading stats (offensive stats), and they neglect his poor defense… so his value is very high. I’d much rather trade a guy who is overvalued like Rondo is, because we’d get way more in return.

        It’s like idiots who were saying “You really think AB is gonna be our savior? He’s not going to come back and average a Triple Double.. he only averages 8 PPG”… clearly they don’t understand the game. I would reply no, no one expects him to do that, they just expect him to play equal D to last year, and that will help a shitload. Again, people overvaluing offense.

        The people unwilling to part ways with Rondo are the people who overvalue offensive stats.. I am not one of those people. If the right trade reared it’s head, I’d pull the trigger.

        • KGino

          I understand Rondo is a truly unique talent. Not many players can dominate a game in the ways he does (when he decides to). He is definitely a little bit of a head case, but he is also one tough SOB. I love the kid. I enjoy watching the Celtics most when he is dominant, I enjoy watching them the least when he is tentative. It really is a love/hate relationship with him.

          That in mind, there is only a short list of players I’d ever trade him for. Seeing him go would hurt though, no matter who it was for.

        • Curt

          I can’t disagree with anything you say, and I agree with most of it.

          However, I’m just not convinced that he’s so bad on defense. The whole reason I liked him originally was because of his defense. What facts support him being a poor defender?

          I’m scratching my head because everyone is saying the opposite of what I perceive.

          • KGino

            It’s not that he’s even terrible on defense Curt, it’s just obvious to me that he could be playing a lot harder on that side of the ball.

            I see this a lot, for example… he’s D-ing up an opposing point guard, and a big comes up and sets a pick on him.. he rarely ever fights through the pick. Instead, he’ll let his guy get in front of him so he can try to poke it out from behind, but 98% of the time it forces our bigs to rotate out of position to recover for Rondo. Once they rotate, they are out of position to either A.) Defend their big in the paint (leading to an easy pass + layup/dunk) or B.) the point guard shoots, and the other team gets an offensive rebound for either a putback or kick-out jumper.

            Why do you think our defensive rebounding woes haven’t been nearly as prominent since avery came back? I believe a lot of it has to do with our bigs not having to recover for our guards as much on D. Dribble penetration is killer, and Rondo allows quite a bit of it. Try to focus on him a little during friday’s game and you’ll see some of what I’m talking about.

          • Curt

            I definitely KNOW what you’re talking about. For some reason, I haven’t yet perceived at it as him being bad on defense. It has been more of a “Why would he do that?” type thing for me. My next thought is “Why would KG let him do that?”.

            He is being allowed to do it. He doesn’t suck, he’s not doing the same things that others often do. Doing something that others can’t get away with isn’t very “leader-like”, so I can see it being an issue.

            I still don’t see how playing against Rondo improves the Celtics’ chances of a ring.

  • JimmyG

    Ugly game. Sounds weird but I’d rather them lose 90-78 than lose 105-100. At least their defense is getting better. If they miss shots whatever, it’s when they can’t get stops that I worry. I’m confident they’ll bounce back quickly.

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