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Your Morning Dump…where Rondo is proof that Cousins may not work here

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Changing people is not easy, though. Perhaps the Celtics would be able to “figure out” Cousins and help him tap his vast potential. That does not mean Rondo is a puzzle they have solved. The Celtics have done their level best, but managing a sensitive situation is a bit different then working a miracle.

NESN: Rajon Rondo Still a Puzzle Celtics Are Trying to Solve, Not Proof Team Would Reform DeMarcus Cousins Successfully– Ben Watanbe

The Boston Celtics and their fanbase seem to have a never ending love affair for Demarcus Cousins. For the past two seasons rumors have emerged that the Celtics were the “leading candidates” “extremely interested”  “the most likely destination” and any other trade season cliche you can expect to hear during this increasingly annoying period of the season. The Celtics are often thought to be the leading candidates for the fact that they have Kevin Garnett and Doc Rivers, two individuals that are believed to have the ability to tame the wild beast and turn a lynx into a house cat.

This notion has come largely in part due to the acquisition of Stephon Marbury late in the season in 2009, Rasheed Wallace in 2010, and Nate Robinson in 2010. While Robinson wasn’t a trouble maker he didn’t make headlines as much as he was used to. Marbury was an altar boy during his time here, not because he was under the gun from KG , but because if he realized this was his last chance in the league. As far as Rasheed goes, did the Celtics really tame him? He STILL was a mouth on the court, STILL got his T’s, STILL got into arguments, STILL threw up bad threes….what changed?

And then we get to Rondo…

Rajon Rondo has been under the wing of Kevin Garnett since the two joined forces in 2007-08. Garnett knew that if the Celtics were going to stay relevant in future seasons, they were going to have to build this young point guard into a star. While the world knew he had flaws in his personality, they saw the talent potential when he was at Kentucky.

Rondo has indeed turned into a star, but we have seen continual flashes of the ever-existing attitude problem that a handful of GM’s across the league have openly said they wouldn’t want Rondo on their team for.  (Though I doubt any GM would be foolish enough to hold true on that). Look back at just the last season; we’ve had water bottles thrown during team meetings, walkouts when the pressure is on him behind the scenes, throwing the ball at officials, punching Kris Kardashian, and now two ref bumping incidents. If anything the trend seems to be going downward for Rondo as his talent level ascends.

What about this situation should make us believe that the Celtics would be capable of A: Handling two major personality issues on the same team and B: Changing Cousins and turning him into the star that he should be?  Is there any evidence that suggests that the Celtics really are the best place for Cousins or is this just another situation where Boston fans want someone and will rationalize any crazy fantasy with bogus “facts”? Demarcus Cousins may turn out to be a great player in this league, but with the Celtics “hands off” approach towards dealing with Rondo and his issues , Boston may not be the place for him to turn it around.

The Rest :

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    Yeah go for it LAF …this is a good topic to display your writing skill about number 9

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    Waiting for stupid comment from RedsLoverBoy…………………..

  • RedsLoveChild

    Well reasoned and well written!

    Wallace, Marbury, Nate did not change one iota when they put on Boston uniforms. None could care less that they were playing along side of KG or Pierce. All three were dismal failures here.

    Leopards cannot change their spots, nor can people change who they really and truly are.

    Obtaining Cousins would be a giant step backwards for the Celts. The cost of obtaining him would be prohibitive {AB or JS}, and his “hard-wired DNA” will insure that he`ll be an even bigger fool here due to the more intense media/fan scrutiny and pressure.

    • LAF

      Sacto needs a PG. We need a center. That is all.

      • KGino

        Dance LoveChild!! Dance around everything I say!! Its fun to watch!!

    • KGino

      PlasticLoveChild = Phony Celts Fan + Plastic Fraud

      • KGino

        Quote from LoveChild just 9 days ago —

        “Rondo is 100% right….and he`s trying to “warn” the millions of brain-dead fans that the Celtics will be lucky to even make the playoffs. Paul Pierce trying to compete at age 35 is one of the saddest sights in sports history…right up there with Ali fighting Larry Holmes in `80!”

        Yea dude, they won’t even make the playoffs!! Hahahahahaha you’re such a tool. And Paul Pierce is SO SAD to watch!! The Truth lighting up the Knicks was just so depressing!!


