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Jeff Green tops’s Dunks of the Week (again)

Jeff Green has once again dunked his way to number one on’s “Dunks of the Week”. His ferocious slam against the Phoenix Suns’ Jermaine O’Neal beat out JR Smith for top honors.

I was at the Garden for that one, and man did the building erupt. I know guys like Blake Griffin, Terrence Ross and Gerald Green will be among the favorites to participate in this year’s Sprite Slam Dunk, but if Jeff continues to throw down like this, who knows-maybe he’ll get the nod. What do folks think? Is Jeff worthy of a chance to show his stuff in Houston during ASW?

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  • Curt

    On one hand I’d love to see him participate.

    On the other hand, I’d rather him not go do one more thing that might injure him.

    On another hand, maybe it’d make his confidence swell and he’d be even better.

    On someone else’s hand, maybe it’d make his stock go up and we could offload him for an effective big man.

    On the last hand, it would be awesome to see him go make Griffin look boring!


    I have to hand it to you..that comment was a handful. Someone give this man a hand. All seriousness, I couldn’t agree more. I can’t remember anyone ever getting hurt in the Dunk contest, but of course there’s always the chance of pulling a hammy/groin etc. But I think it could do wonders for his confidence and hell-it’d just be so awesome to have a Celtic in it again.

    • RedsLoveChild

      “Getting hurt while dunking?? You so crazy!!”…Tony Allen

    • KGino


  • Brian

    He might not be worth 9 million but having a guy who can spell Paul for 20 mins and play PF in a small line up for another 5 mins is a nice luxury. I love how this team is coming together, and not that avery had found his stroke I think we can expect 10/12 points a game from him going forward.

  • Eddie Allen Powe

    I noticed the dunk contest participants are mostly young pros in their 2nd or 3rd season. Like a young Iguodala or Gerald Green. Jeff is at the point where he should strive to represent Boston as an all star reserve.

    • KWAPT

      Fair point. But he won’t get that nod this year unless he goes on an absolute tear for the next few weeks. I’d be happy to see him at ASW in any capacity-would be an amazing accomplishment given what he’s been through over the past year.

  • GreenBirdCro

    I see you… 🙂