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Taking Stock: Celtics – Suns

John - Red's Army (@RedsArmy_John) January 10, 2013 Taking Stock 42 Comments on Taking Stock: Celtics – Suns

After every game, we’ll take stock of how each individual performance affects the player’s overall value.


Offense:     Defense:      Overall: 

Kind of a blah effort from Rondo for most of the night.  He looked aggressive early, and he had spurts of energy, but overall, not much to speak of.  He had more energy directing the defense from the bench on the second half than he did on the floor at times.

 Offense:        Defense:        Overall: 

Clearly, he’s our new backup point guard

KG did everything… 10 points, 5 rebounds, 3 steals, 2 blocks…. I know it doesn’t sound like a lot of points, but he was the only starter in double figures and he did all that in 29 minutes.

Offense:        Defense:         Overall: 

It looked for a hot second that Pierce was going to come out just as hot as he was when he left New York.   But honestly, after that performance, and with the Rockets coming up, a working day off isn’t the worst thing in the world when you consider they got the win.

Offense:         Defense:         Overall: 

Bass was a team-low -17, but this might be one of those instances where the stat is a bit overblown.

 Offense:         Defense:       Overall: 

I went back and forth on his offense.  But he shot 4 of 9, which isn’t bad at all, and he had the second highest point total of all the starters in just 18 minutes.  I’m probably being a little generous here, but I’m too impressed with his overall impact on the team.



 Offense:         Defense:       Overall: 

Please… Jeff… don’t hurt ’em

Considering that exactly one year ago from yesterday Jeff Green was on a hospital bed, this is especially amazing.  I’m going to borrow the term coined by ESPN Boston’s Chris Forsberg and wish Jeff a Happy Slammiversary.

 Offense:       Defense:        Overall: 

JET sort of quietly had perhaps his best game as a Celtic.  Aside from the one boneheaded 3 he took on a 2-on-1 fast break, JET was brilliant.  He took shots in the flow of the game (6-8 fg)… passed when it called for it (5 assists) and contributed on the boards (5 reb).


 Offense:        Defense:        Overall: 

3 steals in 19 minutes and one of the key instigators of Boston’s bench-mob runs.  It’s like I said last night… get stops, and run… then the game gets easy.

 Offense:         Defense:        Overall: 

I’m pretty much at the point where I’m drawing “I <3 Sully” on my Trapper Keeper.

(If you don’t know what a Trapper Keeper is, then I resent you for your youth)


 Offense:         Defense:        Overall: 

He played!  He hit 2 FT’s!  He didn’t hurt us!!


   Substitutions:       Overall: 

His starters struggled, so Jeff Green got more minutes than Paul Pierce.   Jared Sullinger got more minutes than KG.  Terry and Lee got as many minutes as Rondo and Bradley.  And it all worked out very well.


Sometimes, your starters are going to suck.  At times like that, you need your bench to come in and be the can of Red Bull… and that’s what the C’s got from the bench last night.

They can’t all be wire-to-wire blowouts.  They can’t all be high-energy, high-emotion victories that makes fans wipe away a single tear.  Some wins are going to be frustrating and ugly.  When you consider how many frustrating and ugly losses this team has had this season…. I’m perfectly fine with this game.

The Celtics are now just 3 games from the 3rd seed… and 2.5 from the 4th seed.

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  • KY Celts fan

    this was an amazing game for our bench. the return of Bradley has really allowed to them to settle into their defined roles, and our depth is starting to show. I’ve been really surprised by Sully. Haven’t seen this kinda production from a rookie in Boston in what seems like forever.

  • Brick James

    I’m pretty much at the point where I’m drawing “I <3 Sully” on my Trapper Keeper." LOL

  • G4L

    Could Sully be the next Barkley?… Could be!

    • ay

      Owns the paint just as well, and same backside size, 12 seasons of that would be just fine with me

    • Reggie35RIP

      Yeh I thought the same a while back, similar body type and game to Barkley.

