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Recap: The bench grabs the lead early & the starters fend off Houston late for 5th straight win

The Celtics let a 17 point deficit dwindle down to two but Kevin Garnett & Paul Pierce  refused to let this game slip through their fingers. KG dropped 11 of his 17 in the fourth and Paul Pierce landed a big lay-up plus the foul as the Captain would lead the team with 23 points, as the Celtics win their 5th straight, with a 103-91 victory.

The Green: The Bench. After a hot start to the first, the Celtics cooled off and it wasn’t looking so hot.  The Rockets went off on a 13-0 run and to make matters worse both Paul Pierce & Avery Bradley were sent to the bench early after picking up two quick fouls. But the entire bench stepped up big time tonight. Jared Sullinger was great in the post  and on the offensive glass as he got all 14 points in the first half, most of it on put backs as he was great on the boards, as you can see below, grabbing offensive boards with four Rockets around him.

It was also Courtney Lee with his shooting (4-of-6 in the first half) and his defense on James Harden, and Jeff Green (9 points) knocking down shots and bringing the thunder on a lovely spin & slam that helped bring the C’s back from a five-point deficit to a three-point lead by the end of the first quarter. Jason Terry even made an appearance with a big corner three and a JET landing all led to another 40 point effort from the bench tonight. This is what we were hoping for!

The Gross: Brandon Bass. He was pretty much non-existent tonight. The only bucket he had was a much-needed put back dunk,  that triggered a big 15-3 counter punch to the Rockets’ fourth quarter frenzy. But other than that: a couple free throws, three rebounds, one assist, one block in 27 minutes. Avery Bradley also had a pretty rough go at it on the offensive side of things but he was trying to cover James Harden for most of the night and that’s a full-time job in itself.


The Greenlights:

The Grid:

  • Paul Pierce passed Dominique Wilkins for 11th all time on the all-time NBA scoring list with one team. He’s being the Iceman George Gervin for 10th place.
  • Thanks to Sully & KG, the Celtics outrebounded the Rockets, 43-38
  • The Rockets had 1 more assist than the C’s (23-22)
  • Speaking of assists, Rajon Rondo had himself a quiet 12 points & 8 assists game.
  • The Rockets were cold from downtown  (9-of-33) and the free throw line tonight (12-of-23)

This was a big test tonight as the Rockets weren’t going to give up and nearly took this from the Celtics. But hey it was a great win and this brings the Celtics to 19-17, good for the 8th seed in the East, win a very easy schedule ahead of them for the rest of the homestand. Things are looking good!

Box Score

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  • eddysamson

    Seems like we just got lucky most of those 3’s or FTs didnt fall! Woulda been a much different game.

  • Brick James

    I <3 Sully

  • Harden got the benefit of some very iffy calls against Bradley.

  • Reggie35RIP

    Funniest thing was the starters lost the lead. Should’ve left the bench in to start the 4th. ;p Although it was good to see when it got close that we could turn it on and pull away again.

    Man Bradley got short changed when he got called for that foul on Delfino. Delfino was the one that instigated the contact by extending his arm out. Should’ve been a no call. Was great to see Bradley hounding Harden for the whole game. Looked like it was pissing him off which is always good.

    Also good to see Green and Lee playing well. Green’s one hand dunk was sick.

    Also shout out to the refs for letting us get away with goal tending a couple of times. McHale was pissed with the first one, but he was absolutely livid with the second one.

    Great to see the C’s consolidating on good play of late and stringing together a few wins.

  • Chris57

    It’s actually good for the 7th seed. Bucks lost. 🙂

  • LAF

    Brandon Bass has absolutely no awareness. None. Makes everything more difficult. I have no idea why Doc plays him so much. I just hope Doc stops playing him once Wilcox returns. That said…


    • Chris

      Doc plays him so much because Sullinger couldn’t play 48 minutes a night even if he wasn’t being called for rookie fouls

    • Kris

      he’s going to get better with the team. don’t forget what he did in the playoffs.

      • LAF

        Bass had ONE good game in the playoffs, people! He was MIA for the rest.

  • Frank

    offensive rebounding and Celtics…it’s been a long time since we had someone who could do that!!

  • wil reyes

    Once Wilcox returns, he should start instead of Bass.

    So we look to go inside more in the first unit. They need to redo the plays on our first unit. they are just taking way to long to set up and almost all iso’s

  • KGino

    Who is Charlie Smith?!

