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Report: Danny shopping Paul Pierce

John - Red's Army (@RedsArmy_John) January 11, 2013 Celtics News, Paul Pierce, Rumors 117 Comments on Report: Danny shopping Paul Pierce

Welcome to wild trade rumor season… and this one is a bombshell.

CBS’s Ken Berger reports that Danny Ainge has been shopping Paul Pierce in trade offers.

 Team executives involved in exploratory trade talks report that the Knicks (Amar’e Stoudemire), Lakers (Pau Gasol), Raptors (Bargnani) and Celtics (Paul Pierce) are open to discussing their high-profile names. In every case but one, the early indications are that none could be moved without a bad contract going back in return. (In Stoudemire’s case, his health and the $45 million left on his contract after this season almost certainly will prevent any deal from happening.) The lone exception, executives say, may be Pierce, whose ruthless scoring prowess and championship experience come with another attractive feature: only $4 million of his $15.3 million salary is guaranteed next season. With the Celtics playing better since Avery Bradley returned from injury, president Danny Ainge once again finds himself trying to determine whether the remnants of the 2007-08 championship team have enough to make one more run. Some rival executives believe the Celtics recently waived Jarvis Varnado and Kris Joseph to create roster flexibility for a potential trade. If Ainge decides to stand pat, a deal involving Pierce — which would mark the true end of the Big Three era — could be re-examined around the draft or during free agency.

Even though I’m shocked, I shouldn’t be.  The fact of the matter is Danny Ainge is willing to make whatever bold move there is out there to make this team better.  And it’s times like these everyone dredges up his comments about the Celtics blowing a chance to trade away parts of their aging Big 3 in the late 80’s to continue their run of dominance.

It’s a sobering reminder that in this world of professional sports, almost everyone is expendable… regardless of how long they’ve been with a team.  I guess if Hakeem Olajuwon can finish his career as a Raptor… then anyone can finished their careers anywhere.

For now… Avery Bradley may have saved Paul Pierce’s career.  I hope everyone in the locker room understands that there are consequences for coasting… and one of those consequences might be the loss of their captain.

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  • piecz

    Bargnani what a joke. This can’t be done. This would break the locker room’s heart.

    • Frank

      The article didn’t mean Pierce for Bargani…..

  • robadona

    I will turn in my fan card for at least 3 years if pierce gets traded, simple as that.

    • nate

      Me too. If Danny trades Pierce, I will show up on Mr. Ainge’s doorstep the next morning and kill him myself.

      • Brick James

        That is a stupid thing to think, let alone a stupid thing to say. Grow up.

        • Marsh Lands

          Well said…

          Nate’s remark was dumber than stupid and insensitive in light of what’s suffered recently in Newton.

  • Steve

    I doubt the Celts would get anything worthwhile in return to justify this trade, but Danny doesn’t have the balls to trade Pierce, even if a trade made sense. Will never happen.

    • Brick James

      You’re right, Ainge has a track record of never doing the unexpected (Toine, Toine2, KG/Allen, Perk, etc.)

  • Will

    While I am opposed to this I think everyone should be available for the right deal. If someone offers Ainge something he can’t turn down then he shouldn’t.

  • Double P

    Trading Paul pierce would destroy any shot this team still may have at a title, nevermind the fact the fanbase would revolt

    • Steve

      Celts have zero shot at winning a title this year with their old legs. How long are we gonna continue to hang onto these guys? Danny’s doing exactly what he said he wouldn’t do, hang on to these guys until their too old. Let’s look to the future and building a true championship team.

      • eddysamson

        You sound exactly like pretty much every Celtics critic last season. I have faith for at least this season, next season is when I think they might be too old…

      • Padraic

        Average age of the Celtics is what… 27? Yeah ship these guys back to Malden in time for the over 30 league game at the Y.

      • RedsLoveChild

        Could not have said it better, Steve!

        • Celticsfanatic

          You suck dude lol so bandwagon and all over the place GTFOH

          • KGino


      • robadona

        weak-sauce steve

  • Alex

    Doesn’t have the balls to do it? There’s a team in Memphis reportedly shopping Gay and that same team could use real veteran Championship leadership to make a serious playoff push.