        • KGino

          oh, and “you worship the ground Pierce walks on” was the biggest PHONY quote i’ve ever seen. You SPIT on the ground he walks on you fraud.

          • RedsLoveChild

            Either Paul Pierce has an insane relative, posting from the psych ward, while using the name of KGino….or I`m being stalked all over this site by a mental patient, who is dedicating his life to taking my quotes out of context, as he flirts with having a stroke.

          • KGino

            If you didn’t egg me on, I wouldn’t bother you. But because you’re so stubborn and pessimistic and you refuse to admit how wrong you were about this team when I told you otherwise.. and you refuse to make coherent arguments in response to anything i call you out for.. I will continue to stalk you on every post to make sure everyone here knows you are a fraud.

            Just look at the quote i just posted from you.. that was out of context?? No, that was me copying and pasting one of your comment exactly word for word how you posted it. Don’t believe me? Check the post “Your Morning Dump.. Where Rondo’s point is cause for concern”

          • RedsLoveChild

            I am “egging YOU on”?!? Which of the many voices screaming in your head told you that?

            You mean like today`s Morning Dump…where I commented on the topic written by Nick, and you react with a category 5 meltdown over an unrelated item written last month?

            Stalk away all you want, fool!!

            It`s always entertaining to read the ramblings of a maniac, even those like you who specialize in taking the quotes of others out-of-context and/or never printing the entire quote. Even when called about this little habit of yours, you still continue to do it!

            What`s next? You`re now gonna accuse me of saying “Pierce has insane relatives”, and leave it at that?

          • KGino

            You are egging me on by continuing to dodge every question I ask you and changing the subject.

            No man, this is just a continuation of our argument from 8 posts ago which has since disappeared.. since you never responded to anything I said to you, I’m going to keep making you look bad and ruining your credibility on every comment you make from this point forward.

            I could paste the rest of your quotes, but THEY HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH what i’m talking about, so why would I? No one wants to re-read your whole quote, so obviously I take out the part that is the most relevant.

            I’m clearly not the only one on here who thinks your a fraud and a terrible excuse for a celtics fan, as proven by the amount of support I receive from my comments to you, and the fact that you receive NONE in support of you.

          • KGino

            Bottom line is you called this team DEAD and lucky to make the playoffs a month into the season, and I tried to calm you down and tell you you were wrong, and you responded with nothing but pessimism telling me I had blind faith. Now that it’s obvious I was right and you were completely wrong, you are afraid to man up to it, claiming I take your quotes out of context (when it is clear that i don’t) and you start calling me insane? Is that the best you got?

            You are the definition of a troll.. keep your radically pessimistic thoughts and trade proposals to yourself from now on, because only a truly insane person would ship KG & Pierce out of the city and start a rebuilding process, and only a demented person would come to a sports team’s website daily that he has no faith or belief in, and pretend to be a fan.

            PlasticLoveChild… nobody likes you or your comments!

          • KGino

            Here’s your FULL quote.. FULLY IN CONTEXT.. since you asked.

            “Rondo is 100% right….and he`s trying to “warn” the millions of brain-dead fans that the Celtics will be lucky to even make the playoffs.
            Paul Pierce trying to compete at age 35 is one of the saddest sights in sports history…right up there with Ali fighting Larry Holmes in `80! Pierce is shooting .279% in his last 3 games…take away the CLE & MIL games, he`s at .404% for the year. Ainge has no choice but to either find a sucker to trade him to, or buy out the $15M he`s owed next year.”

            They’ll be lucky to make the playoffs, Pierce’s play is one of the “saddest sights in sports history” lol can’t believe u said that one, and Danny needs to find a SUCKER to accept pierce b/c he’s so bad, or eat 15 mill cuz his play isn’t good enough..

            Yea, i’d say you just got owned. What’s your excuse now?

          • RedsLoveChild

            Please do NOT stop posting…each time you do, another piece of your psyche falls into place.

            “the amount of support I receive”…”I was completely right”…”you owe me an apology”…”you got owned”…”I`ll ruin your credibility”…

            Been badly abused, KGino? You desperately have the need to feel “accepted”, even if it`s just online with people you`ll never meet.

