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Rev. Dooling is one helluva motivational speaker

Who or what deserves credit for the Celtics inspired play and 6-game winning streak? Is it Avery Bradley? Consistent bench play?

Whatever the answer, we need to add Keyon Dooling to the list of reasons, reports Jess Camerato:

“Keyon Dooling has actually helped, actually,” said Rondo. “He’s been in the locker room, amping guys up. His personality, I think it started with him.”

Dooling earned the nickname “The Reverend” last season for his inspirational and impassioned talks. His trademark question, “What’s driving you?” has forced countless athletes to look within and realize what they were playing for each day.

Rondo has noticed a change in the locker room since Dooling began infusing his personality within the walls. The point guard has seen his teammates playing more loosely on the court, with role players like Courtney Lee and Jeff Green smiling more often since the team began hitting their stride.

“Our spirits are better, obviously,” said Rondo. “It’s not fun losing, and since we’ve been winning, the locker room has been a little bit more relaxed and not so tense. Guys are smiling again and joking, so it’s back to where we’ve been from the start.

So glad to hear Keyon is still having a positive impact on the team.

As for my all-time favorite motivational speaker, the nod goes to Matt Foley. Scroll ahead to the 2 minute mark for the good stuff.

“But you’re probably going to find out as you go out there that you’re not going to amount to jack squat!”

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  • Willow Green

    nice! Dooling was one of the biggest reasons why the Celtics got as far as they did last year.

    He kept spirits up and the C’s focused. He’s the perfect cure for the C’s right now. just what the doctor ordered.

  • dk

    there gona be buddies! pals! amigos!

  • Bob Tiller

    fuk yeh

  • I am really glad to know that Dooling is one of the Helluva Motivational Speaker. He is a great personality and skill that he is able to motivate the people with his speeches. He is able to motivate those people who are desperate in their life.