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TMZ video of KG and Melo barking outside Celtics bus

Here’s (alleged) proof of the Carmelo Anthony and Kevin Garnett encounter Monday night near the Celtics bus at Madison Square Garden.

While it’s nothing more than a lot of barking and jostling, it’s more evidence that Anthony perpetuated the on-court incident.

I don’t see any way Melo avoids a suspension for this behavior.

Let’s recap:

  • KG said something very nasty to Carmelo Anthony during Monday night’s game.
  • The pair received double technical fouls.
  • Carmelo Anthony responded by shooting 6-26.
  • The Celtics won.
  • Melo attempted to get inside the Celtics lockerroom.
  • Melo confronted Garnett outside the Celtics bus.
  • KG and Melo resolved their issues over the phone.

To be continued January 24 when the Knicks visit Boston.

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  • Now i want to see what kind of actions the league is going to take against Melo, if they made up on the phone it should have been handled that way from the start.

    • LA Flake

      The New York Chicks are scheduled to play the Pacers tomorrow.

      On TNT.

      Will Stu Jackson suspend Honey Nut Cheerio? Will Stern allow him to?

      Also, Chuck touches on something that hasn’t been discussed. That is, we’re scheduled to play the Chicks on the 24th. That game is guaranteed to be overly policed by the refs and thus incredibly painful to watch.

      I hate the NBA. Go fuck yourself, David Stern. And you too, Stu Jackson.

  • eddysamson

    According to KG’s recent Facebook post he would never say anything about anyone’s family, and that what he said had to do with basketball.

    • Celticsfanatic

      I really hope you don’t believe this… KG told Tim Duncan the day after his mom died “Happy Mother’s Day”

      • anonymous

        Not true Celticsfanatic. That is an embellishment of what was said. You seem to be the type that believes everything you hear.

        • Celticsfanatic

          And you seem to be the naive type that thinks KG is still a sweetheart between the lines. The type that thinks KG actually took the time to say “you are a cancer to yourself and your team” or whatever lol. I love KG but get a grip.

          • anonymous

            Nothing to do with “sweetheart,” everything to do with facts.

      • Pierce

        Tim Duncan’s mum died at an early age before he was in the NBA. it was clearly a joke with the motherfucker thing nothing to do with his mother at all but its been twisted

        • anonymous

          Bingo Pierce. Posts like the above, linking KG’s cussing to Duncan’s mother is why KG doesn’t talk to the press unless it’s specified in his contract. He’s laughing all the way to the bank. Highest paid player in the NBA in salary alone, all time. I’m no KG fangirl but got to give respect for 17 years of dedicated service.

        • Celticsfanatic

          Well, I guess I won’t be banking on the D&C show anymore, lol. I just looked it up, and it happened according to the same people that reported this story; to me wishing someone a Happy Mother’s Day when their mom died with malicious intent is still pretty bad. I don’t really care, I think KG’s trash talking is one of the things that makes him unique and I love him to but I was just using that example to show it’d be naive to believe something his FB publicist put out.

  • Danno

    I really, really, REALLY hope someone brings a larger than life size sign that is a Honey Nut Cheerios box front to wave under teh basket while Melo shoots free throws he didn’t earn on the 24th.

    • KWAPT

      I will personally make sure something like that happens.

      • Curt

        You are the man.

      • Celticsfanatic

        Lmao I hope they show this on TV.

  • Jester00

    the guy who punched somebody and ran away really? He doesn’t want to fight anyone. Not that I think KG could fight either it be to Pu#sies slap fighting each other it would be funny to watch.

    • KWAPT
      • eddysamson

        HAH thats hilarious. I love how his teammate is like dude get back here you cant just punch a dude and run away

  • Elliot

    As much as I hate to say this.. I really hope Melo gets a short suspension, if any.

    I say this because I am a UK NBA fan, and the Knicks are playing Detroit in London on the 17th. I have tickets and would be kinda gutted that I didn’t get to see any real star players… It’s not often we get to see NBA players over here, so it’d be a real bummer.

    If he’s there though, a ‘Melo, your wife tastes like honey nut cheerios’ banner is a must…

  • You Dummie

    KG doesnt have a facebook account.

    • Dk

      Yes he does. I saw the same post.

