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Rondo: I was joking around with the ref

John - Red's Army (@RedsArmy_John) January 8, 2013 Celtics News, Rajon Rondo 21 Comments on Rondo: I was joking around with the ref

Rajon Rondo served a one-game suspension last night for inappropriate contact with a referee.  At the time, Rodney Mott didn’t think enough of the contact to throw a tech at Rondo, clearly thinking it wasn’t a big deal.  Rondo today, addressed it before practice.   

The league thought it was a big deal. I don’t feel there was a need to have an investigation. I know Rodney and that particular time with that play, I actually went up to him and I made a joke, he laughed and in the midst, I did touch him and the league I guess reviewed it, the media blew it up, on SportsCenter or whatever and I served a one-game suspension.”

Scott Souza added more in a couple of tweets.

So in a nutshell, here’s what happened:

Rondo made contact with Mott.  Mott didn’t think anything of it.  Both moved on.  Danny Ferry flipped out and made his case to the refs (and got fined for it).  The league called Rondo about it.  Rondo was a prick on the phone.  The league suspended him.

They are well within their rights to suspend Rondo for contact with the ref.  I’m getting the feeling that had Rondo been a big more forthcoming about the bump, it may have just been a fine.  But the “failure to cooperate” part is what chafed the league office.

That’s not the brightest move by Rondo.  He can get prickly with media if he wants… he make my life hell the few times I get to interview him…. that’s fine.  But screwing with the league office draws some ire from powerful people… people powerful enough to cost him a game check.

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  • KY Celts fan

    I believe him. This league is run by a bunch of power mad assholes.

    • eddysamson

      I was initially pissed because I thought he was stupid enough to do the bump thing again, but I dunno he might be honest about the joke thing. If you look at the gif of the incident in the photo recap on here you can catch a smile of Rodney’s face right before it ends.

      I feel like considering his ‘bump’ history Rodney would have called him for a T if it was something other than “a joke”.


  • LA Flake

    So. Rondo is happy when he has a triple double?


    btw…I’m glad he didn’t play last night. I don’t believe we would’ve won had he played because Green would not have gotten his touches and Avery would’ve been sitting on the bench.

    • Mannie

      You want him to be sad when he has a triple double and the team is winning??

      And we still could’ve won because j.kidd would be guarding him and kg would still get in Melo’s head.

      • KGino

        We get it LAF, you hate rondo.

        Fact is, we’re a better team with him on the court. Avery would have played almost equal minutes, barbosa wouldn’t have played. Green got touches because Pierce was in foul trouble, not because Rondo was out.

        I know I know, his defense is terrible. He does have the potential to be much better.. which is why he is the most frustrating celtic to watch. But you can’t say we’d be better off without him.

        • LA Flake

          Then why do we move the ball better without Rondo? And why do our role players play better without Rondo? How come we score in transition better without Rondo? And why is our defense SO GOOD without Rondo?

          Rondo is useful against certain teams but.

          1. His bullshit “I’m an MVP candidate” talk
          2. Blatant padding of his stats to the detriment of the team (Bob Ryan’s words)
          3. Antoine Walker-like tendency to frontrun and avoid FT line like a plague
          4. I had nothing to complain about because I had a triple double talk…
          5. Getting T’d up or kicked out of games because he can’t control his emotions…

          He is trash, dude. He has no Celtic pride. Only Rondo pride.

          But why dwell on this negative douche? How about that Avery Bradley!!!

          Man, I LOVE AVERY BRADLEY. Swear I’m gonna name my next child after him. Just the way he struggled with his shot but his ability to bounce back and knock’em down when they count while playing RELENTLESS D every second he’s on the floor. So special. So Celtic.

          • at

            In some respects, I can see your point. Rondo does at times have immaturity issues that are detrimental to the team, and at other times seems to be stats-focused at least in terms of racking up assists.

            But, that doesn’t really negate what he brings to the table. Historically, the team does move the ball better when rondo is on the court. His playoff performances speak for themselves. He is a game changer.

            Off your…

            #1 – again playoff performances, he can swing games. That’s why he’s an MVP candidate. He hasn’t performed to that capability thus far. Also what’s wrong with a little self confidence? Even Pierce thought he was the best player in the world in 2008.

            #2 – yes the whole 10+ assist streak was a distraction. But that’s not indicative of his play all the time. I think his recent games demonstrate an ability to change his game (increase scoring) to better mold the team.

            #3 – I dont think its necessarily a bad thing that rondo avoids the FT line given his %. Would you rather he get to the line all the time and miss the bulk of his shots? I think that demonstrates maturity b/c he knows his weaknesses and seeks to maximize his strengths.

            #4 – oh come on. who wouldn’t be happy with performing well individually. Also note how he said he was happy they were up by 10.

            #5 – a lot of these technicals are at times when the C’s are listless and are getting destroyed. I would prefer guys being pissed than just accepting defeat and showing no emotion in a JD Drew-esque manner.

            Rondo has demonstrated an ability to step up big games and to play through injury for the betterment of the team (see: elbow dislocations; see: last year playoffs). To say that he’s trash or has no celtics pride is to ignore his entire body of work.

