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Your Morning Dump… Where the “Gangster Squad” is helping the C’s enjoy playing the “villain” role

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

Avery has been tremendous. One, he brings defensive intensity that is very contagious. I mean, it just feeds through the team. We love the way he plays. He’s young. He’s athletic. He has a nose for the ball defensively.

Defense has been the difference in this five-game win streak. We found our identity. We struggled to find our identity early in the year. We knew what we wanted it to be, but to actually make it happen out on the court it took for Avery to come back for us to really say, “OK, we’re a defensive team first and we’re opportunistic with our defense where we can get easy baskets offensively.” I think that’s been the biggest difference in our wins and losses.

Another difference is our bench is intact. It’s how we envisioned it from day one with myself, [Jared] SullingerJeff Green and Courtney Lee. We spent all training camp working on that particular group and the chemistry was there, but we never got to put it in motion. Now that it is, you can see how dangerous we are. I’ve nicknamed the bench “Gangster Squad” after the new movie that is out. I love it as a nickname…

…We have a nice homestand going on and will play the Knicks again and Miami at home towards the end of January. I like the fact that nobody seems to be talking about us. We’re pretty much the underdog. I have a tattoo on my left arm that I’ve had a long time of Underdog. In fact, it’s one of my first tattoos. I love being thought of like that. We’re playing the villain role, and rightfully so, because that’s how this team is made up.

ESPN Boston: Terry diary: C’s D, trash-talk, hockey, NFL

Throughout the season, Jason Terry has submitted a few entries to his ‘diary’ for ESPN Boston.  In the quote above he gives a nice synopsis into the C’s turnaround.  Sure it’s a relatively modest 5 game winning streak but it is important.  They’ve won games several different ways, with the main reason being their return to playing their trademark KG-era defense.  Just as JET describes, Avery Bradley has been vital in a few ways.  First, himself returning to the court is obvious.  Second, the trickle-down effect it has on not only the contagious energy level but everyone else’s role has seemed to be solidifying now.  Finally, their attitude and mentality has returned, so much so that they’ve adopted the roles of underdog villains.  It’s an interesting combination but hey if that’s what’s working for them I’ll roll with it.

JET also describes the relationship between Kevin Garnett and Rajon Rondo.  Even though publicly the majority of players and people in the organization have deemed this to be Rondo’s team now, Terry subtly makes it clear that it’s still KG’s team until he retires (as it should be).  Terry also describes how rough it was to end 2012 with that nightmare-ish west coast trip and how they felt they were very close to being a good team even though they were getting routinely throttled.

Terry also describes some of the trash talking that goes on, saying that KG is legendary but Paul Pierce is “just as brutal.”  He delves into a whole list of things including having two favorite NFL teams (Seahawks, Patriots), his love for hockey, how Doc gave the Patriots a pre-game speech the last time they played the Texans (Bill Belichick might want to have him do that again today) and how excited he is at the prospect of the NBA returning to his home town Seattle.

The rest of the links:

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  • Caterpillar from Italy

    I think he ‘s completely right.

    JET himself was complete trash in the first part of the season, but now he’ s finding his role and his rhythm back again.

    No question who this team belongs to: C’s can play and stay competitive w/o Rondo, they just can’t w/o my man KG.

  • Larry Legend

    The idea that this was ever rondo’s team is a joke. KG and Paul Pierce run this team. Rondo isn’t a leader in any stretch of the imagination. Leaders don’t get suspended 4 times in 11 months. This team belongs to KG and Pierce and will as long as they’re wearing green.

  • eddysamson

    Ouch as a Texans fan the Doc speech thing hurts 🙁 Go Texans! Pats dont need yet another super bowl….

    • Double a neezy fo nuccckkka

      How did that work out for ya buddy?

  • RedsLoveChild

    Rondo will always be a huge “lightning rod” amongst Celtic fans…some love him, some hate him.

    Those hating RR primarily cannot get past the fact that he lacks a knock-down jumper…typically shoots 62% FT…gambles on defense…showboats too much for a tiny guy with significant holes in his game.

    Those loving RR point to his grit, passion, speed, flare, playing with a destroyed elbow, etc.

    I expect Ainge to trade RR the moment KG/PP are no longer Celtics….to prevent the Celts from ever, indisputably, being RR`s team.

    • “Those hating RR primarily cannot get past he fact that he lacks a knock-down jumper…typically shoots 62% FT…gambles on defense…showboats too much for a tiny guy with significant holes in his game.”

      A little humility would make you a better basketball player, Rajon.

  • KGino

    It’s time for celtics fans to recognize Rondo has found his jumper… As of one month ago, he was in the top 10 in the entire NBA in terms of mid range field goal percentage (between 10 feet and the 3 point line).

    He sucks at 3s yes, but lets give the dude credit where credit is due… he’s shooting lights out from mid range this year.

    • Larry Legend

      I don’t care about Rondo’s midrange jumper when talking about who the leader of this team is. The guy is not a leader. He’s selfish and immature. He’s childish. Yes he is talented, and has unique ability. But this is not his team, no way.

      • KGino

        Thanks for randomly ranting on rondos leadership on my comment about his jumper. That was strange of you.

        My only point is, people who say rondo can’t shoot don’t know what theyre talking about.

        • Larry Legend

          Thanks for not paying attention to the original argument. The discussion was about who’s team it was. So not caring about RR’s jumper as it relates to who leads this team is not a rant. It’s sticking to the topic.

          • KGino

            Pretty sure the topic is the Celtics bench finally coming together. . No where in the headline does it say anything about Rondo being a leader… I think you’re commenting on the wrong article.

            The person above me said rondo said he lacks a knock down jumper… My comment is in response to that. Very relevant if you ask me.

            Me – “Sully has been killing it on the boards”

          • KGino

            Rondo lacks a knockdown jumper *

      • Borna Hlousek

        If we were going to base level of maturity and leadership capability on number of suspension, Rasheed would be the greatest Leader who ever lived and the most mature person in addition. However we never really give Shees the “immature tag”.

        Also could you point out how exactly does what rondo do, (from your POV), could be construed as selfish or immature.

        • Larry Legend

          Cannot understand your post…doc, himself, is on record as saying Rondo’s actions in getting suspended are selfish.

  • jackhowland

    I’d just like to say how great it is to have Terry on this team. When he finds his jumper, he’ll be just like James Posey, a complete professional, but a better leader, defender and threat to drive.

  • Larry Legend

    Better defender? No…

  • RedsLoveChild