      All these comparisons to Big Baby just piss me off. He’ll have a way better career overall than Baby.

    • Celtic Geezer

      You’re Celtic fans. Forget about Barkley. He doesn’t really play like Barkley. He’s the new Paul Silas. Excellent rebounder, especially offensive rebounder, good mid-range jumper, beautiful in-close soft touch and improving defender. But, none of you guys ever saw Silas play one minute. LOL

  • ay

    When was the last time we had a bench that could win games, awesome

  • FINALLY, Boston offically has a “Bench Mob”! Boston hasn’t seen much of a bench since Baby,Nate, Tony, and Quise! Finally

  • Oh yeah, I love that KG refers to Jeff Green as “David Banner”! that name really fits Jeff’s game and personality! Happy Slammversary Jeff!

  • Chuck – Red’s Army

    Rondo exerted the most energy jawing with Tucker while on the bench. That silly tech burned my a$$

    • KGino

      Boy is he frustrating to watch! He’s got all the tools, but doesn’t know how to master them.

      Because of that tech and the suspension, he’s got a lot of Celtics Nation clamoring for a trade involving him. I’m not so sure, because I think he is capable of being so much better as both a player and a man.. but will he ever reach that full potential? That’s for Danny to decide.

      • If thisis our team then this is our team, we have to take the good with the bad, especially concerning Rondo, and Please lets not get the trade rumors going!

      • piecz

        rondo is who he is but never let us down in playoffs and be ready for his big games in may

        • eddysamson

          Didnt he get suspended for two playoff games last year?

          • But didnt he play his behind off in the playoffs? I think every series they had Rondo had at least one triple double, i would like to see at least half the people that talk about him go out and do what he does, and do it as well as he does.

          • eddysamson

            All I’m saying is never is a bit strong. Doing stupid shit and sitting 2 of the most important games all season because of that literally is the definition of the phrase “letting us down”.

            When players build up bad reputations their punishments get worse. In the past 8 months he’s been suspended twice for the same exact thing – bumping a ref.

            So I think we’re at the point now where we have to accept the fact that his attitude/behavior isn’t going to change. What if the next suspension is for 3 games in the middle of a playoff series with 4 games left to play. Thats going to be devastating. And if it isn’t well…do we really need him?

          • KGino

            You gotta take the good with the bad with Rondo.

            Pros: Fearless, Hates to lose, Plays better in big games, Plays thru extreme pain.

            Cons: Bad attitude with authorities, Inconsistent play, Seems like he’s concerned with his assist numbers, Needs leadership improvement

            There are some games where Rondo is my favorite player in the world, and some where he disappears like Jeff Green and frustrates the hell out of me. I don’t think we should trade him just yet tho, unless we get an All Star in return.

          • eddysamson

            Yeah I love his play when he’s ‘on’. But even when he’s killing it he still does stupid shit like pass out of his open layup on the fast break into some unsuspecting dude’s hands (like Bass mostly). Or just plain throw a pass out of bounds that no one was expecting because it was so freaking random.

            Another problem is that when he’s playing most of the plays they run get someone open for a jumper after like one pass, but when people aren’t hitting that shot the plays just end there. As opposed to when he’s out you’ll see like 3 passes before a shot.

          • LA Flake

            Rondo’s developed a lot of bad habits. And he’s what, 27? Not too old to change but…

            One of my biggest pet peeves about Rondo is his pace. Or the lack thereof. Especially when he walks the ball up, dribbles for 18 seconds 30 feet away from the basket and then hoists up a desperation 3 over a defender or three. Rondo does this whenever we get a sizable lead. The ONLY reason why the C’s have always given up big leads during the KG era is because Rondo simply REFUSES to keep the pedal to the metal. Still, we’ve won more than we’ve lost but only because we had the Big 3 to guide us through to the end. Look at us now. Our pace improves dramatically whenever Rondo’s NOT in the game. We share the ball more. We defend better. We just play better as a TEAM without Rondo.

