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KG’s Cheerios comment has gone from rumor to fact

Kevin Garnett’s dust-up with Carmelo Anthony reached tabloid proportions when it was “reported” that he made a Honey Nut Cheerios comment about Melo’s wife.

Despite the sketchy source of this report, the media has gradually accepted it as fact. I’m not talking about bloggers and tabloids, I’m talking about legitimate reporters and analysts. They may not be writing feature length articles about it, but they’re passing it along on social media.

During an appearance this morning on WEEI, Doc Rivers denied the legitimacy of the story:

“I know what’s being reported did not happen. I know that as a fact,” said Rivers. “You know how this works, a guy does something crazy like Carmelo did, and the way to get of trouble is to say someone else said this. It happens all the time. And what bugs me about this is that this is not a Kevin Garnett issue. And it was made into one and it shouldn’t have been made into one.”

Jared Sullinger also denied the report during a midday appearance on WEEI.

Garnett’s reputation as  a world renown trash-talker is partly to blame. Remember the alleged cancer patient comment he made to Charlie Villanueva?

Esquire is now reporting as fact, an old, unsubstantiated rumor that Garnett once wished happy Mother’s day to Tim Duncan despite knowing his mom died of breast cancer. This report was passed along to me, as fact, by some blowhards on WEEI.

There was once a time when the mainstream media would ignore such nonsense. Not anymore. I’m not sure why I find this surprising. The line between news and rumor has been blurred for a while. I guess I figured there was a line they wouldn’t cross. Guess I was wrong.

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  • LA Flake

    There may be, at best, five “decent” MSM journalists left in this country. Now that’s a fact. Everyone else is a shill.

  • Jon Sajor

    Happy Mother’s Day to all your cancerous Honey Nut Cheerios eating KG haters.

  • Stephanie

    I heard (notice the word heard) that it started from IncarceratedBob on twitter. The one’s that are reporting this more than likely weren’t even at the game.

  • eddysamson

    And yet I still don’t believe he said it, or the Happy Mothers Day thing.

    • terlo

      that seems a bit harsh to me too

      • eddysamson

        I can see KG talking serious shit to someone to get into their head, but not that kind of shit.

  • John

    KG can walk the walk so he can say whatever he wants

  • Roy

    I like how yardbarker is reporting that Melo and Lala are living seperately now.. Maybe KG’s comments will give Lala the publicity she needs. Anyone think the term “taste like honey nut cheerios” will be the new term to describe a woman?

  • Kobe Fleener

    The WEEI frauds also said KG said it “after Tim Duncan’s mother had died”. She died when he was 14.

  • fuzzy dunlops

    piss poor research chuck,

    SI, reported the kg mother’s day story also:

  • Jon D

    Publications like Esquire, SI and others are fanning flames. Right now they’re just rumors, and no one knows what’s fact or not. Sadly in today’s media any rumor can spread into truth by idiot bloggers, writers, Internet and Twitter.

    It’s KG, so people want to believe the worst of him, because of his trash talking reputation. Now as far as Garnett making harsh comments about Carmelo’s wife or Duncan’s mother, that’s speculation. There’s no proof of KG making those comments unless there’s audio and that’s unlikely. KG is a notorious trash-talker so why are some people surprised?

    The crazy thing about this nonsense is that KG has been trash talking for 17yrs, people never bitch or complained. Now that KG is in Boston suddenly he’s a problem or his trash talking is too much. I wonder if KG Was playing in NY, LA or MIA would people have a problem with his antics? I doubt it.

    As for Charlie V, dude is a punk. If someone calls me “cancer patient” I’m swinging for that guy’s face immediately. I’m not taking to Twitter to tell the world what allegedly said about. Charlie V is lying punk.

    • kg215

      Yup the media loves making KG look like a villain. It gets all the mainstream dirtbags riled up and makes for a flashy headline. One of the most popular things the dirtbags always say is KG only picks on small/weak players. I guess Tim Duncan/Amare/Dwight Howard/Blatche/Lamarcus Aldridge/etc. are all small and weak.

  • dk

    I feel like KG pyschs himself up so much for each game and works himself into a frenzy to motivate himself to play with the intensity he does each game that at points he just blacks out and doesn’t even realize what he’s saying. We all have seen how he mutters to himself during freethrows and after he runs back after making a shot.

    I honestly think the dude sometimes just says all this random shit to try and motivate himself and get inside the opponent’s head and F up his game or actually get the person to respond to motivate himself even more. I’ve certainly seen football players do that.

    Now that being said, if he said the comment about Melo’s wife who cares? It’s being made an issue because Melo is too mentally fragile to disregard KG’s BS and it worked. This would have been a complete non-issue had Melo not freaked out and pulled his “see you after school” antics.

  • Lakerhater
  • zippittyay

    I still don’t get the joke. I must be too old. Cheerios?

  • Garnett’sGrl

    I’m sick of this already……so what if he did say it???? I don’t like cherrieos( they don’t taste good to me) maybe that’s what KG meant. The bottom line Melo was having a horrible game so he had to blame it on something.