            Here`s the reality…this is a basketball website, where people get to air their views on the sport. Period. It is not where stable people go to get “support”, self-esteem or personal validation. Nobody is apologizing for their views or opinions!

          • KGino

            I never asked for your apology, and never would, it’s not worth a damn thing to me.

            What are you a psychologist now? Just more filler while you dodge my proof of what a fraud you are.

            No one’s arguing that you can’t share your opinion, but when you FLIP FLOP and pretend like you’ve been right all along, you’re going to get called out for it.

            So i post your WHOLE COMMENT, which you claim i never do, and you can’t even mention it in your next post? Is it because there’s pretty much nothing you can say after you get clowned on so hard?? And you won’t mention it in your next one either.. cuz you know i’m right.

            What’s really telling about your “psyche”, is that you don’t even care when I question your fan hood. A REAL CELTICS FAN wouldn’t let someone tell them they are a poser, a fraud, a closet lakers fan, a phony, and someone who doesn’t even deserve to be called a fan of the team, without ever addressing why they are wrong for saying so. You could ignore it and not post at all, but the fact that you continue to respond to me without ever sticking up for yourself shows that you have no real passion for this team.

            Try addressing my thoughts rather than going off on tangents about my psyche.. unless you really want me to delve into yours (it won’t be pretty).

          • RedsLoveChild

            Well, you`re right about one thing…I don`t care when you, or others, question my Celtic fanhood. That`s because I don`t care about you! Nothing personal…I don`t know you, and I don`t hate you.

            I have views…I express them…end of story.

            I know better than anyone how much of a devoted Celtic fan I am. I don`t give a crap what people in cyberspace think.

            Also, when have I “flip-flopped”? What I`ve said this week is no different than what I`ve been saying all season….The Celts are still not going to win the 2013 crown, which is all I care about…AB, JS, RR are our building blocks and cannot be traded…we need young bigs, so I`m fine if they trade the rest of the roster {including sacred cows KG & PP}.

            Want more on your boy, Pierce? Love him to death, but he`s not even close to what he once was! He`s too damn old. He will still have the occasional good game, but the bad one`s will outnumber them. Also, he`s a huge injury risk at 35.

            Anything I missed?

          • KGino

            lol yes.. so many things you missed over the last 2 days.

            You said they wouldn’t even make the playoffs.. care to elaborate on that a little?

            You really think watching Pierce is one of the saddest sights in sports history? Cuz he’s had some amazing games this year.

            Those are just a few, but I’m sick of repeating the same things to you.


          • KGino

            Got cut off there. You flipped flopped at least twice IMO… 1.) By proclaiming the celts dead, then coming back and saying you really meant as currently constructed without avery bradley.. that’s a flip flop. You proclaimed them dead for the ENITRE season, as told by your RIDICULOUS prediction that they won’t make the playoffs. I was the one who told YOU to wait til avery comes back, and you laughed at me like a fool.

            2.) You come on here after the Celts get wins, and you pretend like you haven’t been talking anything but shit about them all year. That’s straight bandwagon type stuff, flip flopping on your feelings for the team every win or loss.. which is fine cuz some fans just aren’t as patient as others.. but when I tried to tell you you were jumping the gun calling them dead, all you had were nasty responses because you were SO sure. Well since you were SO sure, you coming on here now to celebrate wins frustrates the hell out of me… which is why I’m so pissed off with you now.

            Lastly, you say you don’t care, yet you come back and respond to me every time.. if you didn’t care, you would ignore me. The fact that your responses never express your passion for the team, only a passion for yourself, tells me all I need to know.

          • RedsLoveChild

            Playoffs–Are the Celts the #8 seed right now? Can we at least until the remaining 47 games are played before you act as though Boston has already “clinched” a playoff berth? You think this team will go injury-free the entire season {AB`s was a carryover from last year}? You think a team that starts two players over 35 cannot suffer a bad injury?

            Pierce—Sorry, Father Time is Undefeated. Pierce is no longer a star player. His bad nights have {and will} easily outnumber his good nights. He was 3-for-10 last night. Wonderful! No retraction from me. Great HOF career, great Celtic, great guy. But the PP of 2013 is not pretty to watch, we can do better, we must do better if we want to see banner 18!