    • Double P

      If we trade pierce for rudy gay enter years of mediocrity

      • I think the ‘mediocrity’ is coming either way, once KG is gone. In the meantime, Rudy Gay is one of the few guys we could possibly get that would make me want to do it. Gay is a stud in his prime. Pierce has a couple years left. I love PP, but Gay would make the team better down the road, without giving up the present.

        • Mencius

          I agree. From a sentimental standpoint, you’d keep Pierce. From a purely basketball standpoint, if Memphis agreed to trade Gay for Pierce, Danny would have to do it. They’re comparable in ability now, and Gay will remain at the top of his game for years to come.

          Many fans would absolutely loathe this, but from a basketball perspective, it’s the smart move.

          • KGino

            Couldn’t this same move at least be made in the offseason and not complete destroy our chemistry for the rest of the year?

        • robadona

          let them take a run at it, dont kill it mid season. you do have to take into account the fan base- its been 3 years and people still arent over the Perk trade, so be smart and trade him in offseason, if at all.

          • KGino

            exactly.. someone one here who makes sense!!

        • Reggie35RIP

          I agree, I wouldn’t be totally devastated if we got Gay for PP.

          But PP has so many intangibles even though he’s old. I can’t see Gay hitting dagger 3s and making big plays down the stretch like PP does. PP just has a knack for pulling off crazy shit that you can’t really quantify.

          I really like Gay’s all round game. He brings offense and great defense which would fit in really nicely here.

          The sentimental part of me obviously would like to see PP retire here. But looking to the future Gay could be great here.

          Hopefully Memphis don’t look to trade Gay before the end of the season because I’d like to see PP give it one more go.

    • Eddie Allen Powe

      lol Tony Allen would go ape shit. he’s like I changed zip codes to get out of Paul Pierce’s shadow. he

  • robadona

    in a “win now” mentality, who would you rather have than pierce on your team in the NBA right now. i could not name more than 3-4 players that are on his level or above. danny is looking into the future, but i am a fan and i want to win this year, so there is no hope of a title in the next 2 years without pierce in the mix. you think rudy gay is going to stare down lebron and knock a 3 in his face with the game on the line. hell no.

    • Steve

      Pierce was horrible in that entire series against MIA. That was a horrible shot in typical Paul Pierce hero basketball style. I can easily name 10 players I’d rather have than Pierce, but they’re unattainable.

      • wil333

        Paul Pierce was injured during the playoffs btw

      • robadona

        name them please–

    • Alex

      Doesn’t matter what we think. All that matters is what Danny thinks. You know it’s nice Pierce hit that shot in LeBron’s face but at the end of the day, we lost that series.

      • robadona

        agreed, we came up short in the series at end of day, but he is one of the only guys who has the experience and balls to beat the top guys. chris paul is great and all, but he has won how many playoff series, um ZERO. carmelo, please. the window is shutting but if anyone is going to beat Lebron its going to be people with championship experience- Garnett/Pierce/Rondo or Kobe/Nash/Gasol or its going to be Durant. Who else could really win it- no one else.

    • SSJ6Celts

      How horrible was he when he won finals MVP, destroyed the lakers, and the Celtics the first championship in 20+ years? PP is a celt for life! Anything else is treason! Besides Rudy gay isn’t a leading scorer on any championship level nba team. He’s a weak 2nd or good 3rd option on a real contender! Not worth seeing PP in other colors

  • GeeZeeCeltics

    Even if it would be for the right return, Danny would get destroyed by Boston fans wherever he’d go if he’d pull a stunt like this.

  • Norman Sayn

    Dare you Danny, I´m a streight kill you to trade my Favorite Player !!!!!

    • You probably shouldn’t enshrine your death threats on the internet. Danny has good ears and a long reach…

    • Marsh Lands

      This guy is dumber than Nate…

      I think it is getting near time to start banning certain logins and IPs.

      • Skelly521

        All he has to do is use tor or another proxy. Kind of pointless to b& people really. So easy to get around it.

  • Sheets

    Anyone who’s says they rather have Paul Pierce than Rudy Gay at this point of their careers is an idiot and that’s why they are not GM’s in the NBA. Yeah lets keep Pierce until he can’t walk anymore and lose any chance of getting anything in return for him. Doesn’t anyone remember the 90’s.

