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Your Morning Dump… Where Jared Sullinger is not slow and he’s not fat

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

“In one of those (AAU) games, he had like 27 rebounds and it was crazy watching him,” Rivers said. “I was upset at all my son’s bigs because I actually said, ‘How can that fat, slow guy get all those rebounds. There’s no way!’

“And now I realize he’s not slow and he’s actually not fat. He’s just … round. But he has great feet, he really does. And you don’t appreciate that for a while when you watch him. He’s quick and he has great feet.”

“He’s playing like a madman,” Garnett said. “He’s been on a tear lately.”

“He has the perfect body for rebounding,” Garnett said. “He can take the pounding, bump a little bit, and he has great anticipation, comes to the ball and he has great hands. Put that all in the pot and you’ve got Jared Sullinger and that makes him one of the great up-and-coming rebounders in our game.”

ESPN Boston

It looks like Doc is backtracking on these words about Jared Sullinger. It’s a bit early in Sullinger’s career to make comparisons, but when I think undersized and round, I think Charles Barkley. Let’s hope that’s the ceiling for this kid.

What can you say about his rebounding? He just works. Sure, Phoenix doesn’t have the most athletic front court. Marcin Gortat and Luis Scola aren’t winning any vertical leaping contests. But, with the above photo as evidence, Sullinger is masterful at body positioning.

Sullinger had 4 fouls in 34 minutes. There were a couple of plays where it looked like he committed a foul but the whistle didn’t blow. Imagine a world where the officials aren’t picking on him.

In other news, here’s what KG had to say about Melo’s one game suspension, courtesy WEEI’s Mike Petraglia:

“Ya’ll have a good night,” the Celtics forward, with a slight smile, said on his way out of the locker room.

Herald – Garnett Mum on Anthony Ban

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  • Larry Legend

    Was at game and watched Sully closely. This kid has an unbelievable knack for using his body to get position on the glass. The ball just seems to find him. Another trait all great rebounders have. To me Bradley and Sully are the two biggest reasons for this 4 game stretch

    • LA Flake

      How many more games will it take for Doc to realize that Sully > Bass and divvies up minutes accordingly?

      • LA Flake

        correction: SULLY >>>>>>>>>>>>> BASS

        • Larry Legend

          I see your point Flake but I think they need sully off the bench because he’s as prOductive as any player we have coming off the bench. As long as he gets his mins I think it may be better. But I agree that Bass is really struggling. I guess what I’m saying is I want KG or sully on the court at all times possible which can only happen if sully comes off bench.

  • Chief

    Sullys fast becoming one of my favorite Celtics, he hustles, boards well and is fundamentally sound, am so glad he slipped to us at 21 in the draft, the kid is all class.

  • Double P

    It’s so funny, a guy just goes out there and rebounds the ball and its so foreign to us. Speaks to how bad we have been in that category, glad we have sully. Hes showing me he has the ability to be one of the best rebounders in the league as he grows and gets stronger

    • Nick Sannicandro

      I dont get this whole sullinger is fat thing from doc…this is the second time hes said something like this. He is in MUCH better shape that Large Infant Davis ever was but he never went on a campaign like this against baby…hes well built i d

      • Double P

        I feel the same way, I cant recall Doc ever calling Big Baby fat. Maybe just a different dynamic or maybe he thinks JS would greatly benefit from dropping some lbs? HA is certainly skinnier than Baby though

        • Double P


      • shak

        He said he THOUGHT Sully was fat and slow, until he had time to actually see the guy more often. Sully does “look” fat but he is actually just “round” as Doc stated. You can’t appreciate someone until you have a chance to get to know them. It was just a case of not knowing the kid (not to mention that during his AAU days he was actually overweight) now that Doc can see the kid (better than us just looking in from a distance) he can get a better understanding and a better look at Sully.

  • RedsLoveChild

    Sully is already an NBA stud!

    Thankfully, 20 GM`s passed on JS last June. Of those GM`s, about 15 of them are damn lucky they haven`t already been fired for this!

    I wouldn`t be opposed to seeing JS drop just 10-12 pounds, from his listed 280. The quickness and speed he would gain would be huge!

  • Shane

    Charles Barkley was a freak athlete. Jared Sullinger is not a freak athlete.

  • kobe

    oh all praises when winning but believe me once Boston lose a game or two people here are singing the trade machine or blow it up…..bunch of plastics like Larry Legend

    • Stephanie

      Yeah you’re kinda right. They could go on a 10 game win streak, lose 1 game and people will have all types of outlandish trade suggestions.

      Guess that’s the fan base or maybe the New England area fan base.

      • KGino

        Lets not lump all celtics fans together now. People like RedsLoveChild are the exact type of fan you’re talking about, so I get where you’re coming from, but some of us who watch the celtics like its our job knew that Avery Bradley returning would turn us around (because the same thing happened last year, and our bench is much better this time around).

        Even after the 3 losses by an avg of 18 points, i still warned the plastic fans they were jumping the gun, and to let our starting five that went 20-6 from last year play some games before they write the team off.

        I refer to myself as a diamond celtics fan (as oppose to plastic) because I never once changed my stance on the team, even in its darkest days. But I would say at least 75% of the fans on here were the exact type of plastic persons KG was referring to.

        • KGino

          All they told me was “you’re putting too much pressure on Bradley” — yeah well, that’s bc I’ve seen the kid play defense, and they apparently hadn’t.

          • Curt

            No pressure, no diamonds. LOL

          • Stephanie

            I know all C’s fans aren’t like that.I’m more laid back as a fan, but I get upset when the play lazy just like everyone else.

  • Roy

    I see the plastic comment will live all season long here on the site. Great win for the guys in green. Sully looks great but man is that D looking better and better.

  • Cal

    We still need a center

  • Caterpillar from Italy

    I’m really goin’ high on this kid!
    The way he was battling and fighting with Chandler at MSG, man, it was something.
    We’re having great samples of what he’s capable of doing, but we still need to be patient when some lows inevitably occur; when’he’ll be doing on an average regular basis what he’s doing now, the Celtics will have a new unbelievable champion in its roster.

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