            Dead–We clearly have different goals for the Celtics, and different definitions of “dead”. I agree with Pat Riley…in the NBA there is just one championship winner who is in ecstacy, the other 29 are in misery. Did it feel good when the Celtics were the worst team in the EC in `07? Did it feel good when the Celtics lost Game 7 in the `10 Finals? NO on both counts! I want to see them win championships. I know the `13 team will not. Thus, they are “dead”. Time to go to work in making them “undead”. You seem to be content if they can merely compete/contend/winning titles not so important. Fine! That works for you.

          • KGino

            Everything you post is hearsay and opinion, not fact.. so don’t act like it is.

            To say the Celts won’t make the playoffs is far more radical than saying they will.. while its not agiven, it might as well be. I’d bet my life against yours that they make the playoffs this year.

            To say watching Pierce is “one of the saddest sights in sports history” is a DRASTIC OVERSTATEMENT. I don’t care if he has a bad game here and there, but he certainly hasn’t warranted that description. So you’re absolutely wrong for saying that.

            “They won’t win a championship this year” — Guess you can predict the future. But where I come from, if you’re a top 2 team in a conference, you have pretty damn good chance of winning a championship. The WIZARDS are DEAD, by your definition. But to say it’s impossible for the Celts to win a ring this year.. is stupid. You wanna bring up “what if” injuries? What if Lebron gets injured?

            See, when you actually try to argue against me you stand no chance.. you can go back to dodging now.

  • Larry Legend

    Look Rondo needs to grow up, we all know that. But does anyone really think he’s gonna change? Guy is talented no question, but he is not a top 3 pg in NBA. And he is not even close to MVP caliber so can we all please stop with that nonsense.

  • G4L

    Why anyone would trade a top 5 Point gaurd/Triple double machine in Rondo is beond me. What the hell do I care if he’s a Dick in his private life(which I dont think is the case) or gives reporters a hard time. Who Cares! He can piss on all the reporters & it wouldnt make a damn difference. Kobe is an asshole.. I mean he’s the definition of a dick! But he is still a top 5-10 NBA player who makes a huge difference on his team, I bet if he was a Celtic we would Love the guy! My point is, as long as he’s getting it done on the floor & isnt hurting the Celtics with his play its all good, He is still a Damn good player & he is still getting better!

    • LA Flake

      Top 5? Top 5???

      Would you honestly take Rondo over these 5 guys?

      D Rose
      Kyrie Irving
      Tony Parker
      Deron Williams

      What about…

      Damian Lillard
      John Wall
      Stephen Curry
      Ty Lawson
      B Jennings
      Jrue Holiday
      Ricky Rubio
      Mike Conley

      Rondo’s probably better than some of those guys but if I were taking a PG, I’d definitely take Curry, Lillard and Westbrook over Rondo; seriously consider taking Holiday, Rubio, Wall and Conley over Rondo. I may even take Lawson over Rondo but probably not Jennings.

      But I’m a hater.

      • Jim

        Put together an identical list last week minus Mike Conley…then Conley outplayed Rondo head to head on both sides of the ball. Rondo gets a lot of credit for the guys he plays with. His assists numbers are high because he played/plays with lights out shooters (Ray from 3, KG from 18ft, Bass in the 12-15, or Paul in a quick isolation). Any player on that list could drive to the hoop and pass it out to KG who is open because no big man is coming that high up.

        • LA Flake

          Couldn’t agree more. Rondo almost never makes the correct pass in transition and too often he just flat out refuses to advance the ball to whoever’s out and running. It’s so bad even Tommy’s now bitching about Rondo’s bad habits.

          It’s important for Ainge to trade Rondo before his game is further exposed. He’s on pace to become an All Star this year (casual fan voting) which will drive up his value in the eyes of other GMs who don’t follow the C’s closely. But we shouldn’t hold on to this ticking bomb beyond this year. If Rondo can net us DMC, Ainge has to go for it. And since I’m pretty sure Ainge, Doc and the owners are sick and tired of Rondo, we shall see.

          • Sorry, “Rondo almost never makes the correct pass in transition” is so wrong, I have to step in to intervene. I’m not going to try to change your mind about Rondo or wanting to trade him, but this statement is SO wrong, I just cannot take any of your argument seriously.

            Has anyone stopped to consider the possibility that part of the reason Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce are STILL this good is playing along side a point guard like Rondo?