    • Mark

      I don’t think anyone suggested that Danny does a Pierce/Gay trade, merely mentioned it. Everyone here knows Ainge isn’t afraid of any move and fans’ opinion come second to winning. Don’t be so sure of what may or may not be done, after all, we’re not GMs like you said.

    • Double P

      The whole gritty, tough clutch style of this team is because we have paul pierce. It’s why NO ONE wants to see us in the playoffs. You cannot trade the captain, what are we rooting for here? Laundry? I love pierce and he deserves to retire in green

    • Padraic

      We’re running out the clock on a Friday yelling about the Celtics – this is the best situation we can hope for because it’s either this or cold calls.

      • robadona


    • Shawn

      90s would of been fine except for 2 unfortunate deaths

      • KGino


    • RedsLoveChild

      100% right, Sheets!

  • Padraic

    Sounds to me like Kenny B needed to get some buzz around his name and some page views on his article. Well congratulations, Ken Berger, you’ve stirred the pot nicely.

    There’s no way this happens. Also – the comment Danny made that he would have broken up the big 3 in the 80s, and how he’s not afraid to break up the big 3 now was made WHEN HE HAD THE BIG THREE TO BREAK UP. He doesn’t anymore – he’s got Rondo, Pierce, and Garnett. It’s not the same thing so stop saying it. The Celtics are a team that’s constructed like Jenga blocks. If you take out the weight-bearing center piece aka Paul Pierce for a short term fix, it all falls down.

    Also, if Paul Pierce goes, you might as well hire back Pitino for the press conference, because no fans will be walking through that door.

    • Double P

      Good stuff

  • screaming jay

    I hate this shit. I wish I had a “trade rumor filter” that I could turn on when this crap starts getting discussed.

  • BigVlad

    I am okay with a trade like for Durant, Lebron or Kobe or Harden……

    • KGino

      Wouldn’t take Lebron or Kobe straight up for Pierce lol.. hate both those guys too much. Would rather be irrelevant than have either of them.

    • Jaybahs


  • Nathan

    I think pierces leadership has been a HUGE part of this win streak. After we hit rock bottom from that disgusting 4game skid he’s appeared to refuse to let this team lose. And people are still talking about the Perkins trade this would be Perkins trade times three.

    • KGino

      Perk trade x3 is right… would be DEVESTATING to the locker room!

    • piecz

      x3? x100 u should say, Pierce is all time great Celtic who should be all star this year, we all loved perk but you know, he was medicore center

      • KGino

        The multiplier depends on who we get in return haha

  • not worried

    Kg will retire next year if pp is gone. Ray left out of spite because kg got all the attention poor ray
    But p has done everything for this team. He is the only offensive player on the team now. This is Danny testing the waters.

  • o god

    Perk trade all over again only worse.

    • Danno

      Putting Perk and Pierce in the same sentence is just plain dumb. Perk was awful, and now, is more awful. If anything, Danny made a great move Dumping Perk on OKC so they would let him rot on the bench in the 4th quarter just like he did here. Pierce is probably the # 3 Celtic of all time behind Russell and Bird.

      • KGino

        thats not fair to say.. we never lost a series with the Big 4 & Perk.. and we haven’t been the same since he left.

        He means in terms of impact on the team’s psyche, not skill set. Clearly Pierce is a way better player than Perk could ever be.

        • Nathan

          celts have never lost a playoff ceries with KG PP RR bass and savior

    • Danno

      That is the worst myth Perk fans keep trying to spread. We lost the Finals to LA in 2010 with Perk. We lost the ECF to Orlando in 2009 WITH PERK. Yes, I know he got injured in Game 6 in 2010. You only need 4 wins. he went down in Game 6. We lost games in that series before he went down.

      He never finished games even when we won. He barely saw minutes in the 4th quarter, ever, regular season, playoffs, etc. H routinely put up 4pts, 8 Rebs and 6 fouls, or 2 Techs, or worse.

      He was Awful.

      • KGino

        We lost Game 7 of the finals in ’10 bc Perk got injured. The losses earlier in the series can be blamed on Ray Allen shooting incredibly bad (he wasted all of his good shooting in game 2 of that series, and never had another good game after).