          • I agree, to say this kid is trash, just blows my mind, and think about it, its not rondo who goes out and worry about stats, its the media that keeps up with rebounding and assists, blocks and all that who could concentrate on anything if they worried about stats. Rondo is just being Rondo, and he has not changed, he likes to rebound because he says he can get out on the break quicker, he likes to assist because it makes his team happy, he scores because it makes doc happy, Rondo is just a hustle player, and a very smart player, and his mistakes are the things that makes him human.

          • KGino

            I agree, Avery > Rondo.. but to say we “move the ball better” and “our defense is better” without him is HIGHLY debatable.

            Without Rondo, people like Wilcox, Bass, RAY, Krstic, Semih etc. would all SUCK. They need/needed a rondo pass to score. Check bass’ stats last night if you don’t believe me (had only taken 2 shots by like the middle of 4thQ.. I believe Wilcox has probably scored 75% of his buckets this year off a rondo assist too lol). So do more people touch the ball without him? Probably..but Rondo creates shots for teammates that they’d never have without him.

            And when we substitute JET for Rondo in the starting lineup, our defense def does not get better.. lol .

          • LA Flake

            adding Ray to your list is not right. He’s a first ballot HOFer and used to carry his team for 10 or so years before he came to Boston. He was used primarily as a 3-pt threat in Boston but he was/is still capable of doing much more. And one could make an argument that Rondo benefitted the most by having Ray as his wing man not the other way around.

            I admit I’m a little harsh when it comes to Rondo but I can’t help that he reminds me of Antoine Walker (some parts of their games are similar but I’m mostly talking about attitude and their mental approaches to the game) and I really couldn’t stand Employee #8.

          • KGino

            I hear you man.. like i said before, he’s by far the most frustrating celtic, because you just feel like he could be so much more.

            You def are too hard on him, but it hardly makes up for the fact that other fans are WAY too easy on him. I’ve noticed for years now how poor his D can get, and people are just bringing it up now.

            When Ray was here, within doc’s offense, he needed rondo to pass him the ball. I’m gonna lump ray in with those bums (semi/krstic) anyways, just cuz i’m still bitter lol. I almost took him out when typing that comment cuz i knew it was easily refutable, but i just hate Judas too much now!!

  • CelticsKid34

    RONDO YOU SHOULD KNOW BASKETBALL IS NO PLACE TO HAVE FUN OR HAVE A LITTLE CONFLICT!!! people over react to shit… the bump in the playoffs should have been an ejection and thats it. this incedent should maybe have been a little fine or maybe even a technical for rondo but a suspension is a little overboard. i think it should come down to how threatened the ref felt

  • greenman

    Really? Rondo was right to be a prick on the phone. The league was going to do what they wanted. That’s the precedent that has been set with Rondo. Fuck the league office, I bet if we weren’t playing the large market Knicks it would have only been a fine.

  • Curt

    LA Flake, hate all you want, but if we get rid of Rondo…do you REALLY want him playing against us? We’d never beat a team with Rondo it. No way. He’d get 4 triple doubles in a row if he had too.

    Maybe he isn’t Larry Bird or Jesus Christ, but he is a hustler and plays his game. With no ego, you get a terrible Point Guard. Maybe if we sent him to Sacramento for DMC we’d be okay because then we wouldn’t face them in the playoffs.

    You’re still irrational though.

    • LA Flake

      I’d love to face Rondo in the playoffs. Make him take jump shots all game long. Too easy. If he’s got it going, we’ll just stick AB on his ass and shut him down. Again, too easy.

      Oh yeah. If we can get DMC for Rondo, you do that deal everyday even if Sacto decides to move to Hartford and become our divisional rival.

      • KGino

        One more thing LAF.. Rondo ranks in the top 30 in the NBA in midrange jumpshot % this year. He was in the top 10 a few weeks ago, so I’m saying top 30 just to be safe.. but know it could still be top 10.

        He officially CAN shoot, I would have agreed with you every year but this one.

        • KGino

          but you’re right about one thing, AB would shut him down lol

  • Quest

    Rondo’s disrespect on the phone with the league authority is immature and detrimental to the team. If Rondo doesn’t care about his own position/ future that ‘s his decision but think about the impact on the team. A simple explaination was that challenging to do…really. His f..k u attitude will come around to bite him.

  • Astarot

    I’m with Rondo, CEO’s, league office what the hell they’ain’t gods yeah they’re powerful enough to suspend him….. ok. But that was nothing ref didn’t care that shows what kind of “incident” was that. The league office showed what they can do and well it wasn’t coincidence it happened right before the game in MSG they did all they coud to make it hard for Boston and well they found excuse cuz’ they could. But Rondo, he did nothing during the game and that’s why he didn’t give a damn about that situation, they called him and I guess he was like: ‘what the hell’ it was ridiculous for him it was a sham that’s all I bet he said something like that, you gotta say what you think and what you disagree with I respect that.

  • paul

    I love it that Rondo doesn’t kiss butt. Don’t like him being suspended though.