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Avery Bradley is a low-key, humble guy

John - Red's Army (@RedsArmy_John) January 14, 2013 Avery Bradley, Celtics News 22 Comments on Avery Bradley is a low-key, humble guy

I’m going to say something that sounds bad, but I really mean this is as a total complement.

…………….. Avery Bradley doesn’t seem very interesting.

See?  That sounds pretty insulting.  But it’s not supposed to be.  This kid is so uninteresting in this interview, I’d swear his last name is Belichick, not Bradley.  And much-like the Belichickian media say-nothings about 30 miles away, Bradley simply wants to come in, kick ass, and go home.

I’m sure in the locker room, at home, or out with the boys, he’s a great kid who can hang with some of these other…. ummm… high-energy talkers on the roster.   But check him out in this video…. the kid is all business.  It covers everything from his shoulder surgeries to his return this month…. and he deflects anything that might seem like any hint of praise for him.

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  • PakkAttackk


    • KGino

      The team already has a lot of big personalities… KG, Pierce, Rondo..

      I believe what John’s trying to say here is that it’s refreshing to see a kid who plays so hard and who has such a huge impact on his team be SO humble. Kid’s strictly business.. you always know what you’re going to get with Bradley.

      Unlike Rondo, where life is like a box of chocolates.. you never know what you’re gonna get.

      • Mannie

        Give him two or three years, he’ll be different. KG, a trash talker mentored rondo who is now a trash talker( ask Brandon Jennings) mentoring Bradley.

  • LA Flake

    AB plays with a lot of swagger though. Did you see him taunting the MSG crowd after he hit that long 2?

    He never stops playing hard. And he is CLUTCH!

  • AlexLuo


  • iamsaws

    love this kid!

  • Jay

    Love this guy!! Told my wife we are naming our son Avery!!!

    • KY Celts fan

      I suggested the name Kendrick to my wife. She wasn’t buying it.

      • KGino

        lol I <3 both of your baby names if its any consolation

  • Garnett’sGrl

    I love Bradley from his first season to this one. I knewt he was a diamond in the ruff just wating to be found. Thank God Doc finally realized it.

  • Snejk

    Molly daaamn!!!

    • LAF

      she’s not hot. she’s a 6 at best. they used to have another blond who was cuter…i guess wyc likes them blond.

      • JG

        I see what you mean about Molly not being amazing. She’s a little too done up which is probably what you’re getting at. If you see her in person she’s got an incredible amount of make up on. I personally think she’s probably still a 7.5-8 but that’s what makes you and I different!

  • I love this kid too!

    I hope his shoulder problems are gone forever. Amazing that a 6’2″ 2-guard is becoming alot of people’s favorite player.

    • Ggdhgg

      AI was a 6 foot 2 guard

      • LAF

        allen iverson? i’ve seen him in person. he’s barely 6 ft tall if that.

        • Ghoff

          I ment a 6 foot shooting guard
          2 as in 2 guard not 6 foot 2
          My bad

  • a damn

    it all molly’s fault, she boring

  • MJ

    Speaking of the Patriots, did anyone see Brandon Spikes yesterday when the Texans had fumbled the ball. HILARIOUS!!

  • RedsLoveChild

    Bradley is almost too good to be true…Ainge deserves mega-serious props in drafting this kid!

    The only thing associated with AB that I don`t approve of is his uniform number. Zero?!? It looks stupid, and AB is anything but a zero!

    • KGino

      0 is the number of times you’ll score on him while he’s guarding you

    • Chris 2.0

      Leon! Wal-tahh! MONTROSS!