        In 2009, we didn’t have KG.. which instantly makes us non-contenders. Not Perk’s fault.

        As soon as he’s traded to OKC, they make a finals appearance.. coincidence?

        I know his numbers and I know he doesn’t finish games because he is an offensive liability. But when he was here, he was the perfect piece to make us a whole team.

        • Danno

          He was awful and a liability on both sides of the ball. If you think OKC going to the finals had anything to do with perk you’re on crack.

          • KGino

            He was definitely not a liability on defense.. You kiddin me? Go ask Dwight Howard if Perk is a liability on defense.

            Clearly he had SOMETHING to do with them making the finals, he started the whole year for them.

        • robadona

          WAIT, WAIT, hold the bus, we lost game 7 because the NBA rigged it for Kobe. we were up 9 and phantom fouls for kobe while shooting a 3 and a bunch of other bullshit is why we lost that game.

  • KGino

    Pierce is this team’s identity, it’s soul. Trading him for anyone who I’ve heard rumors of trading him for (Gay for example), sets this team back for at least this year.

    And the EASTERN CONF. is WIDE OPEN this year, and anyone who says theres a 0% chance we win a championship this year is dumb. Last I checked, the #1 Defense is the league always has a chance (which they are now that AB has returned).

    Danny should at least be smart enough to make a run at it again this year, and then let him go next year if that’s what he decides. I’d personally never trade the guy, cuz he’s meant so much to my Celtics fandom, and I wouldn’t enjoy the team nearly as much if he were gone.

  • Nathan

    Also I think other gms create these rumors to mess with our teams chemistry

  • Quest

    Wasn’t PP almost traded last yr at the Feb deadline.

  • Danno

    These rumors come up every year. Pierce will NOT be traded. No team that could take on his salary is in a position to win now, and he’s only got a few years left. and there’s nobody available to trade for who is worth trading for.

    Seriously, the only players in the league who would give you equal value and impact for Pierce would be:


    anyone else would be a downgrade.

    • Shawn

      only two teams i think he would possibly be traded to as teams that would want him and have the salary or pieces to send back, Grizzlies and Kings.

    • KGino

      I agree with u here danno.. You guys think Rudy gay is gonna stick clutch daggers in lebrons eye in the eastern Conf. Finals? There’s so few players who could truly replace his presence.

  • GreenBirdCro

    Here I go again. Disregard this BS story.
    But… A trade is something we shouldn’t.
    Once again, if they’re healthy (enough), why not Nene or Kaman?
    PP has to retire as C’s captain
    Last move of the hero would be a final discount so we can shop a younger star (JSmoove?)


    As much as I hate to admit it, we all know KG & Truth will both be gone within the next 3 years due to retirement or trade/free agency. I’d hate to see it happen this season, but if Pierce did go, we’d better get a younger, capable scorer in return.

  • Pogmohone

    Can’t see him being traded. Checked trade machine. Pierces salary matches Kevin durant. Maybe Danny will try that. Lol

  • RedsLoveChild

    Please let this be true!

    First off, let it be said that Pierce has easily been the greatest thing to happen to the Boston Celtics since Larry Bird. Awesomely great player…great Celtic…great guy. Retire his #34…dont just throw him a night, give him an entire weekend!

    However, everything eventually comes to an end. PP has seemingly aged three years since the end of last season. Any clear thinking, objective observer can see it. He`s in shape, but the legs are shot. There is zero explosiveness in them. He drives the lane, and the opponents swarm him before they strip the ball. His FG% all year has been abysmal. He`s become a volume shooter. He`s now Sheed Wallace throwing up 3-point bricks.

    Boston has two tremendous young talents to build around {AB, JS}, plus a very valuable commodity in Rondo, to either keep or trade.

    If you really want to see the Celts do something special in the coming years…you let those 3 players run with talented, hungry, energetic “bigs” with young legs. Then, big named FA`s will smell rings and will be interested in being Celts. You may have noticed, no star FA`s have seemed interested in coming to join KG/PP lately. Only the washed-up has beens have come hear to chase one final payday.

    If it means trading a few sacred cows {PP, KG} to get them, you do it. Those who would rather live {and die} in the past will scream and yell. Let them. You don`t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs.

