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Your Morning Dump… Where Jared Sullinger bullied the Rockets

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

“He’s an old school kind of guy,” said Houston coach Kevin McHale (No. 32 peering down from the rafters) of Sullinger. “He doesn’t jump much, just pushes you under. Shocking as it is, it surprises people. No one boxes out anymore, so he’ll be in good shape.

“He played well. I mean, Sullinger came in and kind of bullied us in the first half. I think just his willingness to push and shove around the basket got everybody under. He rebounded the ball well for them and made a couple of tough shots.”

Sullinger entered the game with 6:17 left in the first quarter and the Celtics down by three points. He didn’t come out the rest of the half as his club went ahead by as many as 13 and took a 53-45 lead into the break.

Herald – KG, Sullinger dominate in paint

I can’t remember the last time I watched a Celtics player dominate the paint the way Jared Sullinger did in the first half last night.

I swear he lathered his hands in stick’em. The offensive rebounding was ridiculous. And he was scoring from absurd angles.

I’ll pass along the words of my father who said, “I might have to get me a #7 (jersey).” That reminds me, we’re gonna need a Sullinger t-shirt in the Red’s Army store. Any suggestions on a design?

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Kevin Garnett did a post game interview with NBA TV. He spoke on the bench play, Avery Bradley’s impact on the team, his mentoring of Jared Sulling, and the Carmelo Anthony incident:

“It’s unfortunate Melo got a game, I thought he was obviously… the crowd got the thing out of whack… but I would never disrespect anyone’s wife or anyone’s family. I’m a better person than that. I got family…. I think whenever you get two gladiators, two guys that really want to win, things happen. But I should have never gotten to that, it’s unfortunate, but we’ve moved on.”

Here’s the whole interview:

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  • Chief

    Put me down for a shirt, loved the way he boarded yesterday.
    Can’t wait til he stops getting called for rookie fouls but overall liking his game a lot.

  • swissflix

    yeah, i need me a sully and a courtney lee shirt.

    anyway, with the 21st pick of the 2012 draft, the celtics select CHARLES BARKLEY….
    meanwhile, the rockets got Royce White.

    • Larry Legend

      Can everyone stop comparing Sully to Charles Barkley like now! I’m really happy with Sullinger, really like him, but Charles Barkley?! Cmon people…Barkley was an athletic freak. One of the best 50-75 players to ever play in the NBA. Can we just let the kid play 50 NBA games before we put him in the HOF? My God…

      • Swissflix

        Ah c’mon! I know that, just let me have my fun…will ya

        • LAF

          sully to me plays more like kevin love with better defense. he’s just a very solid, fundamentally sound player. i wonder who’ll end up having a better career, sully of big al. if you click my name, you’ll see what i think.

          • Larry Legend

            To me he has some Charles Oakley to him, but Sully is better offensively. Maybe not quite as nasty as Oakley.

          • KGino

            lol thanks for that link LAF.. well played sir.

          • KWAPT

            Fantastic..I should “click your name” more often.

      • RedsLoveChild

        For Barkley to lead the NBA in boards, at 6`6″, does qualify him as an athletic freak.

        Over the last 5 games…Sullinger is averaging 10.2 boards in under 27 MPG. That`s almost ridiculous for a rookie at this stage!

        Strictly as a rebounder only…Sully has a serious chance to become K-Love`s equal. Love is only 1 inch taller. Forget the 3-point shooting aspect of Love`s game.

        • Larry Legend

          Barkley was closer to 6’4″ than he was 6’6″… The Love comparison as far as rebounds I can understand, but I think Sully a better defender. I still say Charles Oakley less the mean streak. Not that Sully doesn’t have some edge to him, just not as edgy as Oakley

          • RedsLoveChild


            LL…I`ve never seen a Barkley listing at 6`4″.

            Ainge is 6`4″…D-Wade is 6`4″

          • KGino
          • Larry Legend

            He was listed at 6’6″ but I’m saying he was closer to 6’4″

          • RedsLoveChild

            Larry….I`ll take you word for it.

            However, if he actually was 2 inches shorter than listed, an awful lot of NBA publications/websites have some explaining to do.

          • Larry Legend

            Many height listings are known to be fudged in NBA. Bill Walton and Kevin Garnett are perfect examples of that. Both guys are easily 7’0-7’1″ but didn’t want to be considered 7fters…next time you are at a game Red look at KG. He’s the tallest guy on court almost every night. Flip Saunders is on record as saying KG is really 6’13” since he swears he’s not a 7fter

          • RedsLoveChild

            I know what you mean.

            In 1982, I saw Magic & Bird standing side-by-side before a regular season game at The Forum. Both were listed at 6`9″.

            Bird was nearly a head taller!

          • Larry Legend

            Yes, another good example Red. Larry had Magic by half a head even tho both listed at 6’9″.

  • piecz

    That’s 2 straight when your pregame jinx didn’t work ! Hell yea

  • Pierce UK

    How good can this guy be. He’s like PP in a way lacks athleticism but makes up for it in other ways. Hard to judge how good he’ll be but I’m hopeful.

  • Man this kid is awesome! Bass gotta be watching him like oh shit I gotta step up my game!! That performance was incredible. I remember we played Brooklyn for the first time and Sully got bullied around and only played like 10-15 mins max and was outta the game after that. Since then he’s been banging with the best!! I need me a Sullinger jersey!! Great pick by the Celts

  • Jester00

    For the shirt 20 GM’s messed up Sully is thi name

    • Sheets

      16 GM’s missed on Sully not 20

  • screaming jay

    Here’s a shirt idea….I noticed a while back (from the photos you guys post) that when Sully rebounds under the hoop that his style is to grab the ball with one hand and clear out his competition with his other arm. It ends up looking like he’s busting a move on the dance floor.

    For the shirt I would collect a few of these photo examples, maybe 5 or 6 of ’em, and put them on a shirt with “Bust A Move Sully” or something to that effect.

    And…Danny, don’t trade the Sully! (that’s not for the shirt)

  • Roy


  • dennis

    Loved the way Sully rebounded the ball, never brought it down and went straight up with both hands for an easy two. I haven’t seen a player do that since Kevin McHale back in the 80’s. It’s so nice to see, coaches just don’t value that and coach that kind of play any more. I’m liking Sullinger more and more with each game. The kid has game and a bonafide Celtic attitude.

  • Celtic Geezer

    I’m telling you guys, he’s the reincarnation of Paul Silas but none of you guys have a frame of reference.