  • LOL! KGino, I think he’s some figment that lives in Tommy’s brain and comes out when he’s on the verge of a stroke to calm him down. Actually, I think this was a very good win. The Rockets came in here winners of 10 out of their last 13. They’re legit and whether our D made the misses or they just missed, dems da breaks of da game. All teams go through it. Bass? He’s actually stepped up his defense if you look closely. His shot’s another story. If you click my name, you can read my take on the game as well as why any trade at this point would be, well, point-less. Why are folks so reluctant to accept that the C’s have taken a step forward and turned the corner? Come on in to the green Kool-Aid…the water’s fine!

    • KWAPT

      Last warning. STOP…PROMOTING..YOUR BLOG on our posts. We’ve been more than patient with you.

      • kobe

        if you don’t want him to promote his blog then why place a “Website” box in the response box? I don’t get it

        • Jester00

          Valid point

  • Chris

    Only issue of the night – why wont we give AB the ball when he’s wide open in the corner.

    All his threes were contested. He was wide open twice when Houston went on that 10-0 run early – Rondo took and missed jumpers on both trips – and again when Rondo went to the floor – the attempt to force the ball inside lead straight to a turnover.

  • Kris

    Jeff Green is slowly recovering from the rust of inactivity and I like it. Chipping in 9 points and 3 rebounds in just 18 minutes and no turnovers. That’s pretty good. Now all we need is Green doing this on a game by game basis. But, he needs to improve on his defense. His leaping ability should make him a good shot blocker.

    Courtney Lee did good to, 20 minutes, 14 points. 2-3 from beyond the arc. His 3 turnovers though is ugly for a 20 minute playing time.

  • Jeremy Etom

    Weird no one mentioned about how AB was unable to contain Harden from going to his left. Once Harden went into dribble penetration mode, AB struggled to stay with him. Harden’s still vulnerable to AB’s swarming defense when he’s bringing the ball up.

    • KGino

      I thought he made him look pretty uncomfortable all night.. I’ve never seen a player recover from getting his ankles broken to contest the guys jumper after.. lol anyone see that?? I’m like damn, thats how good Avery is.. you break his ankles and he still almost gets up and blocks your shot!!

  • Wow, Kwapt. I apologize. I love this site — I was at Redsarmy’s first annual celebration party and met John and Chuck at Red Sky. Cool enough folks.) — and it’s one of the things that got me motivated to do my own to add whatever my perspective was to the conversation. And, truly, I thought that’s how this thing was done. I’m not exactly a novice, but I’m not a pro at it, either so I’m still trying to learn the etiquette of the whole “get your blog out there” thing. I’m definitely not trying to “steal” any readers — obviously, if you check your “comments” section against mine, you’ll see that you have nothing to worry about — so I’m not sure where the hostility is coming from. Especially because you say “last warning” as if there were a first one. Who knew? Anyway, as Kobe said and Jester commented, I just assumed that it was cool because of the “website” box that shows as a clickable name. Ahh well. In any case, still a fan, no hards. Go C’s!

    • I’m not being hostile. You’ve been politely told by myself and a few of our readers that we don’t like your self-promotion.It has nothing to do with “stealing” readers…It has to do with constantly coming here to plug something. We have enough ads in the sidebar-our readers don’t need to see them in the comments section too. The “website” box is a totally different story. It’s simply an anonymous way of telling people a site you may like, or want to be associated with. I hope your blog does well, but promote it through social media and other avenues-that’s the “etiquette.” Thank you.

      • LAF

        people are just so rude these days…if you click my name, i explain how to promote yourself without being rude.

        • KWAPT

          Ha! Thanks for the comic relief LAF.

      • kobe

        still not an ad, I’ve visited ChiefGreenHeadz blog there are no ads and he’s not selling anything. It’s a personal fan blog and tagging your name with your personal blog has long been accepted in the blog world.

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  • Brick James

    NBA posted this short video on Sullinger yesterday:

  • Ace-one

    Great pic at the top of the page. Love Rondo getting in Jet’s ear.

    • Curt

      That was about 5 seconds before he got that Technical…I think.

  • LOL, LAF.

    Understood and appreciated. I apologize if I came off rude because that definitely wasn’t my intent. And as for the “not needing to see more ads” sentiment, I really do appreciate that because I don’t run any ads at all on my site. Sometimes a guy has to learn what NOT to do as much as what TO do. Thanks for your advice. Keep doing your thing and Go C’s!

    • LAF

      No offense, brah. I’m just being a dick.