    Unless you are Bill Russell & Sam Jones {1969}, you will not lead your team to a ring at age 35 & 36. By the way, it was really a 29 year old Hondo who actually did the “heavy” lifting that year.

    Thankfully, Ainge is cold-blooded enough to trade PP. Let`s see if he can get value for him.

    It has caught the Celtics

    • Astarot

      PP is not the same anymore – that’s for sure, but how many times have we heard he’s over? and how many time he saved Boston’s ass after that talking? And KG – well maybe he won’t lead them to another ring alone but he’s a key to Boston’s D besides just look at last year’s playoffs. And the last thing – trade Rondo? one of the best (in my opinion the best PG now in the NBA), capable of triple-double, entering his prime right now, that wouldn’t help C’s at all.

      • RedsLoveChild

        Not saying they should trade Rondo…just saying he could get them a very talented player if they do decide to trade him.

        There is an “emotional cost” in trading PP…but, he`s 35 now, and not exactly helping the team for a guy getting paid $16M. KG is better than PP, he`s still effective playing limited minutes, but guys playing limited minutes do not get you championships.

    • KGino

      Pierce hasn’t been explosive for years though…

      IDK why you think this JUST happened (probably cause you didn’t watch at all last year). Especially since he’s averaging more Points Rebounds, FTA’s, AND steals than he has in the past 3 seasons and in less minutes (look up his season by season stats).. yes shooting a lower %, but not by more than like 1%.. woopty doo. He’s been making up for it by getting to the line.

      The thing Pierce IS still capable of, is seizing the big moment.. (see game 5 vs. Heat last year, knicks game this year).. he’s always seized the big moment with his footwork and jumpshot, not his explosiveness (I’d say he hasn’t been truly explosive since like 07). What player would we trade for, or already have on our team, that would seize these moments? There are precious few who do it as well as The Truth. Remember that.

      Other than that, I understand some people will be willing to trade him for younger talent so that we are better off in the future… just realize you will be wasting KG’s final years, or forcing him to retire early.

      I guess that depends on if you think we really have enough to get over the top this year.. You really can’t say we will or we won’t, because we haven’t seen us play a whole playoffs with the presence of Avery Bradley. The East is wide open this year, and you never know what can happen with injuries.

      • KGino

        Since there is no definitive answer as to us winning a ‘ship this year, I think you have to ride it out and at least go for it. How many times can you actually say your team has a legit chance to win a championship? I’m sorry, but I’ve watched too many years of truly KNOWING deep down we stood no chance.. this year is not one of them, and I don’t want to make it one.

        Trade Pierce in the offseason if you’re going to do it.

        • Frank

          I’m sick of Ainge spending the off season trying to build a bench for the big three to make a title run then in January talking about trading the big three. Make up your damn mind during free agency, do you wanna blow it up and rebuild or make a go of it with the big three.

  • Bringiton

    Just WIN baby !!!

  • Astarot

    What a joke but happenend before expecially when Boston d. Nothin’ to bother.

  • classless

    Trade Pierce for…what exactly? At this point, keep him until he retires or wants to play past this contract. He’s not hurting this team anymore than Rudy Gayor someone like that would.



  • Chris

    Rondo is the one that has to be “Decided” upon at this point. KG and PP are known and the contracts reasonable for the short timetable. AB and Sully shouldn’t be on the block, as the upside and friendly contracts remain for a few years.

    Rondo, Green, Bass, Jet and Lee are the movable parts if any. Bass is the only one I’m sure I’d be ok moving.

    The real question isn’t what to trade so much as how to afford a real useful big man?

  • I don’t like it!! Pierce took over the Knicks game just as he has many games and won it for us! He’s been doing it for years! Let Pierce retire a Celtic, he’s earned it. If we can get another big to rest KG we’d be good. Just like the Spurs do. Pop has the blueprint and Danny is following it. U don’t like the idea of trading The Truth!

  • Brick James

    I really want Pierce to end his career as a Celtic.

    However, I am sure that the management would not trade PP for the sake of trading him. They will seek the appropriate value.

    If they trade him I hope the value pays dividends sooner rather than later.

  • robadona

    this is just danny thinking about doubling down on his Perk trade. he wants Jeff Green to be the next pierce, which he isnt. Danny is an ego maniac and want to prove people wrong. ultimately he wont pull the switch on the truth. would be too stupid.