            Rondo’s supporters point out that his shooting a very high percentage this year. But let me ask you this. Whenever we’re making a run or whenever we really need a basket, do you want Rondo shooting the ball? When he pulls up for a shot, do you feel confident or do you scream, “NOOOOOOOOOO!”?

            And don’t you just love it when we’re in a drought and Rondo keeps settling the team for a 20 ft jumper after jumper after jumper after jumper after jumper after jumper? Yeah. Me, too.

          • No matter what WE think of Rondo, he’s only following Doc Rivers’ orders. Doc wants Rondo to shoot, thats why he is shooting with cnfidence this year, because Doc, Paul and Kevin wants him to shoot, the ball is in his hands because thats what the doc ordered. Yeah Rondo is human just like any other player, he makes his share of mistakes, but i would rather have him or then not, and when he decides he wants to try something else its not a team in the league that would not have him.

    • Brick James

      Rondo is Anakin Skywalker

      • Curt

        Idk…have you seen Kyrie Irving’s mask?

    • Curt

      I hope you’re only annoyed because Rondo should have known that he’d get T’d up and that it could hurt the team.

      If that was Larry Bird on the sidelines (while he was a player, not now…if it was now, I’d crap my pants) yelling like that we’d all be thrilled. But then again, in the 80s that wouldn’t have been a T I don’t think.

      His attitude affected the game positively. He was being a teammate and helping D from the bench…hardcore. I don’t see how you can really be mad. Would you rather him just sit down and follow the orders of the Stern?

      • LA Flake

        That’s the problem. Rondo barks but does not lead by example. I don’t know who said it here the other day (KGino?) but it was spot on. Avery is making Rondo look really really bad with his hustle and energy.

        • KGino

          Twas me!

        • eddysamson

          AB said he spent his time off this season studying film of Rondo. He said he was trying to up his game awareness and passing skills. Sounds like he’s trying to groom himself to be more of a PG?

          • KGino

            haha yea it’s Rondo who should be studying film of Bradley on defense.

  • Revcummings

    Great stuff! Now I hope we take a chance on Oden, if it doesn’t work out no big deal, if it does, we would be amazing! http://basketball.realgm.com/wiretap/225515/Oden_Hopes_To_Return_To_NBA_This_Season

    • eddysamson

      LOL! Thats nuts…I mean I read a long time ago he had his sights on a 2013-2014 return, but this season? Seriously? Well, I’m pulling for the kid I really am, hes a good person. If he can stay healthy I wouldnt mind him in green!

  • MartijnF

    Trapper Keepers were the best!
    Also, I am really loving Sully, if we can keep him around, he’s gonna be a great Celtic.

  • The savior

    I believe a truly possible trade scenario may be brewing in DA’s head at the moment or will be at some point before the trade deadline. And that is Bass for Dalembert. With Sully and Bradley seeming to become more untouchable by the game (unless for an absolute stud of course, which is unlikely), is this team better with Bass or Dalembert?

    If we trade Bass, we could start either Dalembert or Sullinger (or rotate both depending on matchups). But is the loss of a very good mid range shooting PF offset by a very good man to man and rim protecting defensive C/PF?

    Bass has overall meshed well with this starting lineup dating back to last year because of his knockdown shooting for the most part. When he took over for JO as a starter, it provided us with with 4 shooters around Rondo. This was also a big upgrade over Big baby playing with our starters to finish games bc Bass was a much more consistent shooter, and teams often would collapse on everybody else leaving our PF open, whether it be baby, jo, bass, or perk. His shooting ability is something that has to be taken into account in that situation, as he has made teams pay in that situation, such as in the philly playoff game.

    Of course, sully is proving that he may be able to close games, rendering bass possibly expendable. But if sully struggles to create the same spacing bass provides due to a jumper that is somewhat a work in progress, and dalembert is too anemic offensively as well, our crunch time offense may take a fatal dip. Dalembert does provide excellent defense which would aid KG tremendously and possibly take our defense to a new level, but I am reluctant to compromise our offense for it.