    • KWAPT

      He actually does. It’s just a fan page though that’s probably run by his publicist/manager..

      • You Dummie

        By no means is that the “KG Facebook page”. A fan page that is “probably” run by someone related to him is nothing near official.

        • Anyone can start a fan page. I can start one, push it, call it official, and put up a quote that says “yeah I said that shit…. ”

          KG is the most non-social guy out there. He does the thing in China as part of his shoe deal… but there’s no way I buy him making a statement through that page. When the Villanueva thing went down, he commented through the Celtics. That’s how he’ll do it now.

        • eddysamson

          Pretty sure its official and if anything its his publicist.

          • anonymous

            The website is run by his sister who handles over $300,000,000.00 in salary alone, media and all of his business. KG did not say what is rumored. In fact, he didn’t say much of what’s been rumored throughout his career. Don’t believe all that you hear.

  • Eric

    What’s funny is that if Melo had just trash talked back with KG, it would have been over. But instead it turned into this huge ordeal to the point where everyone HAD to know what KG said and now he’s going to be looking at Honey Nut Cheerios at every arena in the country for the foreseeable future. What an idiot…

    • Dk

      Agreed. Because melo couldn’t be grown up to let it go now the whole league knows how to get under his skin and I’m sure will try the same shit. Stupid

  • Astarot

    Yeah Melo should be suspenended if he really wanted to get inside Boston’s locker room but seeing what “the league” is doing I wouldn’t be surprised at all if KG gets suspended and Melo not. That’s how it looks today in the NBA in my opinion.

  • Double P

    There should be no suspensions. This was the softest confrontation ive ever seen. People need to let it go

    • Celticsfanatic

      Normally I’d agree but the NBA has done an especially good job in shaking their “thug that doesn’t play defense” look in the past decade. People used to think those guys used to just show up; no one understood how hard guys like LeBron, KG, and Kobe work or even how the lesser talented/intense guys work. I’m not a racist by any means, but if a middle to old aged white guy sees two black guys shouting like gangbangers outside a locker room — even if they aren’t wearing sweatpants and big chains like 2003 — they aren’t going to want to watch the NBA. They suspended Randolph for trying to go after Perk outside the locker room, they’ll do the same here.

      • Really, lets not label people because of their skin color as gangbangers, dont act like white people arent turned up too, i.e. birdman, the league is not exposing why he was let go from his last team because of CHILD PORNO. These so called superstars only make up about 4or 5 persent of the league, so dont even go there. and btw, you must like gangbangers if you are on the site wasting your time talking about gangbangers. How in the heck can you make a statement about gangbangers then say you are not a racisit. Thats like saying Lindsey Lohan is doesnt have a problem. We are living in a time when its good and bad in every race, the little guy that shot up that school wasnt a gangbanger but he dam sure acted like it.

        • Celticsfanatic

          What the hell are you talking about dude? You’re the one making it racist, the only reason I clarified that I was far from a racist is because I knew someone inflammatory and just plain stupid like you would bring it up. I said “shouting like gangbangers” because they were dropping f bombs and probably more, not because they’re black. The only racist person here is you for inferring that. I included their race because I was showing how it looks to a racist, not how it looks to me. Just like if you were talking about slavery you wouldn’t say they enslaved some random group of people to avoid being called a racist, you would reference the fact that blacks were targeted because the fact that they were black is why they were targeted by racists.

          And what’s your point about Birdman? Think because he’s white I love him? Think again, that’s exactly my point — the league has worked hard to shed criminal reputation, stories like these — white or black — don’t help. In this situation, again I mentioned they were black because it only agitates the situation from the perception of a real racist.

    • Celticsfanatic

      Actually that’s my bad, they only fined both. Speaking of inconsistencies in the league officiating though, they also suspended DeMarcus Cousins two games for yelling at a TV broadcaster or whatever it was. We’ll have to see how it plays out.

  • Shawn

    Here’s a good link I don’t think I’ve seen on here yet if you want to learn a little more about Bradley It links to two pretty good articles the bradley one an example of exactly why we shouldn’t trade him.

  • sev

    the TMZ in the upper right wasn’t enough….they had to put their name in the center of the video making an already grainy video harder to see. We get it, its from TMZ.

  • al

    KG is a classless b1tch

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