  • Anti

    It’s insane. Let’s stop for a moment and think- it was great when he lost his best years in a shit-hole team(don’t dare argue with me on that, it was shit not a team) because being a Celtic should mean loyalty (among other things) so he should wait, well he was lucky he got kg and you-know-who, they got championship, if he didn’t he would propably be gone, and just image it- he would be lebron before lebron beacause boston don’t forgive. but now you want to sell him because it’s business. and when exactly it become a buisnes? when he turned 31, 32 (then the rumors started, right?)? a little consequence. you can be a great club with history and have expectations of your players (and fans) or you are just any other club and you don’t have a right to expect a thing. you don’t shipp your legends.

    • Chief

      Well said anti

    • robadona

      two thumbs up

  • Chief

    Don’t see this happening, if he decides to leave when he is a free agent then I’d be ok with that, but to trade him now would be a mistake. Same goes for KG…would sully be as good as he is without KG mentoring him?? If we traded both we would be like Sacramento and the cavs (young players no vet leadership).
    How many free agents have wanted to sign there in the last 5 yrs??

  • SamR

    Pierce is the one guy I see as someone that basically cannot be moved. He’s been a Celtic his whole career, been written off countless times only to come back.

    I cannot imagine a team making an offer for Pierce that I think the Celtics should accept.

  • paul

    I love how Ainge’s most reckless and idiotic moves are called ‘bold moves to better the team’ by his apologists.

  • kobe

    there’s a lot of Boston Cs Plastic fans, Lakers are losing and have your heard us say trade Kobe??? plastics!!!

    • robadona

      kobe- thats what im saying. I’m all here llike, ‘what the fuck, trade pierce?’ are you shitting me

    • Chief

      I can’t believe this but I agree with Kobe!!! Smh

      • KGino

        Throw your diamonds up! Screw the plastics!

  • Kobe

    RedsLoveChild number 1 plastic fan of the Boston Celtics

    • KGino


  • TampaCs

    You trade PP it is just a slap in all us die hard fans faces. Simple as that.

  • kobe

    game on the line, and your team is down 2 time is running out who would you trust to shoot the last shot? In LA Lakers we got Kobe, but if you trade Pierce who will shoot? Terry? KG? Rondo? you kidding me! find me a clip that Rondo take a clutch shot! I got a lot of limp shot but no clutch shot.

  • Absolute garbage rumors. I will bet my Michael Jordan rookie card that Pierce finishes his career as a Boston Celtic. Ken Berger…McDonald’s called: now get back in the bun and stop scaring people.

  • Reggie35RIP

    To all the people that are saying it would be treason to trade PP. You’re forgetting one important thing. PP is the one that didn’t want to sign the contract extension that was offered to him. He wanted to enter free agency at the end of the season, stating that he’s never been a FA before and wanted to experience what it’s like. Well one part of the experience is being shopped around before you become a FA.

    Make no mistake, if PP ends up getting traded it will be through no fault but his own. All he had to do is sign the contract extension and he would’ve retired a Celtic and everyone would’ve been happy. But, in the twilight of his career, he made the selfish decision to enter free agency and have his ego stroked.

    So don’t go calling for Danny’s head on a platter over this one. His job is to make the C’s a better team and look at things from a business point-of-view. Think about it. If you were running a business and one of your star employees said that at the end of the year he’s going to look for another job, but if he doesn’t find anything better he’ll stay. Do you wait until the end of the year in the hope that he comes back? Or do you explore the possibility of replacing him if you can find another equally talented employee?

    Don’t get me wrong, I love PP and I would love to see him retire here. But PP has created this situation on his own. Danny shouldn’t be cast as the villain in this one.

    • Jayfox

      This is probably one of the dumbest comments I’ve seen here. They’re not trading Pierce because he didn’t seek an extension. He got a better deal than if he had taken the extension. LOL Get you facts straight. You really think he wants to leave “His Franchise”. Hell no. He did that to get more money from the Celtics.

      • Brick James

        I disagree, his post was factual and insightful.

  • The KG
  • The KG

    If Pierce gets traded. I’m going to cease being a Celtics fan.

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