    At the end of the day, I think it would be wise (for danny) to keep an eye on this situation until the trade deadline approaches. If bass regains his shooting touch and crashes the glass hard while playing inspired defense (as he arguably has been of late), I would look to only sign a FA or possibly dish Lee (who I am also reluctant to dish due to him being our 2nd best perimeter defender). But also if sully proves he can fit well with the starters (which as a huge sully fan, I believe he may be capable of) and close big time games against elite competition, then perhaps bass is in fact expendable. It’s a very delicate situation in my mind.

    • KGino

      I like it.. bass for dalembert isn’t terrible.

      I’ve been saying all year, Danny doesn’t need to hit a home run or make some blockbuster trade.. he just needs to flip Bass or Courtney (or both.. our two most likely trading chips) to get a serviceable big who can rebound and play D. Insert Dalembert.

      Remember, we got a Banner with Rondo/Perk starting.. While Avery doesn’t have the same offensive skill set as Ray had in 08, Rondo also isn’t the liability on offense he was then. So I think it can work without hurting our offense too badly.

      Not like Dalembert would be in there for crunch time anyways, so no worries about our offense dipping then.

  • KGino

    Celtics Opponents PPG average with Avery back: 84.8.

    LOL. Guy is such a beast. I think they might have given up 85.9 PPG last year when he started, so it’s really not a fluke.

    Any idea what the current number 1 D in the league allows? About 90 PPG. Celts #1 D is back with the return of Avery!! An I’m lovin every minute of it!

    • eddysamson

      All that with just Collins as a center haha. Makes you wonder if we even need to make any moves at all! Might as well just wait on Melo at this point…

      • KGino

        Right eddy? For as much shit as the Celtics take for being “too old”, Danny’s done an EXTREMELY good job infusing some VERY talented young players into this team that will eventually carry the torch and keep us relevant once KG & PP retire.

        Not like the lakers, who don’t have a lick of good talent outside of their starting lineup… how great would it be if they didn’t even make the playoffs?? I mean I tried to tell celtics fans who were pissed at the dwight trade.. they won’t win the west anyways. Perk owns dwight and I didn’t think they could beat the spurs. But I certainly did not think they would be this bad!! I don’t think anyone did.

    • And just as soon as Avery have a bad game people will be saying trade him, or he’s not Rondo,

      • KGino

        Hopefully not Belinda!

        The thing about Avery, is his impact is made mostly thru his defensive effort. I don’t think he’s capable of having a bad defensive game (unless he were to get in foul trouble), because defense isn’t something that waivers as much as offense. Defense can be far more consistent.

        Anyone who is willing to trade him from here on out for anything less than a proven all star is a complete fool!!

        • Hmmmm, so your telling me that since defense doesn’t waiver Avery could be this way sayyyyyyyy, his whole career…………….I have seen Rondo control a whole game without even shooting 10pts! I’m just saying they all bring something great to the table, lets just not start bashing Rondo because Avery is playing good, we need both of them!

          • KGino

            til his legs go out from underneath him, yes!!

            People are only bashing Rondo’s defense, because his effort seems nonexistent when you look at how Bradley plays. It may be unfair to expect rondo to defend as well as bradley, just like its unfair to expect bradley to put up a triple double… but all the fans want to see is EFFORT!! Sometimes he just lets his guy go right by him.

            We want more effort from Rondo! He’s capable of being better. More diving on the floor for steals, like in that Atlanta game, please!

  • Noori

    wtf is a trapper keeper…?

  • W2.

    KG defense up……not the game I was watching. Gortat and Scola were eating him up on the glass. Not just his fault….BB as well……but this was not a game where I thought KG had it really going. It brought me back a year when the Suns rolled into Boston and destroyed the Celts on pick and roll after pick and roll. Fortunatley, Doc was sensible and put in Collins and Sully to stop the third quarter run.