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Video: Bill Kennedy stalls for time during Spurs-Lakers

This is one of my favorite non-basketball moments during an NBA broadcast (my favorite is still the “good job, good effort” kid).

For those who don’t know, the NBA has scheduled TV time-out in every game somewhere within the 5:00 and 2:00 marks (and 8:00 marks in then 2nd and 4th quarters).  At 5:09, there was some confusion as to whether a time out should have been a TV time out…. and then Bill Kennedy stepped in to make sure the NBA could pay its bills.

I can only imagine what’s going through Gregg Popovich’s mind.  Probably trying to figure out how to rip Kennedy’s still-beating heart from his chest and show it to him as he dies.  But that’s just a guess.

What the video doesn’t show is ESPN going to break… as I picture some producer in the truck swearing and yelling “GO TO F’ING BREAK…. GO TO F’ING BREAK!”

So to Bill Kennedy, I say good job, good effort in letting ESPN and the NBA earn a few thousand more dollars.

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  • Curt

    That was a good job, good effort by Kennedy.

  • LA Flake

    I hate that prick. He holds a grudge against Doc and it blatantly shows whenever he’s reffing our game. FUCK YOU, BILL KENNEDY!

    • Greenman

      He just does what he’s told by the league.

  • Brian

    Yea I was wondering when you were going to post that up. Lakers almost pulled it out.

  • Greenman

    Nba a production that tries to fool fans??? Get outta here…….

  • nyceltic

    Refs having to worry about TV is way over the top.