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Your Morning Dump… Where Danny’s happy with the team the way it is

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

“I think over the next five weeks a lot will be told,” he said. “I feel like we don’t have any glaring needs when we’re playing the way we’re playing. Everyone’s playing their role; whether they’re playing well all the time is not as much of a point if they are accepting a role and giving an honest day’s worth of work.”

With Bradley back and Chris Wilcox practicing Sunday for the first time in three weeks, the Celtics are nearing full health. Ainge said he doesn’t feel the need to tinker with the depth of his roster.

“We just need to keep flexibility in case something does happen,” he said. “Right now we don’t have a real need and we have players like Jason Collins andLeandro Barbosa who we really like and are hardly playing, so I don’t really see a need to bring someone else in, at least at this moment. We’re happy with our roster and we’re looking for improvement but we feel like we have plenty of bodies and Chris Wilcox should be back in not too long. I don’t think there’s any need to bring in someone right now to sit on the end of our bench.”

After all sorts of rumors, involving all sort of players have leaked (or have been fabricated, for all I know).  And now Danny Ainge is flat-out saying there no need for any new players…

…”at least at this moment”

So once again, Danny Ainge is just doing his job.  He’ll always answer the phone, he’ll always listen when someone asks “hey, what would it take to get this player?”  But he won’t paint himself into a corner.  And that’s not to say he’ll always make the right move…. every GM makes a mistake…. but he won’t make the mistake of leaving himself and the team without an out.

That means he knows his players’ value, he knows what the market is for them, and he knows who’ll bite on an offer.

Until then, the team is winning and healthy (feel free to knock on wood or something there) and as long as both continue to be the case, there’s no need to panic.

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  • JBcelticsFan

    Please no trades. I like the way the chemistry is starting to come together on the court. Just leave it the way it is. This team definitely has the talent to win a title but they will certainly have to get better. Defense is the key and it looks like everybody has bought into that.

    Also, It would be nice to have Fab Melo but I guess hes not ready. I just dont want KG have to bang with Noah in the playoffs if the 2 teams face off. Besides Celtics/Heat, Celtics/Bulls is the matchup I want to see. especially if Rose returns to the court. That series in 09 was a classic.

    • Mike

      Bulls/Celtics is the last matchup I wanna see. Don’t like how we match up with them. The Heat may be the best team in the conference, but for some reason I feel comfortable facing them. As much as Doc and Danny deny it, this team was built to beat the Heat. Call me crazy but the C’s are so familiar with the Heat and I feel match up with them favorably.

      • Roy

        I think we match up better now against the Bulls then before. Asik was a big loss for them, so that got rid of some of their depth. Bass, Sully, KG, Wilcox and Collins is enough to throw at the Bulls

    • TheKG

      Maybe if the Lakers were ahead in the standings a lot of people would jump their guns and ask for something drastic like a trade or something.

      I’m happy with whats happening right now. 6 wins in a row, Bradley is healthy and most of all, the team looks very deep. How can you not say its not that deep when Barbosa, is getting DNPs. It’s the Brazilian blur!

      Come playoff time, I’d like to see the Heat get eliminated early and the Celtics win the EC finals. That will make Ray regret taking his talents to South Beach.

  • Larry Legend

    Agreed no trades.

  • Kobe

    redslovechild will be disappointed with this news.

    • LAF

      I’m disappointed, too. I’m not sold on this team winning it all without a big although Sully is doing his best to raise my expectations.

      • TheKG

        Relax, Fab and Varnado are out. The scouts are looking for some bigs right now. Miami signed Varnado to a 10-day contract, could they be interrogating him right now? LOL

  • RedsLoveChild

    Trades, FA signings…Ainge will tinker with the roster to some degree. He always gets an “itchy finger” in Feb.

    What did people think he would say? He has to keep his options open, and that`s done by revealing nothing.

    Did anyone really expect Ainge to say that, “a trade to upgrade the roster is imperative”…or, “I`m as stunned as anyone how useless Jason Collins is”?

  • eddysamson

    I say just wait on Melo to develop a bit more. Maybe he will be reliable by April.

    • I don’t think you need to worry about losing Melo. He’s not exactly the most coveted guy on the roster, plus I’m sure the C’s want to see how he develops.

      • eddysamson

        Oh I’m not worried about losing him, I’ve just been thinking we wanted a big so bad before AB came back…and now hes back it seems we dont need a big so desperately so we might as well wait on Melo’s development which could put him at a somewhat playable (less than 20 mins) level before the post season.

      • TheKG

        Varnado is being questioned by the Miami Heat right now. He was signed to a 10 day contract. LOL.

  • Cal

    We have no chance in winning a title right now- I’m not happy with the makeup of this team.

  • Nathan1

    I like this roster and its chemistry I just wish we still had stiesma!!

  • Sethy138

    Great thats what I want to hear.

  • Quin Tyel

    Does anyone actually believe Ainge? I don’t. The man is always to wlling to trade, good or bad, or acquire a piece or 2. So don’t be surprise if he does trade with a splash or make an unpoplular trade.

    The Celtics don’t need to make an major moves unless things are drastic. The Celtics need to tweak the roster by adding 2 big men. Just saying.

  • paul

    The Trade wasn’t just a mistake. It was managerial malpractice that no one calls Ainge out for. That said, he did well this last summer, and thank goodness its’ starting to show.

  • Me

    I Only Want To Trade Brandon Bass, Maybe For Ayon Gustavo Or kevin Searaphin Or Samuel Dalembert, Or Nikola Pekovic Or Nikola Vucevic Or Sign Eddy Curry Or Bring Back Ben Wallace Or Sign Allen Iverson Or Nenad Kristic Or Brendan Haywood Or Kanter?