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Enemy Chatter: Paul Pierce is this generations Reggie Miller for Knicks fans

We often wonder what opposing teams, their beat reporters and bloggers are saying about the Celtics. Here’s a look at some enemy chatter from New York.

Paul Pierce is this generations Reggie Miller for us Knicks fans. Tonight, watching this game, I thought the intensity was great. The fight and passion was fun to see and both teams wanted this game badly. It is so difficult to watch your lose a game like this when you see them fight so hard and give their all. Do I like the fact that it has become a pattern for the Knicks to allow physical teams get them off their game? Not at all.

The Knicks Blog

The Celtics games that stand out are the rough, rowdy ones that end in heartbreak, and that’s what this one was. The Knicks played some lovely stretches and held a couple decent-sized leads in the first half, but from halftime forward, they cracked in the face of increased pressure and a lot of touching. That’s been typical of this year’s Knicks: They’re irascible, and they don’t know how to channel their rage. Trap them, crowd them, and push them around a little bit and they’ll plummet into petulant, haphazard play.

‘Twas a bummer of a game, and so typically Knicks-Celtics-y in its bummerment, right down to Pierce’s step-back jumper and subsequent taunts of the MSG crowd. I loathe that simpering louse with every molecule of my being. I hate the Celtics.

Posting and Toasting

Ah, the Knicks. Boston’s little brother in basketball.

Keep your chin up guys, you’ll get us next time.


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  • truthtrey34

    The Truth!! Professional scorer. Professional troll. No one does it better. I love it.

    • Larry Legend

      Paul Pierce is a better player than Reggie Miller period.

      • Brick James

        They’re both first ballet HoF, both not in the “best ever” category. Same echelon in my boat.

  • Noori

    I really hope when their careers are over, KG and Paul Pierce write books on their experience. I would DEFINITELY BUY

    • eddysamson

      theres a 2 hour documentary on KG on Youtube, you ever watch that? its pretty damn good

      • Noori

        Never saw it but will definitely check it out tonight

      • Chief

        Hey Eddie got a link???

  • Double P

    So clear last night that this is still pierce and KGs team. Gonna hate it when they retire… Only a handful of guys left in the league from that era and we have two on our team. Also why were always in it come playoffs

    • Chief


  • RedsLoveChild

    The last time the Knicks won the championship…Spike Lee was a 16 year old punk….Steve Nash & Rasheed Wallace were still a year away from being born.

    No reason why anyone should care about the opinions of their fan base.

    • KGino

      No reason why anyone cares about your opinions, you know, like the celtics are “DEAD”!!


      • Mannie

        Agreed. Mr “blow it up, trade Paul pierce while he still has value”

        • RedsLoveChild

          It`s championships that matter…now you`re finally thinking with a brain!

          AB-JS-RR stay…all others are fair game.

          • Chief

            Red so it’s ok for KG and PP to lead us to a chip in 2008 but now that they are “done” let’s trade them…man you should be a Philly (fair weather )fan

          • RedsLoveChild

            I care about the name on the front of the jersey…not so much the back.

            We saw Bird-McHale-Parish-DJ all get old together….it wasn`t pretty!

            You really want to see that happen again?

          • Chief

            Yes reds I would let KG and PP retire here the won us a championship……it’s called being loyal look it up

          • RedsLoveChild

            It`s called being a “sentimental fool”.

      • RedsLoveChild

        As far as winning the championship this year…unfortunately, the Celts are dead as far that goes.

        All it takes is a 3 game winning streak {get back to .500%} for you to party like it`s 2008!!

        • KGino

          No one has claimed they will win the Championship this year.. not me, not anyone defending them.. that would be unrealistic with how inconsistent they’ve been playing.

          But all it takes is a 3 game winning streak over 3 quality teams ahead of us in the Eastern Conf. Standings to prove YOU WERE WRONG. They ARE CONTENDERS, they ARE NOT DEAD, and Danny should NOT blow it up.. despite all of your contrary beliefs.

          You were saying they’d be lucky to even make the playoffs.. that the Heat would easily SWEEP them if given the chance.. All it did take was those 3 games to prove you were wrong, and I was right.

          Plastic Doll Child.

