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Presenting: The Gangster Squad

John - Red's Army (@RedsArmy_John) January 13, 2013 Red's Army Multimedia 19 Comments on Presenting: The Gangster Squad

Jason Terry calls the bench the Gangster Squad…. well… here they are.   Click on the image for a bigger, wallpaper-worthy version.

Sorry, Jason Collins… the movie art didn’t have a 7th guy.

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  • terlo

    haha nice work, straight to facebook cover

  • Jaybahs

    Stupidest thing I’ve ever seen … GO PATRIOTS!!

  • ZabJudah

    Last Week They Were Trash and now there gangsters!


    Fantastic…Jeff Green actually tweeted that he “loves it” as well. Great to see these guys starting to find their way.

  • Nathan

    gotta find a way to put jason collins in there

  • Jester00

    Just when I though your Photo Shop skills were gone you go and do something like this. John you are the man I wish you had a link to your all your photo shops like on the old site. Glass Cleaner, Scallie, I will Work for food, Clutch West so many I would love to see those again. they made me laugh!

  • Jester00

    oh yea by the way we need a 2 man game

  • Quest

    If the reference is from the movie the movie was extremely violent. Yeah that’s all the league needs for its image more violent innuendos. Little sensitive to it after the Sandy Hook killings. A friend’s 6 yr daughter was one of the victims.

    • Jaybahs

      Ugh … Really? You take that dumb picture and relate it to the sandy hook tragedy?

      • Quest

        Go see the movie then you will understand. Why perpetuate more violence as being acceptable.

        • I’m especially sensitive to the violence in today’s world. Please don’t take this is an endorsement of anything beyond a silly nickname and photoshop to accompany it. While sensitivity to stuff like the violence you talk about is important… over-sensitivity to it becomes counter productive because it encourages people to argue against your overall point. I hope you understand where I’m coming from on this. It’s just a picture, just a nickname, and nothing beyond it.

          • Matt W

            See, John. Now you’ve done it. Referencing a movie currently in theaters makes you complicit in the future murder of children. I hope you’re all happy.

          • I think it’s best we all leave that topic alone. This is just a picture of a bunch of guys in hats.

        • Frank A

          Quest are you kidding me? Really? This picture is somehow related to a nut shooting people in a school? There’s a serious problem with our culture and its not due to violent movies or gun laws.



    • Jaybahs

      Nailed it …

  • Jester00

    really just Quest go fly a kite on the man drag

  • Garnett’sGrl

    Love it, it’s just a funny pic….nothing more nothing less!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!