            Hate him if you want. Dream up ridiculous trade scenarios if that tickles your fancy. But let’s cut the bullshit like that statement. You’re embarrassing yourself. If you made that statement in front of anyone actually in the NBA, you’d be laughed out of the gym.

      • Double P

        If were talking just pGs the only guy in the league whose ranking I put above Rondo and that’s Chris Paul. no one else in the league better imo

      • KGino

        I’d take Rondo over everyone but Cp3, D Rose, Irving, Westbrook, and maybe Curry. D Will is overrated (as he’s proving this year), tony parker isn’t better plus he’s older.. Haven’t seen lillard enough to dub him better than RR.

        So i’d put him in my top 5, either in the 4-5 slot.

        • Shawn

          Curry is even worse on D and has frail ankles, Irving, is just as bad on D without the steals and rebounding, D Rose won’t be the same once he comes back so we’ll see Lillard is a sieve on defense, and Parker is a better scorer but rondo is a better rebounder and passer. Only other person currently in the league I’ve seen make passes like Rondo is Nash.

          • KGino

            You’re neglecting D Rose is an MVP, & Irving is a way better scorer, and younger. I just like curry, but I’d put him at 6.

            Westbrook top 5

      • G4L

        Yes REALLY TOP 5! He should be 5th in this order.

        Parker – Most under rated player in the League!

        & I would take Rondo over Westbrook & Parker. I mean all Rondo has done is step up in every big game Have a ridicules 8 Triple doubles in the Post season & 25 total More than Paul, D-Rose, Parker & Westbrook COMBINED look it up!

        D. Williams is 6th & at this point not better than the top 5.
        Curry is good, but what has he done? What Half a season? he’s a damn good shooter, but what has he done!!
        Damina lillard is good but again a quarter of a season in his career what has he done?
        Irving same thing. only his second year.. He will be a Beast no doubt about it, but you gotta show me more than one year!

        J Wall
        …. Really this chumps! Conley is nice but read Memphis blogs. They all say he’s not becoming the player they hoped for.

        Ty Lawson
        .. all B-list Gaurds with good futures. But what have they done?!

        For all the problems with Rondos Pricky Attitude he’s still a Beast of a passing point gaurd & much better shooter than ppl give him credit for. Give Rondo credit, for having such a weak jumper(much improved Look at his percentage this year leads NBA gaurd shooting%) he is still recognized as a top NBA Point gaurd by Analyst around the Country!

  • Cam

    Didn’t Nate have a punching match on the court and Westbrook a hefty suspension? Plus major coaching conflicts. Yeah he was a headcase.

    Maybe the thought is that Rondo is going threw the growing pains Pierce did and that they will be flushed out soon. Theybwill no doubt come up again but hoepfuly less frequently like KG ans Pierce now

  • BCF

    I wouldn’t want anotherpoint guard leading this team, rondo is human but he was never let us down come play off, remember the elbow injury? Name me another point guard that would show that much grit and balls….anyway I think his attitude and honesty are perfect I would not want a soft placid point guard .

    • SF Celts Fan

      He definitely brings grit and balls. I’m tired of all the bitching about the attitude rondo brings to the court. I like it and think its necessary for the celtics to succeed. We need to be a tough, physical team with no fear. He showed that against humphries.

      What I don’t like about rondo is the jumper. Pisses me off to think that he didn’t listen to Ray’s advice.

      Its tough to imagine the celtics without rondo, especially when I think about the elbow heat game, on the other hand, I do believe its essential for a franchise player to produce more scoring and would ultimately trade for it.

  • Danno

    Here’s the thing: With Avery Bradley at 100%, we trounced one of the better teams in the league. and last year when rondo was out for an extended period, we did the same. But even when we had Both Rondo and Bradley, we still had the same troubles with lack of Rebounding and post play. We could live without Rondo. But without some serious help with frontcourt depth and ability, we’re going nowhere.

    If you’re going to have a selfish nutjob on your team, he should at least fill a void your roster needs filled, not be a redundant pain in the ass.

    • KWAPT

      Couldn’t agree more. Rondo is who he is, and is not going to change in my opinion. And besides his defensive inefficiencies/lapses/lack of effort, he’s a pretty damn good PG. BUT..the elephant in the Celtics’ living room is the lack of a shot-blocking and/or rebounding presence in the paint.