          • RedsLoveChild

            According to you…the Celtics are “contenders”, but winning the championship is “unrealistic” due to their inconsistency?!?

            LOL…Either they`re contenders or they`re not!

          • KGino


            The Celtics have a chance, so they are contenders. But it is unrealistic to EXPECT a championship given their inconsistent play, at this point in time.

            Clear that up for ya?? Notice how I attack your comments head on, and don’t shy away from answering anything you say. You seem to be DODGING the fact that you DECLARED THEM DEAD ALREADY, and you just keep reiterating points that have nothing to do with your lack of faith and fandom for this team. Like, you have been saying RR JS & AB shouldn’t be traded.. SO WHAT??? That has nothing to do with you coming on here basking in the glory of our wins when in reality, you had no faith and already gave up on the team.


          • KGino


            1.) The Celtics will be LUCKY TO MAKE THE PLAYOFFS THIS YEAR.


            3.) The Celtics have two options; BLOW IT UP .. or.. DIE!

          • RedsLoveChild

            I`m still trying to figure out why it is “unrealistic” for a “contending” team to win the title???

            As for the other nonsense you wrote, what the hell is there to “rebut”?

            Did I miss something?

            Has Boston clinched a 2013 playoff berth already? Has Boston played Miami in the 2013 playoffs already?

          • KGino

            AGAIN, for your mentally challenged self, it is unrealistic to EXPECT them to win a championship, at this point in time. Yes, they have a chance, no, it is not EXPECTED (like the heat are EXPECTED to be in the finals).

            It is not unrealistic to believe they have a CHANCE, but it is unrealistic to EXPECT. Did i break it down enough for you?

            Rebut them, you know, like explain WHY you think they’ll be lucky to make the playoffs, WHY you think the Heat will SWEEP THEM EASILY, and how you can possibly rationalize calling them DEAD. What reinforcement do you have now?? NONE IS THE ANSWER, so YOU WERE WRONG.

            We’ve been back and forth a thousand times on this site, on the subject of whether or not the Celts remain a threat. I’m just waiting for your stubborn ass to admit you were wrong and I was right.

          • KGino

            DODGE, DODGE, DODGE… c’mon Plastic Love Child, respond with a coherent statement in response to my claims.. I know you can do it!

            or will it be more DODGE DODGE DODGE for the plastic man?

          • KGino

            Just one week ago:

            RedsLoveChild — “You think this team right now has any “championship hopes”? Teams cannot wait to play the Celtics!
            All a team has to do to beat Boston is run for the first 36 minutes. They don`t need to know how to play basketball…just run, be athletic, be physical, and Boston cannot keep up. It will be a blow out!”

            What an assessment! And when I told you you were ignorant for labeling the team DEAD before avery bradley returns to the lineup, you told me I was a dreamer who has blind faith!!


          • TampaCs

            I’m interested in this reply RedsLoveChild cause I’m pretty sure KGino just shut your clown ass up. KGino couldn’t have said it any better. Day in and day out you basically say the Celtics are dead, blow them out and whatever jibberish that spews out of your fingers while you type in your moms basement. For a guy who’s name implies that he likes the Celtics you sure don’t act like it. You seem like the type is POS that thinks nothing is ever good enough and you probably bitched to your parents after they bought you a brand new car cause it wasn’t good enough for you. And for a person who is so negative and seems to have so much hate for the Cs you sure do spend a lot of time on this site bitching. Maybe your time would be better spent chatting with a therapist.

          • KGino

            Thank you! I knew I wasn’t crazy! This guy is such a phony..

            I’ve been on his ass all day calling him out and he refuses to acknowledge what a debbie downer he is, bringing a bad name to us unbreakable celtics fans.

          • KGino

            unmeltable* haha

          • RedsLoveChild

            Ok, KGenital and the two new Clowns,

            It sounds like you`re saying that the Celtics are title “contenders” this year…even though it is “unrealistic” to think they will win the title…but they are STILL “contenders” nevertheless, all because they have a “CHANCE” of winning.

            Is that what you`re saying?

            What kind of “chance” are you giving them? How are you defining “chance”?

            The same “chance” an idiot dreamer has when he/she buys a lottery ticket?

            Looking at it that way….you may have a point!
            The Celts do have a “chance” afterall!!

            They have the same “chance” of winning The Larry O`Brien in 2013 as you have of winning Powerball!!

          • Chief

            No reds I’m saying your a dick….

          • Borna Hlousek

            Allow me to rebut your argument in reverse.
            Chance is mathematically defined as the probability that a particular event or sequence of events is going to happen. The theoretically the Celtics have a 1/30th chance of winning the NBA championship this year; as does any other team. However theoretics will not always be the proper course for diagnosing sports and sports chances. As a true Celtic fan at heart it pains me to say that the Celtics will most likely not win the title this year. However saying something like they will win or definitely won’t win at this point in time is absolutely pointless. We watch and love the sport of Basketball because unlike most of the other major sports out there the game is far less predictable and subject to a larger amount of outliers.

            Example look at last year and linsanity. It wasn’t likely that a before that point relatively unknown Harvard Grad would be able to have such an impact on a teams season. However there was always the low chance that something amazing would happen, and lo and behold it did. No one thought the celts would make it to the finals in 2010, but they did.

            However your example is flawed winning the Larry O’ Brien in 2013 is not the same odds as winning power ball. There are millions of people who buy powerball tickets, giving each individual mere fractions of a tenth of a percent chance of winning. The Celtics surely hold more than that at winning to L’OB trophy.

            By being defeatist as you are Red, you only demonstrate your true “fairweatherness”. All true Celtic fans and fans of other teams should always hold in their heart that their team will and can win a title, ring etc… If they don’t, they fail the first rule of fandom.

            Also as a guy who used to play basketball, and plays competitively with at least ten current South&North Cal DI Basketball players, I can a test to the fact that often teams under perform, and struggle, however, that is not a valid reason to declare that the ship is sinking and jump into shark infested waters, when the ship has only sustained light damage.

            For the last week or two every time I come onto Redsarmy I always see the same thing from you. How about you give me a pleasant surprise next time?

          • Borna Hlousek

            Redslovechild use your real name. I hate it when people hide behind acronyms and facades. It makes them Clowns. And we all know what Kevin says about Clowns…

          • KGino

            Lol the magical dodging plastic lovechild is at it again!!

            Once again you refuse to touch upon anything I call you out for, and finally just resorted to name calling.. LOL.

            It looks like I’ve accomplished what I came here to do, and that’s prove you are a complete phony plastic Celtics follower, not even a fan of the team. That and to ruin any credibility you have while commenting going forward. Everyone now knows you are a joke.

            Well said by borna, if you don’t have an ounce of belief in your team, why bother watching?? Go root for the Heat PlasticLoveChild, you belong on their blogs.

          • RedsLoveChild


            Unlike KGino, you kind of sound intelligent, but very uninformed about my stance.

            That is understandable because KGino has nothing better to do than intentionally misquote me whenever possible. He likes leaving out the all-important “qualifiers” I attach to my comments. He does it every time, it is no accident on his part.

            For instance, he`ll quote me as saying the Celtics are dead…but he`ll leave out the part where I said “without Bradley and no other changes” the Celts are dead.

            He also claims that I want Ainge to “blow it up”…but he leaves out the part where I insist that Bradley, Sully, Rondo should must here, and be the players Boston should build around {as opposed to 35 & 36 year olds}.

            Like other sentimental fools on this site, who enjoyed seeing Bird/McHale grow old together while the team died…he`d rather see us fall short with old players than get younger players we might be able to win with in the near future along with AB,JS, RR.

          • Chief

            Yeah the team died cos we lost bias before he even played a game for us and Reggie Lewis who would have been the franchise player after bird retired, if those 2 guys had played their careers out (whilst being mentored by bird/red etc) you would t have seen the bad days of the 90’s. Also bird is on record saying that if bias had lived he thinks his (birds) career would have been extended by a couple of years…so fast forward to now, do you think sully would be as good as he is if he didn’t have KG to mentor him???
            Or PP to show the young guys how to play the Celtic way??? Yeah I may be a sentimental fool but I’d rather be that than a tool……

          • KGino

            You are a JOKE!! You never said they would be fine once bradley came back, because thats what I TOLD YOU, and you said NO NO NO THEY ARE DEAD YOU DREAMER.