  • I agree 100% with your assessment of both the Rondo and Cousins situation. I still can’t understand why people are still talking trade at this point with the Celtics starting to do what many of us thought they would do all along. In fact, I just put up a post this morning (coincidentally enough!) about stopping the speculation and starting to appreciate what we have here. If you click my name, you’ll see some stuff about Cousins and some of the more realistic scenarios that are out there for the C’s to fill those empty slots now that Kris and Jarvis are gone.

  • Danno

    Dude. Being polite about it doesn’t make your sneaky self promotion any less sleazy.

    • LA Flake

      SPAM is what it is.

  • Jay

    Curious… which “handful of GM’s across the league have openly said they wouldn’t want on their team?” Do you have links to those open quotes? Usually when it comes to trades for a guy like Cousins, or Gay, other blogs/reporters from said cities say any discussion begins with Rondo. Would love to see these quotes.

  • Hi Green fans,
    I watched the Heat@Pacers game last night.
    With all the talks here about BB, it reminded me that if it was not for his knee surgery, there was some good hope to get David West a couple of years ago. And well, from what I saw last night, David is exactly what the Celtics would love to have. Hardcore offensive rebonder with no fear to attack the basket, very sound low post game, FT distance shooting ability, and holding himself on D.
    PS: I read this blog daily, keep up the good work.
    PS2: rondo… rondo… would love to substitute NHL style, let him play offense and substitute for defense. his lack of defensive intensity kills me.
    PS3: Paul George is the new Paul Pierce.

  • Jim

    Is Rondo a guy we want to build around for the future? He’s got an attitude problem and by the time KG and PP retire he will be near 30 (turns 27 next month). This team will be getting younger and we do not need Rondo’s actions rubbing off on them. Sure, we don’t have a back up pg right now so trading him this season would be foolish. But we can find better core players. We already have some good ones in Sully and AB. As much as a player like DMC would be helpful to the front court, him and Rondo could be a disastrous pair for the locker room especially if we have to give up Sully or AB who are hardworking say little guys.

    • LA Flake

      And Rondo will run into all kinds of troubles as he gets older because he’s not a fundamentally sound player and he won’t be as quick and he can’t shoot so what is he gonna do when he loses his quickness and younger, more polished guys are blowing by him?

      AB & Sully are solid building blocks. AB is dripping with potential to become a great one and I believe Sully is every bit as good as Kevin Love. Trade Rondo while he has value for an All Star caliber player (DMC?) and that’s a pretty damn good core right there. All in their early 20s, too.

  • Sam

    With players like DMC (and Rondo and Rasheed), it’s not about changing who they are as people. It’s about figuring out how to manage their personalities and tendencies sufficiently that you can make the most of their on-court talents.

    The Celtics have had plenty of success doing that with Rondo, and I don’t doubt they’d have success with DMC, too.

  • KGino

    Heat out rebounded by 20+ last night, gave up over 20 offensive rebounds…

    sounds like celtics B.A. (before avery)

    • they were crashing the boards hard because they have young legs / put full press defense..

  • brian

    3 game win streak against quality teams and we still complain. I love this team and now everyone is falling into their role.

  • Double P

    Question: How do people feel about rondo for tyreke evans and DMC?

    • LA Flake

      I’d do that deal in a heartbeat and then disconnect the phone in case the Kings try to call me.

      • Double P

        This deal works straight up.. I do think it should be something to consider if the kings are looking to bring in a guy for the move to seattle

      • KGino

        lol. You would do that laf.

        I like the trade, but idk how we’d fare without a legit PG or Pierce playing Point Forward. And I’d thank my lucky stars Bradley didn’t play for another team, cuz he would destroy himself, courtney lee, or jet bringing the ball up the floor.

        • Double P

          Tyreke is listed as a pg, more of a scorer though, but hes big. 6’6″

          • KGino

            Yea I guess he could run a little point as well. He does strike me as a 2 guard tho..

            like I said not sure how we’d fare without a legit PG, not sure if it would be better for the team to have size with DMC, or legit PG with Rondo.

  • Lakerhater

    Not going to get Cousins because he’s going to SEATTLE!!!!!!!!!