            You are such a freakin joke man.. you won’t even counter anything I say ever.. you just sit there and change the subject like a little B!TCH.

            And if I sound unintelligent, imagine what your dumbass sounds like. I’ve been right all season and you’ve been complaining like a school girl..

          • KGino

            I have also never misquoted you, I simply go back to old posts and hit copy and paste. Anyone here can go back to the old posts and see the BLASPHEMY you posted.


            You follow the celtics because you have nothing better to do, but in reality you don’t even like the team. You want to trade KG & Pierce… you are not even worth calling a “fan”

            PlasticLoveChild has been EXPOSED.

        • Chief

          Well said tampaC

        • Chief

          Wow reds is the season over??? Are you Nostradamus?? Then how come you say that we can’t win a chip, while I’d admit it would be hard stranger things have happened, I still have faith in my team, if you don’t like the team then don’t watch, btw there’s still room on the clippers bandwagon for you plastic man.

          • Mannie

            Or golden state too. Plenty to chose from.

        • Chief

          This may help if you don’t understand the definition of chance
          And you can say that all teams have a chance fair enough,
          but to say that we won’t make the playoffs was a stupid call on your behalf.
          I will support this team til it’s finished it’s last game in the playoffs.

  • Matt W

    I still don’t get how this is a rivalry. Rivalries can’t be this one-sided.

    • LA Flake

      and I don’t get how Paul Pierce gets compared to Reggie Miller in any capacity.

      Paul Pierce: 10 time All Star. Finals MVP. One of the greatest Celtics ever. One of the greatest scorers ever.

      Reggie Miller: Did nothing but shoot 3s. Terrible defender. Played in India. Not a Hindu or Muslim as far as I can tell though.

      • MJ

        Because they murdered the Knicks in their careers time and time again.

        I don’t think the comparison was as players overall. It’s pretty clear Pierce was better than Miller.

    • Larry Legend

      Excellent point Matt. Knicks most overhyped team in NBA. Espn/NBA want them to be good so badly. Reality is they are insignificant to the Boston Celtics

  • Jester00

    look the Red Sox vs. Yankees it is pretty one sided

  • poohjeterofficial

    no he’s not.

  • Edot

    ***** PLEASE!

    they’re comparing the drunken style closer to the inventor of the flop? a skinny fake tough guy compared to the guy who’s mental toughness reflects his physical endurance? Now they’re just fishing for more excuses. If anyone complains as much as reggie did and gets the oscar award for best actress its Melo. You don’t get away with falling prey to trash talking AND losing your cool…at least Reggie could walk it and talk it. Oh New York, you are just as mature as your team with the same self entitlement issues…screaming Boston sucks when you’re down in the 4th…SMH

    • KGino

      They mean he is comparable in terms of breaking Knicks fans hearts.. not their careers/style of play.

      • Edot

        i understood that…they also both play pro ball and like cereal. We play great D and the kicks break their own hearts, what else is new. Bad comparison.

  • LA Flake

    Spent all morning thru lunch reading the Knicks fans reactions to last night’s game. To recap:

    They want Pierce dead. They can’t understand why Pierce won’t literally die.

    Our guys (Tommy & Mike) are homers to the bone and thus are a joke but they fuckin’ hate Mike Breen because he’s not homer enough.

    Apparently, they’re waiting for some dude named Chump to make a comeback because he’s their Avery Bradley (LOLOL) and will save their franchise from meltdowns.

    The Celtics suck because we’re still 6 games behind them. I guess they’re really really proud of their current regular season record. Not even halfway into the full season. Ha ha ha ha ha!

    They want Pierce to die. No. Seriously. They want him to die. Every one of them. Stay classy, NYKnickerbockers.

    KG is a bitch. And Avery, too. And Sully is garbage.

    They’re SO tortured, those Knicks fans.

  • greenman

    Pierce would of dropped 40 if he didn’ get in foul trouble. Dude was in the zone last night.

  • omitasub

    when PP retires, him and Reggie should have an interview, or a daily talk show, and all they do is talk about their games vs the knicks.

  • JimmyG

    That was my favorite game to watch so far this year. Every time I seem to watch the Knicks I lean over and tell the gf that I love watching those two teams play because the Celtics always win it in close fashion.